Saturday, July 24, 2010

English Tea Garden Party

Yesterday, Friday, I hosted an English Tea Garden Party.  Twenty One ladies came and participated. It was fun. This was the third tea party I've hosted and they keep getting bigger. The word is out. Tea is good, especially with party like goodies.  Everyone gets to bring something to eat, so lots of 'sugar' and sandwiches. But fun. I put up my overhead ten cover (which I use when working in the local market every Saturday (today). I had trouble putting it up, but friend Ted came to the rescue after my phone call, and soon it was up, the tables up ready, thanks to Vida and Ardee and I'm running around like crazy when people began to arrive.
Good friends arrived from Osyoos (1 hour away) coming into the kitchen to say hello and deliver birthday presents and here I am saying "Good to see you, but can deal with this (presents) later, I'm up to my eye balls".  So presents was the last thing I got to do on the afternoon.
Four different kinds of tea:  Everyone's favorite including mine 'Buckingham Palace Tea' (which is apparently what the Queen serves). It is a great tea. Then I had 'Ginger Peach', and one titled 'Casablanca' which was a vanilla/orange blend, then good old regular tea 'Tetley Tea'.  I was busy refilling the Buckingham Palace Tea.
Everyone said they had a good time when 2 - 2 1/2 hours later everyone began to depart and clean up began.
Yes another lovely tea party.  Now on the 31st comes the pot luck barbecue.
Life is good.
Today, after the market I drive Vida (who is here from Edmonton) to Vancouver, where I'm busy waiting for Karen to arrive from N.Z. on Tuesday morning.
You have a wonderful weekend.
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Friday, July 09, 2010

Mother Earth

Yesterday I received another email lamenting the state of the earth and I finally reached a critical point and decided I would write here some of the thoughts and messages I have been receiving regarding Mother Earth.
1) Many months ago I was working with a client's Earth Self. When I took the Earth Self back to the Earth Mother to be reconnected, the Self was lamenting the state of the earth when to my surprise the Earth Mother responded angrily that did not the Self believe she was capable of taking care of what was going on and stop being so wimpy and straighten up. Now in the many years I have been reconnecting earth stars and earth selves to the Earth Mother I have never once seen her angry, only, loving and accepting. In this instance her anger at the Earth Self, definitely straightened the Self up pretty quick and once the reconnection was made the love, the strength and most of all the acceptance which love brings came about. Yes, the Earth Mother did not like the idea that she was not capable of taking care of 'her planet'.
2) Over the years my guide RaMa has lead his own classes and his connection with the Earth has certainly educated me and brought me into a great awareness of the strength and love which emanates  from this planet we live on. Also, as a child growing up in New Zealand I had great respect for the Volcanoes which at that time were all dormant (except one). Today many of them are not dormant and there is a Maori legend I always remember that says one day New Zealand will be four islands not three and as the 'big pacific fault line' runs right through the North Island and with the projections of more volanic action around the 'ring of fire' I expect one day many of them will go off together.  Over the years  RaMa has lead many energy circles where energy has been sent to certain geographical spots to aid pressure points in the earth.
3) The Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the continuation of the black 'blood' into the waters effecting life (especially birds and sea creatures) plus livelihoods of many, many people. As the time went on, my thoughts went strange. One time I remember thinking, "perhaps the dinosaurs did not die from a asteroid as thought, perhaps they died because oil came up out of the earth and they could not breathe". Interesting, especially as I was told in the tar sands of northern Alberta they are finding many dinosaur bones.
4) Then I myself personally have been having new energies brought into my system from above and below which is probably why I'm beginning to speak out about how I see things. Anyway, the other night in meditation while conversing with Mother Earth, she said to me "I don't know why everyone is so upset about this oil there is an algae which eats it". Now I have not heard of an algae, but heard there is a bacteria. So perhaps they need to also look for the algae (or does it grow out of the oil if left alone). Remember after Mount St Helens when it was said that the land in which the ash had landed would be dead for years, and in fact it made the soil even more bountiful and they had better harvests.
5) Back to the email I received which has begun this of the thoughts presented was 'we don't want to be like Atlantis'. Well, yes, we humans destroyed ourselves there, but we did not destroy the planet. The planet lived on in the same pace and awareness as she has always done. We humans destroyed ourselves and not totally, many escaped from that part of the planet and went somewhere else. Just as they have done before and will probably do again. Life will continue, we will as a race continue to change, grow, expanding and then contracting. This is an emotional planet in which balance is always the order of the day. We work to create balance within and the planet watches and supports the evolution, knowing it can take care of what is.
6) What I would rather see is people supporting the planet, not reacting to human frailties. When will people realise, truly realise their thoughts create, which also means reactive, scared, fearful thoughts too. y trust in this planet has become incredibly strong over the years. My trust in humans not so much. Truly I believe we will see this crisis come to an end, peace will reign for a while (while man creates other wars and destruction) and then there will be another crisis. We truly are only on this planet in this incarnation a short time and yes we want to leave it better for others who follow (ourselves in new incarnations) so lets support the planet doing its job. It can and will take care of it all and at the end of the day it will still be here moving through space a small fleck in the larger picture of the cosmos. So let's think, strong, supportive thoughts for the planet. The planet can and does have ways of healing itself, lets call them up and rely on them. I say, support the planet not your fear.
Have a good day!

Norma Cowie
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Thursday, July 08, 2010


I have had a fascinating week around HOPE.  First during a past life regression session a client moved into what I call mythological regressions. This means the story line which emerged has significance to the older Greek and Roman myths. I know I personally gained a lot of insight when I personally came into these. My client had two very interesting mythological stories unfold. One was a woman who spontaneously gave birth to six children here on Earth (one of the children my client related too) and he was HOPE. Needless to say we spent quite a bit of time discussing the session afterwards.
Then yesterday I was with another client working on anxiety when, while clearing energy held in the mental level, I came across a past life where this old man as walking along, poor, hungry and absolutely HOPELESS. There was going to be no reprieve for him except death. At this point I realized that my client needed HOPE. She often would say to me when I asked certain questions "I HOPE so". Up until that point of time, even though I listen to the language a person speaks to me, I had not connected that there was an underlying NO HOPE - or HOPELESSNESS.
Then last night in the meditation class, guess what came up again - you guessed it - HOPE. So once more a discussion of HOPE happened.
One of the insights I had was......when you have worry, fear, anxiety you will not have HOPE that what you want or desire will be. therefore, HOPE does become very important.
My suggestion today is take a look at your HOPE quotient. HOPE is the beginning of creating. Then you go from HOPE to KNOWING. Are there goals, aspirations or anything else you desire that you need to take into KNOWING it will be real for you?
Have a great day!

Norma Cowie
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Monday, July 05, 2010

My clearing work!

I'm thinking I truly must keep some of the situations I run across when I'm doing someones clearing of their energy fields. Over the years I have encountered so many different situations, some of them I remember because they were either the first of that kind, or they really stood out, or I only remember them for a short while. But people's life stories that emerge are often interesting.
Last week I had a 76 year old come and see me who wanted relief from her asthma and headaches. As I took a look at where she was holding the blocks which needed to be cleared I was not surprised to see it was on all levels and in all areas of her life. Her headaches seem to be a result from what I could determine was a neck misalignment and a few areas which needed clearing.
So I proceeded, what was interesting was I picked up physical abuse and I asked "have you ever been hit in anyway" the answer came back "no". I just continued on and then again working on another level, again I picked up physical abuse in her childhood. "did your father every hit you", this time the answer came back "no, but my husband did".  I smiled to myself and continued. Then after the session was over she began to speak about her childhood, how her father tried to strangle her when she was five and about how tough he was. I commented on her resilience (not sure if she 'heard' me though). What came up though, was how we can be asked a direct question and we are so used to lying to ourselves our denial still comes out in our automatic answers. .
There was a lot of energy to clear, some past life issues as usual, and then in one level - mental level if I remember right - I found this 'shadow' like a shadow wall where everything got run through. So I asked "where you raised in a certain religion?" The answer "Mennonite, but I threw all that out long ago". "Well I replied, "you did not throw it all out, because every time something comes into your world you run it by what you learned as a child, you check to see if it falls into a certain criteria and you make your decisions based on what you learned along time ago." After some reflection, she agreed she did do that. I usually run into questions about God and separation etc, on the Spiritual level. Anyway, I cleared the shadow/ghost wall and I'm sure she will be able to "think" alot clearer now.
Yes, this was a session with alot of tears, and memories finally surfacing, as I spoke about certain energies etc. I knew I would need to go slow and explain what I was doing, as this was all new to her, but truly at 76 she was courageous to come and do something new, but then again she was fed up with not being able to breathe and being blocked by headaches as well.
I'm looking forward to seeing how she will do in the next few weeks as the new energy gets more and more integrated.
Norma Cowie
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Thursday, July 01, 2010


It's Canada Day, and its cold - cold enough for me to put on my furnace. Imagine July 1st and its this cold. Grey clouds, cool breeze, and I'm looking for socks for my feet. Regardkess Happy Canada Day - Canada, and in a few days, it will be July 4th and U.S. Birthday.
I have had an interesting week. On Tuesday I visited with Christine the Intuitive Healer and had a great 2 hour session with her. Just love her work. She managed to access and release pain which my body had been holding onto, not knowing how to release it. It was a painful session as all the bits of pain surfaced and then left through one spot. I'd like to think we released most of it if not all of it. I do know last night during meditation the new energy which has been attempting to come in and 'stay' was able to come in easily and integrate with me without any effort. My fingers are crossed as this new energy consolidates and that the 'old' energetic aspects of me will be released and the new me will emerge. (Oh yes, down 36 lbs now - so I'm emerging in a new slimmer way at least).
Then today I went and visited Dr. Charlene Reeves for a biofeedback session of my body. She has many marvelous machines, and we discovered many things, some I knew, some I did not. After being 'measured' the only way I can describe it, I sat in a wonderful massage chair and had lights on my eyes, and listened to a 'talk' followed by a massage from the chair, and then time in another room where I was given a two minute (first time) with the Quantum Pulse. A wonderful way to spend two hours for a discovery and 'tune up'.
This week then I have four hours of different modalities all leading to my health getting better and better. The best part is Charlene's machines say my energy is at age 55. I'm still processing that because sometimes I feel my biological age -- approaching 66 this month. So I'm working on being appreciative and grateful for my body.
Having these two techniques done close together (almost by accident) it made me realize how important each type of energy work is. I had a session with a client yesterday who is suffering from Geopathic stress, and I found that the stress did affect every level and in every way of her life. I'll be interested in seeing how she feels in the next few days, because there was a lot to be released from the different levels, especially the etheric, aura and emotional levels. Also surprising as when it came to the Psychic level I had to expand it and clear the system of fear of being utilized. Usually I'm doing the opposite, having to restructure the level so it helps to support the person, not creating difficulties. This expanding and teaching it how it can work will stop my client from being over analytical and begin to trust her gut/intuition much more.
Also, while on the subject of intuition and listening to one's self while working with another client I found myself talking about the 'Creator' and at one point taking her right back to the beginning so she could reestablish a relationship with the 'creator'. The session was flowing really well when I had this thought and I asked her "do you have native blood?" I was not surprised when the answer came back "yes". No wonder I was using 'Creator' rather than 'God' or some other term for the Universal Love Energy. I suggested she get back into the traditional spiritual teachings of her people, especially 'the wheel'. (Thank you Linda Taylor for all that you taught me years ago).
Another interesting 'energetic' situation came up for me the other day too. As you may be aware I have a company which reminds me of birthdays and I send out e-birthday cards. I usually have my clients listed and friends. The other day I had several birthdays come in for July 1 - 4. I came to this one and I found myself thinking "I have to have a special card for this one". So I looked through and found a card I had never sent before, very ethereal looking with flowers on the bottom edge. As I went to type up my message I took another look at the name and had the thought "I think this Margaret Anne's friend who died a while ago, I had better check before I send it". Sure enough, when checking, it was Margaret Anne's friend who had passed away, so the card did not get sent. But isn't it interesting I had picked up it needed to be a different type of card.
Energy, we work with it all the time. I'm listening to myself more, in my work and in my life, so I'm trusting I will receive the answers or information I'm needing by being aware. I suggest you do the same if you are not already.
Happy Canada Day - Enjoy!!!

Norma Cowie
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