Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Soul anthesized before arriving on earth.

I just had another client, who while doing a Transformation Clearing session, when looking at where her soul came from, I had another 'new' experience.  I thought I would share it.  Coming up in the session was the feeling of being 'lost and alone' and when I came to work with the Soul I found when I checked on how it felt coming into earth, for the first time, for the first time ever, I felt absolutely nothing. Knowing that could not be right, I probed a bit deeper still nothing, so asked my client, if she wanted me to go back to what set this up.

After hearing yes, I went to a planet where there was a revolution happening (reminded me of movie scenes I had seen during the Russian Revolution). Anyway the side she was on lost and around 500 souls were transported in an anaesthetized state to earth. This accounted for the 'nothing feeling' the Soul had upon arriving.

When my client 'came too' she had no idea where she was, when I reported the feeling was like being 'cast out' giving an example of awakening in Outer Mongolia having no idea how you got there, what year it was, or the language which was being spoken.  She said yes, that is how she was feeling in her life now.  She was being 'cast out'. Another reminder of how the inside keeps repeating into the outside until we transform those blocks and decisions.

 In connecting her Soul to Source/God and having it (the Soul) realize it was connected and earth was welcoming, my client felt relief, and the Soul was beaming. 

At the end of the session, my client thanked me, and once again I felt I had been of service to help 'clear' the blocks which stop a person from being all they can be.

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