Monday, November 30, 2009

How 'big' is your Aura!

Recently a friend phoned asked me to take a look at her six year old grandson, as he was having trouble in school. When I looked what I noticed was his aura was very large and he was picking up everyone's energy and not knowing how to process it was acting out. My friend said she would teach him (in a fun way) how to bring it in plus also teaching him to know what is his feelings and what are others.
I often have clients and students who come who do not like being in crowds, and that is often a signal their aura is too big, plus the chakras are not working effectively. By being able to bring in their auras to a comfortable 18" - 3' and have chakras cleaned and aligned they are able to go anywhere they want.
When your aura is large, whoever is in the range of it, you will pick up their emotions/feelings. You could be in a grocery store and a person walk behind you (meaning you never even see them) and if they are upset, angry or sad, your aura will pick up and give you the feeling. This is often what happens when people have a 'quick mood change' and they don't know why.
People can create large auras for various reasons, but often it is because when they are a child their home environment is not the safest (for whatever reason) and they reach out with their auras to gage the mood of the room. They get into the habit of reading the mood or safety of the situation through their aura. They will not be aware of what they are doing, but have created a habit, thus growing their auras to be way too large. As they then proceed to grow up they begin not like being around too many people, often becoming housebound or not wanting to meet new people.
Once a person has learned how to bring in their aura, had their chakras cleared and aligned so they are all working together effectively, the person can once more walk in the general population fine. Plus if they do pick up a feeling, they can determine if it is theirs or not.
How do you determine how big your aura is can be done a couple of ways. If you suspect you have a large aura, find a friend who is willing to help you. Go out outside in the yard or on the street, make a large distance between you. You face away from the person, and have them walk towards you slowly (and quietly) until you 'feel them'. When you feel them say Stop!. Then look around and see how far away from you they are. Then imagine a 360o circle around and you will see why when you are in a crowd you will not like it.
A second way, is using wire coat hangers. Have the person walking towards you (you can face them for this) hold the long end loosely in their hands with the hook extended outfront. (They hold them just tight enough that they are not flopping around). They walk slowly towards you and then when the coat hanger comes into contact with your energy field they will automatically close. Its fun, try it.
Now that you have determined the extension of your aura, it is time to begin to bring it in. The way I have found the easiest is to image a vacuum cleaner beneath your feet, and suck it down into the vacuum cleaner. This is something you will need to practice for as soon as you take your concentration away from sucking it in, it will go back to where it usually is. Plus you may feel vunerable and uncertain. Therefore, the best way is to do it in stages, teaching the aura to remain closer, and closer. Eventually, it will be in a comfortable place for you to go anywhere easily.
Once you have the aura coming in you will begin to find more 'emotional' power. You will also need to 'clean' it. You can do this in the shower, by curving your fingers slightly and gently raking your aura, allowing the water as a symbol and your fingers to clean it. You will be surprised how 'dirty' the aura is in the beginning when you first begin, but soon the aura gets the awareness that it is to let go, and that it is not a dirt collector.
Have fun, check your own auras, your friends, your family auras and find out who really does have a large on, and who does not.
Remember, the aura has an important job, it transmits information into your system, so the chakras do also need to be cleaned and aligned in an effective way.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Movie Review - Blind Side

Last Sunday night, while I was in Chilliwack after completing the Fraser Valley Health & Wellness Show, three of us first went for British Fish & Chips (very good) and then walked around in WalMart before sitting down to see the movie Blind Side with Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw.
I found it a wonderful touching movie. In fact, if my local theatre here holds it over for another week, I will go see it again. Sandra plays the real life mom extremely well. You can see the humanity coming through as this family takes in a very large black teenager and make him part of the family. If it wasn't a true story, you would think its a Hallmark movie of the week (I enjoy those happy ending films) - except it is true - and it is wonderful and really makes you think if yourself would be as willing to open your home and space to a total stranger, especially one from a totally different cultural background.
Anyway, its good, especially I think if you are a woman (as I am). As also a sport person, although not necessarily football, I enjoyed the 'lessons' on football and the football scenes, which were not that many, but conveyed the message of what this young man needed to learn in order to become the professional football player he is today.
The winner of the show though, is the person who plays the young brother. What a character, I can only imagine what the actual son has grown up to be. In fact I would like to find that out. The young actor who plays him stole mine and the other two people with me hearts. He was the comic relief through his genuineness and his negotiating skills with the college recruiters was hilarious.
Yes, Blind Side, is definitely one to put on your 'must see' list.
Have fun!
Norma Cowie
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

War No More - A poem

August 13, 2000 I visited the traveling war memorial for Vietnam. I was so touched that when I returned to my car I wrote the following poem. Today, remembrance/memorial day I post this to commemorate my thoughts and feelings of war.

The Wall
Today I went and visited the moving wall
where the names of the Vietnam Vets are displayed.
As I walked along past the names of people
I never knew, tears fell down my face.

So many young, vibrant men, with a few
I'm sure who where old.
What a waste, I thought, what a waste.

I pondered as I slowly walked along
looking at the mementos left on the ground
with the tears still streaming down.
War - what for - so many over the
centuries dying, young and vibrant
for causes long forgotten or never
truly resolved.

Is there not another way.
The Wall, a signal to all, of the numbers it
takes from us all.

I also thought as I walked down past the names
with my tears falling down from my eyes
of the statistics -
this is only the ones that fell
in the land called Vietnam
But what it is reported two or three times more
have died since
from wounds that never healed
from their own inner torment
and lack of acceptance

I could not help notice as I walked
by the wall with my tears streaming
down my face how many men
were struggling too --
as they searched for the name they were looking for -
as they tentatively reach out and touched it -
bowed head - a breath -

I could not help notice that many were like me
realising the magnitude of the loss in this war so far away
I could not help think is there not a better way
A different way to resolve these differences that
arise rather than send our youth to be slaughtered
and we left bereft of them

I believe there is another way and I for one
right now declare I will do my best to see its done
I will live to my fullest potential
because they can't.
I will ensure My World is left better than when I came.

I came, I saw the moving wall - 1/2 the actual size of the real one
and I say - No More!!!!
As the tears fell down my face as I walked along.

PS. A few years later I did visit the Wall in Washington D.C. but I did not have the emotional response that I had that day in a hayfield walking along the 'travelling wall' hearing the names being read out one by one.
Norma Cowie
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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Movie Reviews

Hi: its Sunday night and I have just come from from seeing George Clooney's new movie "Men who Stare at Goats". As I am often asked for my opinion on movies I have seen and in the last couple of weeks I have seen quite a few I thought I would take this opportunity to share what I have seen and what I thought of them.
I will begin with my visit to Vancouver where I managed to see three movies while I was in the 'big town'. First one was "Whip It". This is Drew Barrymore's directorial debut with Canadian's own Ellen Page. I enjoyed this movie. It was humanistic, fun, plus taught me a lot about roller Derby's, of which I knew nothing. Anyway, how a young girl follows her dream and overcomes her mother and stero-typing. The best part, I thought, is when she stands up to a boyfriend who does not meet her expectations. This is a good role model for young girls even if it is only a short short scene.
The next movie I saw was "The Vampire Apprentice". I got to see this mainly because it was on my list and the timing was right. I only had a few hours to see a movie inbetween being here and going there. I believe it is from a book, but the way it was filmed it could have been from a comic. The most frustrating part was it did not feel complete, its like where is the next installment. It (the movie) is apparently made of up the first of three books of ??. Anyway I'm wondering if they are going to do the others, or is it like the Golden Compass and somehow drops out of sight. Back to the movie itself. Bright colors versus dark - after all its about strange people and vampires. (Aren't you getting a bit tired of all the vampire stuff coming out - I am). Anyway, the story line is interesting and definitely has a good versus evil theme. Would I recommend it and say you have to see it - no. But it does have some entertainment value.
Next movie was "The Couples Retreat". I'm sure you have heard of this one as there have been lots of advertising for it. I had resisted seeing it here in Penticton, but my friend Beverly and I decided that we wanted to see that one (not too much else to choose from that weekend). Well, it was worth it. Much to my surprise I laughed and laughed. I'm not a big Vince Vaughn fan, but this movie was definitely worth a visit. It was right on about couples and what they can encounter and although some of it was a bit 'out there', the scenery (filmed in Bora Bora) was worth it alone. Beautiful colors in the water and land. Worth catching if you have not seen it yet.
Back home and Friday night went to see "This is It" with Michael Jackson. If you are a Michael Jackson fan or not, but love the rock beat music and his old hits, then this is a must. I'm thinking I may have to see it again. Loved it. The music plus seeing Michael, showing the producer side of him is worth seeing. I can only be in awe if this is how he sings in rehearsal, how wonderful the real show would have been. Highly recommend it to people who love the rock sound.
Then today (afternoon show) I went to see "Men who Stare at Goats". I must say I'm glad I saw it, for someone who has been reading books on distant viewing and of course is psychic loved the inside jokes, and how the psyche was displayed. I had many laughs (always good for the soul). Is there a lot of depth or value to the movie, I really can't say yes, but for entertainment and fun with some real truths this fits the bill. Definitely a movie to consider if you are in the 'psychic' realm. I do think it is good to laugh at ourselves sometimes. What I loved the most though is how they referred themselves as "the Jedi" and when George Clooney tells Ewen McGregor that he is a Jedi I totally cracked up. Several times I laughed because of McGregor's role in the Star Wars movies. Anyway, a nice way to put in two hours this afternoon. I still feel warm and chuckly inside.
This is my review of my latest adventures in the movies. Now I'm back in Penticton with only four movie theatres - poor me - and no afternoon shows except on the weekends when I'm usually busy, I will let you know what I think next time around......there are a few coming up I want to catch.

Norma Cowie
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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Catching Up

Being away 10 days doesn't sound like a long time, but to me it is. Coming home to 150 emails which needed sorting, answering and doing whatever. Clients wanting appointment (now that is great) and getting ready to plant daffodils (even though it is late) are all on the agenda. But the happiest of all is today my new washer and dryer gets delivered. My old dryer was toast and took forever to dry anything, and now the cool/cold weather is here with some rainy days a new dryer was in order, and of course the washer was no great shakes either. Hence a brand new set is arriving in around 1 hour.
I had a wonderful 10 days away. Exhibited at the West Coast Women's Show at the Tradex Building in Abbotsford. It is a big show, with lots of people, mostly women which translates some want readings. Therefore I was busy - at least busy enough - and that always makes me smile. I also bought a few items, notably two new outfits which are presently being 'made' for me. I hope to have them when I got the the Fraser Valley Health & Wellness Show in Chilliwack Nov 20/22nd. Changing my look. While I was at the Show, I was hosted by some great people in Abbotsford and I was even able to watch a bit of soccer on the Sunday morning before going off to be busy all afternoon.
The Monday after the Show I drove to Vancouver and picked up my daughter Bridget and we went to Vancouver Island (heh I got on the ferry free cause I'm over 65 now - what a bonus) where we visited a friend who I have not seen for years. Bridget stayed one night and then caught the float plane from Nanaimo back home. I stayed on. Lovely visit, as I rested, knitted and we had mexican food for lunch two days in a row. (One of the things I miss here is good mexican food - our one major (two fast foods) mexican resturant is not very good).
Then it was Thursday and time to leave and get on the ferry (me free, car not) to Tsawwassen, where I stayed with another friend who was wonderful. I throughly enjoyed my time with her, plus she gives the best massages and I had one on Friday morning before going off to see a movie. I was also able to visit my son and family for three different short visits. First for my eldest granddaughter's birthday - Friday, she turned nine, then watching them - Saturday - dressed in their Halloween getups (that's always fun) and then Sunday watching my youngest granddaughter who is five running around the soccer field. Afterwards I took them all out for brunch and then they went off for the eldest to play her game, while I had to leave to pick up friend Anne to bring back here, while on the way stopping and doing eight (yes eight) half hour soul-drawing readings -- what an assortment of souls. Anne and I arrived home here in Penticton at 12.30 am. I was happy to be home. My heart always comes so full when I get near this town I live in.
Since being home, Anne and I went and visited my friend Christobelle and her husband Mike for lunch. A visit I always enjoy. We have rested and worked outside - I raked the leaves, Anne worked in the garden. My back is now sore - thank goodness Chiropractor this afternoon - Anne's neck is sore. Also friend Ted came and took out the old washer and dryer for us, then brought some paint, so Anne and I painted some of the bathroom walls. It looks nice. This is something I have been wanting to do, but hadn't and now it is done. My new washer and dryer will have a nice clean freshly painted home in the bathroom.
This afternoon we are off to Kelowna .... chiropractor and a channeling evening for great people. Tomorrow is another day - clients and a movie. Saturday back to Kelowna Anne flys home, I do a psychic party. Life continues.
The main thing for me is to get back in the habit of writing here once again.
The sun is peeking through the high clouds even though Anne reports it is cold and the wind is colder so no more garden work until at least noon.
Blessings to all!

Norma Cowie
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