Monday, November 29, 2010

Calgary Intensive Completed

I'm finally home. While in Calgary for the seven day Psychic Intuitive Development Intensive the weather was very cold. One morning when I began the car to take me to the hotel it groaned when I turned the key. Then it turned over and began running, I looked up at the dash and it says -29. Yes it was cold. -20 I can handle well, but -29 is way too cold. Through the cold, we had our seven day course. Five people participated and by the time they did their practicum 7 days later, they were able to read strangers using the crystal ball, stones, buttons, dark mirror and they each draw a person's aura and spoke to it.  The comments from the 'clients' were as follows:
It was great! Really enjoyed all the readings.
Everyone had something to say that resonated with me.

Very satisfying, interesting and I honestly found it soothing. Great intuitiveness for me!. Everyone hit “the nail on the head” – accurate – loved it.
Wonderful experience. This was great, everyone touched on different parts of my life. Everyone did very well.
I was like a proud mama watching them, I took some videos and photos of them, so will hopefully have some I can publish.  I am still getting my new computer sorted out, ie taking pictures from my camera etc, hopefully the next few days I will be able to figure out some of this. But I'm quite tired from the traveling. It took me 9 1/2 hours to drive home yesterday. That's without much stopping. Just wanted to make sure I got home safe and sound. It was snowing when I left Calgary. Luckily by Banff the snow had stopped and the roads were fairly clear most of the way. I still drove quite slowly though.
Now I am working away at moving through emails, putting things away and also getting orders mailed. Both through the slow mail and an ebook.
I managed a small walk today, but it was small as the wind shield is very cold. So a small walk it was. I  missed my walks as the days were quite long 9.30 - 5.30 and by the time we got back to Deanne's where Eleanor and I were staying it was dark, cold and all I wanted to do was eat supper and rest.
I did not get to see as many movies as I wanted to, but did put out one movie review that several of us went to see on the Wednesday night. We all enjoyed it, even though, surprisingly several reviews I have read (by men) were not so favourable.  I hope to get to see a couple now that I'm back home.
I do love teaching and speaking, and some of the comments from the 'students' follow:
This week for me was amazing...the seven days gave me understanding and clarity of my natural gifts....the knowledge I have learnt in seven days takes most people a lifetime...I wish I would have had this workshop years ago.
I found that not only was my intuitiveness opened was a personal transformation/integration of  myself. 
This week was more than I had ever thought it could be...I feel whole, complete, shiny and bright. Thank you for the new outlook on my life. 
This class has been truly life changing. I find myself filled with childlike excitement to move on to the next phase of my growth utilizing my new found tools...You have saved me thousands of dollars and years of therapy.
Your teachings are priceless. 
It is always a great feeling when your 'students' enjoy learning from you. I have come home to get ready for Christmas and work with my clients. I'm truly blessed.

Norma Cowie
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