Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mid way through the NZ trip

Here I am in the middle of my NZ trip.  Three Sundays from now I will be flying home.  The family visiting part of my visit is mostly over. Now it is the work section.  Last blog brought you all up to when Norma T. and I were leaving for Tauranga. We had a lovely trip down and we stopped at the Mt. Maunganui beach and Norma T who loves to walk beaches spent some time doing that, while I relaxed lying on the sand. Luckily we did that then, because the next two  days were not pleasant. My niece Raewyn and her husband Dennis allowed us to use their Papamoa house (city next to Tauranga). Dennis arrived in the late afternoon the first day and I suggested we have pizza, and we had great pizza and then watched TV.  I slept very well.
The next day, Norma and I took off to visit a second cousin of mine who I like to visit when I'm there. Berice does my mothers side genealogy and its always great to hear what latest bits she has dug up. Her sister Gayleen joined us and we sat and talked for around three hours, and then it was time to leave to go SHOPPING!!!  My first real day shopping. Stopping for lunch in the mall, and then visiting several shops where I did a minimal bit - couple of tops and tights - and then back to the house to relax as Dennis cooked up a most magnificent lamb dinner.  Oh how good that was.
The third day - Thursday - we were driving back to Matamata to see my sisters one last time and we were staying at my nieces Sheryl's place. Now Norma T got the 'family' full on. We first dropped into my sister Beryl's place, caught up, had a cup of tea and chocolate cookies and then all of us off to see my elder sister Nancy in the 'home' she lives in, which my niece Lynette runs.  Then we went for lunch, stopped to look at some shops and our hostess to be Sheryl found us so more chat and made some arrangements to catch up with her later.
What I have not said this particular day was RAIN. I drove from Papamoa to Matamata in rain, then while we were walking across the street looking at stores it POURED RAIN, I mean tropical type rain and my top was quite soaked just crossing the street. Of course stubborn me won't use an umbrella. So when we got back to Beryl's I took out one of the new tops I bought and changed. Then I was feeling a bit tired so laid down and slept for 2 hours.  Upon waking up it was time to go to the local watering hole to meet up with Sheryl and then drive her home, picking up KFC for us all - Beryl included. That night I did a reading for a friend of Sheryl's, always a delight to 'read'.
I did not sleep well that night so spent a lot of it on the chesterfield in the living room with the TV going, but the next morning Friday - we went and had a big breakfast, and then I drove Norma T to the airport for her to fly back to Brisbane to complete her Australia holiday. She returns to TO end of March.
I was quite tired arriving back at Jan & Mal's, so watched TV for a while and then off to bed.  As my back, hip and leg has become sore and stiff, I decided rather than driving back down to Napier (two day drive for me) I would fly, so booked my flight, and tomorrow will see me fly.  So I have been here, taking it easy, working on my appointments via my Skype phone and just plain Skype.
Sunday, I went and did a workshop for the New Zealand Tarot Guild. It was primarily on Court Cards and I always enjoy imparting a different way of looking at them from the traditional way. Plus it was great to make contact with several I knew from before. Now I am working, resting, sleeping and getting ready for my busy week away. Napier, two groups, one workshop, one lecture and then off to Palmerston North for one group before flying back to Auckland.I want to make sure I am 'good' the whole way.
The sun is coming back out, so will sit out for a short time.  Only a short time because the sun is still very hot when it comes out.  But my arms are tanned and that is good.
Blessings to you all

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunshine, Rain and Travel

I have driven a lot of miles the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, my travels have not taken me where I had easy access to WiFi, so no postings have been done, so will work to recap what has gone on.  I left my brothers here in Auckland area on the 9th and drove south to visit my sister in Matamata (Hobbiton). I always enjoy the drive down and stopped to take in the view I particularly like. My sister I stay with had just moved two weeks before me getting there leaving a 2 bedroom house to go to a one bedroom senior flat. While visiting our other sister who is in a home, my niece (who runs the home) came in and from that ended up giving us a 'blow up' for me sleep on. It fitted nicely on the living room floor, and I managed to sleep quite well there for the three nights I was there.  As the majority of my family live around my birth town I had quite a bit of visiting to do, and Friday I drove to Rotorua to visit John who I had been corresponding with. The weather on the whole cooperated and I enjoyed some lovely days as we went and visited the grave of my brother in law Jack and had a barbecue with my great nieces and basically caught up with family.
Then Sunday 12th I drove my sister and I to one of my favorite places, Whitianga, where my niece Raewyn was awaiting us. I love her home and the view over the bay out into the Pacific. Now the roads getting there are not so nice as they twist and turn over two different hill ranges. But once there it is beautiful. This time though, the clouds, mist, fog, or whatever you want to call it had the place locked in and the first day we could not see the bay.  Finally it cleared and we had a wonderful day, Raewyn took us for a drive and we had 'mussels' for lunch at a mussel restaurant, then drove around the loop a bit more and visited another niece and her husband Maureen & Murray who look after a 'caravan/tailer' park. Murray had just got back in from fishing and had fresh scallops. So I got to experience a totally fresh scallop raw - you have to chew.  That evening Beryl & I went to see the movie "War Horse". Raewyn had already seen it. This little town has a lovely theatre and shows two shows at different times. I enjoyed War Horse, but not as much as I thought I would.
The next and final day there we had some heavy rain and decided to go back to the movie house and see "Iron Lady".  that I totally enjoyed. Meryl Streep was fantastic and no wonder she is winning everything - awards that is.  Years ago I saw Lady Margaret Thatcher speak, and she was a great speaker, this movie filled in lots of gaps, and also the way it was shown it helped us understand her relationship with her husband Dennis, who most of us had wondered about as he was always in the background.
Next day, Thursday 16th, Beryl & I left 9.30am and I drove back over the winding hills, finally letting her off at a mutually agreed place where two of her daughters picked her up.  One of them was just back from a trip to Australia and I had not seen her yet, and as she mentioned she was in to have a knee replacement and I probably would not have another opportunity to see her.  Four of us standing there and here was me with two 1/2 knees, Sheryl with one new knee and Joanne soon to have a new knee. A family weakness that is for sure. Once the pass off was done, I then drove to the Auckland airport to pick up my friend Norma Tripplett who was arriving in from Brisbane where she is visiting a friend (Norma lives in Toronto).  Her plane was late, and so we did not get away from there until 4pm - heavy traffic time. I had to drop by my brother's place before we could keep on going north. So by the time we got through the traffic, stopped there and got underway I was not sure we were going to get to Piahia, (Bay of Islands) where we were heading before dark. Luckily we made it, it was just coming in dark at 8.45pm when we arrived.  Settled into our Motel room, got to sleep because we were up at 6am to get ready to be picked up for our tour of the northern tip of NZ.
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip up there. The bus driver was knowledgeable about the history and the fauna. We went along the 90 mile beach (actually 56miles) and the top lighthouse, the kauri trees and had an adventure with seagulls eating our lunch when we stopped.  We both agreed that it was a great tour.  Then as we were not totally tired we took the ferry over to Russell and I caught up with another niece Nateele for supper.  I will be back there on the 9th march.  It was good to see her, and we caught the late ferry back. Should mention we had a wonderful supper at Sally's a restaurant right on the bay (who happens to be Nateele's mother in law). But if you are ever in Russell, you must eat at Sally's and say 'Norma sent me'.
The next day, now Sat 19th, we took our time, stopping by to see some award winning toilets in Kawakawa, all done in mosaics designed by an Austrian....wonderful landmark.  Also stopped at a beautiful beach at Waipu Cove, where Norma T walked the beach while I read my book and got some sun (which is always strong here) then we had lunch before proceeding on. We finally arrived back at my brother's where they were finishing up celebrating my sister in laws mothers 95 birthday.
Yesterday, my brother Malcolm took us two Norma's on a trip around the Auckland western beaches, were they have black sand and a full on surf beach. Wonderful scenery, and then we came back to look at the eastern bay beaches, but I fell asleep in the back seat until we got back home.
today is my catch up day. Finally, can use my computer on the Internet and was able to do emails, phone Bridget & Rob using Skype, plus Linda who is at home holding the fort down.  Now able to catch up on two weeks of travel.
How has it been? Tiring, with concerns at time over my back. I seem to realize that the mornings I'm stiff and sore and then by the afternoon it usually is no too bad. I had a wonderful massage in Whitiange by Carolyn. She saw me for 1 hour, and then for 2 hour. It was a really great relaxing massage, using hot stones and her fingers. I did feel good after. Just need it again and I'm not going back in that direction.
All is well here. I'm enjoying the family.  After these next few days away again and then putting Norma T back on the plane, I will be back here with my brother and wife and begin 'working'.  Have a workshop on Sunday 26th, and some clients on the 25th. Always a pleasure to share my information and joy of life.
Trust this finds you well and happy.

Norma Cowie 250 490 0654 Email: norma@normacowie.com

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Back on New Zealand Shores

I must admit I was really nervous about making this long plane trip.  My back still not 100% but the seat had been booked, and thanks to Dr. Ron Rose's wonderful chiropractor skills he felt I was stable enough to do it. Jeannie picked me up at 9.00am and soon I was at our small Penticton airport waiting for the flight to Vancouver. The hour went quite fast and I had a wheel chair waiting for me, that really helps not hauling all the hand luggage through the airports. Rob was there waiting for me and we went back to his place, met up with Melanie then picked the kids up at school and went for lunch at White Spot. Once again I wanted Salad (this is very good) and once we finished eating we went back to Rob and Mel's where I laid down and the kids got to open their Christmas presents.  A bit late, but better late than never. They enjoyed their watches I had for them plus their usual Walt Disney Shares. This time, because I was late they got to see their dividend checks. One day they will truly understand what I'm trying to teach them with the shares and dividends etc.
Then it was time for Rob to take me back to the airport and check in Air NZ. The big flight 14 hours long and my nervous stomach at the thought. Dr.Ron had said I would need to get up and walk often. Luckily we were early enough for the me to have my seat changed to the bulkhead seat.  I got myself settled and it wasn't long before we were in the air and my stomach settled down for the long trip. They fed us quite soon once we were in the air and the first few hours were quite bumpy. I soon did not know a thing. I had taken a sleeping pill, a Tylenol 3 and some other nervine tablets. I was soon asleep. I slept for quite a while, woke up, visited the ladies room, took some more pills and slept some more, waking up as it was time to get ready to eat breakfast and land. I pretty well slept the whole way. Who would believe it, the best trip ever made. I think I've found the answer drug the hell out of yourself
Mal & Jan were there to greet me, and we stopped for them to have breakfast at a beach we frequented when we were kids. I soon realized I was still 'groggy' which I remained for most of the day, but heh I was here, no pain, no trouble.
I am so used to the routine os what to do when I arrive. Early afternoon I had a shower, had sleep and woke up to visit with my nephew Calvin, his wife Kelly and the three kids, Olly, Sam and Bella. All have grown in the last year of course. Slept well last night and so I'm now I'm connected back to the Internet.  The weather was cooler than I was expecting, but the sun is out between showers this am.  I'm giving myself today and tomorrow to get settled. Then I have some phone psychic tarot card readings appointments to do back home (thanks to Skype) and then off to visit my childhood friend Lois who recently became a widow and then onto a cousin's place for some tarot card readings. Back in the saddle again.  Love it.!!!!!
I'm pleased to begin this journey once more.  Keep in touch.
PS  you can contact me through norma.cowie@gmail.com or Skype: norma.cowie also. 

Norma Cowie 250 490 0654 Email: norma@normacowie.com