Saturday, February 05, 2011

Few days left in New Zealand

Hi:  Time travels fast when you are having fun. Now I'm down to the last few days and its all the things I have not done yet beginning to crowd in. Seeing people I have not connected with yet, purchasing the last few items I wanted before I leave and seeing clients who want readings or clearings.
My hot day in Russell was a God send in lots of ways as I'm back in Auckland where the morning skies are grey which lasts for most of the day and then the sun comes out through clouds hot and muggy. So not much sun, although hot and muggy.
I had driven back form Russell in the early evening so I would have the whole day Saturday here. I had some work I wanted to get done. Well I didn't get that done, and maybe today, or maybe tomorrow - we will have to see.
Yesterday am I awoke early and it was one of those mornings, when its dark, you have no idea what time it is, you don't want to read, you don't want to get up and you don't sleep.  I haven't had a morning like that for a long time. when I did get up I didn't want to do anything. Just felt a weird 'tired'.  Then my brother, sister - in law and myself, went out, had lunch and did some shopping at a store I wanted to go too, and there I found a watch I had been looking for. I had wanted an everyday silver watch (black faced) oblong, and had not found one which would go around my wrist - and there it was.  Then we proceeded to go south a wee ways to meet up with a second cousin and his wife who had dropped in to see me in Penticton around 4 years ago, and Malcolm could only remember vaguely when he was young. (I never did remember him).  Anyway, interesting is they both have the same names - Malcolm Edward - of course different last names as he is from my mother's side and to one of her nieces.  We had an interesting couple of hours in a Starbucks (yes they are here too) and then it was time to come on back here.
The evening was spent watching Sevens Rugby with me reading inbetween a book. New Zealand won the tournament.
Today Sunday (I leave Wednesday) I slept in, because I was awake at 3.00pm for an hour or so and slept in later.  I believe I'm leaving now to go see a movie. They have late morning times and the movie house is about 15 minutes up the road (not as close as home, but close) and then the local nieces and nephew are coming for a New Zealand supper tonight.  Will have to see what that means. I think Pavlova is on the menu.
So the final days, family, shopping and contacts with clients is being counted off.
Now beginning to look forward to getting home and getting caught up with orders which have come in and clients there who have booked. Plus the Wednesday night group which will begin again the following Wednesday 16th.
Blessings from downunder to all!
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