Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Meditation Evening

Tuesday was the last meditation night for the year. It was completed with a special Christmas Meditation Evening. Several years ago I wrote a Christmas Service in which the story of Jesus is told in metaphysical terms with traditional carols interdispersed with the story. I enjoy delivering this story and song, and today have received several phone calls from people stating how much they have enjoyed it. It is one of the highlights of the year for me. It is good to remember the tale of the birth of the Christ child and what it means. It warms ones heart as you sing the carols in which I and many others were raised with and now are often not sung because they have 'religious' side to them, being replaced by Christmas songs which have no 'religious' significance.
Sometimes I think things can be taken way too far. This is a Christian country, and yes tolerance of all religions is important, but it is know as a Christian based country and the banning of Christmas Carols at this time of the year seems a bit much to me....regardless I enjoy singing them and have some favorites.
So a few of us gather every year and sing and listen to the story of the birth and the life of Jesus as told by me! I'm glad those few enjoy it.
In the meantime you enjoy this season, the cold, the lights, snow if you have it (we don't - thank goodness) and most of all the spirit of giving. Afterall Jesus did leave the message to "love on another".
Christmas Blessings on this holiday season.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tarot symbol Queen of Swords

Tarot symbol Queen of Swords
Today the Queen of Swords comes up which reminds me to watch where I get defensive, or where I need to be steadfast. As I'm still a bit tired, I know I can be reactive when normally I would not. I need to remain open. I need to allow my beauty to shine and be me in all situations.
The prayer for this would go like this:
Knowing there is a power within the universe which is in and through all things, I connect with this energy within me. As I connect with this energy, I know that I am able to remain centered and remember all people have this energy within them. I acknowledge this energy within all and I acknowledge I can remain centered, loving and understanding no matter what a person says to me. I am one with all there is, I am one with everyone and I remain open to the miracle which can occur between two people. I give thanks in knowing I am open and connected. I give thanks in knowing I am centered at all times. I release this thought knowing it is true. I am one with it all. And So It Is. Amen.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I recently gave a talk at a local spiritualist church regarding Spiritual Prosperity. Although I have written a book titled Spiritual Principles of Wealth and have given many workshops around this title, I had not spoken on the subject for a few years. While preparing my talk and rereading my own book I realized that one aspect of spiritual prosperity which I had almost forgotten was FORGIVENESS. Partly this was because I automatically work on that aspect now and had become a part of me. Bringing it back into my consciousness though, was a good exercise as I was able to recheck if I was holding onto any resentments and or guilt about anything. Also I was able to carry through the information into my newly formed Wealth Group. When you have resentments and anger at another or oneself, you have blocks in your vibration system. Therefore FOREGIVENESS is the key to remove them. My suggestion is if as you look at your life and feel you need to be having more of anything in your life - money, love, excitement etc, then look at what you need to be FORGIVING. It's almost guaranteed if you let go, FORGIVE, then abundance will come on in.
I personally believe it is very important to FORGIVE self. Therefore, ensure you are forgiving yourself as well. I personally have found if I forgive my part in whatever, then it is easy to FORGIVE anyone or anything else.
If you have trouble FORGIVING, then you may want to utilize my Tape - Energy Release - which helps deload and bring you into alignment and connection.
Norma Cowie