Thursday, May 20, 2010

Home with a different car!

Finally, back in my own bed! What an interesting journey the last couple of days have been. As my last post (not the movie reviews) said, my car was in the garage waiting for a transmission. Well, Tuesday I got the news that another part was needed, which was not made anymore and that the part from a second hand place in Surrey would take at least two days to get there. This put everything into a different light, as I needed to get home by Thursday at the latest.
Then Richard, the garage man said something which made sense to me "why are you paying all this money to repair a car which needs even more work, when you could buy another?" Why indeed. Well I hang onto things I love, I loved that car, I did not think I could get a car which would be good enough for the dollars I have saved, etc, etc, etc. Richard told me he had a 1994 Infinity in good shape, driven by a Doctors wife which I could have.
I phoned my tow truck Angel - Chris and asked him what he knew about the car. After all, who else did I know in Calgary. Deanne was out and about and I was unsure. Chris said he would go over and check it out for me. It just happened to be his day off (can you imagine that). Anyway he phoned back, said he made an appointment for 5.20pm to go look at it.
Deanne was home by then, so off we went through traffic and made it there for 5.40. We had to wait even longer, but eventually, Richard drove the Black Infinity from the back and Deanne, him and I went for a test drive. It drove just fine, and the price he told me I could have it for was what the repair job was going to cost. I said fine, I would be back in the morning (he said 10.00am) to settle it all up.
Wednesday arrived, and Deanne drove me there, and we could see very quickly that nothing was going to proceed fast. What a busy business. They have an Import Repair Shop. His wife, Natalie works the front, while Richard runs the repairs with 4 or 5 other mechanics. Busy, busy, busy. I thought I was busy, watching Natalie handle, phones, people walking in, mechanics coming in with this and that, and Richard on the phone, stating this and that, and trying all the time to get everything ready for me. I was impressed, especially when she told me she had a four and a two year old at home.
She said she would love to stay home with the kids but she knew no one else could handle all of 'this' easily. She would be right, plus as she said its my business too. Deanne after waiting for 1/2 hour said "I'll go and do what I need to do". I agreed and off she went, and I did not get to see her again, as by the time I got back to her place to pick up my bags and have something to eat before hitting the road home, she had gone to help someone else - delivering them to the airport. She is a wonderful woman - another Angel.
Anyway, finally we (Richard and me) got to go to where my car was, get my stuff, tables, chairs etc which was in the trunk, transferred into the new car (and thankfully the trunk handled everything well). Then back to his place to complete the paper work. He had put in a new battery, new wipers (thank goodness as the last hour of my trip home was done in pouring rain) and given it an oil change.
Off I went. After my visit to Deanne's I was off, in rain - home. It was 2pm B.C. time. I took it fairly easy (the speed limit) for the majority of the way. I stopped at Golden for a brief moment to get some water and bathroom break and again at Sicamous for a bathroom break, and then in Westbank for gas. Other than that it was drive, drive. The car went really well, but the highlight was seeing A BLACK BEAR, slowly walking across the road. It came out just before the car in front of me, who saw it and then me, and then a car behind me. We all pulled over and watched, unfortunately, I could not get my camera out quick enough to take a shot. I would say, as there were no babies it was a male bear looked fully grown, but still quite young. Maybe 2 years old.
After I gassed up in Westbank it began to rain, and it rained, poured down, so without high beams it was hard to see. So instead of driving 90 to 100ks I was driving around 65. But I made it, around 10.45 I pulled into my yard, so glad to see my home waiting for me, all nicely cleaned inside from Christobelle & Mike who had been staying there before I went away.
Home sweet home. Now Jenny (she named herself on the way home) sits in the frontyard waiting to go for an inspection, so I can transfer her papers from Alberta to B.C.
And life goes on.....went walking.....having a cleansing day, which I missed on Tuesday, and making appointments. Life is good.
Have fun, you never know what is around the corner, and/or what Angels in human form are there to help you.

Norma Cowie
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Movie Review - Letters from Juliet

To say I was disappointed in this movie is to say I'm disappointed that I have to say it. I was. I was expecting the romantic movie, what I sat through was hardly any romance at all. But lets go through it. There are two stories here (or maybe three). First there is Amanda Seyfied who is Sofie, who is on holiday with her fiance - having an early honeymoon (something I did once and that marriage did not last so don't recommend that action). Anyway, they are in Vernona and he is more interested in meeting his suppliers for his new restaurant and her so off he goes. She is left to sight see.
Actually I've been and seen the Juliet balcony, and I liked the visual of seeing it again. Sophie finds the ladies who are the Secretary to Juliet, and every night, they collect letters which have been left under Juliet's balcony and reply to them. (I don't remember seeing letters - but perhaps that is the storyline, although I'm sure now people will go and post them).
Sophie with time on her hands joins the ladies at collecting the letters and discovers one from 50 years previously. She writes to Clare, Vanessa Redgrave.
Next thing, a young Englishman is at the door of the restaurant where the woman work and now the movie begins. This is the first point I'm confused. She only has a few days by herself, but the letter has time to get to England and for the grandson (the young man) and his grandmother Clare (Vanessa Redgrave) to return to Vernona. Oh well, the power of movie time.
They begin a journey to discover her lost love. This is where the movie breaks down. They go visit Alorenzo (not sure of the man's spelling) after Alorenzo, to the point you say 'all right already' I get the picture. Then right near the end of the movie they finally find him. Yeah!!!
Well by this time you are bored and wondering if ever he will show up and you know he will, for me I was sentimental as I believe the person playing the lost love, was Vanessa's original love/husband (I believe they were married for a while). That touched my romantic heart. I always remembered his beautiful blue eyes, and yes they were still there.
Anyway, the love story was supposed to happen between Sophie and Charlie (is that his name?) while they were searching for Alorenzo.
I thought this is where the movie failed dismally. There should have been more scenes between the two of them, glances at each other does not cut it, one kiss does not make falling in love, it just lacked pizazz. My romantic soul was not touched at all. Even at the end when she leaves her finance and goes back to Italy for the wedding of the older couple and meets back with 'whats his name' I'm not taken in. Good on you, you got the guy.
I was sorry this movie did not reach its potential.....
2 out of 5.

Norma Cowie
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Movie Review - Robin Hood

I loved Robin Hood. I want to see it again - soon! I found I enjoyed every aspect of it. I loved the correctness of the historical times, I loved the acting (especially knowing two Canadians were part of the merry men - not to be biased) and Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett did their usual great acting jobs.
What I find interesting is how the media, or what I have read of it, seem to want to take this movie apart. What on earth are they talking about. Do they have a personal vendetta or something? This movie has everything in it. It has drama it talks about honor, loyalty and growth as human beings, about how power corrupts and its a love story I cried in this movie (forever the romantic). The magnificent Ridley Scott's panoramic views of the beaches, were awe inspiring, and if you haven't seen the white cliffs of dover, or the White Horse on the Hill then you were in for a visual treat. The fighting scenes were intense, but true. That's how war is, especially in those old days. I loved the thought of the orphan kids on their donkeys joining in, wanting to prove themselves. Yes, the honor and valor of the times was definitely front and foremost.
Arrows through the neck may have been once too much, but heh, you want to prove people can shoot well with arrows.
If you like period pieces, and you can watch war scenes with blood, and you want to see how men can grow as people and know how loyalty, trust and valor need to be recognized more today than ever, then go see Robin Hood.
I give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5.
(I would have 5 out 5, but the one too may arrows through the neck brings it to 4 1/2.)
Enjoy it!!!!

Norma Cowie
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Movie Review - Iron Man II

Hi I'm a bit late with this review as it was a week ago Saturday that I went to see it with two friends. We had been in a workshop all day and I know I needed to go do something different and they who were staying with me agreed to come along.
I thought I had seen Iron Man I, but I soon realised I had not. So the characters were all new to me. I had to pick up the story line fast (after all its a sequel and you are supposed to know what happened before). Although I keep reading how people love this movie, and I even had a lady before me in line in Calgary preorder six tickets for it as she had loved it and wanted her family to come see it, I wonder what the hype is really all about.
I go to see movies because I want something to inspire, educate or entertain me. I found myself half way through this movie wondering why I was there. Now I'm a person who can watch the blow 'em up fight 'em out typically known as guy movies with the best of them, but I found myself thinking, this has no meaning at all. The one thing that saved this movie for me was the humor. I found myself laughing. Jon Favreau, I believe wrote it or cowrote it and directed it. He is as far as I'm concerned the hero of the day. His humor saved the movie. Otherwise all this destruction by big machines (and remember I loved transformers one and two but they had personalities) and Mickey Roourke with his whips did not mean much except revenge. Of course Robert Downey Jr is always great and played his part, but the role did not give him the fullness of range he is capable of.
So to me, besides the humor which I believe saves this movie I can't say Hey you must go see this movie. 2 1/2 stars out of 5.

Norma Cowie
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Stuck in Calgary

Hi from wonderful Calgary, when I expected to be home. I drove here last Thursday for a Yuen Level 3 workshop. Stayed in a fairly new Sandman Inn where the workshop was taking place. Saw clients every day, everything was absolutely great until Sunday night. But I'm ahead of myself as usual. So lets go back to last week.
Thursday, I got up and said goodbye to Christobelle (who is recovering nicely from her knee replacement surgery) and Mike her husband who have been staying at my place. Went for my walk with Jeanne, went and had a new headlight installed in the car, then left driving north. I remembered this Mexican restaurant in Vernon, and found it, and had a wonderful Avocado and Shrimp Salad for lunch. I mention that because now that I'm the Isagenix Program, with one meal a day, those meals are very important. Then drove on to Salmon Arm, where I visited with Maggie at her Spirit Quest Store. I had to drop off some Tarot books, (Exploring the Patterns of the Tarot) plus firm up my visit there on the 22nd June. I'll be doing some readings and speaking that evening.
From Salmon Arm I drove straight through to Golden, where I had planned to spend the night, back to the motel where the hot tub usually waits for me, oh no, its under maintenance. So no hot tub for me. Up the next morning, make my shake and off to Calgary.
The Calgary Sandman Inn said they did not want you in before 4pm, the time my first clients were scheduled to come in. I was in Calgary mid decided I will go to the movies, and I did. Had to wait a wee while, bought a protein shake for lunch (getting used to my program) and then went and saw ROBIN HOOD!!! I loved it, the movie review is following. When the movie was over I rushed to my car, drove with intention, got to the hotel, booked in, got settled and then my clients arrived. Great day! Felt wonderful!.
Saturday up, shake drink, down for 8.30 to the room, and the weekend began. All was well, had two clients that evening and then rested until Sunday, up for 8.30 and another day of learning and two clients. There is a lot to process in the classes, but the classmates were wonderful and had a great day. As I had lunch (a wonderful spinach salad with chicken) I had my shake and thought, I want to go see another movie. The front desk clerk helped by looking up the movies, and gave me a map and time of when the movie LETTER FROM JULIET was on.
I had a drive around as I had some time to spare, the sun was beginning to set when I finally pulled into the spot and headed to the movie. 11.00pm I come out of the movie, get into the car start it, and then when I went to put it into gear ---- the gear shift just came all the way back. No going anywhere. After panicking for a minute (well maybe two) I got out my BCAA card and phoned the 1 800 number and 1/2 hour later a wonderful angel in the shape of a young man driving a tow truck arrived. He tried for quite a while to see if he could get it working -- no go -- so ended up taking the car to a garage her recommended, driving me back to the hotel and even leaving me with his home number in case I needed a lift the following afternoon to pick up my car. How nice to know there are wonderful young men out there.
Next day, phoned the garage.....bad transmission is 'shot'. Need a new transmission, not cheap, but tell them to go ahead. After all I have to get back home, it has my tables, chairs and banners in it. Its not something I can just walk away from.
The mechanic says 'it will be about two days'. I ask "is this day one?". He says (hopefully correct) you will be on the road home Wednesday (hopefully again in the am). Oh what to do. I'm staying at a fairly pricey hotel, I don't have a vehicle to get around and I know my friend Cecelia is out of town.
Ah!!! Deanne....I'll phone her. So at 10.45 (check out time is 11am) I phone her - not home, try her cell, she answers. She tells me later it was a miracle she answered, as she was square dancing and it was the break and she was sitting down with her cell in front of her. I tell her my predicament. She replies immediately (another angel on the planet) I'm busy here till noon then I'll come get you. So I go down, check out and wait in the lobby, watching 'The View" until 12.30 when she arrives and brings me to her place.
So here I am waiting for the phone call to say my car is ready so I can get back to my life. Yesterday I was able to do laundry, because my clothes were packed for the days I expected to be away, relax and go for a walk in the park close by and then Deanne drove me to the bank to ensure I have money to pay these guys (either this afternoon to tomorrow).
I was sitting this am thinking how lucky I was this went here in the City, where everything was easily obtained (tow tuck, garage to fix it and Deanne's to stay). This could have happened when I was in the middle of the Rockies where there is no cell reception. I had no warning of this, it just went. So how does that metaphysically relate. Transmission is going, you put the car into gear and it goes. Well I have been going flat stick (my last post was titled busy as a bee) but the transmission goes backwards as well as forwards). This car has had a light out, a new dent in the trunk and now the transmission. If the car is me, then I have to take a good look at the pace I'm keeping - at least that is what I'm thinking -- comments are welcome.
I think also it could be saying a new 'gear' is being made ready. I am studying the Yuen Method, it was made a huge difference to my work and my client base is getting busier.....I knew when the car light, another event, and then the dent in the trunk happened I needed to look inside, but thought I had - obviously not. So some inner contemplation will be in order over the next few days - tarot cards - will be out for sure. Personally, I needed to get another car....I was going to look at one when I got home, but now my deposit is going for the transmission, so another miracle will need to be created.
So here I am stuck in Calgary until my car is fixed (so its an enforced rest) and then home to get ready for the long weekend (Bridget is coming to visit - always busy then) when I'm having my first Saturday at the local market and then next Thursday I fly to Regina for another weekend course. I was looking forward to June when it will be more settled, home to work in the garden, get some painting done and finally get to the bookkeeping.
Hope your week was not as exciting as mine has turned out to be.

Norma Cowie 250 490 0654

Friday, May 07, 2010

Busy as a Bee!

Yesterday a friend came to visit and said to me, "you must have been really busy as you have not posted anything on your blog". And she was right. The last few weeks I have been as busy as a bee without any time to write anything, or if I had time I was just tired and rested.
It seems lots has happened since I last posted where I had left my wallet at home before heading off to Kelowna needing gas for the car. (Do you know I nearly did it again - but remembered the wallet in time).
I have been fortunate with having a lot of clients coming to see me in the days I have been home, and at the same time that does not leave me a lot of time for catching up on paperwork and or my blog. Plus I have been invited to put my movie reviews onto another site, and have not had the time to get that organized -- but that will change soon I'm sure, as when June arrives I am home for most of the summer.
The weekend of April 23rd thru 26th was the Spring Festival of Awareness at Naramata. I been attending this weekend for some years now, and always enjoy it. I'm fortunate enough that I am able to present one or two workshops and that always warms my heart. This time I spoke on The Inner Ghosts (my inner child subject - book Connecting to the Light) and my usual Past Life Regression (book - Many Lives, Many Ways of Remembering Them). Both workshops were well attended which is what I like. Lots of people. It is always a place to meet up with old friends and catch up with the news.
Then right after the Festival, I began a new cleansing program (for me) called IsaGenix (its been around since early 2000's). I bought a 30 day program, as my friend June Hope had found it was working for her and she still had energy (which I need due to my schedule right now). So having 2 shakes a day, one meal plus lots of water, snacks and chocolate (yes chocolate) I was into the rhythm while getting ready to go to the Vernon Body & Soul Wellness Expo. A two day event. So friend Marion picked me up early Saturday morning and we drove the 1 1/2 - 2 hour drive to Vernon, set up our booths and began - she was there on behalf of Issues Magazine, Johnsons Landing Retreat Centre plus the two weekends Issues sponsers, the Spring Festival of Awareness and Wise Woman Weekend (which happens 3rd weekend of September). I was doing Tarot Card Readings and had my books, cds and dvds there).We stayed the night and then after the Expo we drove back home. I had a successful expo, doing lots of readings and spoke 1/2 hour on the Tarot. An enjoyable weekend.
Home for a regular food day (shakes plus one meal) day Monday and then my first actual full cleanse day (no food) Tuesday. It when quite well for me although around 4pm I really wanted some food, so had one of the chocolates, and managed the day. Wednesday, I got up, stood on the scale and found I had actually dropped 13 lbs. That was inspiring. I expected maybe 10 as usually that is what you can drop the first week of a new program. So now waiting till next Wednesday to see what has happened. I picked Tuesday as my cleanse day (drinking lots of vitamins and minerals four times a day) plus water, plus some approved snacks - no food though because in the coming weeks I'm going to be travelling on Monday.
This weekend coming I'm reauding the Yuen Method Level One here in Penticton. I am hosting in my house several people.
Mike is already staying with me, as his wife Christobelle is in hospital here with her knee replacement and will probably come back here and stay when she gets let out of hospital. then Mary arrived from the island yesterday afternoon as she is taking the course and this afternoon Cathy from Kamloops area is coming to also take the course. Mike has the spare room, Mary is on the chesterfield, and I'm off to buy a blow up mattress for Cathy. (I have been wanting to get one for times like this).
Next Thursday I'm off to Calgary for the weekend to take Level 3 in the Yuen Method. So yes, I'm still quite busy, but today truly was the first day that I am able to take my time without appointments or being somewhere at a certain time on my mind. I still have a list though.
Right now the sun is shining, and I'm getting through some of the bits and pieces which need doing.
You enjoy your life!!!

Norma Cowie
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