Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Some say that fear is the base of everything. I disagree, I believe fear is not the base but the barrier between the connection to everything (God/Universe/Mother/Father/One) and ourselves. Fear separates and acts as a blockage to the knowingness we innately have inside. Fear rules, no doubt about that, listen to a person speaking as they interject their speech with but, should, have too, etc. These all come from an element of fear, a reaction to what each one truly wants to have and create within their world.

Fear, the acronym being False Evidence Appearing Real, and it does – it appears real. But, it is not real. It is imagined and or placed in the pathway of each one of us who wants to go and create what we want. This results with us fighting our fear, working to move through it, go beyond it, and when we do that it seems to rear its ugly head again. The most efficient way is to isolate it and either release it or transform it. After all fear is just energy and therefore is transformable.

Recently I was explaining to a client, how we create programs to stop us from experiencing feelings, or concepts which we, usually as children, have hidden away. We are brilliant at creating these blocks, which often come automatically to block, sidetrack us from getting to whatever it is we want.

Recently, I experienced this. In contemplating a move, which I will be making in May, I discovered a tremendous amount of fear around the move. The move is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Yet, now the opportunity was here in front of me I found myself becoming more and more fearful about it. As I know myself really well, I knew this was more than the usual concerns of ‘am I doing the right thing for now’ ‘is this really what I want’ etc. This was becoming physical. My stomach was beginning to get involved and my nervous system was becoming more and more strained. I was in fear of the whole concept of moving – attaining a long term goal.

It was right at this time a good friend of mine*, phoned me up and said “I’m practicing a new hands on healing technique, would you like to be one of my trial clients”. Would I? Well I jumped at the opportunity, knowing she has integrity and is a good healer. I received an instruction email from her, with one of the comments, when you arrive know what it is you want the healing for. Well, did not take too long in contemplating to know this unreasonable fear needed to be released. I had my objective.

After a wonderful relaxing session with this wonderful Angelic healing (yes, my friend works with angel energy) I felt not only relaxed, but the pressing fear was gone. She said to me, “You know Norma I found this seed very deep in the base charka. If I had not been looking for it, I would not have found it, it was buried very deep.” Hallelujah! This fear program had been released. Since the session I had not had this unreasonable fear of the move. No wonder I had not been able to work with it myself. It had lots of what I call ‘distracters’ around it, and I had not been able to break through them. In other words I had created a program to protect the fear program, which I had created to ensure I did not risk myself.

Over the years of working with myself and others I have come to truly appreciate how creative we are in protecting these decisions and consequent blocks within our subconscious and energy fields. Some of them are so well hidden and disguised that we need another objective person to search it out. I do this for others with my work, and my friend does it also. Thank goodness we have friends who know how to do these things.

Fear – it blocks and stops us from creating what we truly want. We are reigned over so often by these fear blocks created by us in order to protect us from ourselves, yet it does exactly the opposite. It stops us from becoming who we truly are. It blocks us from creating with ease. It blocks us from being all we can be.

Fear – false evidence appearing real, I don’t think so. I think to us it is very real. It has a life of its own, and if we can release it, transform it, then we are free to create what we want and check the reality of what we want. Fear, time to let it go, time to seek it out and transform it into supportive, loving energy. Time to let it go.

My experience is just one of many I have had over the years, where fear has risen up and attempted to stop me from moving ahead. We create these programs to protect, when in fact they become rules and block us from being all we can be. Not only myself has experienced this, but many of my clients are ruled by their fear rather than their knowing. It is always a happy time when I am able to release someone’s fear – whether it is my own or my clients or a students by transforming it into supportive energy so the goals can be attained with ease.

By Fear – Hello Results!
Norma Cowie
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* Alice Brock

Friday, February 09, 2007

Psychic meets Visionary

Today I went to the movies and had the privilege of sitting down at a table with a lady who advised me as we conversed that she was a visionary. She explained that from the age of a young child God had shown her visions. I asked if she was a visionary for the world or people. Both she replied and then related the story of how she knew the Oklahoma Bombing was going to happen, that she had gone to the police who had called her a psychic and that they had intimidated her and did not heed her warnings, even though she found out they had phoned some friends and family members so they were not in the buildings went they went down.
She explained that when she saw the bodies of the children coming out of one of the buildings she had actually named, her heart hurt and when she went back to the police department requesting grief counseling they had terrorized her and she had had to energetically get herself out of the police station.
As our conversation went on, she mentioned that she no longer had the close connection to God anymore and that hurt. That she had asked a lot of older women and they said the same thing, the connection was lost. Upon listening to her I felt moved to say it was the opposite for me, that the older I became the closer I became.
I went on to say that I noticed separation from God was primarily caused by feeling guilty, remorseful and/or sad. That SELF FORGIVENESS was the main issue. That each one of us needed for FORGIVE ourselves for what we were holding on and to let go. That as we did FORGIVE the blocks which created separation were released and connection made once more.
Upon these words she reflected for a moment and then replied to me that she remembered as she was being hustled out of the police station she had asked for this connection to be taken away as it was too painful. Then she said to me, thank you and at that moment her face took on a beautiful, peaceful look.
As it was time for me to leave right then, I stood up and said remember God loves us and all is already forgiven, it is us who need to forgive ourselves so we can be at one. My heart felt full as I walked away. Was it by chance we had met, was it destiny – she was the one who had begun the conversation with me. Who knows? What I do know, is she does not have a long time left in this realm and needed to be at peace for her next journey.
Norma Cowie
Psychic/Metaphysical Consultant