Monday, March 18, 2013

Connecting and Channeling Your Guide

This Saturday was the first day for a two day (one this month and one next month) two hour long workshop titled Connecting and Channeling Your Guide.  I am also going to be doing a three hour workshop in Tsawwassen in May.  I have been asked repeatedly if I would do this and as often happens the people who ask for the workshop, do not appear, but others do.  I had six in this workshop. Five in person, and one, who had come down with a cold, by Skype. Hopefully, she will join us in person next month.
First I spoke about guides, what are they and how they work, and how we can discover if it is 'guide' speaking to us, or our own voice.  Then after a meditation to connect with the guide, we all began to write what they said to us. Almost all of us got something insightful or inspirational, which of course is what a guide is to do.  By practicising this, their automatic writing skills will be honed.
The two hours went fast and they group went home with their notebooks and instructions to do a short time with their guide every day, and write out what they say.  Next month when we get together again, we will see who is willing to let their guide energy through enough to 'speak' through them. 
I look forward to seeing how the trust and understanding grows between each of them and their guides when we all convene again.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

More Soul Origin Stories

I recently did two more Soul Origin readings/clearings and once more was astounded with what I found. It is so exciting to do these because not only is it uncharted waters for me, what I’m discovering is teaching me a lot.

One story evolved as I tuned in I could not ‘feel anything’ and was wondering ‘what, what’s happening’ when I asked my client, "do you often feel not connected to anything" as soon as she replied ‘yes’, then I knew I was on the right track, so decided we needed to go back to when the soul first came to earth (a pivotal point in these readings). Once there, I realized the soul was only mildly interested in this journey of earth (and I’m looking for enthusiasm, love of life and joy). When I said we need to go back before this, the soul informed me, it could not do that because it was in three pieces. Upon checking, I found one just hanging out, and one attached to a male and this left me in a quandary. I was not sure what to do, so I asked inside and was told what to do, so brought the man’s soul piece in and once the three pieces were at one, we were able to go back.

Now, came the second thing I had not run into. Here, in this space, there were globes of souls just hanging out. I could not find a structure, or anything or anyone who was in command of this place, but there were lots of these soul globes just being there. The significant feeling all through this was weariness. Just weary. As I observed, trying to get a handle on what and where this place I was in was, I realized that every now and again a globe would leave, but again could not figure out how come it knew to leave, or even where to go, so decided we needed to go back further.

Again, an interesting thing occurred. It was like the planet, place or dimension this soul had been on was diminishing - like when you read about an old star dying. This place was slowly dying and the souls knew they could not stay there and would have to leave. Sadness yes, but mostly weary of it all. So back some more, when finally I found a place where the life, or times the soul was in, was happy, fulfilled and feeling great. Ah, now I have something I can bring back. So consolidating that feeling, I began the journey back to the present. Bringing back the enthusiasm for existence, also adding some excitement about ‘newness’, we went through the diminishing, into the globes and then back into the earth vibration. This time, quite different, enthusiastic about experiencing the differences here on earth.

When I integrated everything here and now, my client said she felt ‘really good’. Will check back in with her in a couple of weeks to see how she is doing with this new soul integration.

The last one I did was again so very different. This was with a client I have done a lot of transformation/clearing work with and whose life has changed a great deal over time we have spent working together. Now she was ready to experience this ‘last piece’. And what a piece it was. Upon going back to the coming to earth point, there was curiosity as to what was here, and then as I went back again, I felt like I was in a place, which I could only explain as 1600 Venice. The way the beings were dressed were like our ‘court days’. Very little, if any facial expressions and everyone was only interested in status and possessions.

Then going back further, I found myself experiencing a place were it appeared soul’s were created. Beautiful energy, beautiful beings. I would say it felt like angelic energy. Totally gentle, absolutely without any judgements at all, soft, gentle, energy. I wrote down on my work sheet - Angel of Light, as that was the only way I could explain it. Then as I brought this beautiful energy back through time, we went to a very heavy time period, where I was told she spent 10 turns (not lives, but turns whatever that meant) where it was rough and tough, heavy bodies, then she went to several other dimensions and places, never staying too long, and then finally into the Venice (as I called it) environment. 

Then back into earth and through to this lifetime. When asked how many lifetimes here my client has had I received the answer 53. At the end, my client was feeling connected and peaceful.
Since speaking with her again she says the feeling has persisted.

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