Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birthing - A New Book

I'm once again a proud mama. Tomorrow morning when I present my Past Life Regression Workshop at the Spring Festival of Awareness in Naramata I will also unviel my new book Many Lives, Many Ways of Remembering Them. I began this book nearly two years ago and have worked on it off and on since. I really wanted to have it ready for this workshop. It tells about my journey in learning about past lives, the theory and how it has helped others. Plus it also has my color/star technique in it. I also do have a CD and a DVD with this technique as well.
For many years people asked where my book on Past Lives was, and although I tried over the years it would never come together, until one day sitting watching TV I heard my voice say, "write about your past lives and how and when you found them". This is because on many of my travels I have gone to cities and felt different or strange and have had to do a past life regression on myself to transform the energy.
I think it is an easy read and anyone who purchases it will enjoy it.
I hope to have it available through the web site soon and one can always email me and get it direct.
Blessings to you all this birthing day.
Norma Cowie
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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Learning Curve and Completions

I've lately been on a learning curve. It feels like it has been two pronged. One is my mp3 recorder and how to record on it and then made CD's. This is important in several ways. One is to update how I record my readings, past life regressions and soul/source connection work. Often these are done on the phone, and my usual practice is to tape my end and then mail the tape back. Now, after working with both the mp3 and tape (although the tape was a wonderful built in clock) I now know how I can easily find the folder on my mp3 and copy it onto a disk. This has happened in the last few days. Before that I was struggling to figure it out. I had someone show me how, and then I forgot and it seemed so complicated. The way I'm doing it now is not complicated, in fact its very easy and the sound on the CD's is great. So learning curve no one is I think has been solved. At least solved for when I am at home and doing consultations. When I'm at an Expo or away from home I will still have to use tapes -- at least at present.
The second prong of the learning curve has been my internet radio program Norma Cowie's Tarot World. After my disaster in Edmonton of trying to get online I thought when I got back home all would be well. Not so! Yesterday, Wednesday, I did everything I usually did. Did a whole hour show, only to discover it did not stream out, and when I went to archive it, it showed 0 bites. So my whole hour was talking to myself.....that depressed me a bit I can tell you. Anyway I emailed Sharon, my contact with the Shift Radio and last night I read the email she returned to me, telling me what to do if it happens again. I could have caught it if I had known to look for something when I clicked on the connect button. Oh well, now I know and so next week will do the program again covering the same information. Mind you because it will be a different day the show will sound different I'm sure. I will be speaking about the Heirophant symbol and the energy of number five.
One of the reasons I decided to do the internet radio program was so I could extend my comfort zone, well its occurring with all the frustrations that go along with extending a comfort zone. It is like life itself, when we extend ourselves and work to learn all the different bits and pieces which go with the 'newness' of things. They do not always work the way we want, or go as easily. Thank goodness though, these two things are coming together for me. Soon I will be in a plateau of these two adventures into technology.
In the meantime, two wonderful things going on and reaching completion. First, my six month Intensive course Plug Into Your Power has only one month to go to complete. Tonight they are doing their 'reading' practicum. That means they will be reading for strangers, tarot, crystal ball, dark mirror, buttons, stones and drawing auras. Oh yes, a fun night for them. They have done so well on their six month journey.
The second thing reaching completion is my new book (still to be titled) on Past Life Regression. I am speaking at the Spring Festival of Awareness the last weekend in April in Naramata, B.C. and I am facilitating a three hour past life regression workshop and my goal has been to have this book ready for that. I think I will make it. My new book will get unveiled there. So a little bit of work to complete but not too much, its mostly complete I just need to format it to look like a book. Yeah! (Oh yes, I'm also facilitating a three day Become a Past Life Regressionist workshop at the end of May).
Easter Friday tomorrow, I'm sure I will have some thoughts about that to share tomorrow.
Blessings this day to you all!
Norma Cowie
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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Home Again!!

I've been home for a couple of days now and how wonderful it feels to be in my own bed and look out at the aspen beyond my bedroom window. I'm still unpacking though, and I'm sure it will take me a couple of more days to get it all sorted. In the meantime, I'm having to get ready for another furniture change in my living room as another chesterfield and chair arrive, plus making the small room (which was a bedroom) into a consulting / reading room and also ensure everything is ready for the Intensive class beginning Friday night. Ah, back into the regular life.
It was great to see the sun on Tuesday and feel the heat in the sun for the first time, and then it was back to regular weather. We even had a snow shower this morning. Then the sun came, and now its all cloudy again and the temperature is dropping.
A couple of things I had forgotten to mention which I thought some of you may enjoy. First one is how a dream made me remember to put in my passport. As I'm sure you are aware traveling by air these days means that you have to show identification. I was so busy getting ready for the different aspects of my trip away. Vancouver - chiropractor and day with my daughter Friday, readings Saturday, Church speaking Sunday, teaching to Yvette Eastman's reflexology class Monday, flying Tuesday to Edmonton, Group Readings Tuesday & Wednesday nights, Thursday shopping day, Expo Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Flying home Monday. I was so filled with details about what I needed, what to pack (clothes in particular) etc. and then I had a dream about going to the airport and leaving my ticket behind. When I awoke I realized I had forgotten about my passport which I would need. Thank goodness for dreams.
Also during the time away I saw three movies. People who know me know I love movies.
The first one I saw was Race to Witch Mountain with 'The Rock'. I must say I enjoyed it. Its a kids movie, but hey I'm a bit kid and thought it was well done. Entertainment for sure. Then I saw The Reader. I had not gone to see it before, but a long story short I ended up watching it and was amazed at how wonderfully acted and what a great movie it is. I was moved. I think I did not want to see it originally because I knew an older woman seduced this young man. In the movie it was done with such respect and I did not feel uncomfortable about it once. Kate Winslett definitely deserved the Oscar for that performance. Then while in Edmonton I went to see Knowing. Well that's one be on the end of the seat movie. The topic ended up being a bit different from what I friend and I both agreed we enjoyed it, but it was an adrenal drain. I came away quite exhausted. Nicolas Cage was his usual self.
Also reporting on Wednesday my radio internet program went through just fine. Thank goodness when I look ahead I see I will be here on Wednesdays. Also changed the name to Norma Cowie's Tarot World, when I realized I am speaking about what I think and perceive. Remember to tune in on Wednesdays or listen through the archives.
You all have a good day, I'm off for lunch - sushi!

Norma Cowie
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