Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where does the imagery of Hell come from?

I recently picked up the novel The Rebels of Ireland by Edward Rutherfurd and began to read. Within a few two pages I was reading “Doctor Simeon Pincher was a tall, thin man … with a sallow complexion and stern black eyes that belonged in a pulpit….For Doctor Simeon Pincher was a follower of Calvin.” Usually this would have been background information on one of the characters of the book, but this day it triggered something very different. It brought forth memories of an energy I encounter in my work.
In my Core Belief Releasing Work (which I’m now calling Soul/Source Connection – because that is what to truly does) I have run into this energy all too often. I do not like the insidiousness of this narrow, lack of joy, rule bound energy, which often I run into. It often displays itself as dressed as a man in black clothing with a mind as narrow as the thinness of their body. When I encounter this energy, no matter where it is attached, as it may be held in a charka, or in one of the selves, ie High or Masculine Self it is joyless, full of rules, holding the position if one lives by the rules, then one can find God. It is because of this belief it is often held in what we would consider our Spiritual levels.
Therefore, as I read these words in the novel, it not only triggered the memories of encountering this type of energy, but it also had me ponder on where and how these narrow minded, joyless beings had gotten the imagery of burning in hell, as this seems to be what they preach. Unless you obey the narrow rules you will burn in hell.
As I dropped into a meditative state and contemplated even more about the imagery of burning in hell the thought came to me that a person does not think of, write about or do artistic works unless they have seen and or experienced the scene or situation themselves or it is a part of their imagination.
Therefore where would the image of burning in hell come from? From all accounts, early man worshiped the sun and the earth. The early cave man drawings had nothing signifying burning in hell, so where did this concept come from?
Then the thought came to me. In the middle of the earth we have a core of magma, red hot burning rock, which would flame anything which touched it. Could it perhaps be that someone was meditating into the earth and allowed their minds to go deep enough to come into contact with this powerful magma? To an uneducated mind, it would seem like hell. A place where if you go you would burn. Is this where the original idea of ‘burning in hell’ came from? That you descended into hell, rather than above to heaven. I wondered, I pondered and the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that this could very well be true. Someone at sometime had touched into the magma and it had terrified them and they had spun a story about it. From this fear had grown a tale until the name Hell was given to this space. A space in which we were to fear and not go!
It is through our experiences that we come to understand our environment and through our observation we learn about the laws of nature and man. It makes sense to me that one would not want to go to this hot place – hell, were one would burn and therefore do anything rather than that. Therefore the rules, which although giving you a narrow life style would though, keep you away from such a place.
Religion over time has brought much ritual and war to the planet. Much has been done in the name of religion, and yet early man worshipped the sun and the earth which gave life and supported them. We do not have to fear the magma, only understand it. After all many of our continents (and the Hawaiian Islands) are made from the stuff – magma is spewed from the earth in many different locations around the world, especially in the ring of fire which has been very quiet for many centuries now. Is it Hell – perhaps it is, but we do not need to live joyless, rule bound lives in order to stay away from it. We only need to be aware of it’s ever presence within the earth’s core and know it is a part of the whole.
After my meditative time of sorting out this question I was able to go on with my novel at peace within as I gazed upon the beauty of the world around me, living not in fear of magma, hell – but in rejoicing life as all good.
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Move - complete

Hi: I realize it has been two months since I last wrote an entry on my blog. Working and then moving took up time. Often a week at a time I had no computer access, interesting things happened which I did not know about for over a week. Somehow one survives without checking emails two/three times a day. In between the travels to work in Edmonton, Calgary, Penticton & Victoria I was packing to make my move to Penticton. A goal for many years now complete.
Now the move is complete. I totally thank my family & friends. Friends helped pack the many, many boxes of my stuff. Then Friday May 18th my son Rob & his friend Scott packed up a one ton truck to the brim and he drove it up here. His wife Melanie with McKayla (6) & Kiera (2) with Bella (the dog) left at 11.30am. Rob left driving the truck at 2.30pm and then my daughter Bridget (who had already spent a week up here getting everything ready for me to come two weeks prior) with her dog Rudie, my friend Anne & I left at 5.30pm. Rob & family were all ready in bed when we arrived at 11pm.
The people were next door were having an impromtu party right outside the kitchen window, but after Bridget spoke to them at midnight, they quientened down. Thank goodness we were tired (or at least I was). Saturday came and we unloaded the truck thanks to Gordon (who arrived to help) and Morgan aged 10 from 3 mobiles down (yes I'm in a mobile park). Morgan's Dad came and helped with the two really heavy items - my buffet and TV -- and we were in. Now came the unpacking of the boxes and putting away. Making a day story short Monday arrived with Rob & family leaving at 9.30am and then Bridget and Anne leaving at 6pm. Everything unpacked and pictures up. I only had to organize my office a bit more and the bedroom bookshelf to my liking. (Still waiting to be done).
The next few days I was so exhausted that I had lots of 'rests' and after the TV was hooked up I caught up on movies etc.
Today - one week after moving in I can honestly say I have had energy all day. Yeah! I'm on my way to being 'normal'. Still quite a bit of bookshelf organizing to do. Today I also put together and got up and running my new printer/copier/fax/scanner....I have only used the printer part so far, but since I could not bring my copier which I've had forever and was great, but too big, I had to get another for the small jobs which will need doing.
Life up here has been quiet for the most part as I rest up and get ready for whatever is to come. It is just after 8.30pm and the sun is going down and I'm going to go for a short walk. Tomorrow is another day and I'm looking forward to it, especially as today - for me - had the feel of summer - in other words - heat! Got the water sprayer going to water the grass & plants. Life is good!
I have some new ideas/concepts which I will be posting in the next few days.
Blessings to all who read this!