Saturday, November 24, 2012

A review - catch up

 Time for some review.  As I have become more healthier (thanks to my Jusuru) my workload has become more. Not so much the readings and clearings, that in fact seems to have dropped off a little, but catching up, getting filing done and teaching more evenings.  Besides my Wednesday drop in Meditation/Discussion group, my Tarot for Successful Living, which as a couple more weeks to go before it is completed I also have added another evening once a month for a three hour workshop, the first one was held this week.
I ended up being quite tired yesterday (Friday) after three nights teaching, but rested and today so far have rested some more and feel almost back to where I was at the beginning of the week.
This balance I need to maintain between doing and being is really on the edge. If I overdo, then I pay, but if I don't do, and just be, then things don't get done. For instance, Christmas is coming. Several people asked me about the Christmas Pot Luck and Christmas Tea Party (which I used to do annually). Therefore dates are now in place for them. Dec 9th for the Pot Luck Dec 23 for the Tea Party.
I'm now beginning to plan ahead to next Spring. I want to go to Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and perhaps to Regina again. I have Aeroplan (Air Canada) points which need to be used up. So in looking at dates, ensuring I'm still not overdoing it etc, it makes things interesting. But isn't that the fun part of life? Making plans for the future, it brings about excitement (or dread depending on what it is and where it is going to take you).  I'm for the excitement.
I'm off in the a couple of weeks to visit my family in Vancouver. Compliments of my daughter, its her birthday and we will also make it a family Christmas get together. I always enjoy seeing everyone when I can.
Today the sun is shining, and very soon I will be out in it, enjoying the brisk, cool air with the sun shining down, but it has not been like that. Its been cool, damp, rain pouring down and with a cold, cold wind. It may say its 6 degrees, but the wind has been more like zero. So my friend Jeanne and I bundle up when we go for our walks.
As mentioned before I have been seeing a Feldenchrist therapist. That has been beneficial as old traumas have been released from my body. Lots of birthing stuff caught in my shoulder, which my massage therapist has been helping me with. If you are not on facebook, you wouldn't know she has taken a photo of my back because of the changes to my skin and the 'moles' I have on my back falling off or disappearing. Shes impressed (again because of the Jusuru). I am feeling so much more alive and willing to engage life than I have felt for years. I feel more, I'm more in touch with what is happening to me in the present moments and when I listen to me, it is working well.  I still have moments when my mind wants to take over, oh boy, that doesn't work out too well. But in my reviewing the decisions etc of my life, I see that is what my mind has done, my intuition (body/heart) has told me this, and then my mind has convinced me of another way, which in the long run did not work out the best. Interesting!
I have been receiving a lot of emails about the changes going on energetically in the vibration of the earth. And I'm seeing it in my consultations as well. People are having to, and I mean having to, let go of their old ideas, beliefs, judgments and look at new paradigms. It is like you don't have a choice. I have also heard of how other 'spiritual/mataphysical' teachers have been 'struck down' like I was with something similar or different. Something which laid them up for several months. This was our way of recalibrating ourselves to the new energy. Wish I had been listening more, or at least paying attention to what I knew instead of thinking 'it could wait till later'.  There is no later, there is only now.
Highlights for me these days besides my work, my movie going is back in full swing with our new beautiful theatre, so my movie review blog is up and running again, I can knit again. I can also spend more time on the computer. Perhaps not as much as I would like, but enough to get more things done. Plus, this excitement I feel inside is great, its aliveness, and we need to feel it. I love it, it is what I look for when I'm working with people's souls. When I want them to bring forth that excitement and aliveness of life. Who knows where this will lead, but I feel like I'm back in the saddle. Life will now appear and I will embrace.
Trust your lives are working well right now and you are embracing everything life brings you and celebrating it. It means we are alive!
Lots of love

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