Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friends and Excitement

Its been nearly a month since I left to have my second knee operation. I’m happy to report that I’m now back on track, with knee exercises happening and everything is working well. Although I had a horrible reaction to the morphine which was given to me after the operation and while I’m still having a few effects, on the whole I’m back on track.
I must thank my friends for all their support and healing they sent. Christina’s email healing group, every bit helps and then when I was in hospital Kaayla Tomlyn came to give me Reiki healing the night of the surgery and was back the next morning to do it again, and walked in when I was in the throws of the reaction to the morphine (not pretty). Bless her though she hung in there. Then my friend Alice Brock discovered I was still in hospital when I should have already left. She dropped everything and came to work on my digestive system which had shut down and got everything moving well enough for me to go home the next morning. My friend Sonia whose place I was staying at, drove me back and forth to the hospital (a good ½ - ¾ hour drive), plus looked after me, feed me and ensure all was well with me for 2 weeks (which included the three night stay in hospital). This included taking me back twice more to the hospital for Psiotherapy. Then Margaret-Anne Nerada came and gave me more Reiki, Lynn Armor (another Reiki Master) who happened to be visiting from Vancouver Island dropped in and we went and had lunch (by this time it was great to get out of the house). She said “I’ve been sending healing and boy are you sopping it up”. This comment I have heard from many since my return home, especially by other out of town friends. Yes, I definitely sopped it up and needed to that first week in particular. My friend Anne visited me several times and as always lifted my spirits. My daughter Bridget came and took me to a medical clinic as I had developed an itchy rash all around the knee (turned out a reaction to the bandages they had put on me). Then my friend Vida Crawford flew in from Edmonton so she could drive me back home to Penticton and she stayed several days to ensure I was able to cope with everything. Once here my friend Ted, the wonderful crystal healer gave me a treatment, which helped too. I have also received Reiki from Roger at the Celebration Centre twice, and felt the changes immediately, plus Martha stayed behind after my meditation group last night and gave me healing. It all helps and I still need quite a bit as the inflammation goes down. I am definately on the mend though. To all my friends I give a huge Thank You whether you gave me healing in person or via the air waves. Thank You.
I had a few people say they checked this blog to see how I was doing, and the truth was I did not have the energy to sit and work very long on the computer, plus my knee would begin to hurt after around 10 minutes. So getting my emails updated was the first priority. Plus I did not feel very creative at all. But now I’m getting back to normal and have longer and longer periods of energy and concentration.
I had an exciting event in the last few days when I won $200.00 (you would have thought it was a million at the amount of excitement it generated) from an online quiz Votto, I have been playing daily. I could not believe I had won it, but a friend Kaayla phoned to say so and when I checked yes I had. It’s quite fun every day checking Votto to see what the quiz is and if I can figure it out. It is said that it is good for the brain, well brain or not, I have enjoyed having something to look forward to which is different and feel wonderful every day I do solve it. It just happened I was the first one to solve the quiz on that particular day. Today’s one was hard. I don’t think I got it. I know though it’s good for my brain to try and figure out. If you want to check this game out you can go to Play the demo game and see how much fun it is.
My plan is to write here more … plus my meta-zine needs to come out very soon. Plus stuff for my website. Also need to get back and work on my book. Lots of creativity needs to happen very soon. You have a good day! Thanks for checking out this blog!
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