Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jan 10th - allowing

Today it is snowing, gentle soft snow flakes flowing down. As my first winter in the Okanagan, it is my first with ‘real’ snow. The coastal snow mostly is wet and heavy. I just love how I go out and the snow leaves my car with ease and there is something wonderfully beautiful about how it gently comes on down. Fresh, soft and gently landing. It sparks the thought of ‘do we land softly’ in life, or do we make things ‘hard’ for ourselves? I like to think I walk through life with ease, but as I look back on my roadway, I can see how I have made it hard for myself. I made it hard because I did not trust the process or listen to my heart. I thought I needed to know the steps rather than the final destination. This is what I’m practicing here, in this new environment. Know what I want, and let go of how I’m going to get there.
Last night at the meditation group, we used Goddess Cards and I (once again) got Sige the goddess of silence. This time though, I had the most wonderful ‘heart’ meditation. I was filled with universal love, and I went out beyond the stars to the edge of the universe and beamed love onto the planet. It was the ‘silence’ place. I was shown how everything begins and the intent of the thought, the energy behind it brings about manifestation. It was all there. Love manifesting all around on this planet.
Today as I look at my Tarot Cards Knight of Cups, Page of Swords, Death I see how it reflects what occurred last night and what is happening with my progress around the rehabilitation of my knee. My rehabilitation is much slower than I would like and I have to be patient. I go back to see the psiotherapist this afternoon, but my frustration is obvious to me with my inability to move my knee like I want. Anyway, back on subject, the Knight of Cups states you are heading ahead slowly and surely towards the goal, the Death symbol, very similarly stating you are leaving behind the old heading towards the new with a ways to go. It’s the Page of Swords which draws my attention. I need to let go, relax, and become more at one with the ‘heart’ knowing I will reach my destination. I will get there, be patient and let go. Allow the process to occur. I know the end result I want, therefore all I need to do is let go.
How many of us today need to ‘let go’. No matter what it is which is drawing our attention back towards the past we need to let go. It could be an attitude we have, it could be a memory which keeps popping up (showing we have not ‘cleared’ the emotion around it), and it could be a thought which says ‘I can’t do it’.
No matter, the relaxation, the letting will allow the future to unfold as it needs to for our best. Trust. Trusting the process. So today we let go and allow. We allow the day to unfold as it will.
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