Monday, January 14, 2008

Jan 14 2008, Winter and the Death symbol

It is wild and windy today. The good news for me is that all the snow and ice from the roadways around my home has gone and I can walk out there with ease. As walking is a prescribed activity for getting my knee back into shape I like this a lot. Earlier when I was walking I was looking at all the trees in there winter nakedness and it made me think of the Death symbol of the Tarot. The trees are reduced to the bare bones of themselves and they are awaiting the signal of spring when they will begin to burst out in new leaves, coming forth into a renewed life. In the meantime, there they are being blown about in the wind, standing tall and strong.
The Death symbol is so similar. Life takes us and throws us around and we are reduced the essence of ourselves (the bare bones) and then we keep on and we slowly and surely rebuild ourselves, our lives and proceed onward. We walk step by step, day by day into Spring, the newness of the next adventure, the next step of the journey of life. It is those moments when we are bare, that is the most precarious, do we surrender to the weight of non-achieving, or do we go on ahead, step by step and rebuild.
As I look back over my life, there have been several times when I have had to accept what has occurred, pick myself up and shake myself off and start all over again. The one thing I truly hope for, is that I have come to understand whatever it was that I needed to learn from whatever the experience was. Sometimes I realize I did not, but often I did. And so I have grown in many areas, and keep growing in others.
Death, the letting go and becoming resilient to the stresses of life and continuing on with love and understanding I will get wherever it is I’m heading.
Oh life is good … even when the wind is blowing with a cold bite.
Norma Cowie
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