Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 - A Number Three Year

2010 begins a new decade. The most significant thing for me though is that it is a number three year. Three the number of creativity, the number of expansion, prosperity and travel. What a year we are looking forward too.
The more I contemplate this coming year, the more I see expansion happening on all levels of life. People will become more open to alternatives, especially creative solutions. They will want to expand, rather than contract. I believe it will be a fun year for most people.
Of course, some people will be dealing with other aspects and it may not work well for them, but most of us to have a universal three year to support your personal year is one of the best in a nine year cycle (according to me) that you can have.
Your own personal cycle year can be worked out by adding the month and day of your birth plus three for this year.
If you are in a number one year, its all about change, opening up to new opportunities (hopefully you will take them - as last year was about letting go).
Number two, is about balancing relationships, life in general plus communication on all levels, most importantly is the balance aspect. The number three universal year will want you to proceed forward, but two is about balance so you may feel a bit of conflict in the energy here.
Number three, which means you work with the yearly universal energy means creativity, expansion and abundance, plus I find you usually travel more in a three year than any other. So this year will definitely be one of 'going places' for you, whether career or general its up up and away.
Number four, always the work number you will be have it easier because of the three universal year, but still you will create a new foundation or basis for yourself this year. Just be prepared to 'work'.
Number five, is a scattering energy year anyway, and with a three universal year, you need to truly watch your energy levels. learn how to say no when you have too, as you will have lots offered to you and you will need to choose what is the most important. Therefore, priorities will be the order of the day.
Number six is about responsibility to family, friends and self. Look after yourself, again with the three behind it, you will need to ensure you look after your own health, your energy and take your responsibilities with ease - not stress.
Number seven is where you will always tend to withdraw and either begin a new course of learning or coming to understand - you may read more books, but its spiritual retreat time. with the number three universal year, this will be harder to do, as the three will want you out and about having fun. Therefore, look after you and give yourself enough time to enjoy you.
Number eight about rewards, strength and enjoying. Sometimes I call and eight year a feast or famine, as it seems to be an either or year. think of the infinity sign 8 and see how it needs to be balanced. Its about how do you handle whatever you create, hopefully each one of you will have the feast. The three year should bring that in easily.
Number nine, the end of a nine year cycle, its about letting go, and although your may feel cloudy, unsure and frustrated as plans may not work quite in the timing you want, remember to be patient, keep your vision clear of what you want and again be patient.
Again remember three is fun. So therefore have fun and again most of all have fun. Enjoy it all! whatever it is.

Norma Cowie
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