Tuesday, August 13, 2013

From Timorth - Joy

March 24, 2013
Joy is a wonderful feeling that many people mistrust. Like feeling happy it does not stay for most people very long, therefore they mistrust it.
To feel joy is to feel a warm bubble of exuberance inside. It has you see life in a different way. You become optimistic, you become full of life -
Joy - an emotion, a feeling which you need to sustain the notion, the belief life is 'good' and 'worthwhile'

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From Timorth - Be open to new ideas

March 23, 2013

Be open to new ideas even when they do not fit in with your beliefs or awareness of feelings. Every thought stated has someone else's beliefs and energies behind them. Therefore, listen, accept and then decide what you want to do with them. Do not react before hearing. Do not reject out of hand, but rather, allow yourself to consider the thought and energy behind what has been stated. As you take a breath, you will find it will be easier to reply without judgment. This leaves you more in command of you and your life.

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From Timorth - Love

March 19, 2013

Timorth writes:

Love is an energy which creates a softness, an understanding of acceptance, a tolerance of self or another being.
To love is to accept and understand another unconditionally, which creates a warmth and a feeling of loveness.
To not love is to not see the person as connected to the one true power and source of being. To only see them as their selves, their personality - their outer being, rather than the truth of who they are.
Connected to the source.

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From Timorth - Life

A wee while ago I taught a class on 'Connecting to your Guide'.  One technique was automatic writing.  I'm sharing some of the writings that I received from my guide Timorth.
March 17, 2013.

Life is a joy, a given honour, which is to be respected.  Do not take for granted the living breath you are given. Through your breath you are reinforced on all levels. Your cells vibrate in knowing they are alive.
Aliveness, an awareness of truth - an awareness of feeling. You can choose to be happy or sad, no matter it is feeling of aliveness. God is Good!  It means all aliveness is connected and brings forth joy of life - unless someone chooses to not be joyous but rather sink into despair - which creates loss of connection.
Remember, all beings, human or animal are connected through the vibration that runs through all things. A life that brings joy to self and others helps to create a more stronger vibration for those in despair to reach out too.
One must reach out. Then the new vibration comes in and all will be as one.

March 18, 2013
Be vigilant in all things especially your thoughts about others. Always see them in love - see their beauty and even when it is clouded and hard to see, know you are at one and therefore know the light of connection is in all things including people. Send, see and be loving accepting and your true purpose will be realized. 

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