Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Soul Origin Experiences.

My wonder and learning continues with the Soul Origins Readings/Clearings.  I recently have done three more of them, and the one thing I have found is that you never know what is going to come up
What I love is when I mention the feeling I am perceiving my clients are able to say 'I can relate to that' or 'I feel that'. When I have confirmation, then I know I'm on the 'right track' so to speak.

One of the soul sessions I found the soul was incredibly bored, and found everything 'boring' and thought of humans as 'rats in a maze'. Interestingly enough my client related totally.  Trustingly by bringing in a new awareness she will find herself relating to humanity a little different.

Another soul session was with a client who I have done a number of clearings and past life regressions with. As we followed the soul back to the beginning, I remembered some of the past life regressions we had done.  They were relevant and explained a lot of what my client still felt, over responsibility, etc. Once we had the soul back to the beginning, there was a huge shift, the colors changed and a feeling of immense 'expanding' (my words for it) occurred. My client said she felt the shift and after discussing several of the thoughts and feelings she experiences after we were complete, her consciousness grew into the awareness.  I do find that the consciousness must also expand into the new ideas and concepts. Truly, the expansion of awareness, the non judgement, the excitement of coming to understand the different planets and dimensions is always a rewarding experience.

My last client was something very different. She brought with her a soul who showed me could not go back before the earth reincarnations (she had not done any clearing work with me) until we cleared some past lives and then when I thought we had it all, the soul showed me one life where she had hid in a cave.  Once that life was cleared then we could progress back.  Back to a green body, with scale like skin, living on a planet that was mostly water.  They could breathe underwater. What impressed me is the gentleness of these people.  She was there for ten turns (lives).  Then we progressed back to a planet which was volcanoes. The ferocity of this planet is something I find hard to explain, gas everywhere and when I looked at these huge people with faces like a snout (reminding me of gas masks). Again these were gentle people, afraid they would become extinct, due to the explosions and the long gestation period of their young.  But the working together, supporting each other and the gentleness it was  incredibly wonderful.  When I asked the soul if it was ready to go back to the beginning it was nervous, scared, so it took me to what I would call a dimension, where fairy like beings were. Again gentleness, and movement. The soul got bored there and had moved on (eventually arriving at the volcano planet - definitely not boring when you did not know if the land you were standing on was going to explode with a gas (hot steam) which would kill you.  Once we were at the fairyland (as I call it) then the soul was ready to go back.  It had been afraid of being emerged with it again and therefore losing its identify. Plus not being good enough, as though it has not done well enough. I was able to reassure it we were not returning it, but remembering how it felt to be connected. Once it was connected again, it remembered the non judgement and how accepted it was. Then the soul gladly remembered, letting go quite a few restrictions and then we pulled that energy through to the present life and integrated it. 
Through conversation after, my client got to see how her present life was represented in all that I had explained.  I was left once again with wonder at the beauty, the gentleness and the total being of the soul.

I'm loving doing these soul origin readings/clearings. Every time something new comes up. I still have not done enough to begin to see a pattern, but I'm certainly learning about different planets and dimensions and how other beings interreact.

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