Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jan 17th - Crop Circles

I am presently reading a book about Crop Circles, which was loaned to me by my friend Lisa. I was never interested in Crop Circles until a few months ago I watched a DVD documentary of them. I had not realized the most beautiful designs which had been made by the ‘circlemakers’. Up until the evening of watching the documentary I had only envisioned they made ‘circles’. Little did I realize these circles were not only the most beautiful designs, but held mathematical mysteries and spoke volumes about the meaning of the universe. Several of the ‘circles’ I absolutely loved. Some of the designs I saw seemed to speak to me personally. They had meaning to me. Even if I truly did not understand what message the designs were conveying, they seemed to speak to me. It was these particular designs which sparked my interest.
As I knew my friend Lisa was interested in Crop Circles I spoke to her about the program and she loaned me what she considered was the best book she had come across. Secrets in the Fields – The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles by Freddy Silva. Although I have not completed the book, he does proceed step by step through the history and the unfolding of these circles. He also explores the hoaxes and the different people and governments who have attempted to bebunk these circles as all being man made. As Freddy Silva adequately points out, there is no way man can have made the majority of these.
I would suggest if you are interested in learning more and you like reading, this book is definitely enlightening on this subject of crop circles. Or look for the documentary which talks about the Crop Circles. I am sure you will enjoy the designs plus the information contained within it.
I know I will be continuing reading Freddy Silva’s book in the next few days.
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