Monday, August 06, 2007

Fear VS Trust

I have done a lot of thinking about fear lately. Mainly because I have seen it reflected in language and actions all around me. It upsets me sometimes how often people will take the fear road, rather than the trust road. They will slide down the slippery slope and become fearful of ‘everything’. Fearful of making a mistake, fearful of taking the ‘wrong’ road either in life, or just the one they are traveling down. What happened to the life warrior? What happened to the trust the process, trust the universe? Something ate it up. That’s what I am seeing and hearing!
People seem to be putting their faith into fear, the acknowledgement that something is going to go wrong. That someone out there is out to ‘get them’. It seems like that thought form is BIG. I run into it all the time. It seems like the Victim mentality, that something is out there …. some unknown person, corporation, system, energy, et’s or something. somewhere is out there and will get me. If not terrorists, then someone else.
I know I have had to fight the ‘fear’ monster in my life. When I had to leave my victim state behind. When my life did not seem to be working and I had to make choices about whether I stood for fear and trust. I think we all come to those crossroads often during our path. I like to think most of us will eventually choose trust.
For centuries we as a race had a lot to be fearful of. We were persecuted by our own kind for our beliefs, our attitudes, for fighting back against injustice when we saw it. That persecution became part of our genetic code….but now it is time for us to stop supporting fear and turn our vibration into trust. Here in the western world, we have a lot of room to speak our mind (although I must admit it is shrinking). We need to learn the language of how to speak our truth and have it understood without fear. To stand in trust that life is supporting us. The universe is not one of fear, but one of love, support and understanding.
It is not only speaking our truth in which fear reigns it is trusting life (the universe – god) is supporting us. It is the knowledge that each and everyone of us is connected to an energy which is there. The question is “do we use it”? I am thinking as I watch people go into fear about everything, that we as a group do not. The personal journey of raising above fear makes the difference of personal peace, or uncertainty. Prayer, meditation, anything which connects you with the universal love force, helps to bring you out of fear and into peace and trust.
Trust the process, is something I was taught in my studies. Trust that whatever it is will work out ‘right’ for you. Many times in my life when everything looked dark and dismal and I was at a dead end, I would just trust. Trust the force of life which is bigger than me, would lead me out of the dark ‘the wilderness’ into light. Each time it happened. I placed myself in situations and realized this is not working, or is not good I would tell myself “trust the process”. I would let go my stubbornness and my single mindedness, ask inside for answers and direction and they would come. I would then be able to make new and different decisions which would allow me to be back into unity, back into peace. Over the years I came to realize - trust is the key, not fear! In fear I would be stuck, not moving forward. In trust I moved and grew.
One of my statements my students know well “It is not the event which is important, it is how you handle it”. Therefore, when you feel the fear, know that is what it is, and reach for the strength which is inside, so you can walk ahead in faith.

Monday, June 11, 2007

History repeats itself – How one lifetime can affect another!

The more I have read the book The Rebels of Ireland by Edward Rutherfurd the more I have been touched. First I have come to understand the history of Ireland much more deeply than what I knew before. When I was reading about the potato famine it touched me deeply because I have experienced the energy of women whose children were dying of starvation during this potato famine and how their consequent decisions affected them in this life.

In my Soul/Source Connection work as I clear the blocks and transform the energy, many times I have experienced the Irish mother’s sad, hopeless energy as they watched their children die one after another. Remember in the 1800’s Ireland, a catholic country had large families. During the potato famine it was not uncommon for a whole family to be wiped out. The old and the young usually went first and then one by one other members of the family. Can you imagine what this might be like to watch your children die? I can, because I have run into the despair and the consequent decisions made at a soul level by these mothers.

The first few times I ran into the energy was when I was working with women who were finding it difficult to get pregnant. Often there was nothing physically wrong as to why the difficulty and they would come to me and we would look at the energy as to what was blocking them getting pregnant. It would be during the checking the blocks I would run into the energy of an Irish Mother in despair over the death of their children deciding "never again to bring a child into this world", or "never again to be a mother" or something similar. Once these decisions were released and the energy transformed, the woman often went on to get pregnant. Since my work as expanded I will sometimes run into this energy affecting other blockages as well. All I know is I’m very familiar with it and recognize it immediately when I find it.

Therefore, while reading this historical novel and reliving the despair it also had me contemplating the plight of Darfur, where once again women are watching their children die of starvation and the horror which starvation brings, the hopelessness and the consequent decisions we, as mothers make. I wonder if in 50 – 100 years another transformation therapist will encounter decisions made from this time. Many souls lived through that time in Ireland and many souls are living through Darfur and other places, especially in Africa where children are dying. These circumstances are not just influences of this time, the decisions made during this time will effect their lives in other times and places.

It seems strange and very sad that over 100 years later in this land of plenty and the time of enlightenment, we still have starvation on this planet, we still have hopelessness and we still have massive grief. Or do we just keep on repeating history, having the same scenario happening over and over. All I know is that the decisions made in one time, does affect another. The starvation of children over 100 years ago has effected some people today and I’m sure what is happening today will effect some people in the future. Today I send out a prayer for this to stop. Starvation, wherever it is on the planet is ceased. There is enough food for everyone and everyone gets to partake of it. Please join me in this prayer (below). Prayers are thoughts and the more people think the same thought, the more powerful it is.
Norma --

Please read this outloud -- spoken word has more power in the moment than just the thought.
Divine Essence, the one power in and through all things, I know this power links every person on earth and as one in this unity I know that sustenance for all on a physical level as well as a spiritual level is done. In this planet of plenty I know distribution of food, shelter and physical wellbeing for every inhabitant is done. Miracles can occur and I know right now, that the miracle of food is here, that every person, is fed, that every person has shelter, that every person feels satisfied within their physical wellbeing. They are comfortable, warm and fed. It is with gratitude in the knowing of miracles that I am able to release this thought, knowing that everyone is fed and has shelter. I am filled with gratitude in knowing the world unites in this thought, food for all, shelter for all and the healthy wellbeing for all. I release this now, knowing miracles take place and this one will. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And So It Is. Amen.
Norma Cowie
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where does the imagery of Hell come from?

I recently picked up the novel The Rebels of Ireland by Edward Rutherfurd and began to read. Within a few two pages I was reading “Doctor Simeon Pincher was a tall, thin man … with a sallow complexion and stern black eyes that belonged in a pulpit….For Doctor Simeon Pincher was a follower of Calvin.” Usually this would have been background information on one of the characters of the book, but this day it triggered something very different. It brought forth memories of an energy I encounter in my work.
In my Core Belief Releasing Work (which I’m now calling Soul/Source Connection – because that is what to truly does) I have run into this energy all too often. I do not like the insidiousness of this narrow, lack of joy, rule bound energy, which often I run into. It often displays itself as dressed as a man in black clothing with a mind as narrow as the thinness of their body. When I encounter this energy, no matter where it is attached, as it may be held in a charka, or in one of the selves, ie High or Masculine Self it is joyless, full of rules, holding the position if one lives by the rules, then one can find God. It is because of this belief it is often held in what we would consider our Spiritual levels.
Therefore, as I read these words in the novel, it not only triggered the memories of encountering this type of energy, but it also had me ponder on where and how these narrow minded, joyless beings had gotten the imagery of burning in hell, as this seems to be what they preach. Unless you obey the narrow rules you will burn in hell.
As I dropped into a meditative state and contemplated even more about the imagery of burning in hell the thought came to me that a person does not think of, write about or do artistic works unless they have seen and or experienced the scene or situation themselves or it is a part of their imagination.
Therefore where would the image of burning in hell come from? From all accounts, early man worshiped the sun and the earth. The early cave man drawings had nothing signifying burning in hell, so where did this concept come from?
Then the thought came to me. In the middle of the earth we have a core of magma, red hot burning rock, which would flame anything which touched it. Could it perhaps be that someone was meditating into the earth and allowed their minds to go deep enough to come into contact with this powerful magma? To an uneducated mind, it would seem like hell. A place where if you go you would burn. Is this where the original idea of ‘burning in hell’ came from? That you descended into hell, rather than above to heaven. I wondered, I pondered and the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that this could very well be true. Someone at sometime had touched into the magma and it had terrified them and they had spun a story about it. From this fear had grown a tale until the name Hell was given to this space. A space in which we were to fear and not go!
It is through our experiences that we come to understand our environment and through our observation we learn about the laws of nature and man. It makes sense to me that one would not want to go to this hot place – hell, were one would burn and therefore do anything rather than that. Therefore the rules, which although giving you a narrow life style would though, keep you away from such a place.
Religion over time has brought much ritual and war to the planet. Much has been done in the name of religion, and yet early man worshipped the sun and the earth which gave life and supported them. We do not have to fear the magma, only understand it. After all many of our continents (and the Hawaiian Islands) are made from the stuff – magma is spewed from the earth in many different locations around the world, especially in the ring of fire which has been very quiet for many centuries now. Is it Hell – perhaps it is, but we do not need to live joyless, rule bound lives in order to stay away from it. We only need to be aware of it’s ever presence within the earth’s core and know it is a part of the whole.
After my meditative time of sorting out this question I was able to go on with my novel at peace within as I gazed upon the beauty of the world around me, living not in fear of magma, hell – but in rejoicing life as all good.
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Move - complete

Hi: I realize it has been two months since I last wrote an entry on my blog. Working and then moving took up time. Often a week at a time I had no computer access, interesting things happened which I did not know about for over a week. Somehow one survives without checking emails two/three times a day. In between the travels to work in Edmonton, Calgary, Penticton & Victoria I was packing to make my move to Penticton. A goal for many years now complete.
Now the move is complete. I totally thank my family & friends. Friends helped pack the many, many boxes of my stuff. Then Friday May 18th my son Rob & his friend Scott packed up a one ton truck to the brim and he drove it up here. His wife Melanie with McKayla (6) & Kiera (2) with Bella (the dog) left at 11.30am. Rob left driving the truck at 2.30pm and then my daughter Bridget (who had already spent a week up here getting everything ready for me to come two weeks prior) with her dog Rudie, my friend Anne & I left at 5.30pm. Rob & family were all ready in bed when we arrived at 11pm.
The people were next door were having an impromtu party right outside the kitchen window, but after Bridget spoke to them at midnight, they quientened down. Thank goodness we were tired (or at least I was). Saturday came and we unloaded the truck thanks to Gordon (who arrived to help) and Morgan aged 10 from 3 mobiles down (yes I'm in a mobile park). Morgan's Dad came and helped with the two really heavy items - my buffet and TV -- and we were in. Now came the unpacking of the boxes and putting away. Making a day story short Monday arrived with Rob & family leaving at 9.30am and then Bridget and Anne leaving at 6pm. Everything unpacked and pictures up. I only had to organize my office a bit more and the bedroom bookshelf to my liking. (Still waiting to be done).
The next few days I was so exhausted that I had lots of 'rests' and after the TV was hooked up I caught up on movies etc.
Today - one week after moving in I can honestly say I have had energy all day. Yeah! I'm on my way to being 'normal'. Still quite a bit of bookshelf organizing to do. Today I also put together and got up and running my new printer/copier/fax/scanner....I have only used the printer part so far, but since I could not bring my copier which I've had forever and was great, but too big, I had to get another for the small jobs which will need doing.
Life up here has been quiet for the most part as I rest up and get ready for whatever is to come. It is just after 8.30pm and the sun is going down and I'm going to go for a short walk. Tomorrow is another day and I'm looking forward to it, especially as today - for me - had the feel of summer - in other words - heat! Got the water sprayer going to water the grass & plants. Life is good!
I have some new ideas/concepts which I will be posting in the next few days.
Blessings to all who read this!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Shooter - the movie

Its a wet Friday afternoon and I decide to go see the latest movie which is being advertised all over the place as being the 'best movie this year' etc. Well I went and saw it and even though I had heard it was like another Bourne movie, I should have known that when one movie is compared with another movie something is missing.
Yes, The Shooter has action, yes big stunts and lots of fire power as buildings get blown up. But something seemed lacking to me. It was not Mark Walburg's performance, he was just fine. It was not the information I received about long distance shooting, that was interesting. It was not the awareness that money/greed is at the base of most political actions. It was something else which was lacking - heart. When I left the movie (to run straight away to see Pride - a movie I thoroughly enjoyed) I felt disquietened that a man goes into a house, kills everyone and then blows it all up to destroy the evidence and we applaud it. Yes, justice is served, yes there was no other way justice could be served, but that we think it is alright to do this, in fact honourable is disturbing to the 'heart'. This is no Bourne movie.
I enjoy action, blow 'em up movies .... but something about this movie left me disturbed.
I was glad I saw Pride afterwards, because I ended up leaving the movie theatres feeling fulfilled - not disturbed at how misplaced our society is/has become.
2 1/2 stars out of 4.
Norma Cowie

Pride - the Movie

After seeing the movie Pride I came away with a warm feeling inside, feeling pride within. This is a wonderful movie for all to see. Yes it is about a poor black community in the 1970's. Yes it is a rags to riches (so to speak) story. We have seen the theme of a sports undog team making good before, but we have not seen a swim team and the wonder of this movie is that it is good. It is well acted. I laughed, I cried, I felt tension, I felt happy. To me it delivered everything and more I want in a movie. So often you go to a movie and it is entertaining, but contains no meat. This movie has inner meat. It has meaning, it has power. If you are wanting to see a movie which gives you a feeling of pride, a feeling of hope and as the movie states, Pride, Determination and Resilance, I for one got the message and I believe you would too. It is a message for everyone. Go see Pride. I would love this movie to do well. It deserves it. It will be one I will add to my collection.
Norma Cowie

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Some say that fear is the base of everything. I disagree, I believe fear is not the base but the barrier between the connection to everything (God/Universe/Mother/Father/One) and ourselves. Fear separates and acts as a blockage to the knowingness we innately have inside. Fear rules, no doubt about that, listen to a person speaking as they interject their speech with but, should, have too, etc. These all come from an element of fear, a reaction to what each one truly wants to have and create within their world.

Fear, the acronym being False Evidence Appearing Real, and it does – it appears real. But, it is not real. It is imagined and or placed in the pathway of each one of us who wants to go and create what we want. This results with us fighting our fear, working to move through it, go beyond it, and when we do that it seems to rear its ugly head again. The most efficient way is to isolate it and either release it or transform it. After all fear is just energy and therefore is transformable.

Recently I was explaining to a client, how we create programs to stop us from experiencing feelings, or concepts which we, usually as children, have hidden away. We are brilliant at creating these blocks, which often come automatically to block, sidetrack us from getting to whatever it is we want.

Recently, I experienced this. In contemplating a move, which I will be making in May, I discovered a tremendous amount of fear around the move. The move is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Yet, now the opportunity was here in front of me I found myself becoming more and more fearful about it. As I know myself really well, I knew this was more than the usual concerns of ‘am I doing the right thing for now’ ‘is this really what I want’ etc. This was becoming physical. My stomach was beginning to get involved and my nervous system was becoming more and more strained. I was in fear of the whole concept of moving – attaining a long term goal.

It was right at this time a good friend of mine*, phoned me up and said “I’m practicing a new hands on healing technique, would you like to be one of my trial clients”. Would I? Well I jumped at the opportunity, knowing she has integrity and is a good healer. I received an instruction email from her, with one of the comments, when you arrive know what it is you want the healing for. Well, did not take too long in contemplating to know this unreasonable fear needed to be released. I had my objective.

After a wonderful relaxing session with this wonderful Angelic healing (yes, my friend works with angel energy) I felt not only relaxed, but the pressing fear was gone. She said to me, “You know Norma I found this seed very deep in the base charka. If I had not been looking for it, I would not have found it, it was buried very deep.” Hallelujah! This fear program had been released. Since the session I had not had this unreasonable fear of the move. No wonder I had not been able to work with it myself. It had lots of what I call ‘distracters’ around it, and I had not been able to break through them. In other words I had created a program to protect the fear program, which I had created to ensure I did not risk myself.

Over the years of working with myself and others I have come to truly appreciate how creative we are in protecting these decisions and consequent blocks within our subconscious and energy fields. Some of them are so well hidden and disguised that we need another objective person to search it out. I do this for others with my work, and my friend does it also. Thank goodness we have friends who know how to do these things.

Fear – it blocks and stops us from creating what we truly want. We are reigned over so often by these fear blocks created by us in order to protect us from ourselves, yet it does exactly the opposite. It stops us from becoming who we truly are. It blocks us from creating with ease. It blocks us from being all we can be.

Fear – false evidence appearing real, I don’t think so. I think to us it is very real. It has a life of its own, and if we can release it, transform it, then we are free to create what we want and check the reality of what we want. Fear, time to let it go, time to seek it out and transform it into supportive, loving energy. Time to let it go.

My experience is just one of many I have had over the years, where fear has risen up and attempted to stop me from moving ahead. We create these programs to protect, when in fact they become rules and block us from being all we can be. Not only myself has experienced this, but many of my clients are ruled by their fear rather than their knowing. It is always a happy time when I am able to release someone’s fear – whether it is my own or my clients or a students by transforming it into supportive energy so the goals can be attained with ease.

By Fear – Hello Results!
Norma Cowie
604 536 1220
* Alice Brock

Friday, February 09, 2007

Psychic meets Visionary

Today I went to the movies and had the privilege of sitting down at a table with a lady who advised me as we conversed that she was a visionary. She explained that from the age of a young child God had shown her visions. I asked if she was a visionary for the world or people. Both she replied and then related the story of how she knew the Oklahoma Bombing was going to happen, that she had gone to the police who had called her a psychic and that they had intimidated her and did not heed her warnings, even though she found out they had phoned some friends and family members so they were not in the buildings went they went down.
She explained that when she saw the bodies of the children coming out of one of the buildings she had actually named, her heart hurt and when she went back to the police department requesting grief counseling they had terrorized her and she had had to energetically get herself out of the police station.
As our conversation went on, she mentioned that she no longer had the close connection to God anymore and that hurt. That she had asked a lot of older women and they said the same thing, the connection was lost. Upon listening to her I felt moved to say it was the opposite for me, that the older I became the closer I became.
I went on to say that I noticed separation from God was primarily caused by feeling guilty, remorseful and/or sad. That SELF FORGIVENESS was the main issue. That each one of us needed for FORGIVE ourselves for what we were holding on and to let go. That as we did FORGIVE the blocks which created separation were released and connection made once more.
Upon these words she reflected for a moment and then replied to me that she remembered as she was being hustled out of the police station she had asked for this connection to be taken away as it was too painful. Then she said to me, thank you and at that moment her face took on a beautiful, peaceful look.
As it was time for me to leave right then, I stood up and said remember God loves us and all is already forgiven, it is us who need to forgive ourselves so we can be at one. My heart felt full as I walked away. Was it by chance we had met, was it destiny – she was the one who had begun the conversation with me. Who knows? What I do know, is she does not have a long time left in this realm and needed to be at peace for her next journey.
Norma Cowie
Psychic/Metaphysical Consultant

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 is a Number Nine year! Look out for big changes!

A Number Nine is endings. 2007 is a number nine year and brings about the ending of a nine year cycle. A nine year is never without its ups and downs, whether it is a personal year, or as this is an universal year. You may wonder how a number nine year can affect you, when you have your own personal year. It does because underneath everything is that universal happening. This year it will be nine – endings.

When doing a reading for someone in a personal nine year, I always take into consideration the nine is followed by the one year. Therefore, I look at a two year patterns, rather than just a one year pattern. The personal nine year representing a letting go of the old and the one year as receiving of the new. Who knows exactly when one pattern ends and the new one begins. There is no demarcation line. There is only a pressure which occurs during the nine cycle, easing off in the one cycle. Therefore, this and next year will be important, not only in the world, but also in our individual lives.

What I find consistently with a nine year is pressure. A feeling of uncertainty, like being in a fog, not necessarily knowing which direction to go in. It is a letting go time. A time wherein you may wonder what to do. Therefore confusion can reign during a nine year. Patience is important, especially as it can be confusion as to what to let go of, what steps to take. So by waiting until the fog clears is sometimes very important important.

It is interesting to note that world wide at this point of time, there is already a lot of confusion in regards to political domination, as to who rules, and if they do rule, what do they rule. I know that answers will not likely come easily during this coming year, instead look for more confusion, more uncertainty until around October, when the influence of the one vibration of 2008 will begin to take place. That is when clarity (although perhaps not sanity) will begin to take shape.

Watch the news, look for conflicting reports of activities of leaders, countries and solutions. Look for where people are letting go of the old, old ways of thinking, responding and doing. Solutions will be confusing, especially in the first half of the year and if you are looking for them this coming year, be relaxed as it may not happen. Most importantly, look for the letting go of old ideas and concepts. This can be a exciting time as through pressure a diamond is created and therefore, through the pressure of the nine year new and wonderful solutions can be created.

Also know that a nine universal year will have an effect on your own personal year. If you do not already know how to discover your personal year it goes like this. You add your month and day of birth to the current year, which is 2007, equaling nine. Therefore, if you are born on March 17th, you would add, 3 + 17 + 9. These numbers equal 29. 2+9 equals 2. You would be in a 2 personal year. If your birthday was December 5th, you would add 12 + 5 + 9. This equals 17, and then adding 1+7 you get 8. So your personal year would be 8. Your personal year will take prominence for yourself, but the underlying nine vibration will be there for everyone.

This is a year to bring out your patience and watch how confusion reigns for a short while. Most of all draw on your own awareness of where you are and how you are responding to all the pressure, unresolved issues and tension that is occurring around you. No matter what you can expect changes. After all a nine year is an ending, a letting go.

My own personal thought is – what will the planet herself be doing in this nine cycle. That is something I will be looking for. No matter what you can count on changes!

Enjoy 2007 fully! A number nine year only comes around every nine years.
Norma Cowie
Psychic/Metaphysical Consultant
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Monday, January 01, 2007

Three things not to do when making New Years Resolution

Every year when January 1st rolls around most people will make New Year’s Resolutions. Usually by the time January 31st comes around, these resolutions are already broken. If you really want your New Years Resolution to work here are three things not to do.

1) Do not make a New Year’s Resolution unless you 100% want to make it come true. So often we will decide yes, this is what we want, believing we have made the decision about what we want. But we are not committed to the idea 100%. We are not ready to give up everything or do anything that it will take to make the resolution come true. Therefore, ensure you are really ready to commit and do what it takes to make the resolution a reality.

2) Do not make too many resolutions. So often when we want changes in our lives, we decide to change everything. We will therefore make several resolutions. Unfortunately this does not work. It is better to choose one or two resolutions which we are committed to and work day by day to ensure they come into a reality. When we have too many, we lose focus and determination in our commitment to have the resolution succeed.

3) Do not go and tell everyone about your resolution. This step is important. When you tell several people about your resolution unless you know you have their 100% support of your resolution you can encounter mental resistance from them. Therefore, ensure that you only tell those people who will support you in what it is you want to create.

Yes, this year in order to have your New Year’s Resolutions work, choose one or two in which you are totally committed in creating and only tell a few people you know who will support you. Then you will discover you have achieved your New Year’s Resolutions.

Norma Cowie
Psychic Metaphysical Consultant
604 536 1220; 604 943 3587