Sunday, May 26, 2013

Past Life Regressions

Today is the last day of a three day workshop which I am faciliating for people learning to become a Past Life Regressionist.  Past Life Regressions was the second technique I learned. Reading the Tarot being the first. I have found undersanding about Past Lives, and the affect they have on this present one has been important in all the other modalities I have come to work with.
It has been a pleasure to watch these participants come in and learn how to lead another through emotional and difficult situations to create the result desired. A letting go of the guilt, regret, strong emotions, plus decisions that we made in that particular life.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Catch up Comments

I'm just back from Edmonton and Vancouver.  I love being able to combine work and visiting friends and family.  Edmonton I was staying with my friend Vida and we managed a some wonderful trips, inbetween a 'channeling your guide' evening, and some private consultations we fit in a a visit for lunch with friends in Red Deer. The most important was visiting Princess Diana's Collection, which was being displayed in the West Edmonton Mall.  That was worth the visit alone. Seeing her jewellery and clothes, including the infamous wedding dress. What a beauty it is in real!  I could not believe how small her feet were, in relation to her 5'10" size.  Of course I shed some tears at the video of the funeral, I was not alone in that, and they had kleenezs well placed.  Thank goodness. We also went to see Iron Man 3, in 3D. (check out the movie review at  I was able to post some of the journey on my regular facebook page, but unable until today to post of my professional page For some reason my connection with my IPhone would not work, but through Twitter I was able to post and I know that goes onto my regular Facebook page.
I was in Vancouver for Mother's Day, which also coincided with my arrival in Canada 50 years ago, so my two children and myself spent a large part of the day together, having supper in Horseshoe Bay, were my daughter is setting up a second therapy clinic. She has a large on in Vancouver and managers close to 20 therapists there.  She wanted us to see what she was doing, and the meal in the resturant was great!  It was a wonderful day for me.
Now I'm back home, I'm getting everything sorted out and also the yard is calling. I bought two new rose bushes on the way home plus some basil and tomatoes.  They all need planting.  The sky is beautifully clear today, so it will he a hot lovely day. 
This coming week I will be getting ready for the Past Life Regressionist Course which begins next Friday thru Sunday.  Have several people signed up, would like one more.  Anyone out there wants to learn how to be a Past Life Regressionist and have the three days available, let me know.
I am feeling so much more healthier and ready to move on.  Managed to drop nearly 50 lbs in weight this year, and I'm sure that has a large part to play.
Have done several more Soul Origin reading/clearings. More interesting information emerging. Will need to write it out also.
Blessings to you all.

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