Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Shooter - the movie

Its a wet Friday afternoon and I decide to go see the latest movie which is being advertised all over the place as being the 'best movie this year' etc. Well I went and saw it and even though I had heard it was like another Bourne movie, I should have known that when one movie is compared with another movie something is missing.
Yes, The Shooter has action, yes big stunts and lots of fire power as buildings get blown up. But something seemed lacking to me. It was not Mark Walburg's performance, he was just fine. It was not the information I received about long distance shooting, that was interesting. It was not the awareness that money/greed is at the base of most political actions. It was something else which was lacking - heart. When I left the movie (to run straight away to see Pride - a movie I thoroughly enjoyed) I felt disquietened that a man goes into a house, kills everyone and then blows it all up to destroy the evidence and we applaud it. Yes, justice is served, yes there was no other way justice could be served, but that we think it is alright to do this, in fact honourable is disturbing to the 'heart'. This is no Bourne movie.
I enjoy action, blow 'em up movies .... but something about this movie left me disturbed.
I was glad I saw Pride afterwards, because I ended up leaving the movie theatres feeling fulfilled - not disturbed at how misplaced our society is/has become.
2 1/2 stars out of 4.
Norma Cowie

Pride - the Movie

After seeing the movie Pride I came away with a warm feeling inside, feeling pride within. This is a wonderful movie for all to see. Yes it is about a poor black community in the 1970's. Yes it is a rags to riches (so to speak) story. We have seen the theme of a sports undog team making good before, but we have not seen a swim team and the wonder of this movie is that it is good. It is well acted. I laughed, I cried, I felt tension, I felt happy. To me it delivered everything and more I want in a movie. So often you go to a movie and it is entertaining, but contains no meat. This movie has inner meat. It has meaning, it has power. If you are wanting to see a movie which gives you a feeling of pride, a feeling of hope and as the movie states, Pride, Determination and Resilance, I for one got the message and I believe you would too. It is a message for everyone. Go see Pride. I would love this movie to do well. It deserves it. It will be one I will add to my collection.
Norma Cowie