Saturday, October 11, 2008


Every so often I receive an email thanking me for my soul/source connection work. The following is the latest from JW in Vancouver. It is reprinted here with her permission.

Thank you so much for our first session on Tues. Wow, I was amazed at how precise and profound your insights through your prayers came through for me. Your work is probably some of the most thorough that I've ever experienced!
Immediately following our session, I felt calm, integrated, lighter (especially in my shoulders) and clear in my mind. I went for a very meditative walk in the sunshine and just enjoyed the relaxed energy that was permeating every part of me.
So, for your feedback, within a few hours afterwards on the same day, here are some of the events that took place in my life:
-the pain in my knee was eliminated
-I got a new client signed up to do some work with me
-I received a call that afternoon from a potential business partner from the UK and we spoke for one hour
-I investigated some volunteer work that was of interest to me-I got an interview for a position for the following day
-I pursued contract opportunities online with ease and have more confidence in my tasks
-My partner ... was interested in doing some work with you which I was so wanting for her I'm on a new journey Norma.
When I called you, I was stressed because I had the pressure of everything in my career needing to count and I was paralyzed with fear about my financial position and my life career transitions. Now, I'm moving forward and taking the steps to create what I really want to experience in my life/career. What a gift your work has had on me Norma. I feel so much gratitude for the opportunity to work with you. I'd like to continue this work in about one month's time.