Sunday, July 28, 2013

Changing Perspectives

During the last months I have been quite upset when I have read books and seen movies which have held the vision of many of us humans being wiped out.  I found the thought form of this which I have heard from time to time (most well done is the documentary movie - Thrive). I just did not want the thought form to be a common place thought as I know that's how we create. 

Dan Brown's book Inferno, truly began my frustration at this thought, which then seem to be followed by the book by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge Zoo and Brad Pitt's movie World War Z. Then I went to see the movie Pacific Rim (see movie review where once more I was confronted with the idea of the world population being destroyed.

It was during the movie Pacific Rim I had a realization, a change of perspective, through a bit of dialogue. Perhaps I needed to read it, see it and hear it that one more time, but this time I got it. Although Inferno was about over population, the other book, and movies were really about pollution. How we are destroying our environment and the results of this.  Sitting there in the theatre, it was like a light went on.  Immediately, a lot of my anger/frustration at this idea being put out there about our population being killed off fell away (thank goodness) and I felt more peaceful when I realized it was a statement against using petroleum products and the affect it has on the environment. 

Reading Zoo, really shows how petroleum products can affect our world in a whole different way, plus it has some wonderful comments about the history of earth and its inhabitants. Sometimes you think you are reading a novel an inside it has all sorts of wonderful bits of information. Zoo is like that.

In case you don't read my review on Pacific Rim (I think the longest I have ever done because I have a lot of perspectives that I had from it) one of the things I found interesting was that in Pacific Rim, there has to be two people who have to come together as one mind in order to propel these large iron machines. They called it 'drifting'. Being in the present, and working the machines as one. 

The evening I saw this movie I was facilitating a small group for a Channeling Your Guide evening. This is where I allow each person's guide to come in and use my voice to give them a message. It was the same as 'drifting'. It was similar anyway. I have to be in the present. I have to have no thoughts of my own in order to the guide coming in to use my voice. Also, during the evening, two messages came through for two different participants where a change of perspective was necessary for their lives.  Normally, that message would not have registered with me, but because I had already had a change of perspective that day, I listened to what was being said (I sit back in my mind when these channel sessions are occurring so I do hear, but usually don't remember) and I smiled to myself.

Yes, right now we are needing to change perspective. The vibration of the planet and therefore, us humans is going through a change, and we need to let go of old ideas, concepts, beliefs and judgments and move into a more open and responsive awareness.

We can sometimes become stuck on one idea, not moving or changing it, and therefore we miss out on information. I was stuck on how the thought form of our population being killed off was growing, and missing that often people were working to make the point of what we are doing to the environment is doing harm to us and the animals on this lovely planet of ours. Thus killing ourselves off.

Suggestion, take a look around and see where you may be stuck on a perspective that is old, or if you feel angry/frustrated about something, you may be stuck there.  Changing Perspective, is something I will be looking at in other areas of my life too. 

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