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A Book which supports what I see at Soul Origins!

When describing the Soul Origins showing up in my Soul Origin readings/clearings I was directed to the book Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton, PhD Published 2011 by Llewellyn Worldwide.  ISBN13:978-1-56718-499-0 or ISBN 10: 1-56718-499-5 specifically pages 125 to 133.

Upon reading the following on Page 125 it was similar to what I have seen over and over.  I am going to stop where it completes what I perceive, but the paragraph goes on to describe a nursery, which to date I have not seen. For more information on this, please get the book and read it.

This is what I see when I take the Soul I'm working with back to the origin.
"My soul was created out of a great irregular cloudy mass. I was expelled as a tiny particle of energy...."

I have not seen that it is irregular, but I do see the large (usually just a little bit of the curve of it) and see the bubble of the Soul being released. It is a very, very light yellow mixture within the bubble (cloudy, almost white).  It did my heart good to read this....that is what I see.

In his book (which I have not totally read) the souls seem to go to a nursery. On page 130 Michael Newton writes, "Note:  I have heard from a few other subjects that one of the basic reasons each soul is different from the other is that after the Source "breaks off" energy fragments to create a soul, what is left of the original mass becomes infinitesimally altered so it is not exactly the same as before. Thus the source is like a divine mother who would never create twin children."

He then on page 132 states:
"Before continuing with the evolution of a soul's progress, I should list what differences I have learned about their existence once they are created.   
1, There are energy fragments which appear to return to the energy mass that created them before they even reach the nursery, I do not know the reason for their being aborted. Others who do reach the nursery, are unable to handle learning "to be" on an individual basis during early maturation. Later they7 are associated with collective functions and, from what I can determine, never leave the spirit world.

2. There are energy fragments who have individual soul essences that are not inclined, or have the necessary mental fabric to incarnate in physical form on any world. They are often found on mental worlds, and they also appear to move easily between dimensions.

3. There are energy fragments with individual soul essences who incarnate only on physical worlds. These souls may well receive training in the spirit world with mental spheres between lives. I do not find them as interdimensional travelers.

4. There are energy fragments who are souls with the ability and inclination to incarnate and function as individuals in all types of physical and mental environments. This does not necessarily give them more or less enlightenment than other soul types. However, their wide range of practical experience positions them for many specialization opportunities and assignments or responsibility."

I think I have been reading for the last group, as I have seen not only planets, but also spaces both of varying degrees.  And so I learn more about Souls and their Origin and their journeys..   

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Shadow Self Overshadows a Life.

I have just completed a transformation clearing session on having the Soul become whole and complete. (This is something often chosen after a client has been their soul impression drawing).
What was interesting in the drawing is that it was very dull, as though a darkness was over it, and tight, in other words, tall and slender, rather than being round and full.

One of the blocks shown as to why the Soul was not whole and complete was the Shadow Self. The High and Earth selves were also shown as blocks, but before I began working with the Selves, I was working with the Chakras, moving through the ones shown as blocks, when I got to the Crown Chakra, there was this dark, overbearing presence, which would not clear. (I had already found several what I call 'distractors', meaning my attention wanders - something that does not normally happen, so felt there was something, but thought it had to do with attachments, which was also shown as a block).

When this dark overbearing energy would not transform, or leave, (which is what normally happens when I encounter an attachment, or energies blocking, I called up my support workers and we took this energy away. Once the energy was removed, then the crown chakra blossomed and the whole chakra system lit up beautifully, the sweet, innocence and beautifulness of the soul radiated.

When it was time to work with the Selves, the High and Earth Selves made their connection just fine and all went well. Time to go to the Shadow Self and nothing, it took me a second to realize that the energy I sent away had been the Shadow Self, so had to do some rechecking, to discover what had happened. I then was able to dissolve the old Shadow Self and create the new Shadow Self with the original programming to ensure there was balance between the High, Earth and Shadow. What a great feeling and my client also mentioned things felt different.

The Shadow Selves job is to keep the connection to Source/God energy strong at all times, to remind us when we forget. I often find though we use it as a garbage disposal. We throw feelings in particular we don't want to feel on it. I often see it dark and full of 'lint'. Old emotions which we either have judgments on or we just don't want to accept and deal with. Usually I spend time cleaning it off, before reconnecting it and all is well. This had been a whole different case.

The Shadow Self had decided it needed to protect my client, to the point, it overshadowed her, controlling her environment. I had said to her while working with the Crown Chakra "do you feel like you have been watched, overshadowed so to speak" and her reply was "oh yes".  I'm sure now that the Shadow Self has been put back into its normal place with its job intact, she will feel a lot better to be the beautiful being she truly is.

This is one reason I love the transformation clearing work I do, you just never know what you are going to encounter.  This client has chosen to do my summer special, so we will have more transformation clearing work to do in the next few weeks, of which I'm glad, because I know there is still more (not with the Shadow) but with other aspects of her.  I must say it was the first time I have run into an out of control Shadow Self. Usually, they are just overburdened but all the 'stuff' they have to carry.

I'm happy I have been lead to do this work, so I can 'clear' these kind of out of control energies which have such an effect on the life, without them realizing what is causing their pain.

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