Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tarot symbol Queen of Swords

Tarot symbol Queen of Swords
Today the Queen of Swords comes up which reminds me to watch where I get defensive, or where I need to be steadfast. As I'm still a bit tired, I know I can be reactive when normally I would not. I need to remain open. I need to allow my beauty to shine and be me in all situations.
The prayer for this would go like this:
Knowing there is a power within the universe which is in and through all things, I connect with this energy within me. As I connect with this energy, I know that I am able to remain centered and remember all people have this energy within them. I acknowledge this energy within all and I acknowledge I can remain centered, loving and understanding no matter what a person says to me. I am one with all there is, I am one with everyone and I remain open to the miracle which can occur between two people. I give thanks in knowing I am open and connected. I give thanks in knowing I am centered at all times. I release this thought knowing it is true. I am one with it all. And So It Is. Amen.

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