Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 is a Number Nine year! Look out for big changes!

A Number Nine is endings. 2007 is a number nine year and brings about the ending of a nine year cycle. A nine year is never without its ups and downs, whether it is a personal year, or as this is an universal year. You may wonder how a number nine year can affect you, when you have your own personal year. It does because underneath everything is that universal happening. This year it will be nine – endings.

When doing a reading for someone in a personal nine year, I always take into consideration the nine is followed by the one year. Therefore, I look at a two year patterns, rather than just a one year pattern. The personal nine year representing a letting go of the old and the one year as receiving of the new. Who knows exactly when one pattern ends and the new one begins. There is no demarcation line. There is only a pressure which occurs during the nine cycle, easing off in the one cycle. Therefore, this and next year will be important, not only in the world, but also in our individual lives.

What I find consistently with a nine year is pressure. A feeling of uncertainty, like being in a fog, not necessarily knowing which direction to go in. It is a letting go time. A time wherein you may wonder what to do. Therefore confusion can reign during a nine year. Patience is important, especially as it can be confusion as to what to let go of, what steps to take. So by waiting until the fog clears is sometimes very important important.

It is interesting to note that world wide at this point of time, there is already a lot of confusion in regards to political domination, as to who rules, and if they do rule, what do they rule. I know that answers will not likely come easily during this coming year, instead look for more confusion, more uncertainty until around October, when the influence of the one vibration of 2008 will begin to take place. That is when clarity (although perhaps not sanity) will begin to take shape.

Watch the news, look for conflicting reports of activities of leaders, countries and solutions. Look for where people are letting go of the old, old ways of thinking, responding and doing. Solutions will be confusing, especially in the first half of the year and if you are looking for them this coming year, be relaxed as it may not happen. Most importantly, look for the letting go of old ideas and concepts. This can be a exciting time as through pressure a diamond is created and therefore, through the pressure of the nine year new and wonderful solutions can be created.

Also know that a nine universal year will have an effect on your own personal year. If you do not already know how to discover your personal year it goes like this. You add your month and day of birth to the current year, which is 2007, equaling nine. Therefore, if you are born on March 17th, you would add, 3 + 17 + 9. These numbers equal 29. 2+9 equals 2. You would be in a 2 personal year. If your birthday was December 5th, you would add 12 + 5 + 9. This equals 17, and then adding 1+7 you get 8. So your personal year would be 8. Your personal year will take prominence for yourself, but the underlying nine vibration will be there for everyone.

This is a year to bring out your patience and watch how confusion reigns for a short while. Most of all draw on your own awareness of where you are and how you are responding to all the pressure, unresolved issues and tension that is occurring around you. No matter what you can expect changes. After all a nine year is an ending, a letting go.

My own personal thought is – what will the planet herself be doing in this nine cycle. That is something I will be looking for. No matter what you can count on changes!

Enjoy 2007 fully! A number nine year only comes around every nine years.
Norma Cowie
Psychic/Metaphysical Consultant
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Monday, January 01, 2007

Three things not to do when making New Years Resolution

Every year when January 1st rolls around most people will make New Year’s Resolutions. Usually by the time January 31st comes around, these resolutions are already broken. If you really want your New Years Resolution to work here are three things not to do.

1) Do not make a New Year’s Resolution unless you 100% want to make it come true. So often we will decide yes, this is what we want, believing we have made the decision about what we want. But we are not committed to the idea 100%. We are not ready to give up everything or do anything that it will take to make the resolution come true. Therefore, ensure you are really ready to commit and do what it takes to make the resolution a reality.

2) Do not make too many resolutions. So often when we want changes in our lives, we decide to change everything. We will therefore make several resolutions. Unfortunately this does not work. It is better to choose one or two resolutions which we are committed to and work day by day to ensure they come into a reality. When we have too many, we lose focus and determination in our commitment to have the resolution succeed.

3) Do not go and tell everyone about your resolution. This step is important. When you tell several people about your resolution unless you know you have their 100% support of your resolution you can encounter mental resistance from them. Therefore, ensure that you only tell those people who will support you in what it is you want to create.

Yes, this year in order to have your New Year’s Resolutions work, choose one or two in which you are totally committed in creating and only tell a few people you know who will support you. Then you will discover you have achieved your New Year’s Resolutions.

Norma Cowie
Psychic Metaphysical Consultant
604 536 1220; 604 943 3587