Saturday, November 20, 2010

Calgary - cold & snow & ice

We all know God works in mysterious ways, well I ended up driving to Calgary in a rented car. (If you connected to me on Facebook you would know the chaos which surrounded me about leaving to come here). Anyway, as I know many of you who read this are not connected on Facebook, I will give you a quick breakdown. When in Vancouver I had a car accident which resulted in some minor damage (I thought) to my right headlight. I saw the autobody people when I returned home and advised I wanted the car ready to drive to Calgary. It got approved by the ICBC person who looked at it, and then we were waiting for parts. Then I took it to be 'winterized' for the journey, as I could see by the weather forecast Calgary was in for cold, snowy weather. 
After it had the winterizing package down which included rotating the wheels, I went to Kelowna to see the wonderful massage therapist I have found there. Caycee is one of the best I have ever had and has done wonders with my back, right shoulder and other parts of my body. The car drove terribly there and back (only 1 hour north). 
I went back to the garage and told them about the vibration as I would not be able to drive to Calgary with the vibration. They said I just probably needed the tires balanced.  OK says me, go ahead.  Well within 15 minutes 'the man' I don't know his name called me to come look.  The whole frame had been moved, so there was much more damage done than expected.  'The man" told me,"take it back to the autobody people, because this car will not make it to Calgary as is".
Now, before going further I want to make this point, up to where 'the man' looked at the car, three people had looked at the vehicle and not one of them had picked up this other problem .  It should have been picked up when I had the car winterized at least, or the ICBC Insurance guy should have noticed, but no one had. 
So here I am midday Wednesday, with my plan of leaving for Calgary the next morning up in the air.  No problem, Steve and Paul of the autobody company, get on the phone, the ICBC man comes over declares my car undriveable, and because I have a 'road star' program (something I have bought for years and not ever used) I could get a rental while it is in the shop. 
So Thursday morning, I'm picking up this Subaru with the all wheel drive, and everything else you want and at 9.45am I am on the road.  The trip was done slower than usual - 10 hours - but the roads were clear, I had a patch of blue sky leading the way, and when the moon came out it was a beautiful big, nearly full  moon which lit up the road wonderfully well. I was well looked after.
God working in mysterious ways. the truth is my car probably should not be driving here in snow and ice, and now I have this lovely little white car which handles well, is warm and has the bells and whistles. I may have to pay some extra monies, because the rental is only good until they fix up my car, but they are waiting for a part from Japan, so hopefully it will be a few days before it arrives.  Plus they found another problem with a tie rod which needs to be fixed not covered. So when I get back safe and sound from the journey, next Monday -- I will get everything straightened up and then have my car for around the local area.
Now, Calgary - 24 at night, up to -10 during the day. Went out in the car for a short while this afternoon, and all I could think of was get myself back to my friend Deanne's house. The major roads are fine, but the way onto the highways are terrible.  I had a couple of times I skidded when I applied the breaks, and was glad of the all wheel drive.  But my nervous system did not like it.
I will be driving to and from here where I am staying, to the Hotel where the workshop is taking place this next week, as my course begins tomorrow morning. I'll be doing my usual praying while driving.
Eleanor is arriving here sometime this evening.  We are trusting the roads are like I had.Clear without snow.  I will know when she gets here. I'm waiting for her phone call to let me know how she is doing.
Now that I'm connected on my trusty computer online. I will be able to let you know how the Psychic Intuitive Development Intensive course goes. 
Then next Sunday I will making my way home.
Lots of blessings to you all.
PS  I had hoped to go see several movies the two days I've had here, but with the weather being so cold and the roads being so awful, I haven't.
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