Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 - A Number Three Year

2010 begins a new decade. The most significant thing for me though is that it is a number three year. Three the number of creativity, the number of expansion, prosperity and travel. What a year we are looking forward too.
The more I contemplate this coming year, the more I see expansion happening on all levels of life. People will become more open to alternatives, especially creative solutions. They will want to expand, rather than contract. I believe it will be a fun year for most people.
Of course, some people will be dealing with other aspects and it may not work well for them, but most of us to have a universal three year to support your personal year is one of the best in a nine year cycle (according to me) that you can have.
Your own personal cycle year can be worked out by adding the month and day of your birth plus three for this year.
If you are in a number one year, its all about change, opening up to new opportunities (hopefully you will take them - as last year was about letting go).
Number two, is about balancing relationships, life in general plus communication on all levels, most importantly is the balance aspect. The number three universal year will want you to proceed forward, but two is about balance so you may feel a bit of conflict in the energy here.
Number three, which means you work with the yearly universal energy means creativity, expansion and abundance, plus I find you usually travel more in a three year than any other. So this year will definitely be one of 'going places' for you, whether career or general its up up and away.
Number four, always the work number you will be have it easier because of the three universal year, but still you will create a new foundation or basis for yourself this year. Just be prepared to 'work'.
Number five, is a scattering energy year anyway, and with a three universal year, you need to truly watch your energy levels. learn how to say no when you have too, as you will have lots offered to you and you will need to choose what is the most important. Therefore, priorities will be the order of the day.
Number six is about responsibility to family, friends and self. Look after yourself, again with the three behind it, you will need to ensure you look after your own health, your energy and take your responsibilities with ease - not stress.
Number seven is where you will always tend to withdraw and either begin a new course of learning or coming to understand - you may read more books, but its spiritual retreat time. with the number three universal year, this will be harder to do, as the three will want you out and about having fun. Therefore, look after you and give yourself enough time to enjoy you.
Number eight about rewards, strength and enjoying. Sometimes I call and eight year a feast or famine, as it seems to be an either or year. think of the infinity sign 8 and see how it needs to be balanced. Its about how do you handle whatever you create, hopefully each one of you will have the feast. The three year should bring that in easily.
Number nine, the end of a nine year cycle, its about letting go, and although your may feel cloudy, unsure and frustrated as plans may not work quite in the timing you want, remember to be patient, keep your vision clear of what you want and again be patient.
Again remember three is fun. So therefore have fun and again most of all have fun. Enjoy it all! whatever it is.

Norma Cowie
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The end of Decade

I find it hard to realize, as I sit here, that within 1 1/2 hours it will be a New Year and the beginning of a new decade. As I look back over the last ten years I cannot believe (hardly) what I went through, the losses, grandchild, career, monies, relationships and realizing the new beginnings, career reigniting, moving to Penticton being the biggest highlights having a new granddaugher and step greatgrandson also up there. Turning 60 five years ago and having some of my family come to celebrate was wonderful. One of the early signs my life was turning around.
As a person who practices living in the now I don't find it easy to remember all the things which happened, highlights of one kind or another, but I did have a period of 2 1/2 years where nothing went right at all. But from that I reemerged in a whole different way and I'm much happier now than I have been for years.
My work, especially my soul/source connection sessions bring me tremendous satisfaction, my intensive students as I watch them come into their own power and begin creating what they truly want. My weekly meditation drop in group brings great satisfaction and balance into my life. Life is good. And when I do get to see my family my heart gets warmed.
Tonight, as I get ready for the New Year, I look back at the last few days, flying to Vancouver on Christmas Day to spend time with my family, I realize how relaxed and at ease I am after those five days. I was so tired, and now I'm feel I'm ready to face the new year. Thanks family, you restored me.
Tomorrow, Day 1 of the New Year I'm attending a workshop - what a wonderful way to begin a new year. Learning about me - what could one want.
Yes, the last decade will be gone in 1 hour 15min, and I remember ten years ago, hosting a major meditation evening in White Rock to welcome the new millenium. There had been oppostition, at the last minute, because one of the board members of the Catholic Church Hall in which it was held found out I read Tarot Cards. Horror of horror, and this was a meditation evening, nothing to do with the Tarot. Luckily a priest intervened and we were allowed to go ahead.....over 100 people had paid $10.00 each (which was donated to the Womens Centre and Food Bank). What stress though. I remember how my back was so sore and rigid, but we got through and it was great.
What a difference ten years make. Tonight I celebrated with friends at a pot luck supper and we were all contented. Snow falling, which made sure I did not stay too long......but it was super pleasant. No stress at all.
Happy New Decade.....

Norma Cowie
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Avatar - the movie

With my last planned event over for this year (besides flying to Vancouver for five days to spend Christmas with my family) I only have had to see clients, rest and rest some more. The rest is much needed, as I was quite tired. Then I went to see Avatar.
Unfortunately our movie theatre only shows it what I call regular, but heard is 2D...whatever, I was spellbound. What visuals, and I must admit I kept thinking "what must this look like in 3D?". The images were so vivid and clear that they stayed with me throughout the night.
I also liked the story line of the indigenous peoples fighting and winning the military might, but most of all I liked the concept of the forest being of one mind. Oh did I ever like that.
If you are reading this and have not seen Avatar yet, put it into your calendar. Unless you cannot stand to watch 'war' stuff, cause there is some of that, then give yourself a visual journey like no other.
Tall blue people with tails in a land of large strange horses, birds, rhinos and foliage, with color and depth results in wonderful visuals.
The only criticism I heard about this movie was the dialogue. Yet I found the dialogue appropriate for the movie. Too much dialogue would have taken away from this movie. Especially as many of the people in it did not speak English, or if they did it was limited. And we already know when the Military Officers are speaking they are issuing orders and orders are not long run on sentences. I think the critics only said that (about the dialogue) was because they did not know what else to criticize.
Oh it was so good, I will have to go see it again, and again and again.
I give this 5 out of 5.
Now I'm waiting for George Clooney's movie "Up in the Air".
Have Fun.

Norma Cowie
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