Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm including the final email I sent to the people of NZ on the day of my leaving.  The six weeks has gone very fast, although I have ended up with some discomfort in my shoulders and my hips again.  I think part of it is because it is very humid here where I'm used to the dry desert of the Okanagan. Anyway, tonight at 8.15 th plane leaves and the long plane journey will take off. I have been busy here, and enjoyed it.  (Not so the painful shoulders).  Family, friends, students, all a large part of making my trip enjoyable.  Come next week I'll be back home getting 'sorted' out from the trip and hopefully pain free.
This was what I sent to the N.Z. mailing list:
This evening I am getting on the plane and heading home to Canada.  I have so enjoyed these last few weeks here in New Zealand. I have discovered new friends, and trustingly you will stay in contact.
Although I did some private consultations, my teaching/lecturing circuit began in Auckland with the Tarot Guild, where we had a day of 'Court Cards' and other bits and pieces.  Thank you all for the feedback it is always appreciated.
A few days later I was flying to Napier were within three days, I faciliated two groups, one workshop and two lectures. A busy time, plus managed to fit in some readings and a clearing. Thanks to Karen who drove me to Palmerston North I was able to catch up with another friend Helen, and faciliated another group on the Tuesday night before flying back to Auckland for a day of rest and then off to Russell.
I have a niece who lives in Russell and although small in numbers we had two groups, one workshop and a day of readings and clearings. 
Back to Auckland to my brothers to complete some shopping, spend a day with the Tarot Guide people faciliating two groups and then a couple more readings and then wow its time to get ready for the plane.
No matter what the group was, "Channelling Your Guide" or a "Psychic Party" everyone seemed to enjoy. Then the past life regression workshops always brings interesting lives.
I know as I leave these shores once again as usual my heart is sad, but my other life awaits.  I'm sure it won't be too long before I'm back.
Please stay in touch, I'm always available by email, my blogs from time to time and you can always check out my website [Norma's website](http://www/ or the blogs: the regular one [norma cowie blog](  or my movie reviews [movie reviews](
Kia Ora with Love!

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