Monday, August 04, 2008

The importance of Sound

Hi: finally my energy seems to be returning. Just when I was beginning to think I would never get up to speed I'm having a regular day. yeah!!!!
A week ago Friday we had a monthly message night, where people's guides come and give them a message and answer their questions. One of the people present asked about her next step and the information which came back was interesting. i'm typing this from memory, so some of the words may be different, but the meaning is the same. They said she needed to use 'sound' to take her to the next vibration. That it would be hard to get there on her own, but following the 'sound' she would be able to get there. The guide went on to explain how through history sound has been used to clear energy and create space. in particular they mentioned that in England every little village had church bells which rang out, and that used to 'clear' the village of stagnet energy.
I had not thought of that myself, but it made sense. When I go ghost busting, I take my bell with me as often it is not a ghost they have but old, stuck energy and the sound from my bell, or even my hand clapping can release the old stale energy.
anyway, that Friday night, we had a small group, but the messages and the answers to the questions were powerful. I know I spent the next few days processing what had been said. I have come to enjoy these evenings, not only for the knowledge gained but an opportunity to join in the peacefulness which comes to me as I channel people's guides.
Also today, because my energy is flowing .... I actually did some work on my next book. Another yeah!!
Have a great day!