Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A week of retrospect

Hi: I had my whole blog for today complete, spell checking it when all of a sudden it was gone, and I was out back at my emails. Goodness knows what happened, so now you will get an abbreviated form of what I said.
After being home a week, as I look back I rejoice in the thoughts of my family and friends who I spent time with. I only wish I was able to get back more often and who knows if I DECIDE that I'm sure I can make that happen.
I remember the beautiful scenery, the greens of the countryside, the native bush, the wonderful colors of the ocean. Then I also remember the beautiful sunrise as I was picking up my rental car just after arriving, stopping in the parking lot to take the beauty of it in. Then as I was leaving sitting in the airport through the window watching the sunset. Sun rising when I arrived, sun setting when I left, how appropriate.
I still have not downloaded my photos into the computer as yet, but its on my long list of things to get done. It seems since I got back, catching up, seeing clients every day (which will continue until Sunday) and I leave on my next two week adventure to Alberta on Monday that most of my extra time is utilized getting ready although I have two lunches with friends slotted in. Plus I still have to have my down time. Although most of that will be spent binding books in the next few days.
I will be busy making up books. Ensuring for instance I have enough of "Many Lives, Many Ways of Remembering Them" as I have four Past Life Regression Workshops in three weeks, so books, plus CD's which are being duplicated right now need to be there.
As I leave this abbreviated blog today, I'm enjoying the beautiful Spring weather and hope to get outside for a wee while in the garden -- only time will tell if that is achieved today.
Enjoy your day

Norma Cowie
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back Home

Leaving New Zealand to come back home is never easy, but it has to be done and I've done it so many times I seem to handle it easier every time. It seemed like a long day waiting till it was time to leave and we set out in two cars with my Niece Nateele with her two children and Jan in one vehicle and brother Malcolm and me in my rental. We stopped first in Albany and then in Onehunga as Nateele looked for children's clothes. Then Mal & I delivered my rental back and met up with Jan at the airport who had my bags. As we were a bit later than I had wanted I had a good 40 - 50 minute wait in the line up to get to the ticket counter. By that time Nateele and the kids had seen the airplanes and they were already to go, so we said our final goodbyes and I went through the screening process. This time as I left the scanner behind I saw this lady standing there (seemingly doing nothing) and I though OhOh, and I was right. "step over here please mam". Ran the scanner over me and then ran a small cloth over my bags looking for explosives. this all took 5 - 10 minutes, so finally I was able to go on, get something to eat and sit down. It took forever for them to put up the gate we were going to be at, when finally it appeared there were alot of us going down.
Finally, into the plane, where I discovered to my delight I had an empty seat beside me. Something I had mentally requested. Just makes it easier. Also I was happy to have only a 12 1/2 hour flight rather than 14 hours. Again I watched a number of movies, slept through a few and cried and cried watching Hatchi. If you have not seen this movie with Richard Gere about a dog (real story about a dog named Hatchi in Japan) please see it. Especially if you want a good cry. Funny thing was Bridget had emailed me earlier telling me she had sat and cried through this movie about a dog, and I did not totally 'get' the name of it, but thought as tears are streaming down my face (thank goodness the man on the other side of the empty seat was sleeping) this must be the movie. It was when I checked with her. Remember Hatchi.
Arriving, going through customs etc, seemed easy a gentleman had picked up the big bag for me and put it on the baggage cart and as per discussed I phoned Bridget and she came and picked me up. She picked up the big bag and put it in the back of her van where it was kept until we went back to the airport the next day (more about this bag in a minute).
We arrived at Rob's and Melanie had made us a delightful supper while she went off to play hockey. But before she left we had the gifts to give out, plus the candies, plus stories. I was getting really tired by then and Rob said to Bridget "take Mum home, shes falling asleep on her feet". So back to Vancouver, up the stairs to the apartment and about 1 hour later I was in bed sleeping.
I woke up for a wee while around 3.30, but then went back and slept some more. We went out for breakfast adjusting to the slightly cooler air and then back to do the month and year end bookkeeping Bridget wanted me to do. Managed to get it done.
We had a couple of things to do before the airport, change money back into Canadian and then we decided to go back to the airport and have lunch there, and this when the fun began. As I was loading the big bag onto a cart. (Being creative we had created a parking space near the elevators with a baggage cart right there). I said to Bridget "this is not my bag". Now, I have leopard skin looking bags, which I deliberately bought so they would stand out. Looking at the tag it was not mine. Horror of horrors. I had the wrong bag. So into the airport and find out where to go, and the man says "oh is it a leopard one" .... "yes says me". So 40 minutes to walk to where we had to go, wait and then go in and swap the bag -- thank goodness they had mine and I was ready to go back to the domestic terminal and get my ticket for my flight back to Penticton. No lunch. Bridget had to go, and I needed to get through scanners etc. My lunch became a bottle of water (good) a chocolate bar (no so good). Soon though I was on the plane with all my bags and flying home.
Flying into Penticton, after the green of NZ, I could see the brown hills with snow on the top. My friend Carol was there and we packed her car with my bags and she did the short drive to my place, where I noticed all the daffodils flowering. Nice welcome home.
I did nothing last night. Just sat watched TV and slept. Awoke early, watched more TV then got up and caught up with emails, laundry and went and shopped for some basics. Then I was tired - jet lag works like that - so had another sleep.
Now I'm caught up, most stuff is put away, emails all answered (hopefully) and getting ready to do more tomorrow. Everyday will be easier (I know the routine). Three weeks of being in the warmth of my family, feeling accepted, loved and especially having the title of "Aunty Norma" and now back to the reality - paying bills, making appointments and soon getting ready to leave again for my trip to Alberta. It is nice to be back home though, and will begin saving up so I can once again do the trip over the Pacific Ocean to visit 'the family'.
Thanks for following my trip.
Norma Cowie
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last day in New Zealand

Here I am waiting till the time comes to go to the airport to get back on the plane for the 14 hour flight back to Vancouver. I still have some packing to do, but fitting five pairs of new shoes, and other purchases into the suitcases has been 'fun' to say the least. I'm sure though everything will get fitted. I will find out when I do get to the airport whether I have to pay for 'heavier' weight allowance etc.
Its been a quieter week since being here at my brothers. I have had the opportunity to visit friends for lunch, read books and generally relax. It was super great to be able to sit with two childhood friends on Wednesday. The three of us grew up close together and played field hockey together until I left for Canada. For the first time in 47 years we were all together. I had moved to
Canada, Shirley went to Australia and Lois stayed in New Zealand. We got together at 10.00am and they left here at around 3.30. You can imagine the conversation. It was a last minute decision for Shirley to come from Australia and visit. She had forgotten that I was going to be here during this time, but had put out a quick email, which I got just before I left saying she was coming over. So we managed to get together here. Lots of laughter, reminiscing and conversation. Hopefully, someday in the future we can do it again. I was thinking it would make a good novel, as the three of us - childhood friends - have had three very different lives.
I also had lunch with a person I love and respect - Claire - and it was not long enough, but even a small visit is wonderful. On the way home from visiting with her, I went shopping and bought a couple of new tops.
I also got to spend some time with a great nephew, walking along the beach (something I love to do and had not found time to do it) and have a neat conversation. I think I did most of the talking, but everyone who knows me, knows I like doing that. A true pleasant memory to take away with me.
Then Friday I spent most of the day with my two nieces. One had driven down from the north with her two children for the weekend late Thursday. We had a day of 'study', where they got to ask me questions and I answered them. Then in the afternoon I was able to practice my Yuen Method with them, as I spent time with each one clearing a block (or two) which they wanted cleared. I felt it was a productive day.
Then Friday night, we had an open house, where other members of the family, a cousin and her husband who I had not seen for a long time, a great nephew, his wife and two children, plus friends and others of the family. Lots of people to converse with.
Saturday came, and I was picked up at noon to go and speak to the Tarot Guild. This is probably the thing I am most passionate about doing. I went in without an agenda and had three hours to see what would come up and at the end the people attending (around 25) said they throughly enjoyed it. I know I did. Plus I got to use my wand for a few back aches and tuned in to see why the ache, (silent Yuen Method at the same time). A sojourn to a local pub meant some of us continued conversations. It was a totally enjoyable day and Sheri who drove me to and from was 'great'. Many were disappointed that I was leaving today, as they would have liked to have readings, but as I pointed out I can do readings for people who live anywhere. I can phone them easily and then send the copy of the reading through the email or mail a CD. Isn't this age of technology wonderful.
When I got back here yesterday, all of Malcolm and Jan's children with their children were here so a barbecue supper was had with lots of laughter and good food.
This am, all were back here and we had a barbecue breakfast. Now I'm waiting (patiently) for the time to go to the airport.
I have phoned my sister Beryl - sister Nancy is in hospital, so can't reach her....to say goodbye and will phone when I reach my son's place......
I, as always will miss the 'beauty' of New Zealand. Although I speak about the roads and one way bridges etc, I have not mentioned the beautiful native bush which I was unable to pull over (due to the roads) to take pictures of. The wonderful color of the water and the magnificent views from many of the places. Yes, this is the country of my birth, so no matter where I am in the world I miss my family, and the beauty of the country.
Now ready to go back and enjoy the coming spring, the new schedule coming up. More of that in the coming days....
Norma Cowie
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Email: norma@normacowie.com

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back in Auckland for the final week

Yesterday, I drove back up to my brothers place in Red Beach (north of Auckland). On the way I dropped off my niece Sheryl & her husband Melville at the airport as they were on their way to see their daughter Sandra in Brisbane, Australia. Its always surprising how many of my family head off to Australia so easily whereas in my younger days it was a 'big' trip to undertake. Next Saturday, the day before I leave, Sheryl's sister Joanne & her husband Murray are off to Melbourne to see their daughter Casey play netball. They are only having a quick trip.
I last recorded here while I was in Whitianga at my niece's Raewyn's place. That's all three sisters mentioned right at the beginning of this post. I cannot tell you how beautiful the view is from Rae's place. I could have spent a week there just looking at the view and resting. As mentioned before the water here changes color. Dark blue, light blue, green. Green is my favorite color and out in the bay, as the sun was shining lovely and hot the bay looked lovely and green.
I did some shopping (when don't I when I'm here) and we rested, and watched the DVD Julia/Julie, which I had already seen twice when it came out, but enjoyed it just as much again. Then it was the drive back to my sisters. Again over the twisting winding road with a one way bridge and then back into the Waikato area (farming).
We stopped and visited with my cousin John who has studied the genealogy of my Father's side and caught up on new information. This would mean that I now have been updated by two cousins (from different sides) of the family connections going back several generations. Naturally all in England/Scotland areas. Seeing NZ and Australia were the colonies and people came out for various reasons. I often think about how it must have been for them. They left England on ships which took months to get to this part of the world, knowing they would not be going back and never seeing their family and friends ever again.
When I think of how many times I have been back visiting over the years, plus visits from my brother, nieces and nephews and once my sister. I do attempt to come back every three to five years to keep up with the family if possible.
Once back at my sisters in Matamata, I just visited more family and then a friend came up from Hastings to visit and spent two nights with us. Her and I took off Saturday to Hamilton, visiting markets and talking up a storm. She is a reflexologist, plus does massage and aroma therapy. She was just back from San Fran taking a course in creating personal perfumes. She will be visiting me in August before going back down to San Fran for a course. That makes me very excited. I remember years ago someone making me my own oil perfume. Can't remember when or where, but I do remember it was done.
I was sad to say goodbye to my eldest sister on Sunday morning. I had three short visits with her, and the fact is she is not well and you just never know at 85 (March 27th) how much longer she has. Perhaps a month, a week, a year or more. But who knows when its your time or when you choose to go. It was great to able to see her with my eyes again though.
My sister who I stayed with is doing just fine at 81.
I was thinking about some of the differences which you have her in NZ, and today there really is not much difference. they have many of the same chains we do: McDonalds seem to be everywhere, KFC, Subway etc. The one thing which is still quite different is they have more English TV programing than we get and 'stuff' imported from England. I managed to buy a few clothing items, but not alot, the one thing I do find is the shoes here fit my feet (wonder why?) so have one pair bought, and plan on getting another pair at least. I have looked for some new good shoes for nearly 2 years (or longer) and have not found which shoes which fit, but have one pair to bring home. Yeah!!! Seems funny getting excited about buying shoes, but truly I have a hard time finding shoes that fit my size 11 feet.
This coming week before getting on the plane next Sunday is more visiting with friends and having more family visit here next Friday and then a final Family barbeque on Saturday.
Most of my friends (excluding my childhood ones) are into healing so I look forward to having some interesting conversations, other than that, its just the usual - visit and catch up. A childhood friend of mine from Australia is also over here, so we are meeting up on Thursday to go visit a third friend. The first time we all together in 47 years. Shirley left for Australia before I left for Canada. I'm sure that will be interesting. Three of us very different women who have had very different lives. Shirley married a Dutchman and farmed outside Melbourne. I was in Canada and Lois stayed here, living close to where we grew up.
My wand is still doing its work. My brother just asked me to work on his toes. His heel (he had had an operation before my arrival) was really hurting last night, so wanded it, says its feels a lot better today, but his toe hurt.....so got the wand out and we will see.
Until I post again, enjoy your day, enjoy your family and friends.

Norma Cowie
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Monday, March 08, 2010

One week gone of my trip

Today has brought the first official week of my trip to a close. Last Friday I drove down from my brother's in Red Beach (north of Auckland near Orewa - for those following on a map) to my sister's in Matamata. A trip which usually takes around 2 1/2 hours, took me over 3 1/2 due to road works. My brother had suggested I drive a different way than I have usually go when driving here before. Well, one stretch of road they were laying new 'concrete' down and the cars were lined up for ever and were going as fast as I could walk. Anyway, got through that, made the change of roads to cross over towards my home town. Oh yes, I was born in Matamata where my sister Beryl lives 65 years ago. Lovely place, its where Hobbitville (were they filmed Lord of the Rings and Hobbit land) resides. In fact, its just up the road from where my Mum & Dad were farming when I made my entrance into this world.
It is the end of the summer here, and it has been a long hot summer and luckily for me the day temperatures are still in the mid 20's. The nights get cool, just like our fall. Anyway, I don't remember seeing the usually green fields being this brown (mostly because I usually come when its winter time here) plus I hardly saw any cows, something unusual as I was driving into cow (dairy) country. Also, I came across my first (this trip) one way bridge. Can you believe a modern day country, on a highway which is marked a highway (except it is just a regular 2 lane road, where people can go 100 ks) and you have a one way bridge. I took a photo of it and when I get back home I will discover how to post photos. Since then I have gone over many one way bridges, especially today, but I'm ahead of myself.
When I finally arrived at my sisters, I had two nieces, one great niece in law and one great great nephew and niece waiting for me. So much family fun, talk etc - oh yes, horse racing on the T.V. Horse racing for this section of the family is almost a religion. I spent many a wonderful day at the races when I was little, but today its TV and sports bars ... not quite the same to me.
Later in the day, my sister received a phone call from her eldest son and he and his wife were driving down. A day earlier than expected.
What I haven't said is that people were gathering for unveiling of my brother in law Jack's headstone. A year ago, when I was at the Vernon Health & Wellness Fair my beloved brother in law passed away, after having nine long months after a really bad stroke. Of course there was no way way I could get down as for the funeral, but here I was in the country (even though my ticket was booked the previous February) and able to attend the unveiling to take place on Sunday.
Therefore, there were four of us at the house on Friday. Saturday arrived and this was the day of a big horse race plus a cricket test. Sports everywhere. In the morning Beryl & I drove out to see my eldest sister Nancy who lives about 15k away. She is in her mid 80's and not well and so we sat and visited with her and her husband Les for around 1 1/2 hours and then left to go shopping, and while I was looking at a store, ran into another niece. Some family history. My mother and father had two daughters Nancy and Beryl. When Nancy was 19 and Beryl was nearly 16 I came along, and then nearly 3 years later my brother Malcolm. Nancy married Les and had 12 children. Beryl married Jack and had 5 children. The elder nieces and nephews were basically raised with Malcolm & I. I therefore have lots of neices and nephews here. One of the side factors is no one gets to call me Aunty Norma in Canada, but here I get to here it often and it sounds great to my ear. I phone up and say Hi, its your Aunty Norma here. Small rewards of visiting family and being accepted as such.
In particular as I grew up I was close to Beryl & Jack and had most of my childhood holidays with them. I always felt like their eldest child. When I had my 60th birthday, Beryl, even though she was in her mid 70's came up to celebrate with me. She came with her daughter Raewyn, whose computer I'm using right now. Several of Nancy's many children I feel close too as well and make an effort to see them when here.
Now back to Saturday, after shopping back to the house to watch more horse racing and cricket on the t.v. I would go outside and sit in the sun and read my book, then back in the shade of the living room and watch tv with the others. Late afternoon we meet up with more of the family down at the 'track bar' and watched the major race of the day -I even had a bet, but the horse ran 5th after leading 3/4 of the race. It was interesting. Both Beryl and I don't drink anymore (shes 16 yeas, me 4) but we still had our non alocholic drinks to join in the family fun.
Next day was Sunday, getting ready for the people to return after the unveiling. John & Judy (John's wife) and I with Beryl managed to get all prepared and then we drove out to the graveyard. For me, it was a tremendous opportunity to see people I would not normally see. I visited with one of Jack's brothers and his wife who I had not seen since before coming to Canada - 46 years ago. Caught up with great nieces and nephews, and after the headstone was made visible we headed back to Beryl's for an afternoon of food, drink and 'loud' talk.
I know when I tell people I come from a family, where I am one of the quiet ones no one can imagine it (at least that's what they say) well if you were at Beryl's you would see, not only a room full of people, my size and shape, but voices much louder than me and of course all trying to out talk each one. Actually its music to my ears, as I was raised being in this household with this noise level.
Eventually, people went, quiet descended and we went to bed with two nieces staying over as well - John and Judy had departed early afternoon so beds were available.
Monday arrives and the four of us (me driving with Beryl in her car) Sheryl and Raewyn in Sheryl's car we headed over to Raewyn's second house (yes her and her husband have two) so she could pick up her car. We ended up staying the night there. Her second house, is lovely, has a pool and is near Tauranga and Mt. Maunganui.
I was visited by two 2nd cousins there, one into the geneology of my mother's side (she's part of my Mum's side of the family) so we had a great talk for about three hours of family and who is who etc. That was interesting for me. Plus I had not seen them the last few visits so it was good to catch up. Again 2nd cousins who are the same age as me. Their mother was the eldest granddaughter (died 3 years ago) and I'm the youngest (so far still going).
Then today, Tuesday, Sheryl went back home to Matamata, Raewyn drove herself and I drove Beryl and we came through roads twisting and winding to Raewyn's main house in a town called Whitianga. Its a beautiful home sits high on the hill overlooking the ocean. Actually, its over looking a bay, with small islands sitting out in the bay and out in the open sea. Beautiful.
Now the roads, twisty and windy I've mentioned, no shoulders on the road,and at one point going up a twisting road a large truck comes around the corner, and another little truck was passing him - on our side of this narrow road. I braked slowing us down, pulled over (remember a different side of the road - and luckily I pulled the proper way) until Beryl was saying "Heh don't get too close" because there was a big drop off and she doesn't like those at all. I can't speak for the large truck driver, but he probably was pulling over as far as he could go and then the little truck managed to pull between the two of us. Raewyn said later "did you get his license plate?" and I told her "no way could I see his licence plate, I was trying to ensure he did not hit us head on". We also ran into the wonderful one way bridges, lost track of how many, maybe five. Plus this country has roundabouts, and I am become an expert of knowing what to look for etc.
Anyway, we arrived safe and sound and in one piece. It was a trip. Tomorrow we go see one of Nancy's daughters who also lives over this way and who I love to see. Another day of driving in this beautiful, wonderful, crazy roads country. I probably won't see another computer until Friday night or Sat morning (when I'm back up at Malcolm's,) but will catch you up with it all then. In the meantime, I'm driving back to Matamata Thursday and a friend is driving up from Hastings area to catch up with me Friday and Saturday and I'm back to Malcolm & Jan's Sunday.
Lots of love to all
Norma Cowie
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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sun is shining & I'm driving

Hi: today was a more 'normal' day. I slept quite well, waking up at 4am, but going back to sleep until 7.30 ... this makes it easier as I did not need a sleep this afternoon and 'should' be able to go to sleep normal time today. I drove my little car, down to the local town. My sister in law Jan came with me and she had me go here and there and I did fine. Only made the window wipers go three times (remember the clicker is on the opposite side, so you use your right hand not your left). I thought that was pretty good going. Then I drove my brother Malcolm and Jan in another direction to get a phone set up for me, so now I have a cell phone to use while I'm here. I even have a number 0212576310. So if anyone one wants to phone me they can. There is a magic number you can use from Canada, only cost you a dollar. You dial 1015565, then 011 64 212576 310 and guess what it will ring and hopefully I can answer it. That is because like us, they have a rule, no talking on cells while driving and of course I do not have blue tooth connection. But it will help me keep in touch with family, friends while I'm down here and drive from place to place. Oh yes, if you do phone remember I'm 3 hours behind in 'real time' although I'm a day ahead.
Then this afternoon I sat outside in the sun, enjoying the view, the green water (Pearl Jan's Mum says its blue, (she is 93) I say its green - must be the sun glasses) and the 'peace' even though there are cars going along the road all the time. But here is a little like summer heaven. Although the clouds coming in look like it could rain tonight. But being in shorts and a top sitting in the sun (most of the time under the shade so I don't get too burnt) was heaven.
Tomorrow I'm off down island to my sister Beryl's. Not sure when I will get to a computer, but heh I'm sure I'll find one.
Now, off to 'wand' Malcolm's foot, Jan's leg, and Pearl's neck. They are all having improvement. Me....trying to study my Yuen Level one book and notes, but have my nose in a book Malcolm gave me. I'll get there, still lots of time. Enjoying it all.
My great niecs and nephews were over (3 of them 6 3 and nearly 2) what chaos/noise and fun. Nothing like family!!!
Lots of love to everyone, thanks for the emails, so far I've been reading them easily, but the next few days will not have access. I think I will take the note off saying I'm away, that must be annoying to get.

Norma Cowie
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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hail from New Zealand

Well I made the 14 hour trip to Auckland, New Zealand without too much trouble. Lots of leg room, thank goodness, so I could stretch my legs rotate my ankles etc. Unfortunately the seat could have been a bit wider for my generous hips, but made it through OK. Managed to have a little bit of a sleep as well. Watched several movies, one being The Hangover, which I did laugh through, but don't understand why it got nominated in several of the award shows. There again watching a movie on an airplane is not the best thing to do. I also put on 2012 and proceeded to sleep through most of it. Same with Wild Things.
I had a great visit with Rob, Melanie, McKayla & Kiera. Bridget had come out and picked me up from the Natural Comfort Centre, where I was privileged to do 11 channeling's of people's guides. That was a fun afternoon as we had some interesting messages, then when Bridget arrived we had a lovely dinner Melanie had prepared. Bridget left and we watched the Olympic updates and then off to bed. In the am, watched Kiera have her last soccer game of the season and then McDonalds for trophies etc. Now watching a group of 5/6 year olds run after a ball has its moments. They are all so cute and you can tell the six year olds from the five year olds, so next year I can see Kiera will be quite good, as she kicks a mean ball already. Unfortunately, McKayla's soccer has finished, so did not get to see her play at all this season.
Back to Rob's to watch the big hockey game. WE WON!!! Then off to the airport with people honking and waving flags. At the airport (I was there quite early expecting a huge crowd). No! It was quite empty in fact, only had to wait for one couple of complete, and I was up at the counter, bags gone, walking through the x-ray etc and down to the gate where I watched TV and read. Saw the beginning of the closing ceremonies before boarding and beginning the long flight. The people sitting next to me were from Calgary and it was their first visit. Coming for a month.
Mal & Jan were there when I walked off the plane with their little granddaughter Isabella. Shes so cute, not quite two, went and picked up my car (which I still have not driven) - tomorrow. Mal drove the car home, I drove with Jan.
Coming here, is like coming home after being away for awhile (which of course it is). Mal & Jan's house is usually where I land and I have spent quite a bit of time here over the years. They had renovated since I was last here, especially the dining area, made it larger and then when the collection of their family, son Calvin with his wife Kelly, children Oliver, Sam and baby Isabella, plus my niece Rin, her boyfriend Mat and his daughter Chedae plus me we had lovely lasagna (three kinds.) Oh yes, I had a short sleep in the afternoon (after all arrive at 6am without too much sleep on the plane) and then by 8.30 last night I was falling asleep. That meant off to bed and awake at 3am, read until it was time to get up at 7am. (I've had another nap this afternoon) hopefully by tomorrow I won't need to do that.
We went off shopping today, new shoes, new purse and some books....
back home, slept, and now up ready for a relaxing evening before back to bed more sleep and one more day here (I actually sat out in the sun for awhile this afternoon) before heading south to my sister on Thursday.
If you have managed to read this far, other impressions, one thing which I always love arriving in NZ is the green. The many different colors of green, plus the foliage, lots of it, and so different from us. Then today, when the sun was out (it was cloudy yesterday) and the sea looked gray. Today, sun out and the sea is accustomed 'green'. Love it. Oh yes, they have a wonderful view of a bay. They are up high, and you have a lovely view out and over houses onto the bay, where when it is 'green' I find very magical.
I have used my magic 'free point energy wand' on several people since arriving. Pain has left, feet, ankles, neck and back, plus my feet today after coming back from shopping - they hurt, so wanded them - no more hurt. PLUS the water tastes great when I wand it.
I also have used some Yuen Method too, but my family is not overly big on processing anything. They are just my family and I love them.
When I go south (driving myself - remember on the different side of the road) I won't have as easy access to a computer. But will endeavor to post tomorrow or in the am before I leave.
In the meantime, ensure you enjoy the day

Norma Cowie
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