Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Home with new computer!

Hi there: well the 10 days in Vancouver finally ended. Talk about busy. Mary, so sorry I did not have more time to talk with you when you dropped by unexpectedly to the talk on the Thursday night.  It had been a long day, driving in from Penticton, setting up my booth at the Womens Show, with the help of Bridget thank goodness, arriving at my friend Sonia's place - setting up there - and then driving to Burnaby to speak, and there you were.  I had to go see Rob, my computer guy afterwards, so driving there in the rain was no fun, but it was done and home in bed before midnight as the show began the next day. Anyway, would have loved to spend more time chatting, but it was good to see you & Linda!!!
So highlights of the trip:  the Women's Show I was super busy on the Friday, and slowish on Saturday & Sunday. Spent money, purchasing this and that - as always its like being in the ShowMart building at the PNE.  I was happy to tear down on Sunday night and head back to Sonia's. My thought was "I don't want to have to do this anymore". At least not take everything, tables, chairs products and me.
Monday I had a wonderful day visiting with my friends Anne, Alice and  we had lunch with Sylvain (used to be Olivia). She has a lovely apartment in White Rock with a water view. Afterwards a trip to WalMart and then dropping Alice back at her place, Anne and I went to the Rob's the computer man (first of many trips for me over the next few days).  Then we went to the movie RED for  me it was the 2nd time, but its a great movie and I love it. Talk about laugh, back to Rob's and then dropped Anne home and then me back to Sonias.
Tuesday, visiting again, lunch with Rita (always a delight) tea with Janet in Tsawwassen, then to the Natural Comfort where I had a massage with Beverley, supper with her and Pat and then a evening of channeling with 13 people.  Lots of interesting information coming through for each person from their individual guide.
Wednesday, clients came to Sonia's place to see me. One did not show up and I was quite glad on one hand, but sad on another because so many people had been turned away due to lack of time available for appointments. Glad because I was quite tired and new I had a workshop to do that evening. Managed a quick visit in with Sylvie and Sonia's daughter Cia before leaving for the workshop. Past Life Regression workshop I thought went quite well, and most, as usual, got some visual information.
Thursday, drove into Vancouver, visited with Bridget quickly, then went and did three readings and then off to pick up my granddaughters from school, visited them for a while. Had supper with them and Melanie, and then McKayla was off and then Rob arrived home in time to say Hi/Bye when we was off taking Kiera to soccer and Melanie off to pick McKayla and me off to Rob the computer man where I picked up my new laptop plus monitor. I was glad to be able to watch tv before heading to bed. I'm glad I don't have little kids, the schedules my son and his wife keep.
Friday, got away around 8.45, picked up Anne who decided to come back with me for a week's break and drove home.
Home....well if you ever have gotten a new computer you will know what it is like. I still have some programs to put in but after nearly a week I have it operational and can do most of what I want.  a couple of Rob on the line has helped. But love my new monitor - its big and makes it easy for me to see. (My facebook page has recorded that part).
I  took the weekend to recuperate from the busy, busy, busy trip - long days etc. Sunday Anne and I drove to Osyoos for lunch, Tuesday we went to Kelowna, as I had chiropractor and massage appointments.
Oh yes, on my way home from the workshop, last Wednesday I ran into a car. So did a slight bit of damage on my car which needs to get fixed before I leave for Calgary in two weeks.  So I just remembered as I came to today, Wednesday, when I'm back to clients (one cancelling - boohoo) and walking with Jeannie (coming up in half an hour) which I enjoy and have missed. So later today I will be taking the car in.
All in all, its good to be back home in my own bed, and back to my sort of regular schedule.
Trust your last few weeks have been pleasant and enjoyable too.

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