Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jan 26th - Hope and Acceptance

How quickly time flies! I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted something here. This morning I awoke quite early and as my knee seems to complain (less as the days go by) when I’m in bed too long, I got up and lay on the chesterfield. I pulled up the blinds and watched the most beautiful sunrise occur. The colors as the crept into the sky began and slowly grew larger and bolder and more beautiful with every minute. It definitely was like a new day was dawning. It filled me with HOPE! Hope for what I’m not sure, the future, my life, everyone’s life. All of it. All I knew was it filled me with the feeling of Hope.
Last night I received three calls from regular clients. All from different parts of North America. Each one having their own crisis. Two of them I spoke with as the called before my channeling evening began. The third one came in during the evening and I spoke with her this morning. I knew something energetically was going on. During the day I had at the last minute changed my mind about where I was going and ended up in a restaurant having a very late lunch, when in walked two women who recognized me from over 25 years ago (I may be older and fatter, but guess I’m still me). They also had moved up here – to the next biggest city south down the valley in which I live, at the same time as me. While we caught up with the bits and pieces of our lives they mentioned that this weekend energies would be changing. I often take bits of information like this with a grain of salt, as energies are changing all the time, but I paid attention because it seemed strange that I had run into these two women on this day.
Then I’m home getting ready for the channeling evening and the phone goes. Two people phoning close together in personal crisis. Then during the channeling evening, the message of hope for the participants which came through from their guides, each one receiving uplifting messages to go forward in strength. And then this morning the sunrise. Yes a definite energy shift is occurring!
During this last week I had also noticed that whether I was doing a reading or a soul/source connection that the message was acceptance, acceptance, acceptance. Sometimes this message was accompanied by something else, but primarily the main message was acceptance. Now sometimes when a message comes through over and over I also know it has meaning for me. But here I believe the bigger picture was unfolding. For me acceptance as me, myself and I and ‘get on with it’. For others, whatever the issue is at hand, acceptance is the main key. I have come to understand that until we acceptance whatever it is 100% we are unable to change it, because we are unable to decide to what to do account it. But, when we accept 100% we are free to decide what we want to do. It sounds simple but isn’t. We tend to want things our own way, and have the end result we want. Life simply does not work like that. At least not most of the time for most people.
Acceptance of what is 100%, decide what you want to do and then proceed forward.
After-all, there is HOPE!!! The sunrise had it all ….. HOPE is there!
Have a great day!
Norma Cowie
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jan 17th - Crop Circles

I am presently reading a book about Crop Circles, which was loaned to me by my friend Lisa. I was never interested in Crop Circles until a few months ago I watched a DVD documentary of them. I had not realized the most beautiful designs which had been made by the ‘circlemakers’. Up until the evening of watching the documentary I had only envisioned they made ‘circles’. Little did I realize these circles were not only the most beautiful designs, but held mathematical mysteries and spoke volumes about the meaning of the universe. Several of the ‘circles’ I absolutely loved. Some of the designs I saw seemed to speak to me personally. They had meaning to me. Even if I truly did not understand what message the designs were conveying, they seemed to speak to me. It was these particular designs which sparked my interest.
As I knew my friend Lisa was interested in Crop Circles I spoke to her about the program and she loaned me what she considered was the best book she had come across. Secrets in the Fields – The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles by Freddy Silva. Although I have not completed the book, he does proceed step by step through the history and the unfolding of these circles. He also explores the hoaxes and the different people and governments who have attempted to bebunk these circles as all being man made. As Freddy Silva adequately points out, there is no way man can have made the majority of these.
I would suggest if you are interested in learning more and you like reading, this book is definitely enlightening on this subject of crop circles. Or look for the documentary which talks about the Crop Circles. I am sure you will enjoy the designs plus the information contained within it.
I know I will be continuing reading Freddy Silva’s book in the next few days.
Norma Cowie
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Jan 14 2008, Winter and the Death symbol

It is wild and windy today. The good news for me is that all the snow and ice from the roadways around my home has gone and I can walk out there with ease. As walking is a prescribed activity for getting my knee back into shape I like this a lot. Earlier when I was walking I was looking at all the trees in there winter nakedness and it made me think of the Death symbol of the Tarot. The trees are reduced to the bare bones of themselves and they are awaiting the signal of spring when they will begin to burst out in new leaves, coming forth into a renewed life. In the meantime, there they are being blown about in the wind, standing tall and strong.
The Death symbol is so similar. Life takes us and throws us around and we are reduced the essence of ourselves (the bare bones) and then we keep on and we slowly and surely rebuild ourselves, our lives and proceed onward. We walk step by step, day by day into Spring, the newness of the next adventure, the next step of the journey of life. It is those moments when we are bare, that is the most precarious, do we surrender to the weight of non-achieving, or do we go on ahead, step by step and rebuild.
As I look back over my life, there have been several times when I have had to accept what has occurred, pick myself up and shake myself off and start all over again. The one thing I truly hope for, is that I have come to understand whatever it was that I needed to learn from whatever the experience was. Sometimes I realize I did not, but often I did. And so I have grown in many areas, and keep growing in others.
Death, the letting go and becoming resilient to the stresses of life and continuing on with love and understanding I will get wherever it is I’m heading.
Oh life is good … even when the wind is blowing with a cold bite.
Norma Cowie
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jan 10th - allowing

Today it is snowing, gentle soft snow flakes flowing down. As my first winter in the Okanagan, it is my first with ‘real’ snow. The coastal snow mostly is wet and heavy. I just love how I go out and the snow leaves my car with ease and there is something wonderfully beautiful about how it gently comes on down. Fresh, soft and gently landing. It sparks the thought of ‘do we land softly’ in life, or do we make things ‘hard’ for ourselves? I like to think I walk through life with ease, but as I look back on my roadway, I can see how I have made it hard for myself. I made it hard because I did not trust the process or listen to my heart. I thought I needed to know the steps rather than the final destination. This is what I’m practicing here, in this new environment. Know what I want, and let go of how I’m going to get there.
Last night at the meditation group, we used Goddess Cards and I (once again) got Sige the goddess of silence. This time though, I had the most wonderful ‘heart’ meditation. I was filled with universal love, and I went out beyond the stars to the edge of the universe and beamed love onto the planet. It was the ‘silence’ place. I was shown how everything begins and the intent of the thought, the energy behind it brings about manifestation. It was all there. Love manifesting all around on this planet.
Today as I look at my Tarot Cards Knight of Cups, Page of Swords, Death I see how it reflects what occurred last night and what is happening with my progress around the rehabilitation of my knee. My rehabilitation is much slower than I would like and I have to be patient. I go back to see the psiotherapist this afternoon, but my frustration is obvious to me with my inability to move my knee like I want. Anyway, back on subject, the Knight of Cups states you are heading ahead slowly and surely towards the goal, the Death symbol, very similarly stating you are leaving behind the old heading towards the new with a ways to go. It’s the Page of Swords which draws my attention. I need to let go, relax, and become more at one with the ‘heart’ knowing I will reach my destination. I will get there, be patient and let go. Allow the process to occur. I know the end result I want, therefore all I need to do is let go.
How many of us today need to ‘let go’. No matter what it is which is drawing our attention back towards the past we need to let go. It could be an attitude we have, it could be a memory which keeps popping up (showing we have not ‘cleared’ the emotion around it), and it could be a thought which says ‘I can’t do it’.
No matter, the relaxation, the letting will allow the future to unfold as it needs to for our best. Trust. Trusting the process. So today we let go and allow. We allow the day to unfold as it will.
Norma Cowie
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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Jan 9th - new beginning 2008

Here it is the 9th January and finally I’m getting to begin working with my Blog. I’ve promised myself (something I rarely do) that I would be consistent. I have lots of thoughts, concepts and I just do not always share them, and then when it is time for the meta-zine to come out I have forgotten most of them. I know the blog concept helps with that, some days you have great insights, sometimes not so great, but no body will get to read them if I don’t sit here and put something down.
Well its been a month since my knee was done, and the first 2 weeks were great, very little pain, everything went super great (thanks to all the healers who were sending me energy) now I am endeavoring to get the knee to stretch and work properly. I have had more pain and discomfort in the last four weeks as I begin to stretch it and walk etc. than I did in the first two. Sometimes the knee is fine and then there is major discomfort. Yesterday I went to see the psiotherapist (a lovely young man – how good can that be for an older woman) anyway he’s put me on a regime which I am committing to do, as I know I have to get this knee working right. So three times a day I have lots to do and then I go back to see him tomorrow. Lets hope by then I have a little more movement in it.
A funny thing happened to me which opened up a whole new contemplation – its my brain – somewhere in there it decided it did not want my knee to do things, it did not want to feel discomfort etc. Luke – the psiotherapist told me that even though you have had an anesthetic, the brain knows it is hurting, cuts off that part of the (for me) leg. It explained quite a bit, so I’m now talking to my brain to stop it, let go and allow the knee to function that it will not be hurt, have no pain etc. Aren’t we something, the brain definitely has its own ideas. On Friday I’m going to see my Body Talk friend Lisa, so will ask her if there is anything she can do to get my brain to let go – its always helpful to get a second opinion and I’m a bit close to this.
My Tarot cards today were, 4 of wands, star and hermit. Therefore I take from this I’m on the right track, use my knowledge and listen to me. I am certainly giving myself a regime to work with right now, and I know I have to keep to it. I also know I know my own answers, even when I don’t like them and I need to listen. Therefore, this day, Wednesday, when I have my meditation group this evening I will listen to me!!! My inner voice, my inner me. And as the song says “I will survive”.
Norma Cowie
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