Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hail from New Zealand

Well I made the 14 hour trip to Auckland, New Zealand without too much trouble. Lots of leg room, thank goodness, so I could stretch my legs rotate my ankles etc. Unfortunately the seat could have been a bit wider for my generous hips, but made it through OK. Managed to have a little bit of a sleep as well. Watched several movies, one being The Hangover, which I did laugh through, but don't understand why it got nominated in several of the award shows. There again watching a movie on an airplane is not the best thing to do. I also put on 2012 and proceeded to sleep through most of it. Same with Wild Things.
I had a great visit with Rob, Melanie, McKayla & Kiera. Bridget had come out and picked me up from the Natural Comfort Centre, where I was privileged to do 11 channeling's of people's guides. That was a fun afternoon as we had some interesting messages, then when Bridget arrived we had a lovely dinner Melanie had prepared. Bridget left and we watched the Olympic updates and then off to bed. In the am, watched Kiera have her last soccer game of the season and then McDonalds for trophies etc. Now watching a group of 5/6 year olds run after a ball has its moments. They are all so cute and you can tell the six year olds from the five year olds, so next year I can see Kiera will be quite good, as she kicks a mean ball already. Unfortunately, McKayla's soccer has finished, so did not get to see her play at all this season.
Back to Rob's to watch the big hockey game. WE WON!!! Then off to the airport with people honking and waving flags. At the airport (I was there quite early expecting a huge crowd). No! It was quite empty in fact, only had to wait for one couple of complete, and I was up at the counter, bags gone, walking through the x-ray etc and down to the gate where I watched TV and read. Saw the beginning of the closing ceremonies before boarding and beginning the long flight. The people sitting next to me were from Calgary and it was their first visit. Coming for a month.
Mal & Jan were there when I walked off the plane with their little granddaughter Isabella. Shes so cute, not quite two, went and picked up my car (which I still have not driven) - tomorrow. Mal drove the car home, I drove with Jan.
Coming here, is like coming home after being away for awhile (which of course it is). Mal & Jan's house is usually where I land and I have spent quite a bit of time here over the years. They had renovated since I was last here, especially the dining area, made it larger and then when the collection of their family, son Calvin with his wife Kelly, children Oliver, Sam and baby Isabella, plus my niece Rin, her boyfriend Mat and his daughter Chedae plus me we had lovely lasagna (three kinds.) Oh yes, I had a short sleep in the afternoon (after all arrive at 6am without too much sleep on the plane) and then by 8.30 last night I was falling asleep. That meant off to bed and awake at 3am, read until it was time to get up at 7am. (I've had another nap this afternoon) hopefully by tomorrow I won't need to do that.
We went off shopping today, new shoes, new purse and some books....
back home, slept, and now up ready for a relaxing evening before back to bed more sleep and one more day here (I actually sat out in the sun for awhile this afternoon) before heading south to my sister on Thursday.
If you have managed to read this far, other impressions, one thing which I always love arriving in NZ is the green. The many different colors of green, plus the foliage, lots of it, and so different from us. Then today, when the sun was out (it was cloudy yesterday) and the sea looked gray. Today, sun out and the sea is accustomed 'green'. Love it. Oh yes, they have a wonderful view of a bay. They are up high, and you have a lovely view out and over houses onto the bay, where when it is 'green' I find very magical.
I have used my magic 'free point energy wand' on several people since arriving. Pain has left, feet, ankles, neck and back, plus my feet today after coming back from shopping - they hurt, so wanded them - no more hurt. PLUS the water tastes great when I wand it.
I also have used some Yuen Method too, but my family is not overly big on processing anything. They are just my family and I love them.
When I go south (driving myself - remember on the different side of the road) I won't have as easy access to a computer. But will endeavor to post tomorrow or in the am before I leave.
In the meantime, ensure you enjoy the day

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