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Tarot - Pentacles

Thursday night is Tarot night in this house. This week we looked at the journey of the Pentacles. As Pentacles relate to the element of earth, the symbols relate to the material world. The world that we can see feel and touch. It is not ideas like the wands, or feelings, as with the cups or reactions as with the swords. This is the real stuff. Some people think that Pentacles relate to money, but I see it as much more, I see it as the energy represented into the life. Oh yes, the odd time the symbol will say, this is about money, but mostly it is about how everything else is showing up in the life.
The Ace of Pentacles represents a new beginning. A definite new beginning. Something you have wanted to have, achieve or create. Its here now. Let it in. What I love about the Ace of Pentacles is the red roses of desire in the hedge and the white lilies of pure thought in the fields with the pathway leading out towards to mountains (life).  Red Roses and White Lilies is aspiration (the symbology shows up in the King of Pentacles, Magician and Hierophant. This new beginning is something you have aspired for.
The two of pentacles is like every number two, balance. Here the juggler is juggling away. When something new comes into your life you have to readjust. You might need to let something go, or rearrange schedules, or whatever it takes it fit it in.
The three of pentacles is the only symbol in the Pentacles which is not colored in. They appear in the stonework on the monastery, while the workman is working away and the monk and the architect, who has the plan is watching, or conferring with the workman. This shows the need for the new project to be worked on, but at the same time others have an investment. In this symbol it is important to identify which person you, or whom you are reading for is. The workman, the monk or the architect. 
In the four of pentacles it shows what happens when we finally get what we want. We hold on tight. Too tight. Life does no work well with tight. The more hold on (remember in the three/four/five of cups what happens) the same here. We need to be open, to allow change, to let go.
Then if we don't then the five of cups, where two people are out in the snow, and not going into the warmth of the church behind them.  How often we don't do things because society says you are not welcome, or you cannot open your mind enough to believe you could do something. This symbol represents being left out and you feel left out.
Then in the six of pentacles these two people who were out in the snow are now begging from the merchant. The six pentacles are up in the sky, and the Merchant is handing coins to one. If you look closely at the merchants hands he is holding some coins back (the farmer always keeps his seeds back for planting - or in other words you never give everything away). His hand gesture is the same as in the ten of swords and the Heierophant. The second person has the justice scales over his head and is waiting to see if he will get his reward too. In the background is the castle of dreams (goals) so the goal is close at hand.
Now as you reach the seven of pentacles, you are back working away and have been achieving, but you are tired, like you are not going to get there, so you rest on your shovel. Although the leaves of grapes (abundance) is there, there is no actual grapes, so you have not reaped your reward yet. Here you need to encourage to keep going, that you are nearly there.
Then you reach the eight of pentacles, where you are working quite happily in front of your castle (goal) and you display the works you have done.
This will lead you to the nine of pentacles, where you are in the garden of the castle, with abundance all around. I find though, this can be limiting. The two trees on either side of the garden,. the hawk the lady holds all speak of confinement, having it all, some with some reservations.
In the ten of pentacles, you have an older man on the outside of the castle wall, dressed in a robe with metaphysical designs and inside the castle are the man, woman and child. The man and woman appear to be speaking, the child has his hand on the tail of one of the dogs, while the old man has his hand on the head of the other. On the wall is the wand of will and authority (from the Chariot). In front of everything the ten pentacles are placed in the design of the tree of life. It is all there available to them. I always think they just have to go get it. I always remember that number ten is also a number one - new beginnings.
The Page of Pentacles is like all pages. Absorbed in his pentacle. Not aware of the beauty around him so needs to be more aware.
The Knight of Pentacles is another procrastination symbol (When you get King of Wands, Queen of Cups with the Knight of Pentacles - or any combination of the two, you have procrastination). His sturdy horse looks out over plowed fields needing to be planting. Sometimes on needs to wait for the right time, but as this is an attitude, one must be careful they do not make too much of a habit of waiting.
The Queen of Pentacles sits under a rose brier, which goes right over the top of her as she contemplates her pentacle. Abundance is all around especially by the rabbit close by. She is accepting of what is as she contemplates her life.
The King of Pentacles sits in the battlements of his castle and is crowned with the roses and lilies,the flowers found at the bottom of the Magician symbol. He wears a robe of grapes and grape leaves (abundance). He has his pentacle in is left hand, over his left knee, which is encased in iron (the fight of life) resting upon an armadillo (his subconscious). In his right he holds the world. He has it all understood.
By understanding the journey of the pentacles you can see how you take the new opportunities and work it into your life being flexible, because it changes.

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