Monday, February 28, 2011

Speaking and Working

This Sunday I spoke at the Celebration Centre here in Penticton, and it begins a series of talks and workshops in the next few months. (See my schedule at I can't explain the feeling I get when I speak to a group of people. Its like 'heaven' to me. This talk will be put on my website in a few days (Its in the mail to my webmaster). So you can listen through there, but I also have some copies available so I can mail you a CD of it too. I was speaking on the topic "Coming Home", and spoke about how I have several homes, but also was able to talk about our Souls and the journey we have plus the Akashic Records. Oh what fun to have it roll forth and then listen to it afterwards.
Next week I'm up in Salmon Arm speaking to the Quester's group on the topic "Following the Energy Line". I will be repeating the topic the following Monday for the Kelowna Questers. I happen to know although its the same topic, I'm sure it will not be exactly the same lecture. I speak to the people who are attending, therefore different information can be forthcoming.  Such fun!!
I'm also facilitating two Past Life Regression Workshops in the next few weeks, one while I'm in Salmon Arm, and another in Trail.
On Saturday I went and did a Psychic Party for a party of eleven. This was the first one in which I taped onto a CD, rather than audio tape. It definitely takes longer as it is recordered onto my mp3 player and then transferred onto a CD. I wish the inventors would invent something where we could tape directly onto a CD with ease. It is something which seemed to have 'fallen through the cracks' of inventing.  This coming weekend I'm at the only Trade Show I'm planning on doing this spring in Vernon and will use the CD process. Thinking about pricing right now. How to work the extra time in.
I also have had the privilege of working with both Readings and Clearings (using the Yuen Method) since coming back. I truly can see and feel the difference in my work since my three day reaudit course in Regina.  Wow...its so much more enjoyable, following the energy in this different way. I am so happy with it, it suits my style and how I like to work so much more. 
At the moment, even though we have had more snow I'm happy to be back home and working.
Love to all
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Monday, February 14, 2011

After New Zealand

In two days I will have been back from my trip to New Zealand a week. How time flies. I did not get to write about the last few days before flying back home. The day before I left I saw five clients. A busy day as I drove from place to place, but as it was spread out over the day it was OK.  I ended up loving my GPS, which got me to each place I needed to be at without too much difficulty. I learned how to interpret the instructions so I was able to navigate well. It made me realize how often in life we do not "follow the instructions" or we "misinterupret the instructions". 
Highlights, as always, is seeing family and friends. I was able to see a cousin who came with her neice, a second cousin who I have not seen for many, many years. That was an enjoyable visit. Plus a friend who I was unable to catch up with last year when I was back. So sisters, brother, in-laws, nieces, nephews, cousines, second cousines, friends were scatterred throughout the three weeks. Then this time I had clients too. As I'm sure you know I love doing my work, and so I did readings and clearings. I was pleased with the results and let them know I can phone easily and do either readings or clearings for them even though I'm across the ocean.
I also collected information for creating a 'Norma Cowie's North Island Tour' next year. More about that, and if you are on the email lists you will get word.  Right now, I'm busy getting caught back up with all the bits and pieces which don't get attended to when you are not here. Plus I left a lot of filing and sorting to be done when I got back. Plus, the clients are beginning to book back in.
This last weekend, I had my intensive students here, as we did the 'Chakra' weekend. As you are aware (or not) I work with 16 of them. Lots of 'clearing' done and balancing was created. All felt a lot better when completed. Then they had 'strangers' arrive and they 'read' for them. Aura drawings, Tarot Card, buttons, stones, psyomentry, black mirror and water in a bowl. All the clients for them enjoyed the couple of hours it took, and said each person related and gave them information pertinent to them. I'm one proud mama of that. This group did not take to crystal ball readings, and they decided to do the water in the bowl last month and each one makes it work wonderfly well.
Now I'm getting ready to go to Regina to re-audit Level 2 & 3 of the Yuen Method. A different teacher, so I'm looking forward to picking up some more information, or at least consolidating what I've learned so far. When I get back, I have been booked to speak at the local Celebration Centre. It will be good to see everyone as I have not been since the beginning of November. And then February will end.....and my busy March will begin.
Oh yes, its Valentine's Day today. Have not had much time to think about that, as I'm still catching up with myself, but lots of LOVE to everyone.
In the chakra connections this weekend, we all experienced lots of that love and wonderful universal energy.
Thats all for now.
Blessings with love

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Few days left in New Zealand

Hi:  Time travels fast when you are having fun. Now I'm down to the last few days and its all the things I have not done yet beginning to crowd in. Seeing people I have not connected with yet, purchasing the last few items I wanted before I leave and seeing clients who want readings or clearings.
My hot day in Russell was a God send in lots of ways as I'm back in Auckland where the morning skies are grey which lasts for most of the day and then the sun comes out through clouds hot and muggy. So not much sun, although hot and muggy.
I had driven back form Russell in the early evening so I would have the whole day Saturday here. I had some work I wanted to get done. Well I didn't get that done, and maybe today, or maybe tomorrow - we will have to see.
Yesterday am I awoke early and it was one of those mornings, when its dark, you have no idea what time it is, you don't want to read, you don't want to get up and you don't sleep.  I haven't had a morning like that for a long time. when I did get up I didn't want to do anything. Just felt a weird 'tired'.  Then my brother, sister - in law and myself, went out, had lunch and did some shopping at a store I wanted to go too, and there I found a watch I had been looking for. I had wanted an everyday silver watch (black faced) oblong, and had not found one which would go around my wrist - and there it was.  Then we proceeded to go south a wee ways to meet up with a second cousin and his wife who had dropped in to see me in Penticton around 4 years ago, and Malcolm could only remember vaguely when he was young. (I never did remember him).  Anyway, interesting is they both have the same names - Malcolm Edward - of course different last names as he is from my mother's side and to one of her nieces.  We had an interesting couple of hours in a Starbucks (yes they are here too) and then it was time to come on back here.
The evening was spent watching Sevens Rugby with me reading inbetween a book. New Zealand won the tournament.
Today Sunday (I leave Wednesday) I slept in, because I was awake at 3.00pm for an hour or so and slept in later.  I believe I'm leaving now to go see a movie. They have late morning times and the movie house is about 15 minutes up the road (not as close as home, but close) and then the local nieces and nephew are coming for a New Zealand supper tonight.  Will have to see what that means. I think Pavlova is on the menu.
So the final days, family, shopping and contacts with clients is being counted off.
Now beginning to look forward to getting home and getting caught up with orders which have come in and clients there who have booked. Plus the Wednesday night group which will begin again the following Wednesday 16th.
Blessings from downunder to all!
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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

New Zealand Trip continues

The other day I had typed up a whole lot of new info when I pressed something and it disappeared and was not in the mood to retype it.  So here goes.
Thursday saw Karen arrive from Hastings, so lots of catching up since I saw her last in August when I dropped her off at the airport in Calgary.
Friday: we had a lot of different people drop by to see me and so at 11.30 we took off for Tauranga where we met up with my second cousins Gayleen and Berice. I had a wonderful 1 1/2 hours of catching up there. Berice is exploring our family tree and I'm always fascinated by that. Then they left and Karen and I went 'shopping'.  One top, one pair of tights and some nail polish stuff later we were ready to head back to Matamata.  Now while in the mall, another rain storm was beginning to hit the area. Lots of rain and by the time we arrived back at Beryl's the rain was beginning there (already started in Tauranga) and it poured all night.
Saturday: Karen left to go on her way, I said my goodbyes to Beryl, always hard drove to see my sister Nancy and finally Les in their new 'Home' where they seem very happy and settled. After talking with them for awhile, said my goodbyes and continued my drive on back to Red Beach and Malcolm and Jan's place. About 20 minutes later I realized I had left my cape at Beryl's, thought about going back and then realized my niece is coming up this way next week and she could bring it, so kept driving. Now it had been raining hard all night, so soon I met a road closed, detour sign. Beryl & I had discussed the way to drive back up to Auckland area as flooding was going to be a problem. So once again I'm detoured all over the place, back roads up hill down dale, flooding on either side at times but eventually I end up on the number one hwy much further south than I had intended to be.  Once on the number one highway it was fairly easy driving (sailing) back north. Pearl (the 93rd old I went to the movies with tonight - see the movie blog: was waiting for me as brother Malcolm and sister-in-law Jan had left that day to take two of their grandkids back home a usual 3 hour drive, which took them all day due to the floods, detours, slides etc.  Anyway, I made it back safe and sound and watched the women's final of tennis before heading to bed (12.30 at night).
Sunday:  now that I was back online I caught up with emails and discovered I had a lift to go to the Tarot Guild's meeting in the afternoon. I was so thankful to Hazel for giving me the lift - she came right to the door to pick me up - and off we went for a wonderful afternoon, of professional meeting, readings and then they allowed me 1/2 hour to speak. Many of us went out for coffee/tea afterwards before Hazel brought me home. I was able to get some readings and clearings booked from that.  Watched the men's tennis that night.  Now tennis is over, so have time to work on the blog, movie review (finally getting to see two movies today -- but ahead of myself).
Monday: I had a client who came for 1/2 hour reading, 1 hour clearing and a past life regression. We went for lunch before the past life regression, so I had lots of time with a very interesting person. While working on the clearing for her, I came across an interesting aspect I had not run into before. I asked permission to write about it, so here is what I came across. Working on trust (not trusting) and shoulder tension, I found her psychic system on super high alert. Checking and looking for an energy in order to not be found. As I tuned in more, I asked her if she would see people and have an instant aversion. She said it had happened, although not often. This fit in what I was receiving. The story to me was she was from somewhere - hiding out - so to speak and people were 'looking for her'. Because I had picked up a very definite place where there was two camps of thought and she said that it felt like you could not leave, and she managed to 'get away'. Anyway, you can tell from that it was interesting and although I don't remember everything I said that's the gist of it, and so had to do quite a bit of clearing and disconnecting. Oh yes, I just remembered I asked her if she got 'flash headaches' which she said yes too.  It was like a radio signal coming in and when it did it was hard for the brain to assimilate, so did some work around that too. I'm looking forward to seeing how she feels in a few more days, as the work assimilates.
Tuesday:  today.... this was my day with no appointments except to have lunch with a childhood friend, who I see every time I come to visit. It is always great to sit down and catch up. Although it was only a year since I was here.  I went early, to the Mall we had decided to met at and shopped. More tops, more tights...clothes!!!  Then lunch, and then the movie The Fighter, (see other blog) and then when I got back here, went and bought Fish & Chips for Pearl and me, and then took her to see The Kings Speech (see other blog). A great day.  Now I'm working away. Its hot finally, but more rain coming but did get 10 minutes in the sunshine this afternoon with my book
Wednesday: tomorrow I'm off using my newly acquired GPS to see two people for readings and a clearing and hopefully catch up with another friend. So more about that later.
Many blessings.

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