Saturday, March 26, 2011

March is ending!

I was wondering the other day why I wasn't writing on my blog. Well, two reasons: first I have been super busy coming and going and I have not seemed to have time for sitting down and writing and second I find with Facebook I tend to report what is happening. Not everything but major details.
So here it is on a Saturday morning, I've watched a soccer match - England vs Wales, I've seen two clients and soon friend Ted is coming to complete my office face lift. Well I'm ahead of myself.
I had a wonderful week travelling first to Salmon Arm, and then to Trail, facilitating two Past Life Regression Workshops, lecturing to the Questers in Salmon Arm, plus having many private sessions. In Trail besides the Workshop I lead a group channeling and a psychic party before driving home.
My new little red car - renamed as Ruby, thanks to Jeanne - handled the 1,000 ks really well, which is should seeing it is new.
Once home I went the next night to speak to the Kelowna Questers. I was quite tired, but as usual when speaking to a crowd I felt the energy returning.
While in Salmon Arm I recorded my talk there and will get that off to my webmaster to put up on the site so others can hear it too.
Then I decided I needed to paint my office and get that sorted, so that is where Ted came to help and then I spent a day painting so the office is now bright yellow and soon will have new carpet on the floor. My back though did not like it and thank goodness my massage with CayCee yesterday really helped. One more room for me to do. Once we have the office back in shape (which will take a wee while sorting everything out) I want to paint the 2nd bedroom, and get a new bed in there. That needs to get done pretty quick because my daughter, Eleanor and maybe Anne are coming to visit and they will need a bed to sleep in. So another paint job before I leave for Victoria is in the works....
Well my life is pretty quiet personally, clients, travelling and watching my TV shows seems to be making up my days. But today, I feel more like normal, perhaps that is because the sun 'was' shining and the backdoor is open and Spring maybe is arriving with the buds coming out on the lilac trees and the daffodils have put up there heads about 2 inches.
I'm a sun, hot, loving person.
Well must go as I have a few bits to do to clean up the office (paint cans to take out) before Ted gets here in a bit.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Power - over, under and with

Right outside my office window is a bird feeder. I enjoy watching the little sparrows and finches come and peck away at the seeds. Several times lately though I have watched larger birds come and bossily push the little birds out of the way.
This has made me reflect on the 'power' issue of people. How the Dictator/Authoritative (Carpman Triangle) will work to go 'power over', while the Victim will go 'power under'. I work to maintain 'power with' and teach this to students and then to clients when the issue comes up.
One of the reasons I was attracted to the Yuen Method over a year ago and have studied and used it since is because of how Dr. Yuen explains about moving things to 'neutral' which to me works in the same concept of my 'power with'.
If we are needing superiority we need to have someone in inferiority. The see-saw of power is either up or down. When we have power with, we have an ease and the see-saw is just equal. Remember getting on a see-saw when we were young. One person gets on and holds the see-saw in neutral position until the other person gets on then one pushes up and one pushes down. You work with cooperation so you get the wonder and fun of going up and down, you are working together, you have 'power with' you have 'neutral' because if someone dominates the game doesn't work. If someone does not want to push up to send the other person down the see saw does not work.
In the see-saw if one person walks away, without helping the other person get off by holding the see saw in neutral again the person drops to the ground with a bang. Here the position would be the dictator of letting go, so the other person crashes into the ground (this results in a jarring - I know its happened to me) and its not fun or nice. It is a game of cooperation.
Today I do not think they have see-saws in play grounds, so children do not get the opportunity to learn the power of 'power with'.  Too bad, as it is those lessons which go with us and give us thought years later when dealing with people.
Perhaps you can consider your life and look to see who or what has 'power over' you and where you give your power up so you are 'power under' and mostly, where do you exhibit 'power with.' To do this you will need to let go of your need to protect, be on top, and most of all to be vunerable.
Lately in my 'clearing' sessions I have been dealing with people who have been afraid of being 'vunerable'. To me your ego is your defensive mechanism and defends those aspects of ourselves who do not want to be 'wrong' 'embarrassed' 'judged' and in particular 'vunerable'.  Its interesting when those are cleared and you are strong in your inner core of acceptance of yourself how you can move to power with.
You have a great day

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