Monday, December 13, 2010

Your Conception

This last weekend was the third month of the Plug Into Your Personal, Psychic and Intuitive Power Intensive. It is the weekend where we discuss the Frozen Inner Children (my book Connecting to the Light and DVD Connecting to your Soul). We utilize memories and emotions to contact the frozen inner children and unfreeze them, integrating them into source energy and back into the present with a new job to do. Also during this weekend we go and visit the conception and preconception space.
Preconception is where we can determine what a person is coming into this life for, how connected to source we are and do the reconnection to source. Also we can tell how much LOVE is in the egg and the sperm at conception and if there is not 100% in each one and often there is not, we can have the egg and/or the sperm return to the parent and fill up 100% with the self love of that parent. Then we can have the egg, the sperm and the soul, now all 100% filled with LOVE come together. 
It is one of the favourite things I love doing. Watching people's faces as they reconnect with source in a strong way. Learning aspects about themselves and their conception they did not know. Plus, often when they are filled with loving connective source energy they change the purpose of their lives.
Once the conception is done in the new energy, then we can bring that back on through to the present, transforming the blocks along the way.
Yes, conception can show many things, sometimes when the egg or sperm does not have any love within it, and the parent does not have any visible self love, then we use universal love. But I always think it is important, if possible, to use the natural self love.
I have found over the years whenever I have done this with a student and/or client change. They can not help but change because their base has now changed. They are now created in love.
Next month the students begin clearing their psychic systems.  Life is so much fun!

Norma Cowie
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Friday, December 03, 2010

We are a battery!

I always find it interesting how ideas and concepts come together. This final awareness of being a 'battery' came through several concepts coming together. Finally, when listening to The Power while driving home from Calgary I put the final thought together.  The steps went like this.
The Yuen Method: In the Yuen Method you are taught about coming to neutral. I loved this concept, because it fitted in with my 'power with' concept. I teach not to be power over (dictator) or power under (victim) but to be power with.
Trish's comment about a negative chakra system, and my guide RaMa saying that the front was the positive and the back the negative, similar to a battery in order to find balance. This fitted in with how I teach about the chakra energy moving through the body connected 360o all around, but utilizing the visualization of front through the body and reconnecting the each chakras source energy at the back.
Then the CD The Power, where she was saying how one needs to move from the 'negative' to the 'positive' and if you are 51% over towards the positive then you were at the 'tipping point' in your life. Oh yes she is talking about 'love' and how you need to come from 'love'. Something once again I agree with, and again something RaMa taught us in one of his classes several years ago and was instrumental in me not drinking any more.
It was contemplating what she was saying, when all the pieces dropped into place. When your are in neutral (Yuen) your 'battery' is totally charged and you are ready to go.
One of the aspects of Yuen which I love is how you do not look at the world as negative or positive (again something I teach) but rather you work to have everything equally strong, so nothing has power over you. You are balanced, you are in your power, you can move forward easily.
I have loved this new awareness of the thought of being a battery. If we move into the 'negative' we are low in power, but also if we are too much on the other tend, we are not in a full power. (Think of someone who is in denial of their 'negative' emotions). The understanding was there for me all the time, but with these three comments coming from three different directions, and with help of clarification from RaMa I once more understand the importance of being in your own power.
I recommend you listen to the CD or read the book just out The Power (the sequel to the Secret). A friend had sent me a copy and I thank her for it.
Blessings to all and may you find your 'neutral' your 'power' and create.

Norma Cowie
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Calgary Intensive Completed

I'm finally home. While in Calgary for the seven day Psychic Intuitive Development Intensive the weather was very cold. One morning when I began the car to take me to the hotel it groaned when I turned the key. Then it turned over and began running, I looked up at the dash and it says -29. Yes it was cold. -20 I can handle well, but -29 is way too cold. Through the cold, we had our seven day course. Five people participated and by the time they did their practicum 7 days later, they were able to read strangers using the crystal ball, stones, buttons, dark mirror and they each draw a person's aura and spoke to it.  The comments from the 'clients' were as follows:
It was great! Really enjoyed all the readings.
Everyone had something to say that resonated with me.

Very satisfying, interesting and I honestly found it soothing. Great intuitiveness for me!. Everyone hit “the nail on the head” – accurate – loved it.
Wonderful experience. This was great, everyone touched on different parts of my life. Everyone did very well.
I was like a proud mama watching them, I took some videos and photos of them, so will hopefully have some I can publish.  I am still getting my new computer sorted out, ie taking pictures from my camera etc, hopefully the next few days I will be able to figure out some of this. But I'm quite tired from the traveling. It took me 9 1/2 hours to drive home yesterday. That's without much stopping. Just wanted to make sure I got home safe and sound. It was snowing when I left Calgary. Luckily by Banff the snow had stopped and the roads were fairly clear most of the way. I still drove quite slowly though.
Now I am working away at moving through emails, putting things away and also getting orders mailed. Both through the slow mail and an ebook.
I managed a small walk today, but it was small as the wind shield is very cold. So a small walk it was. I  missed my walks as the days were quite long 9.30 - 5.30 and by the time we got back to Deanne's where Eleanor and I were staying it was dark, cold and all I wanted to do was eat supper and rest.
I did not get to see as many movies as I wanted to, but did put out one movie review that several of us went to see on the Wednesday night. We all enjoyed it, even though, surprisingly several reviews I have read (by men) were not so favourable.  I hope to get to see a couple now that I'm back home.
I do love teaching and speaking, and some of the comments from the 'students' follow:
This week for me was amazing...the seven days gave me understanding and clarity of my natural gifts....the knowledge I have learnt in seven days takes most people a lifetime...I wish I would have had this workshop years ago.
I found that not only was my intuitiveness opened was a personal transformation/integration of  myself. 
This week was more than I had ever thought it could be...I feel whole, complete, shiny and bright. Thank you for the new outlook on my life. 
This class has been truly life changing. I find myself filled with childlike excitement to move on to the next phase of my growth utilizing my new found tools...You have saved me thousands of dollars and years of therapy.
Your teachings are priceless. 
It is always a great feeling when your 'students' enjoy learning from you. I have come home to get ready for Christmas and work with my clients. I'm truly blessed.

Norma Cowie
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Psychic Intensive Going Well

Hi: a quick note to say, even though the temperatures have been very cold, the temperature in our room for the Psychic Intuitive Development Intensive is a bit cool, the progress made by the students is great. I'm enjoying watching them move from one thing to the other transforming along the way.  They have now done their basic psychic system and read, aura drawings, crystal ball and stones.  Now we are on Chakras and they will keep on going for the buttons, and dark mirror.  Oh yes, the pendulum which most knew is coming along well too.  So far and I presume it will continue it has been fun and great.
Blessings to all -- the temperature is a bit higher today.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Calgary - cold & snow & ice

We all know God works in mysterious ways, well I ended up driving to Calgary in a rented car. (If you connected to me on Facebook you would know the chaos which surrounded me about leaving to come here). Anyway, as I know many of you who read this are not connected on Facebook, I will give you a quick breakdown. When in Vancouver I had a car accident which resulted in some minor damage (I thought) to my right headlight. I saw the autobody people when I returned home and advised I wanted the car ready to drive to Calgary. It got approved by the ICBC person who looked at it, and then we were waiting for parts. Then I took it to be 'winterized' for the journey, as I could see by the weather forecast Calgary was in for cold, snowy weather. 
After it had the winterizing package down which included rotating the wheels, I went to Kelowna to see the wonderful massage therapist I have found there. Caycee is one of the best I have ever had and has done wonders with my back, right shoulder and other parts of my body. The car drove terribly there and back (only 1 hour north). 
I went back to the garage and told them about the vibration as I would not be able to drive to Calgary with the vibration. They said I just probably needed the tires balanced.  OK says me, go ahead.  Well within 15 minutes 'the man' I don't know his name called me to come look.  The whole frame had been moved, so there was much more damage done than expected.  'The man" told me,"take it back to the autobody people, because this car will not make it to Calgary as is".
Now, before going further I want to make this point, up to where 'the man' looked at the car, three people had looked at the vehicle and not one of them had picked up this other problem .  It should have been picked up when I had the car winterized at least, or the ICBC Insurance guy should have noticed, but no one had. 
So here I am midday Wednesday, with my plan of leaving for Calgary the next morning up in the air.  No problem, Steve and Paul of the autobody company, get on the phone, the ICBC man comes over declares my car undriveable, and because I have a 'road star' program (something I have bought for years and not ever used) I could get a rental while it is in the shop. 
So Thursday morning, I'm picking up this Subaru with the all wheel drive, and everything else you want and at 9.45am I am on the road.  The trip was done slower than usual - 10 hours - but the roads were clear, I had a patch of blue sky leading the way, and when the moon came out it was a beautiful big, nearly full  moon which lit up the road wonderfully well. I was well looked after.
God working in mysterious ways. the truth is my car probably should not be driving here in snow and ice, and now I have this lovely little white car which handles well, is warm and has the bells and whistles. I may have to pay some extra monies, because the rental is only good until they fix up my car, but they are waiting for a part from Japan, so hopefully it will be a few days before it arrives.  Plus they found another problem with a tie rod which needs to be fixed not covered. So when I get back safe and sound from the journey, next Monday -- I will get everything straightened up and then have my car for around the local area.
Now, Calgary - 24 at night, up to -10 during the day. Went out in the car for a short while this afternoon, and all I could think of was get myself back to my friend Deanne's house. The major roads are fine, but the way onto the highways are terrible.  I had a couple of times I skidded when I applied the breaks, and was glad of the all wheel drive.  But my nervous system did not like it.
I will be driving to and from here where I am staying, to the Hotel where the workshop is taking place this next week, as my course begins tomorrow morning. I'll be doing my usual praying while driving.
Eleanor is arriving here sometime this evening.  We are trusting the roads are like I had.Clear without snow.  I will know when she gets here. I'm waiting for her phone call to let me know how she is doing.
Now that I'm connected on my trusty computer online. I will be able to let you know how the Psychic Intuitive Development Intensive course goes. 
Then next Sunday I will making my way home.
Lots of blessings to you all.
PS  I had hoped to go see several movies the two days I've had here, but with the weather being so cold and the roads being so awful, I haven't.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

November rolls on-chakras-time

It's Remembrance Day, and I'm having a rest day (well sort of).  Two clients on the phone this am, my walk with Jeanne at one. Shopping for the Intensive weekend after the walk and catching up with emails have been interspersed with finishing a Nora Roberts Novel, watching a movie and soon watching Gray's Anatomy. Yes a very fruitful day for me. A relaxing one. Seems like since I got back from Vancouver it has been go, go, go, and when I realized I was a bit wound up, I decided I needed to kick back a bit and not worry if the filing isn't done, or still some of the programs are not working right on the computer. Also implementing some of my techniques when I feel stressed for time. Stating to myself "Time is my friend" plus "There is always more than enough time".  It seemed liked right away I relaxed and began reading and just feeling better. Yes, life seems quite good right now.
Yesterday I was able to use Skype on my new computer and it worked really well until for some reason my connection to my niece in New Zealand was cut off.  No matter how I tried I could not get the connection back, so that was that. But at least I know this Skype works 10 times better than my last computer and I feel quite comfortable in doing Skype connections now.
I did have something I wanted to report though. last Friday night, while Anne was still here, I had two other friends in  for supper. Aggie and Trish. Sometime during the evening Trish asked us if we had heard about another 'negative' Chakra system. Aggie and I looked at each other and said no.  Later than evening I asked my guide RaMa if there was another 'negative' chakra system.  this was his reply:
Remembering, that the chakra system that I work with is like streams of energy which are connected "Plug into" a "grid" around we tend to work from the front to the back, even though the energy system is 360o all around.  RaMa said that the front part of the chakra systems was the 'positive' side and the back entry was the 'negative' side. It was like a battery, the positive and negative, and therefore worked as such. Both sides need to be plugged in to make the 'charge' the energy work effectively.
Thanks RaMa it explained a lot and I once again appreciated my wonderful internal teacher.
This last week I have been working with four clients a day, rather than two or three plus fitting in my walk and I have found that I have not had enough time for all the other things I tend to do. So once I'm back from Calgary (leaving next Thursday to begin my seven day intensive on the Sunday) I will go back, if possible to two clients (maybe three) a day. But sometimes fitting in their time available with mine means morning clients (when I like working with them) and evening (or late after noon clients).  At least I truly have found out what works best for me.
Last Sunday I spoke at the Celebration Centre on Creating Magic and taped it on my mp3 player. So I do have CD's of two talks now.  If you are interested at all in getting them I can mail them to you for $10.00 (postage, cds etc).
I'm hoping my car gets fixed up early next week so I'm all set for Calgary (from my accident in Vancouver) luckily it does not stop me from driving, but it is an indicator light, and I don't think its a very good idea to travel with it not working, especially as it looks like the winter weather might arrive soon. It was very cold walking today. Jeanne and I said the wind factor along our lake must have been below zero. I know its the coldest we have felt so far. 
Guess that's brought us up todate. 
What a month, disappearing fast and when I get back its December and my usual, Christmas Tea Party and Christmas Pot Luck Supper all awaiting to be hosted.  Christmas decorations will be gotten I'm staying in the present and thinking about my future. (What my little accident was about).  Already agreed to go to Vernon for their Health & Wellness Fair in the beginning of March. 
Must away, Gray's is going to begin very soon.
Love to all
Norma Cowie
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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Home with new computer!

Hi there: well the 10 days in Vancouver finally ended. Talk about busy. Mary, so sorry I did not have more time to talk with you when you dropped by unexpectedly to the talk on the Thursday night.  It had been a long day, driving in from Penticton, setting up my booth at the Womens Show, with the help of Bridget thank goodness, arriving at my friend Sonia's place - setting up there - and then driving to Burnaby to speak, and there you were.  I had to go see Rob, my computer guy afterwards, so driving there in the rain was no fun, but it was done and home in bed before midnight as the show began the next day. Anyway, would have loved to spend more time chatting, but it was good to see you & Linda!!!
So highlights of the trip:  the Women's Show I was super busy on the Friday, and slowish on Saturday & Sunday. Spent money, purchasing this and that - as always its like being in the ShowMart building at the PNE.  I was happy to tear down on Sunday night and head back to Sonia's. My thought was "I don't want to have to do this anymore". At least not take everything, tables, chairs products and me.
Monday I had a wonderful day visiting with my friends Anne, Alice and  we had lunch with Sylvain (used to be Olivia). She has a lovely apartment in White Rock with a water view. Afterwards a trip to WalMart and then dropping Alice back at her place, Anne and I went to the Rob's the computer man (first of many trips for me over the next few days).  Then we went to the movie RED for  me it was the 2nd time, but its a great movie and I love it. Talk about laugh, back to Rob's and then dropped Anne home and then me back to Sonias.
Tuesday, visiting again, lunch with Rita (always a delight) tea with Janet in Tsawwassen, then to the Natural Comfort where I had a massage with Beverley, supper with her and Pat and then a evening of channeling with 13 people.  Lots of interesting information coming through for each person from their individual guide.
Wednesday, clients came to Sonia's place to see me. One did not show up and I was quite glad on one hand, but sad on another because so many people had been turned away due to lack of time available for appointments. Glad because I was quite tired and new I had a workshop to do that evening. Managed a quick visit in with Sylvie and Sonia's daughter Cia before leaving for the workshop. Past Life Regression workshop I thought went quite well, and most, as usual, got some visual information.
Thursday, drove into Vancouver, visited with Bridget quickly, then went and did three readings and then off to pick up my granddaughters from school, visited them for a while. Had supper with them and Melanie, and then McKayla was off and then Rob arrived home in time to say Hi/Bye when we was off taking Kiera to soccer and Melanie off to pick McKayla and me off to Rob the computer man where I picked up my new laptop plus monitor. I was glad to be able to watch tv before heading to bed. I'm glad I don't have little kids, the schedules my son and his wife keep.
Friday, got away around 8.45, picked up Anne who decided to come back with me for a week's break and drove home.
Home....well if you ever have gotten a new computer you will know what it is like. I still have some programs to put in but after nearly a week I have it operational and can do most of what I want.  a couple of Rob on the line has helped. But love my new monitor - its big and makes it easy for me to see. (My facebook page has recorded that part).
I  took the weekend to recuperate from the busy, busy, busy trip - long days etc. Sunday Anne and I drove to Osyoos for lunch, Tuesday we went to Kelowna, as I had chiropractor and massage appointments.
Oh yes, on my way home from the workshop, last Wednesday I ran into a car. So did a slight bit of damage on my car which needs to get fixed before I leave for Calgary in two weeks.  So I just remembered as I came to today, Wednesday, when I'm back to clients (one cancelling - boohoo) and walking with Jeannie (coming up in half an hour) which I enjoy and have missed. So later today I will be taking the car in.
All in all, its good to be back home in my own bed, and back to my sort of regular schedule.
Trust your last few weeks have been pleasant and enjoyable too.

Norma Cowie
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Tarot Class ready to begin

Just taking a quick moment to report as I'm almost ready to begin the Tarot for Successful Living (Tarot Card Reading) course. Soon I will be going for my walk and then purchasing the 'food' for the weekend. It is always a nervous time, the time between when you are ready and when you are actually on your way. Ten students for this weekend. Four going on to the other weekends to follow. I'm always thrilled to be teaching this as it is doing the 'journey' all over again. 
I just completed writing up my review on the movie The Secret In Their Eyes, a must see if you can. Also the book The House at Riverton. As usual Kate Morton writes a little slow (for my liking) in the beginning and then in the middle everything picks up and you don't want to put it down. She has a wonderful way of mixing time periods easily, which makes the reading and seeing the picture she is portraying. (If you haven't read my review please do
As Fall closes in with the nights getting colder, I'm working to get ready (beginning Monday in earnest) for my trip to Vancouver for the Women's Show in Abbotsford, and then a busy week with clients, friends and evenings. A channeling evening in Tsawwassen, on Tuesday, followed by a Past Life Regression Workshop on Wednesday, followed by an evening with son Rob and his family.  Thank goodness for friend Sonia who allows me to stay and come and go as I want, plus see clients at her house.
Then back home, to begin to get ready for the 2nd weekend of the intensive, and my trip to Calgary for the PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT INTENSIVE. I would like a few more attendees, but considering we have a month to go, I'm not complaining - yet!  Anyway, its enough to make it work, so off to Calgary I go in November.
Well I began to think about Fall, and a planned trip to NZ in January, where it will be summer again. Great!
Also, today, for those who know how much I enjoy my soccer, and cheer for Liverpool, the new ownership has been confirmed and hopefully that will mean the team can settle down, get some more new players and begin winning.  I will be up early Sunday morning to see them play......
In the meantime, Tarot will take my attention. I've everything ready for the people arriving tonight.
You have a great weekend and enjoy!

Norma Cowie
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Friday, October 08, 2010

Its the 8th of October already

Sometimes I wonder if its my age that time is going so fast, or is it just everything is speeding up. I guess if I was 6 it would seem like long. Anyway, all of a sudden it is the eighth of October and thanksgiving is here. I'm speaking Sunday at the Celebration Centre, and I'm beginning to get an idea of how I'm going to represent my topic I said I would do "thankfulness for our lives".  But have some time to ponder before I decide my course of action.
I had a great weekend last weekend visiting Eleanor in Trail. I decided to drive the long way - ended up taking 10 hours instead of 4 1/2.  But, captured a few really nice shots of the fall colors on my camera. When I went to download them my battery inside the camera was flat. Oh well, this afternoon I may make it - the downloading that is. While in Trail Eleanor had arranged a psychic party, so Sunday afternoon nine people had their numbers, crystal ball and cards read. When it was all over I left to drive home and did it in a really good time.
I picked up a young male hitchhiker who came 3 /4 of the way with me. He had been out driving his motorcycle and ended up getting caught speeding doing 120 in an 80 k zone, so his motorcycle was impounded and here he as stranded. I saw him standing by the roadside, coming on dark, and I checked his aura and thought "he looks OK". I knew that we were going to be driving through a good 1 hour of mountains before we came to civilization and at that time of day the number of cars going through there would not be many. Anyway, I took the chance of the hitchhiker  (being a woman etc) and he was wonderful company. 28 years old with a three year old daughter. We talked the whole way, until I dropped him off where a friend was driving towards (around 3 hours) him so they could met up.  His wonderful day of exploration came to an abrupt and horrendously expensive time.  He as still figuring out how to get back and get his motorcycle in 5 days.
Then arriving home to a message saying friend David from Saskatoon would be arriving in the afternoon (Monday) I was even more glad to be home Sunday night. David arrived and he left yesterday (Thursday). As I was busy Tuesday with clients, on Wednesday he and I went down to Osyoos and had lunch with Christobelle and Suzanne and that was great fun. David had not driven south of here before, so he enjoyed seeing the bottom part of our valley.
Thursday saw David away and me off to Kelowna for Chiropractor and Massage visits. I have this most wonderful person who massages who I discovered at the Wise Woman. This was the first time I was able to get up and will be back in a couple of weeks just before leaving for my 10 days in Vancouver area. Life is good!
I have been watching a lot of the TV series as they begin again. Bit by bit I'm eliminating them. It makes me quite mad that most of the good ones are on Monday and Tuesday, whereas Saturday has nothing new worthwhile (according to me) at all. But Monday, with Dancing with the Stars taking up two hours and all the other good shows....well long watching. Thank goodness for 'Time Shift' which means I can begin watching at 4pm from Atlantic Canada and Toronto, then at 8pm switch to our local time period. I still have to copy some. After all I can't miss Chuck.  In fact NBC has a great Monday night line up. 
Overall, though Hawaii 5-0 is probably the best of them all - again according to me - and on Wednesday nights Grey's Anatomy still is the best. The surprise is The Defenders - with Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell.. I thought from the promos it would be terrible and nearly did not even catch the first show, but I was giving everything their 'shot' and wow I was surprised. Yes it is funny, but not too campy, and serious. They are getting some serious stuff across. I hope it stays. I will keep watching.
Now must away, get ready for the day, couple of new clients, walking, and then off to the movie Secretariat. Oh yes, talking of movies, new movie review of Our Town on the other blog. and Secretariat will be following after tonight. Janet I miss you, so far no takers of going to the movies with me. Enjoy Victoria.
Love to everyone

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

End of September

As September begins to wind down and what is usually a super busy time for me, it seems like everything is quite different. The weather did not please me, but now we are into cool nights, lovely days, what a difference everything makes when the sun shines. At least for me.
Yesterday I did not have access to my computer for nearly the whole day. I could not believe how many times I was going to go and do something only to realize I couldn't. I must check my emails six to ten times a day (I do get a lot of those) and then there is this thought or that thought which needs to be put into action. Yesterday definitely was a strange day, so ended up watching some TV shows (which I don't do during the day any more) reading a novel as well as my clients and taking two walks. Today back to normal - actually its quite busy.
If you are not on facebook and not reading the day I posted this there, part of my front tooth broke off for no obvious reason. There it was a piece of tooth in my mouth. It looked small, but looking at myself in the mirror it does not look small, and my tongue can't stop 'attacking' it. I can't see my dentist till next Tuesday when all I can think of is "how much will this cost?" Not a pleasant thought, especially when getting ready to go to New Zealand in January.
I'm attended the Penticton Body Soul & Spirit Expo this last weekend. It was better than I thought it would be, but not super great. I made a number of contacts and more people know I'm here, and have my Wednesday night meditation group, plus my intensive. Lots of flyers taken, and that usually means more business down the line. They will be back in October next year, and I plan on being there again.
I've also been spending a lot of time on my computer trying to figure out how to take the video I had made (thanks to Teresa filming it) of the Spiritual Principles of Wealth at the Wise Woman and make it into a DVD. I think I have the program to do that now. So after this, that's my plan. Fiddle around for another hour before getting ready for my first client.  Its surprising how much time one spends learning new programs.
But, I truly want to know how to do this.
I have my introduction to the Plug Into Your Personal, Psychic & Spiritual Power on Thursday evening, not sure how many are coming, but some are. This always make me feel relieved as I need a couple more to take the whole journey to make it easier for everyone.
Also had another register for the Intensive in Calgary yesterday. So with two intensives coming up, with the trip to Vancouver my easy - no traveling September will turn into a very busy October.  I'm off to Trail to visit Eleanor on Friday, coming home Monday.
So not so much to share. I am working on getting the next lot of emails out. Did you get the one about the Free ebook on the blogs (composite of some of them).  Let me know if you want it.
Also I'm going to be offering others free from time.
Oh yes, last and this week the new pilots of the new and returning shows has been on.  I really like Hawaii 5-0. Plus on Showcase - Burn ? 10pm Tuesdays.  Really enjoy that one. Slow but notable.  Will have to scale down on the TV watching though once these weeks are over, ensuring I do watch what I really like. Mind you Dancing with the Stars is still up there!
Enough, must go and fiddle with the camera.

Norma Cowie
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall has come or Where is Late Summer?

I'm sitting here with Glee music blaring in the background, still feeling warm inside from seeing Going the Distance (see other blog last night. But again waking up to gray clouds, and its the middle of September.  Oh my, where has my late summer gone. The only thing I like about this, which I hate to say is ... I can work in my office anytime night or day. (when it is really hot, even with the fan going, the swamp cooler flat out, its a little stuffy) whereas right now the furnace is going to keep my place from being too damp.
Yesterday was finally, the final of the US Open (Tennis) and I finally got to see Nadal win his first US Open. It was a great match - not one sided which sometimes finals can become.
to get in my exercise I went for a walk along Okanagan Lake (usually I'm along Skaha Lake) in the dark, but they have lights along the path, which was great otherwise I would not be able to see where I was stepping. You could hear the lake lapping away in the dark. I did this between visiting a friend who has ended up in hospital after a horrendous fall, breaking lots of bones and going to the movie. I really like to get my walk in every day if possible, although with the Tennis Match being delayed 2 hours in the middle because of rain not mentioning the day delay (it was supposed to be played Sunday afternoon). Managed to get most of what I needed to be done.  Oh yes it was a 'cleansing' day too.  That means no 'real food' only the liquid stuff I drink on those days (once a week).  But too many cookies, ice cream and other goodies, because not one oz less than last week.  My fault .... late night snacking is catching up with me again. I must break that habit it has creeped back in.  I have found if I keep myself busy I'm OK. So out comes the knitting again.  Mind you the evenings are cooler so its easy to begin to knit once more.
Well thats enough rambling for now.
All the best
Norma Cowie
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Monday, September 06, 2010


Hi:  the last few days I have been busy putting together and ebook with different blog comments I have made since 2007.  Now, if you would like to receive this, just let me know and I can email it to you.  I'm practicing for the future, when I have more of my books that I can 'sell' as ebooks rather than in hard copy. I have several which are perfect for this.
In the meantime, this one will always be free as it comes from the free blog. 
It was very interesting for me to go through a reread articles I posted several years ago. To notice how I wrote on one topic or another, or others which I thought I would have written alot about, but had not.
I await to get your emails so I can send this to you and get your comments.
Thanks in advance.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Contracts, Oaths, Vows & Akashic Records.

As you are aware, if you read this blog regularly, I have been studying the Yuen Method as a compliment to my Soul/Source Connection Work. Since the beginning of the year I have so enjoyed amalgamating the two techniques (which were not that different). What has happened for me, is a much quicker, faster, effective releasing of issues for people. 
Because I am who I am, I have added my own 'stuff' to what I check. Lately, as I have had the privilege of working with several people who, obvious to me, had done quite a bit of clearing and bang, very quickly I was into my own Soul/Source Connection work. I find that being able to clear utilizing the Yuen reference leads to the deeper more complex aspects which I have worked with for years.
It is great in these last few weeks to once more clearing Contracts, Oaths and Vows, plus Akashic Records. I even had an authentic self emerge the other day, and its been awhile since I integrated one of those into a person's energy field is was enjoyable to do it again.
Some people wonder at the difference of contracts, oaths and vows and the understanding I have come to over the years is contracts is where you have actually put a signature on a document of some kind. Somewhere in time and space you or someone else signed a document. Those documents - contracts have not been cancelled and still operate to this day. ie you were sold into slavery as a child. Someone sold you and made a mark or signed on a contract. Today, you wonder why you never seem to be able to stand up for yourself. In fact you may feel powerless whenever someone of authority (to you) tells you to do something. Clear the contract and you have space to be able to make a different response. That can be freedom.
Oaths on the other hand, come in different shapes and sizes. They are words said with feeling. I have found many oaths when people are pledging allegiance to a family, to an army or country. On the other hand I have found oaths where people have cursed the earth, the sky, other people (like a curse). The later oaths, especially towards God, the earth, the weather I have found can have had a profound affect on the person's relationship with the planet itself. Once oaths are cleared and the energy of the past life in which it occurred is gone, the person is more relaxed and has life work for them.
Vows always seem to come from a religious connotation and the person is going into service. Vows of celibacy, poverty, service, silence, all have had an affect on this lifetime. Vows totally need to be released to allow in joy, abundance, love, sexual enjoyment (even conceiving children) or the ability to speak to people easily. Releasing these vows again with the past life or lives will make a tremendous difference in the person's life.
Then comes the Akashic Records and I have written on this before, as how interestingly different topics they are. They appear to me as titles on a page. These titles are sometimes so difficult to understand, but I tune in and discover what exactly it refers to. Self forgiveness is the key to clear and release these recorded pages. I have also found very often that there are two Akashic  Records which need clearing and they can have the opposite perspectives.
For instance this last week, I had a client who had two Akashic Records to clear. One of them was 'Love Is Pain'.  This is a person who has trouble with emotions, feelings and relationships. Upon looking at the scene where this came from, I saw a young woman, holding a baby in her arms, while her husband was boarding a sailing ship to sail away and not come back. Hence the blame towards the husband and herself with the belief that 'Love Is Pain'. Upon seeing this scene, I pointed out that Love was painful - separation was painful. That separation from the source - God - leads to pain - not Love. Once the self forgiveness prayer was said (I have them say out loud after me if they are with me in person or on the phone. If they are not there, then I do it myself as their emissary.) When the page disappears before my eyes then I know the forgiveness is done.
In the client's session, the second Akashic Record was on which was labelled 'Possessions are Mine' and all I could feel was greed, gluttony and ownership of possessions. Here I saw a merchant man, large in size and surrounded by all sorts of objects of art, statues, everything materially. It as like he could not get enough, enough food, enough possessions. Here the need was to forgive for feeling Love could be found in food, material possessions etc. Again once the forgiveness prayer was done, then the page disappeared and all was in order.
The client said when the session was over (there was other aspects released too) that she felt really good and clear and that what I had said during the session had given her so much understanding as to why her life was like it is.
My heart is full when I'm able to aid people in clearing these old, time worn, contracts, oaths, vows and Akashic Records, as I know their lives will be different from that day forth. Finding the inner peace and happiness which we all desire and want.
At this moment I give thanks for being shown how to access the information and have the ability to be able to be of service.
For a moment take a second and think about your life ... ask "what contacts, oaths, vows or akashic records do I have that are affecting my life." You may be surprised by the answer.
Have a great day!

Norma Cowie
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Inner Light

I was doing a major cleanup on my office - throwing away old papers, vacuuming etc when I came across a poem (prose) which I wrote for a talk I did at the Celebration Centre here in Penticton last year.  It does not have a date on it, but I do remember it was Fall last year. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did reading it. I thought it was a good reminder.

Inner Light
We stand and look outside to rain or sunshine
But do we stop to look inside ---

Deep, deep. deep within a spark, a light resides
Look down within as far as you can
Find it, breathe into it and you will understand!

This light is life --- love all there is --- connection to the one!

This light residing so deep inside wants breath to reside
inside in joy, peace and most of all . . .

To reflect the mighty one in life complete
and totally free to BE!

You are the light - the light of love -
A breath, a recognition of life in the flame
that resides deep within.

Norma Cowie
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Monday, August 09, 2010

Home Alone

Finally, home alone!  No visitors, no more travelling for awhile. Just home alone. I love it when people come and stay, I love it when I show people around, but I truly love just being home alone, by myself, doing what I want when I want.
I left Calgary and drove southward on Hwy 2 to Hwy 3. I stopped near Pincher Creek to top up the gas for the car (after all it is cheaper in Alberta) and then drove through the Crowsnest Pass. Its been alot of years since I drove that way, and after coming through Hwy I (Banff) with its towering mountains the Crowsnest seems small and an easy way to go. I drove to Cranbrook, where I stopped at WalMart (where else) to visit the facilities plus do a little shopping and then over the parking lot to Penningtons where they had a wonderful sale on, so bought a few tops for next to nothing. I made myself my shake lunch and then off to Trail where I was staying with Eleanor for a couple of nights.
Eleanor kindly gave up her bed for me, and it was like sleeping in the Arabian Nights story. Lovely curtains (with lace even) all around. Oh yes, we visited an Italian Resturant which I have eaten at before and has lots of food, which necessitated taking some back to Eleanor's.  Saturday loomed and we went for a drive around the area visiting a fruit market and seeing the places Eleanor had grown up plus a look at the hospital lab where she works.  Then, the surprise was a wedding. Eleanor had been invited to a wedding so I 'crashed' the wedding.  Then we went for a wonderful wedding dinner with loads of salads and spoke with the lady across the table from me, who I knew was also a fellow life traveller. Interesting day.
Sunday, saw me back on the road home, stopping at Osoyoos and having lunch with Suzanne who was lonley as her husband has been back east for several weeks. It was a great stop and then HOME!
Maureen who has been watering my plants had the yard looking wonderful (even better than I do) so I was pleased with that, and the inside was as tidy as when I left it. Something I have learned to do - leave it tidy so when you arrrive road weary the place is welcoming.
Today I'm catching up with myself, and have a meeting in an hour. But wanted to catch everyone up with me being back home, alone and now getting ready for the next few weeks of getting caught up with paperwork.
Its interseting how when you are driving with only yourself and your mind that you figure out all the things you can do, need to do and 'should' do. I have a mental list quite long, which will keep me busy. Mostly its about getting ready for the two intensives coming up this fall. So the next few weeks will be involved with getting those in action.
Right outside my window is my bird feeder, and the little sparrows are having a great time getting their heads in the holes and eating. Maureen must have filled it since I left as it was full last night and no only one third is left so more bird feed will need to be put in. Sometimes I seem the most wonderfully colored birds, unfortunately I still have not learned all the names. A bigger, darker bird has just come up and most of the little ones are flittering around but not landing. 
It will be good to be back into some semblance of order and quiet again. I'm reading a Star Wars book right now....a new one, which does not belong to any series but is based on an internet game. I ordered it by mistake, but its really exciting, so I'm enjoying it.
You have a great day!
PS  Hope to go see a movie tomorrow, so a new movie review coming up - remember:
Norma Cowie
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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Visitors, Rockies & Calgary

Here I am in Calgary, Alberta. I saw Karen off to San Francisco for her course yesterday. She had a week with me, after the Tea Party (last post). To bring you uptodate.  I had taken Vida to Vancouver to stay with her friends. Then I went and stayed with my friend Sonia in Surrey for a few days, catching up with dear friends with a pot luck on the Sunday and then Monday having a massage by friend Beverley in Tsawwassen, which I always love and enjoy. Looked over their Natural Comfort's new digs - which are great (booked to do a channeling session there in October when I'm next back in Vancouver). After the massage I went and did some appointments and then 'highlight of the day' a swim in the pool, finishing up with a hot tub before heading back to Surrey and Sonia. What a day!  Fun for me. Hot yes, but my car has air conditioning.
Tuesday am I was up super early - 5am - to go to the Vancouver airport to pick up Karen who had flown in from Hawaii, where she had spent three days (she had come from New Zealand.).  Put her to bed at Sonia's while I did some phone consultations and then when she woke up went down to White Rock and showed her where we had lived. Met up with friend Anne and had supper at Cosmos on the beach. Back to Sonia's and sleep.
Wednesday left Sonia's around 8.30am, with all bags packed. I did the scenic tour out to Horseshoe Bay, and back through Vancouver ending up having lunch with Bridget at Los Margaritas, one of my favourite Mexican food places when I'm in Vancouver before leaving to drive back to Penticton. Being with Karen is interesting. She not only had not been to Canada before, but she is studying perfumery, and has a heightened sense of smell. She loved the smell of our firs, cedars and almost anything else. So plants and trees were her fascination.
Arriving back in Penticton, I had my house full. My exBob and his fiancee plus son Rob, Melanie and family where all there.  Great to see them, but I had my wires crossed. I thought they were staying until Friday, so on Thursday I had early appointments booked in order to have the day free for them, but they all left by my house was empty besides Karen. The good part was I got my bed back, and instead of being on the chesterfield and Karen on the air mattress, we were in beds.  We spent most of Thursday resting and me catching up on the computer.
Friday, clients early am, and then we left for Osoyoos. Friend Suzanne joined us for lunch at the Native (can't remember how to spell its name) Cultural Centre. Well, what a lunch, food like I've not experienced before. A two hour lunch with wonderful phenomenal (expensive) food. None of us regretted the prices at all, because it was super, duper wonderful.  Three courses all magnificent. Then we looked around town and then it was back home to Penticton.
Saturday, am the market as usual, then home with a small sleep and get ready for the barbecue that night. Some people showed up early and helped as Ted and Teresa arrived with their tents and with mine, we had the lawn covered, three tents (it was predicted some rain - which did not come) and so we had a food tent, and people sitting tents. Over 30 people showed up. It was a fun night and then the wind came up around 8pm and so very quickly everything went, tents were down and all was back to 'normal'.  When I went inside the few dishes had all been washed by some washing angel.
Sunday - rest and a huge thunderstorm to wake us up in the afternoon.
Monday, leaving for Golden. I had been looking for this part of the trip for Karen for ages. Had it all planned and wanted her to experience the Rockies. One of the views I like is when you approach Revelstoke and you look out the Rockies are there in the background, looming, inviting saying 'we are here'. Well because of the smoke (lots of fires in BC right now) you could not see through the smoke/haze/whatever it was. So the Rogers Pass was not super wonderful, but Golden appeared and we had some rain and the next morning the wind and rain had cleared most of the smoke and the mountains were visible.
Tuesday. We left Golden quite late, after shopping in the town and then we stopped along the way, in particular Lake Louise, where the glacier is almost gone, sad!!  Had lunch there, a great burger, which was so filling for me, I never got to my salad. Then onto Banff. I said to Karen, I will sit here and read my book, you go and look around. I thought 1 1/2 hours would be enough. Well when she did not come back, thought maybe she doesn't remember quite where the car is, so moved out onto the street, sat on a rock wall and read my book - no Karen. Another 3/4 hour later I saw her and she came up to me and then off again she went. So she had probably around 2 1/2 hours of looking and shopping in Banff, said she really liked the town and could live there (although maybe not when there was snow). Finally we arrived at Deanne's place in Calgary. She had kindly said we could stay.  I was glad to get here, get unloaded, watch some TV and off to bed.
Wednesday. Up and ready (Karen still sleeping) so I read my book -- doing a lot of reading the last few days -- finally Karen woke up, said she had not slept well, and she had her suitcase ready .... in the car ... off to the airport. Dropped her off then I went to the garage, where I bought my car back in May to have them service it. I ended up getting lost a couple of times, finally found it again and sat and finished my book, The Associate by John Grishom (enjoyable). I sat and waited quite a while as the mechanics came back from lunch, and gave my Jenny her oil change.  Then back to Deanne's via a hotel which I'm going to go see 1.30 today. I'm hoping to rent space there in November for my intensive.
Thursday. I have just completed an appointment. Everyone else who was making an appointment with me ended up cancelling or not this afternoon I will be off to see the hotel and then tonight there is a pot luck barbecue for me to attend.  I may get some shopping done this afternoon. This is like a holiday. Tomorrow I'm off to visit Eleanor in Trail so the holiday continues for a few more days before I get home to stay (unless something else unforeseen comes along) until October when I go to Vancouver. Strangely, October does not seem that long away.
Anyways, trust your summer is going well. Lightening and thunder can be so fascinating to watch.
Lots of love
Norma Cowie
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

English Tea Garden Party

Yesterday, Friday, I hosted an English Tea Garden Party.  Twenty One ladies came and participated. It was fun. This was the third tea party I've hosted and they keep getting bigger. The word is out. Tea is good, especially with party like goodies.  Everyone gets to bring something to eat, so lots of 'sugar' and sandwiches. But fun. I put up my overhead ten cover (which I use when working in the local market every Saturday (today). I had trouble putting it up, but friend Ted came to the rescue after my phone call, and soon it was up, the tables up ready, thanks to Vida and Ardee and I'm running around like crazy when people began to arrive.
Good friends arrived from Osyoos (1 hour away) coming into the kitchen to say hello and deliver birthday presents and here I am saying "Good to see you, but can deal with this (presents) later, I'm up to my eye balls".  So presents was the last thing I got to do on the afternoon.
Four different kinds of tea:  Everyone's favorite including mine 'Buckingham Palace Tea' (which is apparently what the Queen serves). It is a great tea. Then I had 'Ginger Peach', and one titled 'Casablanca' which was a vanilla/orange blend, then good old regular tea 'Tetley Tea'.  I was busy refilling the Buckingham Palace Tea.
Everyone said they had a good time when 2 - 2 1/2 hours later everyone began to depart and clean up began.
Yes another lovely tea party.  Now on the 31st comes the pot luck barbecue.
Life is good.
Today, after the market I drive Vida (who is here from Edmonton) to Vancouver, where I'm busy waiting for Karen to arrive from N.Z. on Tuesday morning.
You have a wonderful weekend.
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Norma Cowie
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Friday, July 09, 2010

Mother Earth

Yesterday I received another email lamenting the state of the earth and I finally reached a critical point and decided I would write here some of the thoughts and messages I have been receiving regarding Mother Earth.
1) Many months ago I was working with a client's Earth Self. When I took the Earth Self back to the Earth Mother to be reconnected, the Self was lamenting the state of the earth when to my surprise the Earth Mother responded angrily that did not the Self believe she was capable of taking care of what was going on and stop being so wimpy and straighten up. Now in the many years I have been reconnecting earth stars and earth selves to the Earth Mother I have never once seen her angry, only, loving and accepting. In this instance her anger at the Earth Self, definitely straightened the Self up pretty quick and once the reconnection was made the love, the strength and most of all the acceptance which love brings came about. Yes, the Earth Mother did not like the idea that she was not capable of taking care of 'her planet'.
2) Over the years my guide RaMa has lead his own classes and his connection with the Earth has certainly educated me and brought me into a great awareness of the strength and love which emanates  from this planet we live on. Also, as a child growing up in New Zealand I had great respect for the Volcanoes which at that time were all dormant (except one). Today many of them are not dormant and there is a Maori legend I always remember that says one day New Zealand will be four islands not three and as the 'big pacific fault line' runs right through the North Island and with the projections of more volanic action around the 'ring of fire' I expect one day many of them will go off together.  Over the years  RaMa has lead many energy circles where energy has been sent to certain geographical spots to aid pressure points in the earth.
3) The Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the continuation of the black 'blood' into the waters effecting life (especially birds and sea creatures) plus livelihoods of many, many people. As the time went on, my thoughts went strange. One time I remember thinking, "perhaps the dinosaurs did not die from a asteroid as thought, perhaps they died because oil came up out of the earth and they could not breathe". Interesting, especially as I was told in the tar sands of northern Alberta they are finding many dinosaur bones.
4) Then I myself personally have been having new energies brought into my system from above and below which is probably why I'm beginning to speak out about how I see things. Anyway, the other night in meditation while conversing with Mother Earth, she said to me "I don't know why everyone is so upset about this oil there is an algae which eats it". Now I have not heard of an algae, but heard there is a bacteria. So perhaps they need to also look for the algae (or does it grow out of the oil if left alone). Remember after Mount St Helens when it was said that the land in which the ash had landed would be dead for years, and in fact it made the soil even more bountiful and they had better harvests.
5) Back to the email I received which has begun this of the thoughts presented was 'we don't want to be like Atlantis'. Well, yes, we humans destroyed ourselves there, but we did not destroy the planet. The planet lived on in the same pace and awareness as she has always done. We humans destroyed ourselves and not totally, many escaped from that part of the planet and went somewhere else. Just as they have done before and will probably do again. Life will continue, we will as a race continue to change, grow, expanding and then contracting. This is an emotional planet in which balance is always the order of the day. We work to create balance within and the planet watches and supports the evolution, knowing it can take care of what is.
6) What I would rather see is people supporting the planet, not reacting to human frailties. When will people realise, truly realise their thoughts create, which also means reactive, scared, fearful thoughts too. y trust in this planet has become incredibly strong over the years. My trust in humans not so much. Truly I believe we will see this crisis come to an end, peace will reign for a while (while man creates other wars and destruction) and then there will be another crisis. We truly are only on this planet in this incarnation a short time and yes we want to leave it better for others who follow (ourselves in new incarnations) so lets support the planet doing its job. It can and will take care of it all and at the end of the day it will still be here moving through space a small fleck in the larger picture of the cosmos. So let's think, strong, supportive thoughts for the planet. The planet can and does have ways of healing itself, lets call them up and rely on them. I say, support the planet not your fear.
Have a good day!

Norma Cowie
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Thursday, July 08, 2010


I have had a fascinating week around HOPE.  First during a past life regression session a client moved into what I call mythological regressions. This means the story line which emerged has significance to the older Greek and Roman myths. I know I personally gained a lot of insight when I personally came into these. My client had two very interesting mythological stories unfold. One was a woman who spontaneously gave birth to six children here on Earth (one of the children my client related too) and he was HOPE. Needless to say we spent quite a bit of time discussing the session afterwards.
Then yesterday I was with another client working on anxiety when, while clearing energy held in the mental level, I came across a past life where this old man as walking along, poor, hungry and absolutely HOPELESS. There was going to be no reprieve for him except death. At this point I realized that my client needed HOPE. She often would say to me when I asked certain questions "I HOPE so". Up until that point of time, even though I listen to the language a person speaks to me, I had not connected that there was an underlying NO HOPE - or HOPELESSNESS.
Then last night in the meditation class, guess what came up again - you guessed it - HOPE. So once more a discussion of HOPE happened.
One of the insights I had was......when you have worry, fear, anxiety you will not have HOPE that what you want or desire will be. therefore, HOPE does become very important.
My suggestion today is take a look at your HOPE quotient. HOPE is the beginning of creating. Then you go from HOPE to KNOWING. Are there goals, aspirations or anything else you desire that you need to take into KNOWING it will be real for you?
Have a great day!

Norma Cowie
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Monday, July 05, 2010

My clearing work!

I'm thinking I truly must keep some of the situations I run across when I'm doing someones clearing of their energy fields. Over the years I have encountered so many different situations, some of them I remember because they were either the first of that kind, or they really stood out, or I only remember them for a short while. But people's life stories that emerge are often interesting.
Last week I had a 76 year old come and see me who wanted relief from her asthma and headaches. As I took a look at where she was holding the blocks which needed to be cleared I was not surprised to see it was on all levels and in all areas of her life. Her headaches seem to be a result from what I could determine was a neck misalignment and a few areas which needed clearing.
So I proceeded, what was interesting was I picked up physical abuse and I asked "have you ever been hit in anyway" the answer came back "no". I just continued on and then again working on another level, again I picked up physical abuse in her childhood. "did your father every hit you", this time the answer came back "no, but my husband did".  I smiled to myself and continued. Then after the session was over she began to speak about her childhood, how her father tried to strangle her when she was five and about how tough he was. I commented on her resilience (not sure if she 'heard' me though). What came up though, was how we can be asked a direct question and we are so used to lying to ourselves our denial still comes out in our automatic answers. .
There was a lot of energy to clear, some past life issues as usual, and then in one level - mental level if I remember right - I found this 'shadow' like a shadow wall where everything got run through. So I asked "where you raised in a certain religion?" The answer "Mennonite, but I threw all that out long ago". "Well I replied, "you did not throw it all out, because every time something comes into your world you run it by what you learned as a child, you check to see if it falls into a certain criteria and you make your decisions based on what you learned along time ago." After some reflection, she agreed she did do that. I usually run into questions about God and separation etc, on the Spiritual level. Anyway, I cleared the shadow/ghost wall and I'm sure she will be able to "think" alot clearer now.
Yes, this was a session with alot of tears, and memories finally surfacing, as I spoke about certain energies etc. I knew I would need to go slow and explain what I was doing, as this was all new to her, but truly at 76 she was courageous to come and do something new, but then again she was fed up with not being able to breathe and being blocked by headaches as well.
I'm looking forward to seeing how she will do in the next few weeks as the new energy gets more and more integrated.
Norma Cowie
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Thursday, July 01, 2010


It's Canada Day, and its cold - cold enough for me to put on my furnace. Imagine July 1st and its this cold. Grey clouds, cool breeze, and I'm looking for socks for my feet. Regardkess Happy Canada Day - Canada, and in a few days, it will be July 4th and U.S. Birthday.
I have had an interesting week. On Tuesday I visited with Christine the Intuitive Healer and had a great 2 hour session with her. Just love her work. She managed to access and release pain which my body had been holding onto, not knowing how to release it. It was a painful session as all the bits of pain surfaced and then left through one spot. I'd like to think we released most of it if not all of it. I do know last night during meditation the new energy which has been attempting to come in and 'stay' was able to come in easily and integrate with me without any effort. My fingers are crossed as this new energy consolidates and that the 'old' energetic aspects of me will be released and the new me will emerge. (Oh yes, down 36 lbs now - so I'm emerging in a new slimmer way at least).
Then today I went and visited Dr. Charlene Reeves for a biofeedback session of my body. She has many marvelous machines, and we discovered many things, some I knew, some I did not. After being 'measured' the only way I can describe it, I sat in a wonderful massage chair and had lights on my eyes, and listened to a 'talk' followed by a massage from the chair, and then time in another room where I was given a two minute (first time) with the Quantum Pulse. A wonderful way to spend two hours for a discovery and 'tune up'.
This week then I have four hours of different modalities all leading to my health getting better and better. The best part is Charlene's machines say my energy is at age 55. I'm still processing that because sometimes I feel my biological age -- approaching 66 this month. So I'm working on being appreciative and grateful for my body.
Having these two techniques done close together (almost by accident) it made me realize how important each type of energy work is. I had a session with a client yesterday who is suffering from Geopathic stress, and I found that the stress did affect every level and in every way of her life. I'll be interested in seeing how she feels in the next few days, because there was a lot to be released from the different levels, especially the etheric, aura and emotional levels. Also surprising as when it came to the Psychic level I had to expand it and clear the system of fear of being utilized. Usually I'm doing the opposite, having to restructure the level so it helps to support the person, not creating difficulties. This expanding and teaching it how it can work will stop my client from being over analytical and begin to trust her gut/intuition much more.
Also, while on the subject of intuition and listening to one's self while working with another client I found myself talking about the 'Creator' and at one point taking her right back to the beginning so she could reestablish a relationship with the 'creator'. The session was flowing really well when I had this thought and I asked her "do you have native blood?" I was not surprised when the answer came back "yes". No wonder I was using 'Creator' rather than 'God' or some other term for the Universal Love Energy. I suggested she get back into the traditional spiritual teachings of her people, especially 'the wheel'. (Thank you Linda Taylor for all that you taught me years ago).
Another interesting 'energetic' situation came up for me the other day too. As you may be aware I have a company which reminds me of birthdays and I send out e-birthday cards. I usually have my clients listed and friends. The other day I had several birthdays come in for July 1 - 4. I came to this one and I found myself thinking "I have to have a special card for this one". So I looked through and found a card I had never sent before, very ethereal looking with flowers on the bottom edge. As I went to type up my message I took another look at the name and had the thought "I think this Margaret Anne's friend who died a while ago, I had better check before I send it". Sure enough, when checking, it was Margaret Anne's friend who had passed away, so the card did not get sent. But isn't it interesting I had picked up it needed to be a different type of card.
Energy, we work with it all the time. I'm listening to myself more, in my work and in my life, so I'm trusting I will receive the answers or information I'm needing by being aware. I suggest you do the same if you are not already.
Happy Canada Day - Enjoy!!!

Norma Cowie
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday - Speaking on Practical Spirituality

As I sit here looking out my window it is beginning to rain and the sun is shining and I know somewhere a rainbow is shining. My new covers for both the front and back porch are completed and for a wee while I sat outside while the rain softly came down and read my book, but now I'm inside listening and watching to see what will happen next (sun or more rain as there is blue in the sky).
Lots of bits and pieces this week. Tuesday I drove to Salmon Arm with Suzanne accompanying me. My phone was not working for 3 days, and the 3 days before that the crackling on the line was so bad it was hard to hear. Right now all is back in action. A very nice young man named Tyler spend 2 1/2 hours plus figuring out how to first reach my Telephone Box (way under my mobile home, with all the spider webs, spiders and snails never mind weeds and whatever else is under there) and when he finally figured out where it was, then he had to 'get to it' which he finally did, by banging through some wood and then decided he would transfer everything to a new box in front of my place so the next person could reach it easily. He showed me the old box and its a wonder any phone calls ever got through it was totally corroded. So now my line is nice and clear and hopefully no more phone problems for a long time. (But I lost one of my jacks in this story so no more phone in the bedroom - guess I can live with that).
Today Sunday I spoke at the Celebration Centre on Practical Spirituality. I sat at the computer this morning, armed with several books for quotes etc. Found them, typed them in a page to refer to - thought I had printed it - (I was also printing off some brochures so the page would have been queued, when I closed the program and said No did not want to save and carried on with the next project and then when I had completed folding the brochures realised oh no .... the pages have not printed. All lost. So decided I would not do it again, and went and did my 'lecture' without the references.
People who spoke to me said my talk was good, so great. But the fun I had this morning was with this: I have some cards (business card size) which I had made up and had taken with me, in envelopes, to sell at the Body Soul & Spirit Expos. They have on them messages which I created from the Higher Arcana of the Tarot, the Aces, and the Court Cards. I believe there are around 32 in all. I had quite a few of these envelopes, which I have been taking to the market with me on Saturdays. So yesterday afternoon I sat and put money inside each envelope. Pennies, five, ten, twenty-five cents plus one and two dollar coins, then five, ten, twenty and a one hundred dollar bill.
As I knew at some point I was going to speak about prosperity and that the envelopes could be woven into my talk at the appropriate time. I had the bowl of envelopes passed around so everyone who as there could take an envelope, open up the message and receive the money inside. There were some envelopes left.
The $100.00 bill was not taken, so I got to keep that. That was my present for today. $100.00 I did not expect to have. The whole exercise, the speaking, which I always love to do, and the watching the different expressions when people realized there was money in the envelope. One person attempted to give me back my $5.00 which I naturally refused, as I had spoken about receiving joyously. I used my book Spiritual Principles of Wealth as the basis of much of what I spoke about today.
Then we all went for lunch, with me stopping by my place and pick up my friend Suzanne who was here, she was on her way home to Osoyoos after dropping her husband off for a plane ride to Toronto. A great day. I had several people advise me of insights they received from getting the envelopes and also from the visualizations which I lead them through from the book.
Now onto next week. Still soccer world cup (oh yes, disappointed that England's out - but Germany did play well) and the Tennis is continuing (although I will be interested in seeing how Nadal handles his sore right knee etc). So I will be up early watching for another week.
That's all for now.
Lots of love

Norma Cowie
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday am musings - soccer

For those who know me, know I'm a soccer nut, watching my Liverpool team play every week (even getting up super early) although I'm not traditionally a getting out of bed early person - unless I'm going somewhere exciting.
With the world cup on in South Africa and the first game of three per day beginning at 4.30am, its surprising how often I'm awake around then, to put on the TV and those watch and doze through the first two games. The third one does not come on until 11.30am, so there are a few hours to do things, plus I often record the third one to watch (skim) through later. But most of the games I'm catching most of them. So my soccer quotient is full right now, with more to come, but, beginning tomorrow the Wimbledon Tennis begins and that is two weeks long. Luckily there will be fewer soccer games soon, as they get into the playoffs, and as the Tennis heats up the soccer will be less and less. So a busy two weeks coming up of both favorite sports soccer and tennis.
I've been catching up on resting, after my busy first five months of the year, and beginning to feel more like myself again. The Saturday markets are in full swing, so every Saturday I'm away by 6.45am to set up and sit, doing readings and sometimes selling a book or two. In the down time I do drawings - look at people and draw their auras, colors, soul or whatever my fancy to pass the time.
I've completed the book SANTARAM. If you want a great book to read this summer, and you have not read this one, think about it, great story, great reading and super educational on all sorts of subjects. I especially liked the good/bad and god conversations, but it is full of India and how the India nation operates. I felt I received a lot of knowledge just through this book which is based on a true story.
My yard is looking nice, and with all the rain we have been having my lawn needs mowing again and my 'yard man' (how do you like that I have a 'yard man') will be coming around soon I'm sure. The flowers are good too. My tomato plants aren't doing so well though. So will have to spend some time giving them some life force energy.
Well must away, its Sunday morning, I'm off to the Celebration Centre to celebrate life, and this afternoon a Solstice ceremony.
Happy Solstice, Happy Father's Day. Happy Whatever you want to Celebrate
Norma Cowie
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Toy Story 3 - movie review

Last night, my friend Merille who is visiting while taking a course this weekend and I went and saw Toy Story 3. What a surprise, its not for kids only....but adults too. In fact, we both had tears at the end of the movie. Its funny, its cute, has lots of action for the little ones to watch and a heart tugging story. What more could anyone want from a movie. Whether you have small children or not, take the time to watch it. It's good.
4 1/2 our of 5 (not sure why the drop of a 1/2 but it doesn't top Prince of Persia).

Norma Cowie
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Karate Kid - movie review

Sometimes one goes to the movies just to be entertained. I thought going to see the movie Karate Kid I would be doing that. Entertaining myself for a few hours rather than watching TV or reading. Well it was more than that. It was entertaining, but the message of the bully can be overcome through discipline, hard work and dedication and never giving up truly is relative today with all the bullying that goes on in schools and some communities. Plus its a life lesson for us who want to achieve things in life.
I especially enjoyed young Jayden Smith who definitely shows the skills of his father Will and mother Jada - he was delightful. But the scene stealer is Jackie Chan. Some of the shots of him walking along as the older, defeated man, shuffling along with stiff joints etc, your heart goes out to him and when his story comes out you understand, and then you watch the transformation of him as well as his young student of Kung Fu Drey. I thought he did wonderfully well in the part and was well picked as the older maintenance man.
The scenery of when they visit the monastery climbing steps which go forever and seeing the monks of the temple in their different practices I found fascinating, especially the lady with the cobra and how the lesson that the cobra was following her dance, not the other way around. Also seeing the Great Wall of China in the movie was inspiring, but also is the one part which had my brain doing a double take. As I have mentioned before, I love how a movie is edited, well they made a mistake here. When they went to the monastery it was explained why and you saw them on the train on the way there and back but all of a sudden the Great Wall of China appears with Drey doing his Kung Fu practices and then a shot of him back in the backyard doing his exercises and then back again to the Great Wall. What? I thought, there was no explanation of the great wall, there was no reason for it, except for us to see it (mistake) it took you away from the continuity of the movie, especially throwing a scene in between the other scenes of practice. Other than that momentarily craziness on part of the editors, the movie was cute, it was fun, sad, and I found myself clapping at the fight scenes, which were very well done.....yes, it was worth the couple of hours to go see.
I enjoyed the original Karate Kid and Karate Kid II and this one I enjoyed too.
3 1/2 out of 5.
Norma Cowie
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Learning Continues

The summer sun has finally arrived here in the Okanagan, and with it half an hour south a huge landslide which has taken out five houses, vineyards and orchards. Luckily no loss of life, by the highway south is closed. Yes, we had a lot of rain it was said on the news this am that five times more than usual.
Interestingly I was at the other side of the area that had the landslide (in another valley) with my meditation group having a field trip as we looked at lay lines and vortexes in a house where we had been asked to come look at it. What fun we all had with our pendulems. I remember looking up at the hill not far away from where we were thinking (that could come down) and instantly evaporated that thought. Little did I know at the time that not far away as the crow flies part of a large hill was coming down.
Now, did I pick up what was happening, or was it coincident. As I have not heard the time frame of the landslide I do not know, but no matter, every person on both sides of that range are safe and sound, even though great property damage was done (especially to vineyards - its a wine city - as is the whole Okanagan valley).
I'm still working through the book Shantaram....loving it, but as my energy comes back I'm getting more done, so less time to read. Had a wonderful piece the other day where he is discussing good and evil, with good being when one works towards God, and evil being where one works away from God. (God being good) but the the wonderful part is where he says (and it is repeated a few times) we do good things for the wrong reasons and wrong things for the right reason. How do we know what it is we do, we usually do things for what we consider the 'right reason'. Example: last night, as I was heading into the theatre to see Karate Kid a young man stopped me to ask if I knew where any soup kitchens were (no I didn't - do we even have them in our town?). He seemed clean cut, told me he and his wife (no where to be seen) had arrived by bus and he was beginning to work on a construction site the next morning (today Monday). then came the question, do you have something to give me for a bag of chips. Well it happened that in my wallet I had $10.00 for the movie, not much change, but I also had two $50.00 bills. What do I do? Now you are thinking fast on your feet, he looks OK...but all I have is $10.00 and a $50.00 (knowing I don't have anything smaller). Do I give him $10.00 or do I give him a $50.00 bill. What do you think I did. I gave him $10.00, and used one of the $50.00 to pay my way into the theatre. Did I do right or wrong? Who knows, all I know is that is what I chose in that moment. Sometimes, as my brother has often said 'You over think" and I think this is one of those moments. Acceptance, you did what you did, let it go. (Oh yes, that was a card I got yesterday - just remembered - let go).
So went inside and watch Karate Kid which I enjoyed, will do my review after this. So back to the book SHANTARAM. Another piece I read the other day which I enjoyed was a comment in which the question is asked "Do you think the light is God" and the answer comes back "No, the light is the LANGUAGE of God". I loved that. For as you know I use light all the time to transform energy and I feel the love, warmth and acceptance within that light and love 'hanging out in it' and if this the LANGUAGE OF GOD I'm 100% for it. The thing is - do we hang out there all the time -- I most certainly don't and I don't think most of us do, but the knowing it is there, and as I teach - its only a breath away, we can all access it easily and often and remember that it is there and so we hang out in it more and more.
Also this morning I decided (when I got back from my walk with Jeannie to pull a card from a deck that I'm thoroughly enjoying - Messages of Life. The drawings are the most beautiful ones I have ever seen, utilizing light and I love them all.
Today my card said ACHIEVEMENT .... "I advance on the road of achievement in order to discover myself. In spite of difficulties, I achieve my objectives and embrace life. Faith is my strength. I believe in myself and my true potential. With the simplicity of a child and the wisdom of an old wise man, I move forward for my own sake. I live without fear because I will always be in good company on this journey towards the light". I loved "faith is my strength".
And so I progress with my light, my strength and the knowing no matter what I will achieve whatever it is I achieve.
You have a great day!
Norma Cowie
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Monday, June 07, 2010

Hugs for All!

Busy day for me with my blog, but could not resist posting this. I received this today and it reminded me of when I had a HUGS company. We had T Shirts, Sweat Shirts, bumber stickers, buttons and a Hugs Card, (like a business card) which said 4 hugs for survival, 8 hugs for maintenance and 12 hugs for growth. My son and his then girlfriend did a lot of the Hugging but I did my fair share too, especially when someone came along they did not want to hug. I learned how to HUG by hugging! I even gave short workshops on the proper way to HUG - Imagine!
So if you ever want a Hug let me know. I do know how to do it. In the meantime, click on the link and enjoy!!!!


Norma Cowie
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Movie Review - Killers

Saturday night came and I was restless. Looking at the four movies available at my local theatre I chose Killers. Luckily I knew inspite of the title that it was Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigel. By the amount of people in the audience, others did not. What a stupid title - whoever picked that should have been shot themselves. It does not really portray the movie - anyway I went.
I truly did not have any expectations of this movie, I just wanted out of the house there was nothing on TV (which seems like every night these days) and I did not want to go and see Sex In the City 2 (I will another night). I was pleasantly surprised.
I was surprised because I laughed often and I was hugely (is that a word) thrilled to see Magnum - Tom Selleck - he will always be Magnum to me, playing Katherine's Dad. He always brings such strength to the screen these days. Like a lot of men when they hit their 40's they seem to grow bigger all over -- well hes much over 40 - but still looks, big, strong and Magnum.
Again the movie seems filled with craziness, but both Ashton and Katherine pull it off - somehow she does though dumb but beautiful, but not too dumb roles wonderfully well, and he is always surprising in what he can do. Yeah, hate to say it, I enjoyed this. I go to the movies for several reasons, one to entertained, which this movie did. Two to enjoy the views, this one has wonderful views of Nice, and then uptown subdivision and a construction site, but I sure enjoyed the views of France's coastline. third that I learn something from the movie, a moral, or mental, or emotional connection I did not in this movie get anything. But I laughed and that is worth something when you are feeling tired and a bit out of sorts. Yeah, I enjoyed it. Therefore it is worth 3 out of 5. (could have been 2 1/2 but the views in France were nice).

Norma Cowie
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Movie review - date night

The last night in Regina my friend and I decided to go to a movie, but we had left it a bit late and the only movie available which I did not mind going to see (meaning I had either seen it or did not want to see it) was Date Night.
Now Date Night had been at my local theatre when I was away and so had missed it, but did not feel like I had missed anything. Well I had. I laughed during this movie, some of the scenes were so ridiculous they had to be funny and of course the two hot comic TV actors being together worked. They made a great couple. If you want a laugh, and I'm sure it will be out on DVD soon, make sure you pick up Date Night. 3 stars of our 5 for the laughter quota.

Norma Cowie
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Movie Review - Prince of Persia

I thought when I saw Robin Hood that it would be hard to beat. But Prince of Persia does. I enjoyed this movie on every level. My friend and I who was with me in Regina, Sask. when I saw it both agreed - it was great!!! What did I like. Well first of all I find that movies depend upon the editing of a movie. I think Editors are not rated high enough. I have seen movies which were really good destroyed by bad editing. The editing in this was wonderful. Scene followed scene in quick succession and you got to follow the story line easily. The director, playwright, whoever took their time setting up the story. You got to understand who this Prince was. You got to understand the underlying tensions existing and then when the story finally kicks into gear you get the full picture. It is exciting, it is colorful, it is well acted, well directed, well everything and I cannot believe anyone would not enjoy this movie. The beautiful scenes of the desert, the colors were magnificent, never mind the body on Jake rippling away. I also loved the jumping (which reminded me of 007 -Daniel Craig in Casino Royale at the beginning of the movie, jumping over buildings etc. Also some of the scenes also reminded me of Indiana Jones movies. I did not care, because it was fun. This movie is worth seeing once, twice maybe even three times. Therefore it gets 5 out of 5 stars.

Norma Cowie
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Settling in back Home

I cannot believe it has been as long as it has since I last posted. Boy does time travel by fast when you are busy. As last reported, I got home with my new car and finally on Friday all the paper work was finally completed and I felt relaxed about the whole process. It had to have a few more fix ups done on it, and then some paperwork needed completing which took time. Thank goodness for Natalia in Calgary, who made sure it all came through just fine. So now my Jenny and me will get along just fine - especially as her trunk takes all my stuff for the Market on Saturdays (and the expos when the time comes for those).
Last Monday I arrived back from a weekend in Regina taking Level 2 of the Yuen Method. I was also visiting with my friend Joyce who I had not seen for nearly three years, so it was great in both directions. Joyce and I went and saw two movies (reviews coming up) and then Saturday and Sunday was spent in class which taxed my brain more than I liked. But Monday came, and I took Joyce on a road trip to Moose Jaw for lunch in a Thai Restaurant she liked and it was great and then we went shopping (what woman does not like that) and then I dropped her back home, picked up my bags and took my rental to the airport.
Now the journey becomes interesting. As you are aware, when you pick up a car they charge the day from the time you pick it up and that was 5pm. Although my plane did not leave until 7.40pm, I returned the car for 5pm, walked across the aisle (small airport) to check in saying to the woman behind the counter, "I'm really early". She replies "Good thing, because your plane is 3 hours late, and I'm going to see if I can reroute you". I stand there waiting, and then she says, (after she gets off the phone to report she is sending another person up). "Go up there right now and get on the plane". So I obeyed, went up and walked onto a flight for Calgary. Then I got off the Calgary plane and walked right on to a plane for Vancouver. So instead of waiting 3 hours plus and missing my connection back to Penticton, I spent the waiting time in Vancouver and got back home on time for my dear friend Jeanne to pick me up and deposit me at my home.
Tuesday morning arrived - now Tuesdays are my cleanse day and I don't book too much for myself that day anyway - but I woke up (after not a great sleep) and I just did not want to get out of bed. Now since I have been here in Penticton 3 years I have not had that feeling once. I was so tired, I just did not want to get up. So I took it really easy. Although Jeanne was back at 10.00am, to take me to pick up my car at the garage. We usually walk on Tuesdays but we both agreed not to that day. Thank goodness.
That tiredness has been slowly going through the week. My client load has not been too busy and I have slowly begun to get my house back in order. All the coming and going, and things have not got put away, I was five months behind in my bookkeeping (two months worth has been done now, and the other three months hopefully will be started today) and I'm taking it easy. Not getting myself too tired, going slowly day by day, doing what needs to be done and tackling a bit more before I'm tired again. So watching DVD's and movies help when my body just does not want to move to think.
Today the sun is shining, I feel so much better. This week will see me crossing into the energy line I'm sure.
Two neat things: Last night my son Rob gave me the date I pick up my granddaughter McKayla for three days - the first time she gets to come and stay by herself with me. I have her for three night --- yeah!
Also, I'm reading this most wonderful book which I picked up in the Airport on my way to Regina. Its absolutely phenomenally written SHANTARAM by Gregory David Roberts. I can only read a bit at a time, as his words are like pictures and rich and I seem to only able to assimilate a bit at a time. Its a thick book so I imagine it will take me another week or two to get through it. Today I read on page 632 "I'd closest friends in the same week, and with them I'd lost the mark on the psychic map that says "you are here". Personality and personal identity are in some ways like co-ordinates on the streetmap drawn by our intersecting relationships. We know who we are and we define what we are by references to the people we love and our reasons for loving them". See what I mean, words placed together like an artist. You have to stop and think about what has just been said after you have read certain thoughts. Although this book is written as a novel its based on his life and what a life ..... wow!
I totally recommend anyone who likes good literature with a phenomenal story read this book. When I've finished I'll probably reread it and truly mark some of the discourses on good and evil and life that are there, written up as discussions between people. Rich stuff. Sometimes you learn more from a novel than you do from anything else.
Well think that's all today....I have my movie reviews to do.
Norma Cowie
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