Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mid January Report

How wonderful it feels to be back in the saddle, so to speak, clients, classes, planning trips etc. As winter has descended here, the ground is covered in snow covered ice. So one walks very carefully. Luckily the roads are clear. The last few days the sun has been shining and the wind chill not so bad, which makes the daily walks more comfortable. I like many at this time of the year have chosen a new food program (not using the word diet). This one will be for the long haul, hopefully to get to the weight I truly want to be.  I also am still taking my Jusuru Life Blend daily, and feel the benefits of that. Otherwise life is pretty much the same.
My downtime is spent watching TV and Movies. I especially like a new TV series called Switched At Birth, found it almost by accident and love it. It is about two girls switched at birth and one became deaf. Therefore you have a large deaf component with sign language and learning about their difficulties. Mostly its about the parents, the children (teenagers) and relationships. If you see it, check it out.
I believe everyone has felt some of the changes in vibration that have gone on and will continue to go on. Sometimes, I wish everything would just settle down and then we would know where we are going - but of course now everything has to resettle and we, us humans, have to decide how we want to show up in this new vibration world, which so many people do not realize has changed.  But I guess thats the fun of it all. Growth sometimes is not easy, but we need to make it interesting and fun. Don't you think?
Before the end of the year, most of the readings I was doing for people showed the need for letting go, and we need to remember to 'let go' of 'stuff', which I'm doing as I begin to declutter my house, but mostly ideas, beliefs and attitudes we have had.  I listened to the book DEEP TRUTH by Greg Braden, in fact gave it to my son and son in law for Christmas, because he speaks alot about how many of the held ideas and beliefs are not true. Are proven not true, yet we still act like they are.  Yes, time to change, let go, be open to newness.
January has begun with a number of classes for me to teach.  I have my usual Wednesday night drop in group, plus I'm finishing up my last Tarot class as the last two classes got postponed due to the weather so this Thursday I will be completing that. Tonight I finish up a series of three workshops on Transforming Your Blocks (one per month) and as we clear our emotions away from our memories, that will be the end of that series. This coming Saturday I'm facilitating a two hour Manifesting Your Goals, by Skype and in Person.  Then on the 29th I begin another eight week Tarot Course. Will organize February in the coming week. March will see me heading to Toronto area. Already workshops and psychic parties and channeling events are booked, so that pleases me too.
I trust you are enjoying the January weather wherever you are, northern hemisphere our winter, souther hemsisphere, where I usually go at this time of the year - but not this year - the summer.
Happy times

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