Friday, May 27, 2011

Catching up....its been a long Spring!

I simply can hardly believe its nearly the end of May. You may have noticed by the last few entries, which have been few and far between that I had set myself up with a busy Spring schedule. Well silly me!!! When I was thinking about the Spring last Fall and realized I would not be doing any of the Body Soul & Spirit Expos this Spring, I thought, well I just need to go and visit certain areas. So March saw me in Salmon Arm and Trail (driving from Salmon Arm to Trail in one day - it was quite easy). I was a little tired when I got back from Trail, but thought it was natural as I had been really busy in Salmon Arm and then had three events in two days in Trail.
Two weeks later I took off for the 'big trip'. Victoria and Vancouver. I had a couple of days in Vancouver visiting my family and friends before taking off for the Island for a few days, working and again visiting friends. Then I went back to Vancouver, where I put in long days. Sometimes leaving my friend Sonia's place (where I was staying) at 9.30 or 10.00 am and not getting back until 10.00 or even midnight one night. This resulted in me being exhausted. I was supposed to go visit Bridget's place on Keats Island, but was so exhausted I just came home once all the events were over. I don't remember being this tired. When I got home I did not even have enough energy to go grocery shopping. I shopped for a couple of necessities I needed and then just stayed home. Luckily the sun was out and I was able to sit outside and read my book.
Then my dear friend Ted came in to visit and as I told him how tired I was he said "well your heart is tired - it is a muscle you know". Well his magic healing helped and I began to feel better. (I had been too tired to even phone him for an appointment so his visit was extremely appreciated).  I reduced my readings to one per day, I did not have any meditation group (due to a six week busy schedule stoppage) so that all helped. I rested. Then I went to see my chiropractor and she was doing 'heart testing' with a new program she has. I had set the appointment up before going to Vancouver as it had 'felt' the right thing to do. Well surprise, showed some heart anomalies and she put me on a product, which I must say within two days I felt much more energy.
Then came the Royal Wedding, my daughter Bridget flew up to enjoy it with me and even her Dad (who is presently living in Naramata) came and sat up with us till around 3.00am.  We lasted till around 4.30am, then off to bed we went to get up again around 8.00am to watch it all again. That evening was the beginning of the Spring Festival of Awareness in Naramata, so dropped Bridget off at her Dad's and I went and became a presenter. I took it fairly easy over the weekend, hanging out a bit and facilitating my workshops, which I'm happy to say were well attended again. I did one on the Tarot and one on Past Life Regression. (Year after year, this workshop is a hit!!)
Then I had one week to get ready to go to Alberta. With stops in Calgary, Edmonton and then in Red Deer I had to ensure I had enough of everything. Again watching the 'energy' levels, as I was still not 100% I managed to get it done before leaving on the following Monday. I drove to Golden, staying the night, managing to have a Hot Tub and enjoying the late afternoon sun there. Driving into Calgary the next day I was so glad I stopped and did not try and 'push' through. The mountains were in their glory with still lots of snow on them, yet the day was wonderful. In Calgary, I did a Past Life Regression Workshop, saw a couple of clients and looked at a clients house she wanted to sell and was having trouble. (It sold within a few days). The second day the wind came up - what a wind. The wind accompanied my visit to Alberta until the 2nd last day when it finally stopped. The weather was warm (liked that) but the wind was something else.
Driving to Edmonton, I stopped and had lunch with Heather (whom I was staying with on the Red Deer) leg and we finalized some details and then soon I was with my friend Vida. Edmonton had some interesting times. I did another Past Life Regression Workshop, a psychic party and several phone consultations. I also discovered something I had been looking for for a long long time. A machine which records directly onto a CD. One of the participants at the Past Life Regression workshop told me about it - its in music stores - I phoned the largest music store in Edmonton, and yes they had one and it was on 1/2 price (as it had been returned but guaranteed to work well) it looks new to me. So that was worth the trip alone as it will save me hours of work, not having to record onto my mp3 player and then making the CD on my computer. Talk about happy!!!  (Tonight for instance when I do a channeling your guide evening, it will save me about 1 hour of time.)

Now while I was away, handyman/healer Ted was fixing up my kitchen. It is just terrific. All painted, the brown cupboards now are white, around them a beige and my bright yellow top and bottom. My portable dishwasher is now built in and a small divider has gone which opens up the whole kitchen. New counter tops round off the finished look (oh yes new kitchen taps).
I got home to the long weekend, feeling refreshed and ready to go. Bridget came up for the weekend helping me restore my kitchen cupboard stuff (which were all in the living room) and then she went out to her Dad's as I was busy with clients.
She was also thrilled with the kitchen, and the outside, which Maureen had been helping me with, water the plants while I was away, make sure it all looked nice. The outside porches, especially the back one is really great to sit in now. All ready for summer and my sister Beryl's arrival - June 29th!!  (After a few beautiful days, the clouds, rain and cool are back).
So my energy level seems to be coming back. I feel more like 'myself' than I have felt for some time. And I'm promising myself not to do this (the schedule) again.
Hopefully now I'm home, I can catch up with all the bits and pieces which still need doing, ie write on this blog more often, filing and getting my office and consulting room totally organized.
Also I'm hopeful in catching up a few more neglected items. I had an email from a lady who has been watching my site for a new Tarot Card for so long.  So that has to be taken care off immediately too....

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