Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Meditation Evening

Tuesday was the last meditation night for the year. It was completed with a special Christmas Meditation Evening. Several years ago I wrote a Christmas Service in which the story of Jesus is told in metaphysical terms with traditional carols interdispersed with the story. I enjoy delivering this story and song, and today have received several phone calls from people stating how much they have enjoyed it. It is one of the highlights of the year for me. It is good to remember the tale of the birth of the Christ child and what it means. It warms ones heart as you sing the carols in which I and many others were raised with and now are often not sung because they have 'religious' side to them, being replaced by Christmas songs which have no 'religious' significance.
Sometimes I think things can be taken way too far. This is a Christian country, and yes tolerance of all religions is important, but it is know as a Christian based country and the banning of Christmas Carols at this time of the year seems a bit much to me....regardless I enjoy singing them and have some favorites.
So a few of us gather every year and sing and listen to the story of the birth and the life of Jesus as told by me! I'm glad those few enjoy it.
In the meantime you enjoy this season, the cold, the lights, snow if you have it (we don't - thank goodness) and most of all the spirit of giving. Afterall Jesus did leave the message to "love on another".
Christmas Blessings on this holiday season.
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