Thursday, November 11, 2010

November rolls on-chakras-time

It's Remembrance Day, and I'm having a rest day (well sort of).  Two clients on the phone this am, my walk with Jeanne at one. Shopping for the Intensive weekend after the walk and catching up with emails have been interspersed with finishing a Nora Roberts Novel, watching a movie and soon watching Gray's Anatomy. Yes a very fruitful day for me. A relaxing one. Seems like since I got back from Vancouver it has been go, go, go, and when I realized I was a bit wound up, I decided I needed to kick back a bit and not worry if the filing isn't done, or still some of the programs are not working right on the computer. Also implementing some of my techniques when I feel stressed for time. Stating to myself "Time is my friend" plus "There is always more than enough time".  It seemed liked right away I relaxed and began reading and just feeling better. Yes, life seems quite good right now.
Yesterday I was able to use Skype on my new computer and it worked really well until for some reason my connection to my niece in New Zealand was cut off.  No matter how I tried I could not get the connection back, so that was that. But at least I know this Skype works 10 times better than my last computer and I feel quite comfortable in doing Skype connections now.
I did have something I wanted to report though. last Friday night, while Anne was still here, I had two other friends in  for supper. Aggie and Trish. Sometime during the evening Trish asked us if we had heard about another 'negative' Chakra system. Aggie and I looked at each other and said no.  Later than evening I asked my guide RaMa if there was another 'negative' chakra system.  this was his reply:
Remembering, that the chakra system that I work with is like streams of energy which are connected "Plug into" a "grid" around we tend to work from the front to the back, even though the energy system is 360o all around.  RaMa said that the front part of the chakra systems was the 'positive' side and the back entry was the 'negative' side. It was like a battery, the positive and negative, and therefore worked as such. Both sides need to be plugged in to make the 'charge' the energy work effectively.
Thanks RaMa it explained a lot and I once again appreciated my wonderful internal teacher.
This last week I have been working with four clients a day, rather than two or three plus fitting in my walk and I have found that I have not had enough time for all the other things I tend to do. So once I'm back from Calgary (leaving next Thursday to begin my seven day intensive on the Sunday) I will go back, if possible to two clients (maybe three) a day. But sometimes fitting in their time available with mine means morning clients (when I like working with them) and evening (or late after noon clients).  At least I truly have found out what works best for me.
Last Sunday I spoke at the Celebration Centre on Creating Magic and taped it on my mp3 player. So I do have CD's of two talks now.  If you are interested at all in getting them I can mail them to you for $10.00 (postage, cds etc).
I'm hoping my car gets fixed up early next week so I'm all set for Calgary (from my accident in Vancouver) luckily it does not stop me from driving, but it is an indicator light, and I don't think its a very good idea to travel with it not working, especially as it looks like the winter weather might arrive soon. It was very cold walking today. Jeanne and I said the wind factor along our lake must have been below zero. I know its the coldest we have felt so far. 
Guess that's brought us up todate. 
What a month, disappearing fast and when I get back its December and my usual, Christmas Tea Party and Christmas Pot Luck Supper all awaiting to be hosted.  Christmas decorations will be gotten I'm staying in the present and thinking about my future. (What my little accident was about).  Already agreed to go to Vernon for their Health & Wellness Fair in the beginning of March. 
Must away, Gray's is going to begin very soon.
Love to all
Norma Cowie
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