Thursday, December 06, 2012

Wellness - Busyness of December

Wellness - Busyness of December

As I have become more healthier, of course more gets added to my schedule. I have been walking the fine line of total recuperation, things which need doing and making sure I rest sufficiently. Balance has become a daily activity. If I have a class at night, then I ensure I rest during the day. Usually after I come in from my walk. That means that most of the office details, clients etc are seen in the morning. My friend Jeanne and I usually walk at 1.30 in the afternoon right now that it is fall. During the summer it is usually 10.00am, or 7.00pm due to the heat of the day. But now it is usually 1.30.  Today it will be 11.30, due to my schedule having a late minute change to it.
Time is an interesting thing, sometimes it stretches out and you have lots of it, and I have learned to take a book with me in case I'm early, or at least I always (usually) have my IPhone, and I can play a game on that. But flexibility and awareness of what my body needs is coming to me more and more. (Remember I have a strong will that used to just power through - no more can I do that.)
I think when you have had a sick for a while and you begin to get better you become fearful you will do something to set you back. I know I do. I do not want to recreate having absolutely no energy and hurting 24/7. I know as I began to get back on my feet I would have a new adventure (situation) come up and I would be concerned, would it be too much, could I handle it etc. And was pleasantly surprised when I could or did. Sometimes I would find it would be too much and I would adjust my thinking, but on the whole day by day I have become stronger, happier and healthier.
This brings me back balancing my catch up work, regular work, clients and workshops.
I have come to realize how much I love doing what I do. I enjoy my clients, I enjoy my workshops.I am becoming more bored with TV ( a very good thing) and although my soccer watching is still on high alert for my Liverpool team, I watch less of the other teams. My energy, and therefore how I'm approaching life is changing, slowly but surely.  Where will it lead? Who knows, a life style change, maybe, but at least I will become more productive in an 'easy' way.
During my Feldenchrist session the other day, working with my therapist Lynn, we found my body was comfortable with 'tight' and 'flow' but not comfortable with 'transition'. Moving from one to the other.  As I have worked with a 'tight' back for many, many years and bending and other flexible things have been difficult, we were working on the opposite, which I determined was flow.  Having a lovely lunch at a local pub after my session I was contemplating transition - what did that mean to me? I asked the waiter for a pen (somehow my purse did not have one) and did a 'word chain' on the word and sure enough, it was not flowing at all. Therefore, changed it so ensure that transition meant ease, joy, love. Last night I had much more energy. (By the way, the exercise of word chains is now on YouTube/Norma Cowie.
We all know transition is what the earth is involved in. I have been listening to Greg Braden's tape series of his book "Deep Truth" and he says every 5,100. years the earth goes through great changes. We are in that time now. That the first recorded time was via earthquakes and volcanoes, the second was the beginning of the ice age, the third was the end of the ice age and now.....what?  No matter what, it is a transition time. People talk about the uncertainty facing us in the world, which also reflects into our daily lives. If you are not aware of the collective consciousness and can stay above it, you can be dragged in. 
I do watch the collective consciousness, and yet, my body resists the transition from 'tight' to 'flow'. Interesting, comes from my childhood (what doesn't) and here I am going towards 70 (18 mths away) and I'm still unraveling myself. Luckily I have done a lot of other emotional releasing work, and now I have to address my body. Mind you it did not give me much choice. I had to get to the bottom of what was going on.
Now, here we are facing December and all its business, Christmas period and then New Years. After many requests from friends I'm hosting a pot luck supper Sunday night. I put up an abbreviated Christmas decorations and I will do the basics, but is it too much, as I have a heavy week the following week - busy three nights in a row and then fly to Vancouver to spend the weekend celebrating my daughter's birthday plus family Christmas. And once more I will confront the event with delight (I like nothing more than my house filled with happy people). And if I need to 'rest' I have Monday!!!
My suggestion is take a look at your life. Is there anything you need to balance, anything you need to give up. Remember, if you are over responsible in one area, you will be under responsible in another. Those need to be balanced out.
No matter what, have fun....enjoy....let the happiness run in your veins, its what keeps you health.
Lots of love

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

A review - catch up

 Time for some review.  As I have become more healthier (thanks to my Jusuru) my workload has become more. Not so much the readings and clearings, that in fact seems to have dropped off a little, but catching up, getting filing done and teaching more evenings.  Besides my Wednesday drop in Meditation/Discussion group, my Tarot for Successful Living, which as a couple more weeks to go before it is completed I also have added another evening once a month for a three hour workshop, the first one was held this week.
I ended up being quite tired yesterday (Friday) after three nights teaching, but rested and today so far have rested some more and feel almost back to where I was at the beginning of the week.
This balance I need to maintain between doing and being is really on the edge. If I overdo, then I pay, but if I don't do, and just be, then things don't get done. For instance, Christmas is coming. Several people asked me about the Christmas Pot Luck and Christmas Tea Party (which I used to do annually). Therefore dates are now in place for them. Dec 9th for the Pot Luck Dec 23 for the Tea Party.
I'm now beginning to plan ahead to next Spring. I want to go to Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and perhaps to Regina again. I have Aeroplan (Air Canada) points which need to be used up. So in looking at dates, ensuring I'm still not overdoing it etc, it makes things interesting. But isn't that the fun part of life? Making plans for the future, it brings about excitement (or dread depending on what it is and where it is going to take you).  I'm for the excitement.
I'm off in the a couple of weeks to visit my family in Vancouver. Compliments of my daughter, its her birthday and we will also make it a family Christmas get together. I always enjoy seeing everyone when I can.
Today the sun is shining, and very soon I will be out in it, enjoying the brisk, cool air with the sun shining down, but it has not been like that. Its been cool, damp, rain pouring down and with a cold, cold wind. It may say its 6 degrees, but the wind has been more like zero. So my friend Jeanne and I bundle up when we go for our walks.
As mentioned before I have been seeing a Feldenchrist therapist. That has been beneficial as old traumas have been released from my body. Lots of birthing stuff caught in my shoulder, which my massage therapist has been helping me with. If you are not on facebook, you wouldn't know she has taken a photo of my back because of the changes to my skin and the 'moles' I have on my back falling off or disappearing. Shes impressed (again because of the Jusuru). I am feeling so much more alive and willing to engage life than I have felt for years. I feel more, I'm more in touch with what is happening to me in the present moments and when I listen to me, it is working well.  I still have moments when my mind wants to take over, oh boy, that doesn't work out too well. But in my reviewing the decisions etc of my life, I see that is what my mind has done, my intuition (body/heart) has told me this, and then my mind has convinced me of another way, which in the long run did not work out the best. Interesting!
I have been receiving a lot of emails about the changes going on energetically in the vibration of the earth. And I'm seeing it in my consultations as well. People are having to, and I mean having to, let go of their old ideas, beliefs, judgments and look at new paradigms. It is like you don't have a choice. I have also heard of how other 'spiritual/mataphysical' teachers have been 'struck down' like I was with something similar or different. Something which laid them up for several months. This was our way of recalibrating ourselves to the new energy. Wish I had been listening more, or at least paying attention to what I knew instead of thinking 'it could wait till later'.  There is no later, there is only now.
Highlights for me these days besides my work, my movie going is back in full swing with our new beautiful theatre, so my movie review blog is up and running again, I can knit again. I can also spend more time on the computer. Perhaps not as much as I would like, but enough to get more things done. Plus, this excitement I feel inside is great, its aliveness, and we need to feel it. I love it, it is what I look for when I'm working with people's souls. When I want them to bring forth that excitement and aliveness of life. Who knows where this will lead, but I feel like I'm back in the saddle. Life will now appear and I will embrace.
Trust your lives are working well right now and you are embracing everything life brings you and celebrating it. It means we are alive!
Lots of love

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Friday, November 09, 2012

Tarot - Pentacles

Thursday night is Tarot night in this house. This week we looked at the journey of the Pentacles. As Pentacles relate to the element of earth, the symbols relate to the material world. The world that we can see feel and touch. It is not ideas like the wands, or feelings, as with the cups or reactions as with the swords. This is the real stuff. Some people think that Pentacles relate to money, but I see it as much more, I see it as the energy represented into the life. Oh yes, the odd time the symbol will say, this is about money, but mostly it is about how everything else is showing up in the life.
The Ace of Pentacles represents a new beginning. A definite new beginning. Something you have wanted to have, achieve or create. Its here now. Let it in. What I love about the Ace of Pentacles is the red roses of desire in the hedge and the white lilies of pure thought in the fields with the pathway leading out towards to mountains (life).  Red Roses and White Lilies is aspiration (the symbology shows up in the King of Pentacles, Magician and Hierophant. This new beginning is something you have aspired for.
The two of pentacles is like every number two, balance. Here the juggler is juggling away. When something new comes into your life you have to readjust. You might need to let something go, or rearrange schedules, or whatever it takes it fit it in.
The three of pentacles is the only symbol in the Pentacles which is not colored in. They appear in the stonework on the monastery, while the workman is working away and the monk and the architect, who has the plan is watching, or conferring with the workman. This shows the need for the new project to be worked on, but at the same time others have an investment. In this symbol it is important to identify which person you, or whom you are reading for is. The workman, the monk or the architect. 
In the four of pentacles it shows what happens when we finally get what we want. We hold on tight. Too tight. Life does no work well with tight. The more hold on (remember in the three/four/five of cups what happens) the same here. We need to be open, to allow change, to let go.
Then if we don't then the five of cups, where two people are out in the snow, and not going into the warmth of the church behind them.  How often we don't do things because society says you are not welcome, or you cannot open your mind enough to believe you could do something. This symbol represents being left out and you feel left out.
Then in the six of pentacles these two people who were out in the snow are now begging from the merchant. The six pentacles are up in the sky, and the Merchant is handing coins to one. If you look closely at the merchants hands he is holding some coins back (the farmer always keeps his seeds back for planting - or in other words you never give everything away). His hand gesture is the same as in the ten of swords and the Heierophant. The second person has the justice scales over his head and is waiting to see if he will get his reward too. In the background is the castle of dreams (goals) so the goal is close at hand.
Now as you reach the seven of pentacles, you are back working away and have been achieving, but you are tired, like you are not going to get there, so you rest on your shovel. Although the leaves of grapes (abundance) is there, there is no actual grapes, so you have not reaped your reward yet. Here you need to encourage to keep going, that you are nearly there.
Then you reach the eight of pentacles, where you are working quite happily in front of your castle (goal) and you display the works you have done.
This will lead you to the nine of pentacles, where you are in the garden of the castle, with abundance all around. I find though, this can be limiting. The two trees on either side of the garden,. the hawk the lady holds all speak of confinement, having it all, some with some reservations.
In the ten of pentacles, you have an older man on the outside of the castle wall, dressed in a robe with metaphysical designs and inside the castle are the man, woman and child. The man and woman appear to be speaking, the child has his hand on the tail of one of the dogs, while the old man has his hand on the head of the other. On the wall is the wand of will and authority (from the Chariot). In front of everything the ten pentacles are placed in the design of the tree of life. It is all there available to them. I always think they just have to go get it. I always remember that number ten is also a number one - new beginnings.
The Page of Pentacles is like all pages. Absorbed in his pentacle. Not aware of the beauty around him so needs to be more aware.
The Knight of Pentacles is another procrastination symbol (When you get King of Wands, Queen of Cups with the Knight of Pentacles - or any combination of the two, you have procrastination). His sturdy horse looks out over plowed fields needing to be planting. Sometimes on needs to wait for the right time, but as this is an attitude, one must be careful they do not make too much of a habit of waiting.
The Queen of Pentacles sits under a rose brier, which goes right over the top of her as she contemplates her pentacle. Abundance is all around especially by the rabbit close by. She is accepting of what is as she contemplates her life.
The King of Pentacles sits in the battlements of his castle and is crowned with the roses and lilies,the flowers found at the bottom of the Magician symbol. He wears a robe of grapes and grape leaves (abundance). He has his pentacle in is left hand, over his left knee, which is encased in iron (the fight of life) resting upon an armadillo (his subconscious). In his right he holds the world. He has it all understood.
By understanding the journey of the pentacles you can see how you take the new opportunities and work it into your life being flexible, because it changes.

More information found in Pathways of the Tarot.  In my website

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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Tarot - The Swords

 This last Thursday in the class Tarot for Successful Living, we studied the journey of the Sword symbology.  The Swords relate to the element Air. The intellect. How we see things, how we respond to things . Therefore the Swords show how we respond to the problems, challenges, grief and sadness etc.
The Ace of Swords is the one in which we need to understand fully, as it shows what to do whenever we have a problem/challenge or issue arise. Whatever it may be we always have a choice.  We have a choice of either facing it, and deciding what we want to do with it, or we can choose to ignore - two of swords -.  The important part here is to know if you do not choose to deal with it directly, while whatever it is is small and present, the journey that follows awaits.
In the two of swords, it shows how we just don't want to see. The woman sits with her two swords across her heart. The river of life behind her has a couple of rocks protruding above the water and in the distance is another shore.  How often we do this will determine how often we are exercising our right to be able to choose effectively. Be open to what is occurring and not sitting and waiting for everything to go away.
In the three of swords, a heart with three swords piecing it it demonstrates the hurt, pain, disappointment and grief we will experience if we have not dealt with the original issue. All of us who have lived for a wee while have experienced this. Sadness comes, and it is part of life. It is how we handle it which is important.
Therefore, the four of swords shows how we can deal with the pain. That is to go inside and resolve it within. A knight lies down with one sword underneath him and the three on the wall above. It is the window, up in the left hand corner, a stained glass window showing a woman and child (it has a black line between them). Inner communication is important here. Go inside, be quiet within and resolve the issue.
If you do not do that, then you will be at the five of swords. More confusion and more defensive behavior. Here we once again are holding onto our pain, and choosing to last out, defend, or do whatever it needs to to resolve, rather than protect and fight.
Once again the sword symbology shows how to resolve, here in the six of swords, the man is propelling his boat across the river (seen in the two of swords). Inside the boat are six swords (not piecing the bottom of the boat) a woman and child (see in the window of the four). In the front right the water is rough, but where they are heading the river is quiet. This action is taking you away from what has been bothering you, and you will reach the other side. You just need time.
If you choose not to do this, but rather hold onto your pain, your grief, then the seven of swords takes over, wherein, you choose to hold on and feel more isolated and away from everything that could and will support you. Here a man steals away with all his swords, not holding them very comfortably (reminder of the ten of wands where the man does not hold his wands well either). 
By choosing this course of action, you will arrive at the eight of swords, where you are stuck and feeling like you will never get to where you want to be. I love this symbol because of the promise of the castle (the goal) right behind (just as in the five of cups).  The woman is tied to a stake (unseen) while three swords on left side and five swords on the right side are stuck in the ground. The woman is bound loosely, her blindfold is loose (wherein in the two of swords is quite tight). In front of her the river of life is just a few puddles. If she was to make some movement, she could easily remove herself from this stake, turn around and see what she wants is right there.
If you do not do any action, then you come of the nine of swords. Here the woman is lying on a bed, with nine swords on her black wall. She has her face in her hands (she cannot see). On her bed is a bedspread of red roses of desire and astrological symbols. Underneath her on the bottom part of the bed is a sculpture of a man being killed by another. He has been struck down with a sword. Here it is important to get up out of the bed, use the energy of desire and begin resolving the problems etc, that are on the wall. I usually recommend people begin with small things, so they build in success. So often we begin with the big things and therefore fail. We must go step by step resolving these issues until the are no more.
Because if not, then the ten of swords takes over. In the ten of swords the man is lying on the sand in front of the river of life. He has nine swords up his back and one beside his head. Behind him is the river of life, and the background is the dark moving upward while the light, is beginning to shine through.  This is the end. The man lying on the sand has his hand in a position, which is a benediction, which is also seen in the six of pentacles and the Hierophant. If you do not take care of your issues, they will take care of you, and as there are no endings, only beginnings, you will move forward. You will move into the new....
The court cards of the swords, also shows the defensive aspect of us. How we protect ourselves.
The Page of Swords is in a defensive stand. Holding his sword up in the air while his arm is across his heart. In the sky is ten birds flying in a formation of a fish (the early Christian sign).
The Knight of Swords is reactive. His horse is rushing forward over rough ground, he has his sword upraised, you can tell by the trees in the background he is going against the wind the ten birds are now scattered so only five are visible. (The Hierophant).
The Queen of Swords, looks open, as she sits on her throne, with her beautiful butterfly crown. The sylph of air is on her throne with a butterfly and crescent moons facing outward.  She holds her sword in her right hand, while her left is raised to welcome. She can be seen as defensive, holding the swords to protect, or she can be seen as a person who will do what it takes to achieve what she wants. She has one bird in the sky (Magician).
The King of Swords, I have found over the years is very logical, you must make sense. He does not relate to emotion. His Sword is at an angle, showing he is open (must logical though).   His butterfly behind him is encased within the crescent moons (his beauty - open heart is not shown).  He has two birds in the sky, (High Priestess) showing he has choice. He can choose to be stubborn, or open.
I have always enjoyed the journey of the Swords because when I first began to study the journey I realized there is lots of ways in which we can get back to having everything work out the way we want. Putting aside pride, stubbornness, rightness etc. We need to be clear in ourselves and with others. Communication both inner and outer is so important. Not to defend our hearts but to open our hearts. To be able to admit to being wrong if we are, or at least saying we made a mistake. Yes, the swords show how our live can be so much better.  When reading for yourselves, watch which sword symbols come up. Some are tremendously powerful in advising how we can resolve issues.

To learn more about the Sword symbology and the rest of the Tarot you can order Pathways of the Tarot ebook or regular book

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tarot - the Cups

Thursday night saw us visiting the journey of the Cups. The Cup symbology relating to water, the emotions, the value of life, whether you are happy or sad.
The Ace of Cups has always been my favorite symbol right from the beginning. I love what is symbolizes. The acceptance of the sacrament by the dove of peace, wherein the cup overflows in  the five senses. Twenty six droplets of water fall away, 2 + 6 = 8, the Strength card. Then in the water below 13 lily pads, the Death symbol, representing rebirth, and 10 water lilies, the Wheel of Fortune, symbolizing action. I refer to this card as a new attitude, but it is so much more. It is the accepting of the force of life and utilizing it into our lives.
In following the journey, when we accept the force of life into our lives we encounter the two of cups, the balancing of the yin/yang principle. Male/Female, balanced, creating healing and balance. I always think it shows how important communication, both externally and internally is. This then brings you to the three, where happiness abounds. How happy we are when everything works. Therefore, to me, the first three symbols, One, Two, Three, show how we can live happily. But we are humans and do we do things easily, not always. No. Four shows how we can get caught up in our happiness, and forget that everything changes and instead of allowing the changes to occur naturally, we shut them out and concentrate on what we have.  When we do that, No. Five follows, that which we have concentrated on falls over, is lost and we begin to grieve for what was. What I love about this symbol, is that is shows if we would just turn around (be open) we would find there are two more symbols waiting which shows us the way to what we want. Always brings to mind, when one door closes another opens. Or as someone said to me once, when all the doors appear closed, look for a window. No. six shows that we need to put the past in perspective, so we can move forward, yet No. seven (the beginning of the imagination pattern) shows the tendency is often to blow things up in our minds out of proportion as we look ahead. Therefore, No eight, says, leave it all behind and move ahead into the known using your strength and ability to keep moving towards your goal. No. nine, says you have reached it, but remember life is full of changes, so don't be too smug or wait too long before moving on. No. 10, shows happiness for all, which is what we all want.
The Court Cards, shows the attitudes of the Page, getting caught up in the unexpected and needs to be more flexible and open. The Knight, is how all us need to be, when we move forward, slow and sure. The Queen is another imagination symbol, lost in her dreams and desires. The King is in command of his emotions and feels he is right in what he does. Sometimes comes across quite cool and detached because of that.
As you explore the Cup journey you begin to realize how wide a range our emotions are. How fluid they are, moving from one feeling to another. What we need to realize, is this is how our body speaks to us, through feelings and we need to be able to listen and work with them. Not live in the past, but the present enjoying all that is presented to us and working towards our goals with ease.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tarot - Wands

Last week the eight week Tarot for Successful Living class began.  We have one person attending on Skype. That was a new learning curve for all of us, especially as we had this wave sound which came in from time to time. The first time it was so loud that we were not sure what was happening. But, we got used to it, and knew that when it happened Jennifer, on the other end, would not hear one word of what we were saying. It added a bit of adventure to the evening. And for those who are thinking, why not disengage and reconnect. It was not that often, and it did not happen for the first hour. But it was interesting.  We will see how it goes tonight.
Last week we had the introduction, the homework etc, and we explored the journey of the Wands. The Wands to me is the thinking process.  Relates to the element of fire, which is action, doing. Everything begins with a thought and the Wands show us how we think.
The most appropriate way to work with our thoughts is found in the first four symbols. It basically says, You have a new thought, you contemplate that thought, you project the thought (action) and then you reach the reward of the thought (the goal). It would be nice if it was that easy. Then the following six symbols show what we tend to do, and how get out of it. Five shows how we scramble our thoughts and get confused. Six shows we need to 'straighten' them out and go ahead. Seven shows how we can feel unsure of our thoughts (the beginning of the defensive program) and eight shows that the thoughts have not manifested yet but are on there way. Nine shows how we can become rigid with our thoughts and defend them no matter what, while Ten shows how we worry, or over think and miss things because our thoughts are not organized effectively.
I always love going through the journey of these symbols.  It keeps me in touch with myself and my own thoughts plus of course clients.
Think about what you are doing with your thoughts. Are you thinking of your goals, keeping yourself aware of possibilities, or are you unsure, confused and wishing for the miracle, but not planning for the miracle. Miracles do occur, I'm sure everyone of us has experienced them at some time or other. We forget.

Our thoughts create our vibration, our vibration attracts what we are thinking. Often though we are not aware of many levels of thoughts we may have.  But of that to come.  Tonight I teach the Cups and will write on that tomorrow, as I am not back to writing on my blog.
Blessings to you all.
Enjoy your thoughts!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Catch Up Time!

This last weekend I drove to Vancouver and back, almost a miracle seeing two months ago I was having trouble driving to Kelowna.  This is the power of a product I began taking just 2 1/2 months ago.  Its called Jusuru and made with 60% BioCell Collagen, plus flavoured with 13 different fruits, including magnosteen, which I used to take before.  This product, took me from lying down 24/7 and everything I did being a difficult. Plus I used to wake up at night groaning and moaning so my sleep was totally disturbed.  Now 2 1/2 months later, no aches or pains (they left the first month). Sleep is good and I have energy to do what needs to be done.

This product has only been available in the US for 2 years, and here since July. The amazing stories I hear about how it has helped people, especially with arthritic joint pain and skin disorders is amazing. The side benefit for me, is an already younger looking face. My massage therapist has told me that my skin is actually changing color (getting healthy).  I even have some 'moles' dropping off.  I cannot say enough about this product and how it has changed my life in the last few months.

Health Canada has just come out with their licensing stating that Jusuru "helps relieve joint pain from osteoarthritis - hip & knee. Helps maintain healthy skin. Helps metabolize fats and proteins. Helps develop and maintain bones, cartilage, teeth & gums. Helps connective tissue form. Helps healing wounds. An antioxidant to maintain good health."  Everyone knows how hard Health Canada is...but here it is stating:  Helps...  It is exciting to think that Health Canada appreciates the benefits of this product in relieving pain amongst other benefits. If you would like to learn more you can visit: My Jusuru site  or to learn more and hear testimonials

As I'm beginning to 'feel' so much better and have energy to do things, like catching up with bookkeeping and straightening up different rooms in my home. I also am back teaching.  I began my Wednesday night drop in meditation/discussion group before I was even 75% feeling better, but we all managed. I have now begun an eight week Tarot for Successful Living Course.  Tomorrow (Thursday) will be the 2nd week.  It is always good to go over the different symbols again. In fact I always recommend my students re-audit the course as they learn so much more the second or even third time through.  I am also going to be doing a once a month three hour workshop. I plan on doing one three hour once a month for the next three months.The first one will happen next month (November) and it is called Transforming Your Blocks.

I have managed to keep enough energy to work with clients.  As I was only working with one or perhaps two (as I became stronger) a day I enjoyed the sessions and even though I would go back to resting afterwards I felt fulfilled.  Yesterday, I did a crystal ball reading. I usually don't do crystal ball readings in and of themselves, but my client phoned and said she wanted one, so I said OK lets do it. (I usually only use the crystal ball during my psychic parties). It turned out to be a 1/2 hour appointment, and we were both very satisfied with it. Perhaps there will be more in the future.

I'm planning that this is a catch up post, so that I can begin to once again post regularly. I have begun to see movies again (in our brand new local theatre - which I'm so happy about). And I plan on getting back to doing my reviews once again. I thank those of you who have expressed a loss of me not doing them. It is sincerely appreciated. 

So until next time, enjoy this Fall weather has it works its way towards Halloween.
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where does Bullying come from?

For those of you who know me personally, you know I'm a bit of a TV (as well as a movie) addict. As a Glee fan, I found out about The Glee Project TV show during the year, and even though I missed last years show, I have watched this one with great enjoyment. One show though left me feeling unsettled, it was the show on 'bullying'. 
This show came on several weeks ago, and its only now I can write what I came up with as my hand will stand up to the typing.  Anyway, for several days after the show I contemplated what I had seen, heard and of course my mental computer went into overdrive.  What is behind this bullying aspect of life - then it came to me. The Sit Com Shows!!
Why them you may ask? Well, I stopped watching sit com shows many years ago, although I have begun to enjoy The Big Bang Theory. But most of the half hour presumably comedy shows I found were people putting one another down. (I'm told Modern Family is not like that - but I have not got around to watching it regularly).
For years the children of our society have been watching shows in which other people sit around laughing at one person making another person wrong. Why do we need to feel better when another is put down or made to look insignificant as though they do not matter?
In my intensive Plug Into Your Power, I teach the Inferior/Superior Game. How often when you feel hurt or put down (inferior) you will do something to put the other person down, which in turn has you feel superior. This game is not a good game. It hurts everyone, especially yourself because you are in a defensive position and therefore respond either via a reactive (ego/defensive) stance or just a straight knock down and out get out of my face stance.
I truly have come to believe, that the children and many adults believe this put down behavior is acceptable. So today, when bullying becomes an issue they look at the children, but they are not looking at the base cause - Sit Com TV shows. (This attitude is also repeated in many movies - those ones I don' go see either).
Until we as adults make a stand not to support these kinds of shows and make shows where people respect and honor differences (perhaps that is where Modern Family comes in) then we cannot expect our children to see and know the difference.
I want to see bullying end - no matter if it is children or adults. I want to see us respect and honor each other and support each other in our life journey. We are all different and we need to honor that difference so we can honor ourselves.
Let me know what you think.

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Friday, July 06, 2012

July and What It Brings!

Finally my left hand is beginning to get better and I can type for more than a few minutes without pain. In fact, overall I'm so much better, not much pain anywhere except a bit in my shoulders from time to time and my gout finger, hand and wrist. When I first got the medication for gout I could not take it. It made me really ill, so decided I wouldn't and attempted the natural way, black cherry juice and celery seed tea. After a couple of weeks, there was no visible sign of improvement, in fact it was looking more swollen and more painful so decided to 'try' the medication again.  This time it worked, did not feel ill, in fact felt fine. Then I realized when I first began taking it, I still was not very well and was eating very little. This is medication you need to take with food. Before I was not eating enough food so it was upsetting my stomach. Now that I'm feeling so much better I'm eating more and I was 'smart' enough to realize I needed to coat my stomach wall, so ate bread, and its fine. 
I'm doing so much better, as already stated. Between my lympathic massage therapist and the Feldenkrais therapist I have made a big stride forward.  I will be taking the blood test Monday to see if I'm still anemic or not. I still get tired and often have an afternoon nap.
What is interesting though is now I'm feeling better, the days seem longer and I'm not sure what to do with myself.  Now that my hand is beginning to get better I can begin to work on projects, ie the blog. 
So here I sit outside on my porch, protected from the sun (which is finally here again) and typing away. Listening to the birds, and enjoying the 'summer' feel. July is always an interesting month for me as its my birthday month and I feel a landmark in the year.  I usually have a pot luck barbecue to celebrate the summer and birthdays, but so far this year I have not organized one, as I don't know how the energy is going to be etc.  My birthday weekend will have my daughter Bridget and a friend of hers visiting (there maybe more) and I think that will be enough for me to handle until I'm 100% fully together.
I began going to the local Penticton Market last week.  A friend and grad Cristin and I have gone 1/2s on a booth there, and her daughter is setting up and taking down my side of things, so all I have to do is show up around 10.00am and work till I get tired.  Last week there was horrendous thunderstorms and I managed to be there between them, but everything was quite damp, plus no so many people due to the rain, but this week - tomorrow - there will be lots of lovely sunshine, and therefore lots of people. This market has a phenomenal reputation.  Hopefully a few people will want readings.
I have had some interesting 'clearing' sessions this week.Always amazes me what blocks we have inside, but the miracle is that we can clear them and move on with our lives. I received a phone call two days ago from a client, saying thank you, everything was going nicely since our session. One always like to receive those.
I also am leading my Wednesday night Drop In Group again.  The group remarked on how every week I'm stronger etc.  Oh yes, it is a wonderful barometer as to how I'm progressing.
I pulled three cards for this blog. It s a message for us all. 10 Wands, 10 Swords, Magician.  Quit worrying, or over thinking because the issues are nearly over and you are close to your goal. Everything is ready for you to proceed ahead, you have everything you need. So go to it.
Well the wrist is saying must close! 
Enjoy the month of July!
PS  well enough to go to the movies, so soon the movie blog will be back in style too.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mid June catchup

For me it is hard to believe it is June 18th.  I had intended to blog quite regularly, as I recuperate and get stronger. Then I had my wrists and hands become sore, especially my left hand, which made it hard to type for any extended period. Finally I was diagnosed with gout in my knuckle of the fore finger on my left hand. The Dr. gave me some pills which made me feel very ill so stopped taking them and resorted to the web. Cherries and Celery Seed Tea, which I have been eating and drinking, plus I have been putting Caster Oil on at night (that I thought of myself seeing Caster Oil seems to be an Edgar Cayce must). Seems to be working, as it feels a little better and not so swollen.
What is strange is that everything they say contributes to gout I do not do. I do not drink alcohal,  I do not drink coffee, and I have basically have not had any red meat. So have come to the conclusion it has something to do with my lympathic system, which I'm also working with.
Last Thursday I went and had my first visit with a Feldenkrais Therapist and found that very interesting and I'm back there again this morning. I left feeling there maybe hope. After all these months I was beginning to wonder, but Lynn, the therapist gave me what I thought was a 'right on' synopsis of what had happened to me. So lets see what happens with the next few sessions. If I can get back to 'normal' I will be so happy.
In the meantime, I have begun my Wednesday night drop-in evenings again, and plan on going back into the market - with help from my friend Crista and her daughter.  That will begin the long weekend in July. I will see how I do.  I'm still having trouble sitting for longish period of time, and hopefully the Feldenkrais sessions will solve that problem - along with the lympathic massages I'm doing.
Anyway, enough of illnesses and recovery - seems like many of us are going through stuff though, as I had a call from a friend who I have not spoken to for ages and she also had been facing health challenges. Maybe it is our age....those of us who have lived hard working or doing, being brought up our nervous systems a break.
I have had some interesting clients lately.  One who I have worked with to the point of not seeing too much more I could do, suddenly showed that she had been 'cursed' when she was little by another girl at school. I could see it quite plainly. What was interesting, is that we could not figure out why the work was not holding or that my client was not able to maintain the feeling she was wanting to experience. All of a sudden I could see it plain as day. So releasing the energy thrown at her, will make the difference. It will be easier now.
Also, another client showed that part of her issue was held on her soul. What emerged was there was great sorrow on her soul as she had to leave her original planet as it was dying and she knew that it would never be the same again. This she brought to earth and of course then began to create sorrow here. What a relief to have that gone. She is now beginning to feel joy.
Oh yes, I do love my work.  I have had several readings around relationships lately. Often needing to advise that they were not going to work. That is always sad, as we want to hear what we want to hear. But in the end they always feel better as they ACCEPT what they know inside is true, but want it different.
Well my hand is really hurting, so must go.
Lots of love to all!

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

June first - thoughts

Tomorrow will be June 1st.  Seems only a short while ago we were welcoming the New Year. January 1st. I remember I was wondering if I was going to make my trip to New Zealand and fulfil what I had set up there. Then on Feb 3rd I was on the plane flying away. March 18th saw me return back home having fulfilled what I had set out to do, but I returned not physically well at all. Now it is nearly three months later and I'm only now beginning to feel ready to begin my Wednesday night groups, plus consider doing more than one thing per day. Its been a long journey and its not completed but I'm getting there.
Interestingly in the Fall three people told me my whole life would be different come the end of May. You can imagine where my thoughts went!  Well here is the end of May and yes my life is different. I have not been able to go and complete my activities this Spring, I'm still having to rest quite a lot. My regime has changed and I certainly am having to consider I'm not 45 or even 55 anymore. I'm not sure how this will look when its totally completed, but the journey I have been on has certainly made some changes to my outlook and considerations.
Before sitting down to type, I went to my Tarot Cards and asked what to consider for June 1st, the the symbology I picked was The Tower, King of Swords and King of Pentacles. Wow, I thought what am I going to do with those three so here goes:
"No matter what life brings you, when it comes in unexpectedly you will need to let go of your preconceived ideas and concepts and not hang onto them for dear life. Be open to embrace remembering that life is always wanting you to succeed. It want you to grow and become all of who you are. It is the restriction of hanging on and not free flowing which can be difficult and create more bumps in the road. Free flow, that's the key, knowing you are in command of your life and can recreate all that you want."
As I wrote this it reminded me of a client I recently had whose reading looked really good. Yes there was a transition, but it was close to the end. Everything looked upward, free flowing. But something was blocking. It was my client, herself not wanting to let go. She had been in an accident and the results were that she would not be the 'same' as she was before. As our conversation went on, I said "have patience, let go and know it will come to an end. If I did not see that I would be speaking to you differently." She was the issue, not life. Life was continuing at the pace it needed to. She didn't want it that way though, she wanted it like it was and it wasn't going to be.
This was a reminder for me to know my life would not be like it has been. I have to watch myself so I do not over schedule etc, but also I need to be looking ahead knowing life is full of surprises which can be great, and no matter the circumstances, one can overcome and be happy and fulfilled. 
All I can say in relation to June 1st....bring it on. I will accept, let go and go forward.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Are you using your mind, or are you on auto pilot

Recently I have had several clients who due to the amount of releasing work with me, do not have a lot to clear any more. Instead what we are working on is their conscious minds. Having their conscious minds begin to take command instead of being on auto pilot.
What does that mean? Well, when teaching my intensive "Plug Into Your Power" after learning the Tarot and the philosophy it tells us, I teach about consciousness. How important it is to know what you are thinking, as that is how the universe responds. Of course it is much more than just thinking, (the wand symbology of the Tarot) it is how much energy you put behind your thoughts (the cup symbology) and how you respond to situations (the sword symbology).
Most of us are on auto pilot. The habits of thinking, feeling and responding are not thought about. We just respond in the same old way.  You know the saying "if you do the same old thing, you will get the same result". Yes, we need to change our response to situations, we need to become aware of what we are thinking. We need to be sure our thoughts are reflecting what it is we want.
We have all heard this, we think we understand and know it. As you are aware I have not been well these last few months and I discovered when you are not well, your thinking begins to slip. You forget your goals, you forget what it is you want to feel in relation to you life. I guess I had to be brought back to zero in order to remember some basics.
Interestingly at the same time, several clients were needing to get their consciousness to work. Some to move beyond anxiety, some to create a new life, and some just to remember they can go for it.
I would suggest you look at your life and see if there are any areas in which you are gliding along on auto pilot, just accepting what ever is coming your way. It does not have to be like that.
For those of you who have my book Secrets for Living Happily, reread it. It has lots of goodies about becoming conscious and getting back on top of the 'thinking process'.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting Back to Blogging

Here it is over two months since I returned from New Zealand.  I'm finally well enough to sit here and write on my blog. Its been a long two months and its not totally over. But, I'm feeling better and can now expend the energy to type a few words bringing you up todate.
When I arrived back from NZ I was in quite a bit of pain in my arm muscles, leg muscles and unable to lift my arms over my head. I was also just tired out. Through a visit to my Dr and examining how I was with my massage therapist, we came to the conclusion that when I had some hot stone massages while in NZ, they released toxins into my body (which it is meant to do), but because of my travelling I did not drink enough water to help my body clear the toxins and they got stuck in my muscles.  So far that is still the best explanation I have had, which makes sense to me.
I have spent time with the Chiropractor, who helped a lot, and my massage therapist who is 1 hour away from me (so a good friend drove me there and back). One of the reasons for this is because I have not been able to sit for very long. Long enough to service my clients. Long enough to check my emails every day, but mostly I have spent the days lying down. Sleeping was difficult because of the aches and pains, pains especially in my shoulders. But since last Monday I visited a friends massage therapist here in Penticton and she worked with my shoulders in a different way and the pain subsided. Thank goodness, as it helped with my sleep.
During this two months it was also discovered that I was anemic and even with a course of iron pills from the last blood test I still am. So still on iron and other vitamins and minerals. These seem to help me feel a lot better, but not clear the aches and pains. It seemed every time I got to feeling well and had some energy everything came back and it was like I was back in the beginning. The last few days I have been feeling better so let's hope this time it lasts.
Oh yes, seeing I'm going on about my health, three weeks ago the aches and pains in my arms moved down into my wrists and then hands, especially my left one. This meant when I awoke my hands were almost useless for quite a few hours and then as the day went by they got stronger. The last two days my right one seems almost normal, and my left one is sore.  Typing this is certainly a strain for it. I'm sure you can imagine the panic that put into me - my hands - handling tarot cards etc. But I managed.
I thought it was time I began once more to post. For those of you who follow the movie blog I have not been able to sit long enough to go to a movie. I may try one this afternoon - will have to see.
But thanks to many friends who have been sending healing, my health practitioners, hopefully I will be fully mended soon. As it was I have had to cancel everything I had planned. Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver all had to be cancelled I just could no get there plus I did not have the energy to do what I had planned on doing. The only thing I have been doing, as stated is attend to my clients. When the phone rings I'm there. Usually one maybe two clients a day.
I have had some interesting clearing sessions and thoughts lately, so before my left hand totally ceases on me I will stop until next time.
See you soon

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm including the final email I sent to the people of NZ on the day of my leaving.  The six weeks has gone very fast, although I have ended up with some discomfort in my shoulders and my hips again.  I think part of it is because it is very humid here where I'm used to the dry desert of the Okanagan. Anyway, tonight at 8.15 th plane leaves and the long plane journey will take off. I have been busy here, and enjoyed it.  (Not so the painful shoulders).  Family, friends, students, all a large part of making my trip enjoyable.  Come next week I'll be back home getting 'sorted' out from the trip and hopefully pain free.
This was what I sent to the N.Z. mailing list:
This evening I am getting on the plane and heading home to Canada.  I have so enjoyed these last few weeks here in New Zealand. I have discovered new friends, and trustingly you will stay in contact.
Although I did some private consultations, my teaching/lecturing circuit began in Auckland with the Tarot Guild, where we had a day of 'Court Cards' and other bits and pieces.  Thank you all for the feedback it is always appreciated.
A few days later I was flying to Napier were within three days, I faciliated two groups, one workshop and two lectures. A busy time, plus managed to fit in some readings and a clearing. Thanks to Karen who drove me to Palmerston North I was able to catch up with another friend Helen, and faciliated another group on the Tuesday night before flying back to Auckland for a day of rest and then off to Russell.
I have a niece who lives in Russell and although small in numbers we had two groups, one workshop and a day of readings and clearings. 
Back to Auckland to my brothers to complete some shopping, spend a day with the Tarot Guide people faciliating two groups and then a couple more readings and then wow its time to get ready for the plane.
No matter what the group was, "Channelling Your Guide" or a "Psychic Party" everyone seemed to enjoy. Then the past life regression workshops always brings interesting lives.
I know as I leave these shores once again as usual my heart is sad, but my other life awaits.  I'm sure it won't be too long before I'm back.
Please stay in touch, I'm always available by email, my blogs from time to time and you can always check out my website [Norma's website](http://www/ or the blogs: the regular one [norma cowie blog](  or my movie reviews [movie reviews](
Kia Ora with Love!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mid way through the NZ trip

Here I am in the middle of my NZ trip.  Three Sundays from now I will be flying home.  The family visiting part of my visit is mostly over. Now it is the work section.  Last blog brought you all up to when Norma T. and I were leaving for Tauranga. We had a lovely trip down and we stopped at the Mt. Maunganui beach and Norma T who loves to walk beaches spent some time doing that, while I relaxed lying on the sand. Luckily we did that then, because the next two  days were not pleasant. My niece Raewyn and her husband Dennis allowed us to use their Papamoa house (city next to Tauranga). Dennis arrived in the late afternoon the first day and I suggested we have pizza, and we had great pizza and then watched TV.  I slept very well.
The next day, Norma and I took off to visit a second cousin of mine who I like to visit when I'm there. Berice does my mothers side genealogy and its always great to hear what latest bits she has dug up. Her sister Gayleen joined us and we sat and talked for around three hours, and then it was time to leave to go SHOPPING!!!  My first real day shopping. Stopping for lunch in the mall, and then visiting several shops where I did a minimal bit - couple of tops and tights - and then back to the house to relax as Dennis cooked up a most magnificent lamb dinner.  Oh how good that was.
The third day - Thursday - we were driving back to Matamata to see my sisters one last time and we were staying at my nieces Sheryl's place. Now Norma T got the 'family' full on. We first dropped into my sister Beryl's place, caught up, had a cup of tea and chocolate cookies and then all of us off to see my elder sister Nancy in the 'home' she lives in, which my niece Lynette runs.  Then we went for lunch, stopped to look at some shops and our hostess to be Sheryl found us so more chat and made some arrangements to catch up with her later.
What I have not said this particular day was RAIN. I drove from Papamoa to Matamata in rain, then while we were walking across the street looking at stores it POURED RAIN, I mean tropical type rain and my top was quite soaked just crossing the street. Of course stubborn me won't use an umbrella. So when we got back to Beryl's I took out one of the new tops I bought and changed. Then I was feeling a bit tired so laid down and slept for 2 hours.  Upon waking up it was time to go to the local watering hole to meet up with Sheryl and then drive her home, picking up KFC for us all - Beryl included. That night I did a reading for a friend of Sheryl's, always a delight to 'read'.
I did not sleep well that night so spent a lot of it on the chesterfield in the living room with the TV going, but the next morning Friday - we went and had a big breakfast, and then I drove Norma T to the airport for her to fly back to Brisbane to complete her Australia holiday. She returns to TO end of March.
I was quite tired arriving back at Jan & Mal's, so watched TV for a while and then off to bed.  As my back, hip and leg has become sore and stiff, I decided rather than driving back down to Napier (two day drive for me) I would fly, so booked my flight, and tomorrow will see me fly.  So I have been here, taking it easy, working on my appointments via my Skype phone and just plain Skype.
Sunday, I went and did a workshop for the New Zealand Tarot Guild. It was primarily on Court Cards and I always enjoy imparting a different way of looking at them from the traditional way. Plus it was great to make contact with several I knew from before. Now I am working, resting, sleeping and getting ready for my busy week away. Napier, two groups, one workshop, one lecture and then off to Palmerston North for one group before flying back to Auckland.I want to make sure I am 'good' the whole way.
The sun is coming back out, so will sit out for a short time.  Only a short time because the sun is still very hot when it comes out.  But my arms are tanned and that is good.
Blessings to you all

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunshine, Rain and Travel

I have driven a lot of miles the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, my travels have not taken me where I had easy access to WiFi, so no postings have been done, so will work to recap what has gone on.  I left my brothers here in Auckland area on the 9th and drove south to visit my sister in Matamata (Hobbiton). I always enjoy the drive down and stopped to take in the view I particularly like. My sister I stay with had just moved two weeks before me getting there leaving a 2 bedroom house to go to a one bedroom senior flat. While visiting our other sister who is in a home, my niece (who runs the home) came in and from that ended up giving us a 'blow up' for me sleep on. It fitted nicely on the living room floor, and I managed to sleep quite well there for the three nights I was there.  As the majority of my family live around my birth town I had quite a bit of visiting to do, and Friday I drove to Rotorua to visit John who I had been corresponding with. The weather on the whole cooperated and I enjoyed some lovely days as we went and visited the grave of my brother in law Jack and had a barbecue with my great nieces and basically caught up with family.
Then Sunday 12th I drove my sister and I to one of my favorite places, Whitianga, where my niece Raewyn was awaiting us. I love her home and the view over the bay out into the Pacific. Now the roads getting there are not so nice as they twist and turn over two different hill ranges. But once there it is beautiful. This time though, the clouds, mist, fog, or whatever you want to call it had the place locked in and the first day we could not see the bay.  Finally it cleared and we had a wonderful day, Raewyn took us for a drive and we had 'mussels' for lunch at a mussel restaurant, then drove around the loop a bit more and visited another niece and her husband Maureen & Murray who look after a 'caravan/tailer' park. Murray had just got back in from fishing and had fresh scallops. So I got to experience a totally fresh scallop raw - you have to chew.  That evening Beryl & I went to see the movie "War Horse". Raewyn had already seen it. This little town has a lovely theatre and shows two shows at different times. I enjoyed War Horse, but not as much as I thought I would.
The next and final day there we had some heavy rain and decided to go back to the movie house and see "Iron Lady".  that I totally enjoyed. Meryl Streep was fantastic and no wonder she is winning everything - awards that is.  Years ago I saw Lady Margaret Thatcher speak, and she was a great speaker, this movie filled in lots of gaps, and also the way it was shown it helped us understand her relationship with her husband Dennis, who most of us had wondered about as he was always in the background.
Next day, Thursday 16th, Beryl & I left 9.30am and I drove back over the winding hills, finally letting her off at a mutually agreed place where two of her daughters picked her up.  One of them was just back from a trip to Australia and I had not seen her yet, and as she mentioned she was in to have a knee replacement and I probably would not have another opportunity to see her.  Four of us standing there and here was me with two 1/2 knees, Sheryl with one new knee and Joanne soon to have a new knee. A family weakness that is for sure. Once the pass off was done, I then drove to the Auckland airport to pick up my friend Norma Tripplett who was arriving in from Brisbane where she is visiting a friend (Norma lives in Toronto).  Her plane was late, and so we did not get away from there until 4pm - heavy traffic time. I had to drop by my brother's place before we could keep on going north. So by the time we got through the traffic, stopped there and got underway I was not sure we were going to get to Piahia, (Bay of Islands) where we were heading before dark. Luckily we made it, it was just coming in dark at 8.45pm when we arrived.  Settled into our Motel room, got to sleep because we were up at 6am to get ready to be picked up for our tour of the northern tip of NZ.
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip up there. The bus driver was knowledgeable about the history and the fauna. We went along the 90 mile beach (actually 56miles) and the top lighthouse, the kauri trees and had an adventure with seagulls eating our lunch when we stopped.  We both agreed that it was a great tour.  Then as we were not totally tired we took the ferry over to Russell and I caught up with another niece Nateele for supper.  I will be back there on the 9th march.  It was good to see her, and we caught the late ferry back. Should mention we had a wonderful supper at Sally's a restaurant right on the bay (who happens to be Nateele's mother in law). But if you are ever in Russell, you must eat at Sally's and say 'Norma sent me'.
The next day, now Sat 19th, we took our time, stopping by to see some award winning toilets in Kawakawa, all done in mosaics designed by an Austrian....wonderful landmark.  Also stopped at a beautiful beach at Waipu Cove, where Norma T walked the beach while I read my book and got some sun (which is always strong here) then we had lunch before proceeding on. We finally arrived back at my brother's where they were finishing up celebrating my sister in laws mothers 95 birthday.
Yesterday, my brother Malcolm took us two Norma's on a trip around the Auckland western beaches, were they have black sand and a full on surf beach. Wonderful scenery, and then we came back to look at the eastern bay beaches, but I fell asleep in the back seat until we got back home.
today is my catch up day. Finally, can use my computer on the Internet and was able to do emails, phone Bridget & Rob using Skype, plus Linda who is at home holding the fort down.  Now able to catch up on two weeks of travel.
How has it been? Tiring, with concerns at time over my back. I seem to realize that the mornings I'm stiff and sore and then by the afternoon it usually is no too bad. I had a wonderful massage in Whitiange by Carolyn. She saw me for 1 hour, and then for 2 hour. It was a really great relaxing massage, using hot stones and her fingers. I did feel good after. Just need it again and I'm not going back in that direction.
All is well here. I'm enjoying the family.  After these next few days away again and then putting Norma T back on the plane, I will be back here with my brother and wife and begin 'working'.  Have a workshop on Sunday 26th, and some clients on the 25th. Always a pleasure to share my information and joy of life.
Trust this finds you well and happy.

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Back on New Zealand Shores

I must admit I was really nervous about making this long plane trip.  My back still not 100% but the seat had been booked, and thanks to Dr. Ron Rose's wonderful chiropractor skills he felt I was stable enough to do it. Jeannie picked me up at 9.00am and soon I was at our small Penticton airport waiting for the flight to Vancouver. The hour went quite fast and I had a wheel chair waiting for me, that really helps not hauling all the hand luggage through the airports. Rob was there waiting for me and we went back to his place, met up with Melanie then picked the kids up at school and went for lunch at White Spot. Once again I wanted Salad (this is very good) and once we finished eating we went back to Rob and Mel's where I laid down and the kids got to open their Christmas presents.  A bit late, but better late than never. They enjoyed their watches I had for them plus their usual Walt Disney Shares. This time, because I was late they got to see their dividend checks. One day they will truly understand what I'm trying to teach them with the shares and dividends etc.
Then it was time for Rob to take me back to the airport and check in Air NZ. The big flight 14 hours long and my nervous stomach at the thought. Dr.Ron had said I would need to get up and walk often. Luckily we were early enough for the me to have my seat changed to the bulkhead seat.  I got myself settled and it wasn't long before we were in the air and my stomach settled down for the long trip. They fed us quite soon once we were in the air and the first few hours were quite bumpy. I soon did not know a thing. I had taken a sleeping pill, a Tylenol 3 and some other nervine tablets. I was soon asleep. I slept for quite a while, woke up, visited the ladies room, took some more pills and slept some more, waking up as it was time to get ready to eat breakfast and land. I pretty well slept the whole way. Who would believe it, the best trip ever made. I think I've found the answer drug the hell out of yourself
Mal & Jan were there to greet me, and we stopped for them to have breakfast at a beach we frequented when we were kids. I soon realized I was still 'groggy' which I remained for most of the day, but heh I was here, no pain, no trouble.
I am so used to the routine os what to do when I arrive. Early afternoon I had a shower, had sleep and woke up to visit with my nephew Calvin, his wife Kelly and the three kids, Olly, Sam and Bella. All have grown in the last year of course. Slept well last night and so I'm now I'm connected back to the Internet.  The weather was cooler than I was expecting, but the sun is out between showers this am.  I'm giving myself today and tomorrow to get settled. Then I have some phone psychic tarot card readings appointments to do back home (thanks to Skype) and then off to visit my childhood friend Lois who recently became a widow and then onto a cousin's place for some tarot card readings. Back in the saddle again.  Love it.!!!!!
I'm pleased to begin this journey once more.  Keep in touch.
PS  you can contact me through or Skype: norma.cowie also. 

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Back to Normal Again

I am so happy to report that after several weeks of being laid low with my disk, I am now able to sit most of the day, walk and experience very little pain.  I'm back seeing clients regularly plus getting ready for my trip to New Zealand.  I still get quite tired, but I'm working on not over doing it.
I have a lot of people to thank for my speedy recovery. Most people take three months to recover from what I had. I've done it in a month. My chiropractor Dr. Ron Rose has done an incredible job. I'm still visiting him three times a week as he keeps working on other aspects of my spine. I have four more visits before I fly. I also must thank Ted Lund who came over and worked on my energetics and has kept that up from afar. June Hope who has twice come and worked on the nervous system, which helped me incredibly. I noticed a huge jump in my disk wellness after each visit. She will be coming again on Thursday and will check me over. Then Jayson Taylor ran into me last Friday when I was super tired after doing three different chores out and about. He immediately brought me one of his Amethyst Bio Mats to use (inferred heat). I immediately felt a difference in how I slept, plus how I felt. Not as tired, and most certainly I had energy once again. Since then I decided to purchase one and use it for a short time every day. The wonderful sleeps I'm having is worth it. Most of all though is my new roommate Linda Price, who arrived the day after I was rendered incapable of anything who looked after me wonderfully well. She drove me to the Chiropractor, made sure I took my pills and had food. She made it possible for me to recuperate.  Thanks also to all the friends who bought food, phoned, sent healing etc.....
Now I have just over a week before I leave for New Zealand. I will be teaching all day Saturday (making up for the last day of my four day Psychic/Intuitive Spiritual Development Intensive, which I had to postpone due to the pain I was experiencing). I'm getting caught up with everything which was not done for the month I have been laid up, plus get ready for my journey.
I am quite fortunate in that my teaching/lecturing schedule does not begin in New Zealand until after the first three weeks.  I also have a good friend joining me for a week, so will be doing some sightseeing to show her the countryside etc. Then after I wave bye to her (she is staying in Australia) I will immediately begin working in Auckland, then Napier and then back to Russell.  The one thing I will need to be aware of is my energy levels. As I find as I'm doing more each day, I get quite tired, especially if I have to deal with several people during the day.  Clients I seem fine, but then most of them are on the telephone.
What have I discovered during this time?  This is a question I get asked in many different forms. Mostly once again the wonder of friends. How they came and supported me bringing me their different modalities to help. The reason why this happened now, I'm not sure, but it seemed to be about letting go, letting go on many different levels. Mostly, this is an old  injury raising its head, just like the fan in my furnace decided to quit, so did the disk. As Dr. Ron, the Chiropractor (magic man) says, this is old and could have happened anytime.  At least I'm getting myself sorted out. 
I am looking forward to what is coming. I'm looking forward to my trip (I was not sure I was going to be able to make the flight) and then I'm looking forward to coming back to my Spring Schedule coming up. 
A new back, a new me.
Blessings to everyone
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Healing Process

Recovering from any trauma takes time, we all know that, but somehow we want results (at least I do) quicker than they sometimes come. After spending three weeks flat on my back I began to be able to sit for longer and longer periods of time. The acute pain gone, mobility coming back, and of course I over did it. Sitting way too long as I had clients, visitors and just sitting to eat or drink or watch TV - anything rather than lying flat. 
Now I'm able to sit, and I am sitting most of the day, I even drove my car for the first time yesterday. That was a freedom feeling, but my left hip is still not right. Dr Ron the Chiropractor says my disk is good (thank goodness for that) but I'm still not 'stable' whatever that means -- so my thought is not to overdo it. But, when you have been out of commission for three weeks, and the paperwork is piling up, and you are leaving for New Zealand Feb 3rd you do want to do thing. So the balance of doing vs resting begins to take shape.  I know if I overdo it, I will go backwards, yet I want to be able to get certain things done. Balance.
Now, when learning the Tarot so many years ago, three words my teacher pounded at us were, Balance, Reason & Control. Over the years, I have changed the word control to Command. To be in Command of yourself, your reactions, your feelings (by understanding/accepting them). Reason, use your God given gift of a mind, but Balance....well, I have not always been in Balance, but I do strive for the ability. I always remember that to walk we need to go out of balance, so balance to me is the ever moving parts. Going from front to back, going side to side, doing and resting. The key is to do it gently and easily - not extremes. Its the doing and resting I'm balancing right now. Do I wait till I feel the muscles in my back tighten, or do I rest before that occurs. What needs to occur is to rest before that occurs. So short bits of doing, interspersed with longer periods of rest. That is what I'm working on right now.  Also, I'm hoping to begin to be able to read - difficult to do with a book when lying flat. The TV is getting tiresome. (Now, that is a good thing for a self proclaimed TV addict). 
The Healing Process is definitely on its way big time in my body, in my mind, in my everything. Several of my healing friends who have worked on me all say the same thing. Watch out for the changes coming. So the Healing Process is a letting go of the old and the allowing of the new.
Well, must go now and rest.....
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Friday, January 06, 2012

What Is Your Goal This Year!

As my back gets better and I can sit for longer periods of time I am able to get writing on my blog.  My daily emails always takes some time, but now I am able to sit for longer periods I can get some thoughts down to share.  I have titled this 'What Is Your Goal This Year" because as it is the beginning of the year, this is when we usually set our goals of what we want to achieve.  Interestingly, I have not been able to think too much, as yet, as to how I want the year will shape up for me, even though I have events planned through to the Fall. Its the non physical feeling, the happiness, the travel, the feeling of being a supportive, encouraging person that is top of my goal list right now. First to myself as I recuperate into a new vibration, and then to my friends and clients.

Clients...even though I'm spending a lot of time on my back, I am either reading or clearing one person per day. Sometimes two people are on my daily list. I find right now that is sufficient for me. I have cancelled my meditation group until further notice as I cannot sit comfortably for 2 hours, and my last intensive day has been rescheduled for the 28th when I need to be better as I fly to NZ on the 3rd Feb.

What I am discovering right now with my clients is a lot of anxiety showing up, plus their control programs. Personal control programs are something which are often one of the last things to show up when we begin transforming energy. Why you may ask, that is because it is not comprised of your energy. Mostly, control programs come from another (or several) person's energy. It is their beliefs and attitudes that you take on. They tend to be created in order to 'protect' or 'save' you from danger or perceived danger. The programs are insidious. Often intertwined with other systems always deflecting away when a person gets close to 'exposing' them. In fact that is often how I find them. It is when I get distracted away from my questioning or looking at energy. All of a sudden I find my mind is onto something else. This is the key that there is a control program at foot. Now I know its there and often I can isolate it and transform it. But sometimes it can refuse to transform. This is because it is another's energy - not yours and the program does not care about you it only wants to do what it was programed for. Your own programming is transformed easily because the energy is yours and loves you. Control programs, comprised of another's energy does not transform because you want it too. Therefore,when this occurs, my clients need to become very conscious, very aware of what the program does, so they can choose to have it gone.

As a transformational therapist it can be frustrating when you run into these control programs, because I want the person to be totally 100% clear of whatever is holding them back from creating what they want. But, control programs can interfere with this process. They need to be removed yes, but the client has to know and see them for what they are and therefore able to have a huge desire to see them gone. As I move into a Coaching role, coaching the person so they can see how the program works and blocks them, we are able to release them and transform the energy which attracted them in the first place. Success!

What Is Your Goal This Year? - hopefully one of them is to become clear. Clear of any personal control programs. Clear of anything that restricts you from becoming you! And therefore you proceed ahead creating what you want.

I give thanks that their are people who want to move on with their lives, because even as I lie here most of the day, I can help them, one person at a time to become clear and get on doing what they want with their lives.

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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  2012 is upon us. Add it up and it will come to a 5.  Yes, we are entering a five year, a year of expansion and movement. A year where you need to know your priorities and be able to say no. That is the universal year - this one we are now in. What is your personal year? Just add your month and day plus the five for the universal year and you will have your personal year.  Want to know more, email me, I will give you some more advice on what your personal year means to you.
I trust you had a wonderful Christmas season. The reason why I have not been blogging or sending out ecards etc, is because as I was completing my four day Psychic/Intuitive Development Intensive, one of my disks decided to protrude which resulted in much pain and me having to postpone the last day plus the final night of the Numerology class. I'm still recovering two weeks later.
I was fortunate on many levels. I found a wonderful chiropractor here Ron Rose, who is very knowledgeable and had me out of severe pain within a few days, he even came in on his holidays to give me treatments so I could function easily. Functioning meant lying on the chesterfield without pain and being able to walk from the living room to the bedroom without pain. Slowly each day a little better and now I can actually sit a short while to type on my portable computer. Heaven. Answering emails with your computer on your chest is not fun and for some reason my IPhone would not answer the emails from it when they were sent to my 'shaw' account (which most are). Luckily my GMail worked and so was able to answer them much more easily.
I was supposed to speak at the Celebration Centre (plus do readings) this am, but woke up with my hip extra sore and the pain did not go away so cancelled as I did not want to jeopardize my recovery. This is because I did too much yesterday. Why you may ask! Well, we woke up (my new roommate Linda - that's another story for another day) woke up to the furnace fan totally busted. It was minus 3 and no heat except two heaters. I have one in the living room and one in the kitchen, so off we went to visit Canadian Tire where we bought three small oil based heaters and put them in the bedrooms and bathroom and jacked all five heaters up high.  Today our house has been warm and we are cosy.  Thank goodness for oil heaters. But, the walking around, plus sitting up for quite a few longer sessions, I just overdid it. So I know I can't do that, but at least we have heat.  Oh by the way, did not leave the Centre in a lurch, my friend Aggie, who was the chairperson and I had been discussing this on the phone and we knew this might happen, so all was covered. I just felt bad that I had to make that decision.
So now, here we are its New Years Day Evening and Linda and I are sitting here watching 27 dresses, while we work on our respective laptops. 
Wishing you all the very best for the coming year.  Enjoy!!!!

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