Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh ye of little Faith

The cooler days of early Fall have arrived and once more I feel I can sit in my office and type up my experiences in my blog. For those of you who email or phone as I have not written anything for awhile, the hot days of summer, visitors and busyness has kept me from reporting. But I do have a few thoughts which over the next few days I will write about.
During this summer I have been working on Saturdays in a local market. From 8.30am to 1.30pm I sit under my 10 x 10 covering (with many other tradespeople) selling my books, CD's and DVD's and doing readings. One of the themes I have found repeatedly in the readings is one where people are locked into fear and anxiety.
Often I have heard myself say, "where is your faith? where is your belief?". I am beyond being surprised when I ask "What do you believe in?" and I'm told "Well I believe in Jesus" or something similar.
At first I had a hard time assimilating what I was hearing, but upon reflection I realize the unfortunate aspect of Christianity is it is a faith based on fear. Fear of the Devil, fear of being wrong, fear of not being accepted, fear of condemnation. Then when a situation in life occurs which needs some belief and comfort regarding an outcome, they don't have it.
I have found this sad. And although I endeavor in the short time I have with people to encourage them to begin once more discovering their belief in life and knowing they can 'handle' whatever it is. I'm often frustrated because I know it will take more than the short time with me.
One day, I had a lovely older woman (not too much older than myself) telling me how she had lost her husband and then three years ago her son, and how she did not feel life meant much to her anymore. "Oh" I say, "you have lost your faith". "Yes," she replied, "that is what has happened". She decided to sit down and have a reading with me, and said she felt a lot better when she got up to leave. I trust so! I'm hoping to see her in an Expo I'm going to early October.
Faith, I truly believe faith is something we learn by working with it in little bits at a time, until we know within, that no matter what - all will work out. That generally life brings good things to us and my number one saying is "its not the event that is important, its how you handle it".
Faith, something we all need, because we all encounter situations which stretch us, not only in our belief in life, but in ourselves and humanity.
Faith, the knowing the universal love energy (who whatever you want to call it) is there for us, if we surrender and allow it to unfold for our highest and best.
I have two more weeks at the market. I look forward to seeing what that brings.
Summer Blessings
Norma Cowie
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