Saturday, December 03, 2011

Christmas Tea Party

Today was the day I had my Christmas Tea Party. 16 women joined together where we had the opportunity to drink four different kinds of tea. Buckingham Palace Tea, always a big favorite, Casablanca Rooibus, (a vanilla tasting tea - one I enjoy alot), Market Spice a regular Tetley. Once more the Buckingham Palace tea was the big favorite with the Casablanca Rooibus not far behind. But the good news was the 'goodies' which everyone brought for us to share. What a lot of Christmas treats for us to eat. With  my new chesterfield in the living room, all 16 people had a place to suit with the addition of a couple of other chairs. At one point the phone went, and I held the receiver up and the chatter of the women could be heard. It was a lovely time, and then again when it was time to leave, the kitchen had several elves which washed everything up, so I did not have to do too much at all.
Then I went out and eight of us had supper at a local Japanese restaurant celebrating a friend's 60th birthday. That was a fun two hours, and then after I was back home, settled in watching a movie, the phone went and someone who I had been attempting to find, as I had misplaced (lost) her information,  was calling - all the way from New Zealand. She had been trying to get me, and had an incorrect phone number.  There she was, we had a lot of talking to catch up and I will be seeing her when I'm there in February/March. She has a friend who is coming to Canada April/May and he will be exhibiting with the Body/South & Spirit Expos, which I used to exhibit with. A small world. Hopefully I will be meeting him also while in NZ his work with music sounds wonderful.
I was wondering how come I was so chatty (probably loud too) at the restaurant and then when I got home and before the phone call, I realized I had been drinking black tea...something I don't usually do. Oh well, eventually I will get to sleep tonight.
Tomorrow will be an interesting day too, as 10 of us are heading from Penticton up to Kelowna to participate in a Tao Ceremony. It will be interesting to see how I'm going to get down on my knees to bow (3 times) getting down I believe I can do, but getting up - well that will be interesting. Tomorrow will tell.
One thing about Christmas is the lights. As I sit here I can see my lights I have in my living room, the lights outside and because I did not have room for my small Christmas tree this year, I have put it outside on the porch for all to see and enjoy.
I trust you will enjoy and have a great weekend.
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Thursday, December 01, 2011

December and Activities

Today is December 1st, where did it come from. One minute its August 31st and now here I am getting ready for the Christmas activities. Yesterday I put up my outside lights. I had decided to buy new ones, so here I was up my ladder with hammer in hand. I was so thankful that it was a nice dry and fairly warm (for this time of the year) as one never knows what the temperature will be right now. Today, the Christmas decorations get put up inside. I've not booked any clients today, so I can do it all at my leisure. Plus write here and catch up on some movie reviews. If I'm lucky I will also have time to sort some of the paperwork in my office.
Last weekend I had the privilege of speaking at the Celebration Centre once again. The recording of the talk will be up on the site soon (trustingly - that is my webmaster's job).  Then my friend Trish and I took off in her car to West Bank to see two - yes two movies. First we watched Happy Feet 2, and as you will see by my movie review I shed some tears, then when it was over, Trish turns to me and says, want to see the Muppets, "why not" replies me, so we bought some more tickets and saw the Muppets. Then after we went and had a lovely supper (at a restaurant I had not been in before) and then off home. What a lovely Sunday.
On Tuesday night my Spiritual Prosperity and Wealth class ended. I was really happy to hear how each attendee had had some insights. Always delightful for a teacher's ears.  The class was surprised when they came into my living room, to find it looked quite different.  I had spent Monday reorganizing the living room and part of the kitchen. I had a new chesterfield delivered and on the Sunday night as I sat there I thought perhaps if I reorganized then I could create more seating. (Sometimes on the Wednesday night meditation and other gatherings I have I need more comfortable seats) and sure enough, with a bit of reorganization I was able to create two more seats. But it always takes me some time to get used to a different look and after three days, I'm getting there. Then at meditation last night, only six people came, when we have room for four more. Create the space and they will come! But as it is a drop in evening we can have eight or more easily.
This Saturday I have my Christmas Tea Party, the following Sunday I have my Pot Luck Supper, and then the weekend after that (the one before Christmas) I have my final four day intensive - the Psychic/Spiritual Development Intensive. So I'm sure December is going to go just as fast as the other months. Then comes January. Oh, 2012 is heading here fast.
During my talk on Sunday I suddenly realized I keep saying that I'm complacent and I made the declaration no more complacency for me...then on Tuesday night again I was able to remind myself to "think big". So when I do my goal setting for 2012, I'm really putting in some 'big ideas'. Always go for the potential. After all, its not up to us to know how things come into being it is up to us to know they will, so I'm going to 'think outside the box' which is my life right now. Just a thought, that you do that too.
Life is exciting!!!
Have fun planning for your Christmas!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Teaching Continues

This last weekend I facilitated the four day (Friday thru Monday) the PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT INTENSIVE. From my perspective it went really well. The comments written at the end were good - thank goodness. Five people were in my living room, learning how to use many of the different personal tools I teach as they began to discover how their minds worked and how to transform their thinking and feelings. We also explored past lives and after a few past live regressions they were ready to move into transforming their frozen inner children. This process I have always found very helpful in clearing beliefs which have been created. Usually when these beliefs are locked in they are held in our memories as frozen children.
I wrote about this process in my book CONNECTING TO THE LIGHT, and  through the DVD Connecting your Soul. I found that after I created the process, I worked with it for a long time, and it made a huge difference to how I felt about many aspects of my life and many of my old beliefs left.
I also loved the part where I am able to lead everyone back to pre-conception and they redo their conception, ensuring that their egg and sperm are filled with their mother's and father's self love. Then by connecting to their source energy and feeling the love, they are able to bring all three loves together. This exercise really makes a huge difference to a person's life. Its like recreating a new base to work from. The final day, when the students have done this exercise always brings everyone together in the 'love' vibration and a sense of being aware of how each one of us has the potential to love  ourselves and therefore others.
It is always sad when we get to leave and go on with our lives, some of the people I do not get to see again, but others come to the drop in meditation group or take other courses I offer.
Next month, three of the five are proceeding on to the PSYCHIC/SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT INTENSIVE, and they will be joined by some of my graduates coming to reaudit.  In another few weeks we will be doing the four days again, this time with a whole new  focus.
Besides the four days, I have also been teaching a four week SPIRITUAL PROSPERITY AND WEALTH course. Only one more week to go, and then I am facilitating a three week course on Numerology.  Then it will be Christmas.
I have a couple of Christmas Events planned, my Christmas Tea Party, and Christmas Pot Luck. Then of course the usual, one evening of Channeling Your Guide,  clients and the ongoing Wednesday night meditation. One cannot help  become a bit nostalgic about this year coming to a close, and the new one coming fast.
The learning of new things, the coming to understand them, truly makes a difference in our lives. There is often something to come and understand new concepts, new awarenesses, new growth. That is what makes life interesting and enjoyable. After all these years I still enjoy sharing what I have learned on my path, sharing concepts, attitudes and beliefs which have come to me in many, many ways.
Enjoy whatever it is you are learning right now.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Adventure of Life

Sometimes I wonder if I should not tweet. I have these great thoughts and ideas and think, must put that in my blog and then something else occurs and then I forget the wonderful insight as another comes in. I don't want to think its just age, that I can't remember them all at will, but dang it all these last few weeks I have had some wonderful insights.  So let's see what I can remember now I'm actually sitting down and writing.
Last Tuesday night I began a four week Spiritual Prosperity and Wealth class which I teach from the four spiritual principles of wealth, Forgiveness, Goal Setting, Tithing and Divine Purpose (as I learned from Edwene Gaines). Also I'm going over my Abundant Creation Triangle (if you just want to read about the Triangle just ask for me to send you the report on it). Over the years one of the hardest things to teach is Tithing. I myself Tithe, and then don't tithe, and I must admit when I am tithing my life works better.  A few weeks ago while thinking about my life and where I was I realized I had stopped tithing (its something that sometimes creeps up on me) and decided to do something about it. So I began, well in a few short weeks my client base is working well, students are signing up for classes and generally unexpected monies has been arriving.
During the Tuesday night class I was mentioning that Tithing is mentioned in the bible when Melchizedek says to Abraham "bring your tithes to the temple" (or something like that).  Now the word tithe means 10% just in case you are not sure. The next morning I awoke from a dream in which I saw the reason Melchizedek said that was because he was the 'watcher' - the 'prayer person' if you like, for Abraham. He kept the high watch. He was praying for Abraham. He prayed for whatever Abraham wanted. He prayed for his 'highest and best'. And as reported in the bible Abraham became a very wealthy man.
I teach you need to tithe where you are 'spiritually fed' and therefore you need to be aware of where you are being fed. Now I realize that we also need to acknowledge, through tithing, those people who also see our 'highest and best' being done, activated or whatever you want to call it. I used to do a lot of prayers for people years ago and yes it worked.  I did have clients who paid me to pray for them. So thanks to the dream, or the message I received, it added some new information to me and reminded me of what I can also do.
Then this last weekend, my friend Trish (often my movie companion) was facilitating/presenting an event here in Penticton, titled Stargate Penticton 11-11-11.  What a day!  She spent the morning getting us ready for 11am on the 11-11 and had invited a friend of hers a well known musician Paul Armitage, to do the music. The whole day was very life changing. I don't believe a person in the room did not experience some shift of energy especially from the morning. Trish also did some DNA alignment, and I most definately felt that happen.
After lunch, she had different speakers, of which I was one of them, and Paul Armitage played. Again I enjoyed all the presenters, my friend Ted Lund, did a wonderful job clearing us all of blocks and I have a CD of his presentation, which I will play for my meditation group so they can experience him.
Sunday saw me back at the Celebration Centre where Trish was chairperson, and Paul Armitage did the address and played more music. Then the afternoon he facilitated a 2 hour workshop, where we silently sat while he played.  Again I felt transported and left feeling full and a 'little out of it' after three days of music, shifts and just being.  This is the Adventure of Life.  Experiencing insights, feeling shifts of awareness and tomorrow when I go for my massage it will be interesting if Caycee finds anything new as in one piece Paul was playing I was feeling my sore shoulder which we have made huge inroads on. Also other parts of my body, and old, old memories came popping up. A wonderful releasing time period.
The Adventure of Life, continues, and with it grows more fulfillment of life. Happiness in so many areas. Sometimes it just bubbles up inside of me.  As I look out my office window right now we have snow falling for the first time. Another new experience for this fall, its actually more like sleet and my friend Ted is up on the roof fixing the cover for my swamp cooler, which we won't need until next summer. He came and put together my new chair and removed the other one out onto the covered back porch. The Adventure of Life never stops until our final breath and then its the new Adventure of the after life.
Trust you have had an enlightening weekend as me.
Love to everyone, everywhere!
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Monday, November 07, 2011

Forgetting Prayer

In my last posting I talked about the events that happened to me while in Vancouver. When it was time to come home I drove away from my friend's house at 5.30am in the morning. It was still dark and yet I was wide awake wanting to get on the road before the 'traffic' began. Actually I was amazed as to how many cars there were on the road at that hour, but it definitely was easier than leaving at 7.30am. 
On the drive home, with the quiet and only my mind for company I went over the events of the last week.  As I was pondering how come my car got broken into and I got the speeding ticket - even though there was a logical explanation - what was the metaphysical thought, what was breaking down my window (yet not losing too much) what was saying 'slow down'. The thoughts rolled around my mind, just free wheeling when I remembered. I had forgotten to do something which I thought was a large part of my life PRAYER. I usually automatically say a prayer for the outcome I want. Every morning, every time I leave my place, every time I go to bed. I had forgotten PRAYER. (Prayer, the intent of putting out a thought of the result you want).
Once I made that connection, it was like something in me relaxed. Although coming through the interconnector (I decided to drive home that way as it said the road was dry and although I don't usually go on that road at this time of the year, the direct driving was appealing to me).  Well of course that interconnector goes so high there was slippery icy sections at the top. I was quite happy when I was heading down towards the Valley. I passed one car which had obviously gone off the road and was stuck in a ditch.  So instead of driving at 110ks I drove at 80.
Anyway, made it home by 11am (that was stopping for breakfast, gas and groceries) and was able to 'rest' the rest of the day before getting back into stride. Now its back to regular routine, which of course is including my prayer time.
Right now I'm getting ready for my Spiritual Prosperity and Wealth course which begins Tuesday night (that's tomorrow). My Spiritual Prosperity of Wealth books to be made up, handouts to be completed.  Plus my daily walk and a couple of other things I doing out of the house. So tonight I still will be busy as I watch my Monday night TV shows. 
Can you believe so many good shows come on a Monday night. What is wrong with everyone that they compete this way. Good shows get left behind because there is no time to watch them.  So my PVR works overtime on Monday night which sometimes takes me a few days to catch up. Then the other day I saw a new show beginning, guess when, you guessed it Monday night. Why they don't put them on other nights which are not filled up with top knotch shows I don't know. Anyway, at least the boring job of making up books is made easier with the TV on.
This week I'm also speaking at my friend Trish's event Stargate 11-11-11. This looks like being a wonderful day to celebrate the anchoring of the new energy onto the earth. Interestingly I have been seeing 11:11 often when looking at the clock. I also found it on my mileage gauge the other day. So enjoy your 11-11-11 day!
Have a great day, remember to use PRAYER in your life.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Vancouver visit coming to an end

Just a quick note for those wonderful people who read my blog. Thanks again I appreciate it when I hear you have read this one or the movie one. Makes the time spent worthwhile.
I have been in Vancouver one full week tomorrow. The days have been full and busy, and also filled with unexpected things. First on the 2nd night I was here, my drivers side window was smashed in and although a few things were taken, the most important items were not. Also, the man across the street saw someone in the car and stopped them and I eventually got my `reading`suitcase back with my travelling crystal ball and drawing materials. I was thrilled about that, especially the crystal ball as it travels with me. I had to cancel what I had planned that morning while I went and had a new window put in. Then my friend Sonia, with whom I am staying, went to see the movie Johnny English Reborn and we laughed our heads off (see the movie review).  Then coming home from son Rob`s place Saturday night (really tired) I ended up with a speeding ticket.  Messages of this. First of all use your head and don`t leave suitcases and other stuff in your car (with it being a Kia Soul its all open no trunk) and second slow down even when you want to pass someone who is not driving well.
Other than that a very busy week. Three evenings Channeling Your Guide - total number of people 34. That`s a lot of different energies coming in, so had to do some realigning, then two workshops, and the final one tonight. Two Past Life Regression ones and one Clearing Blocks. So far all has gone well, and I expect no less tonight. Plus....always clients and seeing friends. Had three meals out yesterday with friends, and a client thrown in. As it was Halloween (Happy Halloween everyone) I did not book anything except a client (supposed to be three but reduced to one) which I was happy about.  I had breakfast with Rita in Richmond, lunch with Margaret Anne in Vancouver and then picked up Anne and we went to see Puss n Boots (again read the review on the other blog) and had supper at a lovely Greek restaurant. I made it back to Sonia's in time for Dancing with the Stars one of my favorites.
All in all its been a good week, even if I feel a bit tired.
By 8am tomorrow I will be driving home to get ready for the usual Wednesday night drop in meditation at my place.  I`m expecting to see my back lawn covered in leaves, they began to drop in earnest the morning I was leaving.
Hope you week as as pleasant and productive as mine has been.
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Monday, October 10, 2011

I Love TeachingTarot

Yesterday I completed teaching a three day Tarot course. I'm also half way through teaching Tarot one night a week for 3 hours. I'm enjoy teaching it either way. There is something about going over the basics, telling the story of the symbology which always brings me back into contact with why I love the Tarot.
Its been over 40 years since I took my first journey with the Tarot, and it still inspires me. It is the basis of my personal philosophy and it has taught me so much about human nature, the how and whys of why were are like we are. I see it represented constantly with my clients.
I love teaching the Tarot as the beginning of my Plug into your Personal, Psychic and Spiritual Power Intensive, because not only does the Tarot give you a wonderful philosophy to work with, it also begins to develop the psychic muscle while advising you of how you respond to your life. Therefore, two birds with one throw of the cards so to speak. It lays down a wonderful basic for my Intensive students.
It warms my heart when I hear my students say how the Tarot has opened their eyes, or how they are in awe of what they are learning from it. Yes, I love teaching Tarot because it gives my students and opportunity for more, more knowledge, more awareness and most of all, a great sense of who they really are.
I do not write many blogs about the Tarot because it is such a part of my life. All my psychic Tarot card Readings and Teaching are done with the symbology of the Rider Waite Deck. Although I use the Universal Deck its the same symbology. Those symbols are a part of me, yet this last weekend one of the students asked me something regarding the colors on the Queen of Swords, and I honestly had never noticed it before. So even after all these years you can still see something new or different. Yes another reason why I love teaching it. New eyes, new awareness and new perspectives are brought to each and every class whether it be in 3 days or over eight weeks.
Got to say I Love Teaching Tarot.

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Small Decisions Affect My Day!

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. After battling my cough/cold I was feeling better, but not great. The day turned out to be gray and raining, so I decided to drive to Kelowna and catch two movies which were not on locally.
So off I went, leaving with enough time to stop at a bank and deposit some checks which needed to be put into my account. Usually when going north, I use the bank at West Bank (or West Kelowna as it is now known - hard to break the habit of calling it West Bank) but when I got there it was raining. Knowing that I would get damp just getting out of my car, I decided to proceed onto Kelowna and the bank there.
I arrived at where the bank is and walked into the bank, and here is where a second decision was made. Do I use the machines in the foyer, or go on into the bank. Quickly I looked at the line up at the machines and inside the bank and decided it would be quicker to do it inside the bank (unusual as that may be) and I walked in.
As I walked in a girl walked in just before me. She decided to go around the walkway, whereas (knowing I wanted to go and get to my movie) I cut across and stood in front of her. Almost immediately the window in front of me opened up. I was going to walk up to the window but something said no wait....lucky thing. Next thing I know people are coming from the back waving papers, talking behind the counter and everything comes to a standstill, and then they lock the doors I had just walked in and it is announced that they had just been robbed. Well we were all in shock. We did not hear a thing, did not see a thing, although two of the tellers (especially the one who served him - yes it was a him - but I did not see him, even though we must have passed somehow) had a good description. It was the window which opened up right before me. Eventually they were going to check the counter for finger prints. So luckily I did not go up and place my purse on the counter (which I would normally have done).
Well now we are in lockdown - waiting for the police. I'm thinking, "what am I doing here?" I could have gone to the machine and I would have been long on my way. It seemed to take forever for the police to come, the staff provided seats for those of us in the bank and we waited while person after person (I could not believe how many people came to the doors of the bank) were turned away.
When the policeman arrived, he advised us that there had been another bank robbery five minutes away just before 'ours' had been reported.  Soon another policeman arrives and then another five minutes and the third (a female officer) arrives.
All this time and I'm thinking two things, I'm going to miss my movie and why am I really here. I had made three distinct decisions to be in this place at this time at this time, so why. I looked around the others, was there a reason, I could not find one, could not 'feel' one. I was just there.
Finally, I said to one of the policemen who had come out of the back office "how long are we going to be here" and when he replied, "I'm just going to speak to you now" I told him "I did not see anything, I could not tell you if it was a man or woman" and he said "you can go". Music to my eyes. Walked out, got back in my car, drove to the movie house bought my tickets and sat in the theatre just as the feature was going to begin. What an interesting event.
On my way back to Penticton I was thinking about it, as to what was the reason I was there, when it dawned on me. Today I'm speaking on Past Lives in which I talk about how important Past Lives are to our decisions. But I truly did not have any practical thing to use as how decisions affect us. Now I have one. So this am, I will be speaking on my experiences and then linking it to Past Lives.  In a few days, I'm trusting you will be able to listen to the talk at I have to record it and then have my web master post it. 
I trust you will have a good day and notice the small decisions you make, usually they don't take you into a bank where a bank robbery has just occurred.
Oh yes, my other blog will have the movie reviews which I will be doing right after this before heading off to speak.
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall cold - Judgment

I awoke on Monday morning with an obvious cold. Sore throat, head stuffy and not feeling 100%. Immediately began my vitamin C routine, but also checked what had happened 10 days back. I have this theory that if you get a cold, go back 10 days and you will find some unresolved issue.  Head colds are usually mental confusion, so I checked back and sure enough 10 days earlier I had one of those days when my mouth seemed to have a mind of its own and I said a few things which I was not happy with. In fact I had felt quite guilty over and had spent one night 'worrying' about it. The main situation I was worried about I apologized to the woman the next day, who was not a bit concerned about it at all. Shows that often what we concern ourselves with, others do not.
Upon checking back, and ensuring I had forgiven myself, I thought the cold would disappear. This has happened in the past. But no, Tuesday came with my throat not being so sore, but it was definitely beginning to move into my chest. My Tuesday comprised of going to Kelowna for a Live Blood Analysis, (It came out really well) and my Massage, which by the way I look forward to, especially as we are now working on my body back in birth and embryo status.  Wow, it is interesting what comes up. Mind you it has taken us a year to get there. Things which I thought I had dealt with still coming up as it is being held in the body.  But I digress.  Tuesday night I took some Buckley's "taste awful, but it works" and again it usually takes care of it. But no, Wednesday came, sore throat totally gone, but my cough was more pronounced. I took it easy most of the day, went for my walk with Jeanne and got ready for the meditation class.
My weekly drop in meditation group is always a great part of my week. I had three new people, and we fit into my living room just fine.  I apologized for my cough, and we began. We were using Gentle Wisdom by the Faerie Realm cards for our main meditation concentration.  I had some water so every time I felt like I wanted to cough, I had a sip of water and managed to keep myself from coughing during the 20 minutes. Even though every now and again I wanted to cough, I still managed to get the 'gentle' message for myself.
Earlier in the day I had come to realize that I had been around a person (on that Friday 10 days ago) who had a cough and was not well. That I somehow had caught the same thing. Darn! Anyway during the meditation I was shown that I had been judgmental of this person for several reasons, and the judgment had also been on myself (my worrying). I had a HUGE lesson about Judgment, and the letting go of all judgment.
Years ago my guide RaMa had taught me that one of the main things to do to get off the wheel of life,  was to let go of judgment and I thought I was doing quite well. But, obviously not good enough. How often we call our judgement of ourselves as being self critical - its judgment. When we see a behaviour of someone we look at it and criticize inside, its judgment.
Now, I sit here, with my cough deepening and I will keep on working to alleviate this, but I truly thought now that I understand it will leave, but looks like I have to go the course. I do believe its not as bad as it could be though.
I'm on alert now for all my little 'judgments' of others and myself. Another step to self awareness and connection to the source.
Remember look at where you are critical, self or otherwise and no you are really judging.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall is coming fast!

Hi: I sit here with the skies grey and the wind swinging the tree tops like crazy. This is Monday, only Saturday I walked out of the Ultimate Women's Show here in Penticton, where I was exhibiting to HOT! It was really hot, it had reached over 30 degrees during the day, and the night was wonderfully warm, totally summer. I had been in an air conditioned building all day, so missed most of it. Then Sunday came and the temperature dropped, even had a little rain, and now today my yard is covered with leaves, bits of trees etc.  Oh yes, Fall is here.  Mind you, its the 26th of September and that is into Fall.
I also know its Fall because my schedule has begun to get busy, shows, although I've cut back on those to local ones this year, I still have one next month. Classes, an Eight week Tarot class is in progress, and then Oct 7 - 9th I have a three day Tarot class, which begins the PLUG INTO YOUR PERSONAL, PSYCHIC AND SPIRITUAL POWER INTENSIVE. The other classes are four days in November for the Personal Power, and four days in December for the Psychic/Spiritual Power. Also at the end of this month I have a week in Vancouver faciliating workshops, channeling evenings and private appointments, which are booking fast. Oh yes, Fall is definately here.
I managed to see a couple of movies, and I will be writing up their reviews on the other site. I truly took the summer off, but miss expressing my views on the movies I see.  I heard word that they will be building a new seven theatre here very soon. Can't wait, but still wish they had daytime movies during the week. The only time they have that is when school holidays are on. This is a senior area, and I think they would do well if they showed movies during the day. Which is why I do love to visit the coast - daytime movies - lots of them to choose from.
While at the Women's Show, which was very quiet (lovely show, great selection of booths etc) just not enough people. On Sunday I was sitting there watching a young mother with her baby in the stroller walking along with her mother. The baby took my attention. He had the most turned down mouth I've seen on a person for a long time. I could not help but ask 'Is your baby really serious'.  'Oh yes' replied the Mother and the Grandmother agreed. I could see this young 8 month old baby, already being so hard on himself and life. To have such a turned down mouth at 8 months makes you wonder what he came in with on his soul.  I truly wish him well in his life.
I was woken (sleeping late) with a phone call saying a check I had given my CD production person I had forgotten to sign. As she said she was lucky she found it before trying to deposit it.  Oh my, where was my head. Now will go and sign it so she can get her money.
I am enjoying teaching Tarot one night a week, and look forward to doing the three day. It is always great to revisit the basics again.
In the meantime, still having trouble accessing this blog. I have a gmail account now, and it insists on trying to open it under my gmail email account, and I still am not sure how I get into it so I can finally put my other email address in to open this up. But truly, I feel like I'm in a merry-go-round, going round and round.....but I'll keep on till whatever it is I figure it out, or they forget trying to tell me I don't have a blog. 
Life is good - cool or not - (at least I know I will get sunshine in Feb/Mar).
Lots of love

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wise Woman's Festival and other bits and pieces

Just back from a weekend at the Wise Woman Festival where I presented three different workshops. Past Life Regression, Discussion on Protection vs No Protection and today another discussion on Soul's, Guides and Channeling.  We discussed so much that we really did not do much about the Channeling, but I was thrilled with the comments I received from several of the participants.  It is days like this that make me aware of how much I enjoy teaching. My life feels full and satisfied right now.
Also every Tuesday night I get to teach Tarot. We are going week by week through my workshop, which I usually teach over three days. I have not taught this way for years, and it is fun to get back to it. I'm thinking of doing this more.
My Fall schedule for the next couple of months is set (well November and December have some room) and October brings a three day Tarot course, then I'm off to Vancouver the last weekend where I will be faciliating two past life regression workshops, two channeling groups and transforming your blocks workshop. Plus I will have private clients. Always private clients, as that is a constant.
One of the wonders of life is the technology available. In the last weeks I've branched out in several ways. One is I got an Iphone. I'm still learning about it, but love it. I just wish the volume was a little more - but wow what I'm discovering I can do with it.  An IPad is the next thing I guess.  Also, thanks to shaw (think I've mentioned this before) decided I was spamming (can you believe that - I couldn't) they did not like my phone number being on my emails. So decided I needed to send my bulk emails via another source, and so MadMimi has entered my life. I spent a lot of time entering all the emails, but now they are in they take care of so much. So my time is being freed up there.  But the most excited thing is that one of my clients who moved to Toronto and wanted her CD fast, and when I sent it on the 2 day mailing I looked at the time etc, I decided to go a different way for my out of town clients.  NOW when I have an out of town client....unless they don't have an email address. I use my mp3 player and record the session (reading or clearing) THEN...and this is where it is exciting I download that onto yousendit, and they send out an email to the client who then goes and they can listen or download it to their computer or more time freed up. 
Time....after a summer of not doing too much (this is when I usually write) this last week I have been busy getting ready for the Wise Woman (this weekend) and the Ultimate Women's Fair (next weekend) binding books, making CD covers just getting ready....etc.  Even though this is all happening (oh yes of course clients with wonderful things happening there too) I'm looking at getting ready for my new endeavors (have a few in mind, which I'm not saying too much about until they are ready) so will be working away regularly on them.
Plus, my walking, my weight watcher's meeting (not that I follow counting points but it keeps me thinking and aware) plus my plan is to take a NEW beginners line dancing class every wednesday am. I love that it is a new beginners, pre beginners, perhaps I'll make beginners next.  Also stopped by the pool to get their schedule (they redid the pool - closed for a year - and I have not got back in the habit of going) so the plan is to fit that in too. I said to a friend, boy will have to leave some time for my clients inbetween all this stuff I want to do.
I booked my flight to NZ for Feb 3 thru March 18th, so have that to look forward too.
This morning I woke up to my yard filled with leaves and a wind howling around.  I was sad, summer is leaving and Fall is coming. The heat loving person always goes into a mourning period. And even though they (the weather people) say it will be back to 26 this week, the 'heat' which I love is gone.
Well finally I was able to get into my blog. Got my new gmail account and for some reason it seems to think I don't have this account.  So lets keep our fingers crossed I will find it easy next time, took me over 1/2 hour this time.
Trust you will enjoy these coming days.  Late summer will arise.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fall and I'm back

Hi: here it is the 7th of September all ready. The summer has flown by with lots of visitors. My sister came for five weeks, another friend was here for ten days and at the end of her visit another friend arrived for several days longer. Somehow every day was full and I enjoyed every minute of it, but I did not seem to have time for blogging, or doing many of the other regular 'office' time activities that I do. So here I am back again.
I trust your summer went well. With the visitors I had, especially my 82 year old sister from New Zealand I spent time thinking about lunches, dinners, activities etc. When you live by yourself so much of that disappears. I think it was good for me. It was a sad day when I had to leave her at the airport and then drive myself back home. Luckily I had picked up Anne to come back with me so I had company. We left Vancouver quite late and it was 1am when I finally drove into my yard. 
We seemed to have a short summer, and my two major activities I host during the summer, the tea party (this year a chocolate tea party) and my annual pot luck barbeque went off fine. Now the tea party had its fun, as the middle of it we had a storm hit. So here we were sitting under the tents in the yard with wind and rain all around. The table laden with chocolate goodies had rain come through were the tents joined, but we fixed that (as I got rain down the back of my neck - and yes it was cold). But only my sister decided inside was the best. The rest of us sat there until the rain past and the wind subsided. Can't be said we don't know how to have fun.
The barbeque for me was wonderful, as my son, wife and two children were here. Cristin had bought her son and he entertained the girls wonderfully. In fact I think the adults got a real charge out of watching them, especially my six year old flirting away with the 12 year old. I learned some lessons.
I also received the sad news my granddog Rudy passed away and so made an unexpected trip down to Vancouver, visiting my daughter on her Island get away for a memorial weekend. I had a great time and Bridget mentioned how much fun we had and how we were supposed to be in memory of Rudy, who was an incredible, wonderful dog and my daughter's faithful companion for 14 years and I said well I guess we were having a 'wake'.  As we have all seen him, we know he is happy in his doggy afterlife. Interestingly the massage therapists who work in the massage therapy clinic Bridget has said they have heard him. He was quite a presence and will be missed. The other bonus of the trip was I had an opportunity to have a quick visit with my son and his family again, plus three other friends. Then it was back home.
Arriving home with September arriving was time to sort out my Fall schedule, ensuring it is not as packed as my Spring one, in which I overdid it. Its hard sometimes to remember my age doesn't have the resiliance I had in my 40's.  But, I'm happy with the schedule as it is right now, and as I began my eight week Tarot class last night - thoroughly enjoying being back teaching it again - I'm even more thrilled. 
Not too many movies seen through the summer, and those I that I did see I did not get to write a review about. But enjoyed most. I will get back to my movie reviews because I enjoy doing them. So remember to sign up to read the reviews as I post them. If you are on Facebook, you will see the notification of them.
Well, just wanted to get back posting, so here is the first for now.
Blessings with love

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Supporting Self

Summer is here! Finally the 'heat' arrived. I so enjoy it, but in the meantime, also seek the shade of inside, funny how that works. Oh well, at least I can enjoy the outside for little bits of time.
Today I had a client where we began to speak about support. Supporting self, being supported by others and the fear of not being supported. During the session I found where the feeling of not being supported came from, and cleared it, but it gave me food for thought on my walk about "how do we support ourselves". So often we don't realize that we are not doing the things which support how we want to live, or how we want to feel, or how we want to look.
I know that as I work with dropping more in the weight department, that I do not always support that goal. Especially not yesterday when my sister (who is visiting from New Zealand) and I stopped for a 'snack' while visiting with a friend in another town and I had a 'chocolate torte'. Boy was it ever good. Not one bit of guilt, not one bit of regret. So who was I supporting by eating the torte. I would say I was supporting an aspect of me, who loves chocolate and wanted to experience this torte. But at the same time I was not supporting the goal of dropping weight.
How interesting life is we are often tied in the dualities of life. I know often I find my clients caught in a double bind, so to speak, where on one hand they believe one thing, and on the other they believe in something else which contradicts the other belief and they wonder why they are not moving ahead. This is where we often have to dig deep to discover what is below all this, what is the bottom belief, need or want.
I know I can go for long periods of time without having chocolate tortes or something similar, then all of a sudden it is as though must have that now. Is this an addiction?  I don't believe so, it just is something that comes up you say yes too.
Years ago when I was a wine drinker, I would go long periods of time without drinking at all, and then I would have one, but that would most often then begin I would have one everyday, soon to be two or three etc. The habit of drinking had returned. Then over four years ago I quit.....although sometimes I truly would like a glass, I don't. Here I'm totally supporting the inner me and not supporting the habit of a glass of wine.
Tonight, at my drop-in meditation group I'm going to pose the question to everyone "how do you support yourself?" and "do you believe you are supported?".  Perhaps we can get a conversation going which will lead to some new understandings as to how our system works to support ourselves,or our habits. Also how do we support our 'souls'. My desire - to have souls be integrated with ourselves with the love and understanding and belief in life. The feeling of excitement of being alive. Looking forward to everything which is coming our way. The soul, free, expressing and being alive. That is what I truly want to support. And if that is having a chocolate torte then so be it.
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Tarot Shows the Way - Again!

Recently I had a client who came in and asked about a relationship. I drew four symbols (unfortunately when I tried to place the symbols in here, it would not take). As she was in person I was able to show her, that in each symbol it was the background which was significant. That the desire she had for a relationship was coming, but she would need to shift her attitude, attention and be patient while she did that. If you look closely at each symbol and you will see that in the five of pentacles, the beautiful window shows the warmth and inspiration that is there demonstrating a relationship is there, she is not aware of it. In the eight of swords the castle of dreams is in the background if she lets go of what binds her and looks around she will see it. The same was said for the five of cups. The need is to let go of the past disappointments and turn around and see how to get to the castle of dreams. Then the ten of swords sealed it. The new dawn is coming up. The new horizon, which will take time, because I did see her in the middle of the swords and this is where a bit of time/patience would be needed. My client went away very happy, as by the time she left she knew what she needed to do.

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Friday, June 03, 2011

What a difference sun makes - little update

This week we have had all sorts of weather. Hard rain, clouds, cool and now the sun is out and I'm in here catching up on my emails and other bits and pieces I have not done.  Soon I will go outside with a book and rest awhile before driving north with two friends to watch a movie titled Dare to Dream.
My days have been restorative for me. I am not having to push myself to be ready for anything other than what is happening that day. I'm keeping my client appointments to around two per day, and although I still have quite a bit of sorting and putting away to do in a couple of rooms, I feel like I'm OK.  I'm feeling myself -- and that is the main thing.
I'm enjoying my work and my clients and noticing more and more how easy its becoming to get to the root of issues and then 'clear' them.  Ah life is good right now. Received notification that I'm presenting at the Wise Woman Festival in September being held in Naramata again. The surprise was I had forwarded three topics (usually do, and Angele picks two) well I'm listed for all three -- interesting.
I love these longer evenings and with nothing being on TV, I'm finding myself wondering what to do with myself. So I've taken myself for walks in the evening, read my book - just finished a Jane Roberts novel - Chasing Fire. As I'm up early watching the French Open Tennis I'm usually to bed fairly early. So thrilled that Nadal is in the final - hope he wins and Roger played a super game to also be in the final, but would love Nadal to win.
What I love most right now is how I'm just BEING!  With summer coming, I'll be able to do more and more and just BE!!!!
How happy that makes me.
Lots of love to all who read!
(ps  I'm smiling inside)
Read the Kung Fu Panda 2 review

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Catching up....its been a long Spring!

I simply can hardly believe its nearly the end of May. You may have noticed by the last few entries, which have been few and far between that I had set myself up with a busy Spring schedule. Well silly me!!! When I was thinking about the Spring last Fall and realized I would not be doing any of the Body Soul & Spirit Expos this Spring, I thought, well I just need to go and visit certain areas. So March saw me in Salmon Arm and Trail (driving from Salmon Arm to Trail in one day - it was quite easy). I was a little tired when I got back from Trail, but thought it was natural as I had been really busy in Salmon Arm and then had three events in two days in Trail.
Two weeks later I took off for the 'big trip'. Victoria and Vancouver. I had a couple of days in Vancouver visiting my family and friends before taking off for the Island for a few days, working and again visiting friends. Then I went back to Vancouver, where I put in long days. Sometimes leaving my friend Sonia's place (where I was staying) at 9.30 or 10.00 am and not getting back until 10.00 or even midnight one night. This resulted in me being exhausted. I was supposed to go visit Bridget's place on Keats Island, but was so exhausted I just came home once all the events were over. I don't remember being this tired. When I got home I did not even have enough energy to go grocery shopping. I shopped for a couple of necessities I needed and then just stayed home. Luckily the sun was out and I was able to sit outside and read my book.
Then my dear friend Ted came in to visit and as I told him how tired I was he said "well your heart is tired - it is a muscle you know". Well his magic healing helped and I began to feel better. (I had been too tired to even phone him for an appointment so his visit was extremely appreciated).  I reduced my readings to one per day, I did not have any meditation group (due to a six week busy schedule stoppage) so that all helped. I rested. Then I went to see my chiropractor and she was doing 'heart testing' with a new program she has. I had set the appointment up before going to Vancouver as it had 'felt' the right thing to do. Well surprise, showed some heart anomalies and she put me on a product, which I must say within two days I felt much more energy.
Then came the Royal Wedding, my daughter Bridget flew up to enjoy it with me and even her Dad (who is presently living in Naramata) came and sat up with us till around 3.00am.  We lasted till around 4.30am, then off to bed we went to get up again around 8.00am to watch it all again. That evening was the beginning of the Spring Festival of Awareness in Naramata, so dropped Bridget off at her Dad's and I went and became a presenter. I took it fairly easy over the weekend, hanging out a bit and facilitating my workshops, which I'm happy to say were well attended again. I did one on the Tarot and one on Past Life Regression. (Year after year, this workshop is a hit!!)
Then I had one week to get ready to go to Alberta. With stops in Calgary, Edmonton and then in Red Deer I had to ensure I had enough of everything. Again watching the 'energy' levels, as I was still not 100% I managed to get it done before leaving on the following Monday. I drove to Golden, staying the night, managing to have a Hot Tub and enjoying the late afternoon sun there. Driving into Calgary the next day I was so glad I stopped and did not try and 'push' through. The mountains were in their glory with still lots of snow on them, yet the day was wonderful. In Calgary, I did a Past Life Regression Workshop, saw a couple of clients and looked at a clients house she wanted to sell and was having trouble. (It sold within a few days). The second day the wind came up - what a wind. The wind accompanied my visit to Alberta until the 2nd last day when it finally stopped. The weather was warm (liked that) but the wind was something else.
Driving to Edmonton, I stopped and had lunch with Heather (whom I was staying with on the Red Deer) leg and we finalized some details and then soon I was with my friend Vida. Edmonton had some interesting times. I did another Past Life Regression Workshop, a psychic party and several phone consultations. I also discovered something I had been looking for for a long long time. A machine which records directly onto a CD. One of the participants at the Past Life Regression workshop told me about it - its in music stores - I phoned the largest music store in Edmonton, and yes they had one and it was on 1/2 price (as it had been returned but guaranteed to work well) it looks new to me. So that was worth the trip alone as it will save me hours of work, not having to record onto my mp3 player and then making the CD on my computer. Talk about happy!!!  (Tonight for instance when I do a channeling your guide evening, it will save me about 1 hour of time.)

Now while I was away, handyman/healer Ted was fixing up my kitchen. It is just terrific. All painted, the brown cupboards now are white, around them a beige and my bright yellow top and bottom. My portable dishwasher is now built in and a small divider has gone which opens up the whole kitchen. New counter tops round off the finished look (oh yes new kitchen taps).
I got home to the long weekend, feeling refreshed and ready to go. Bridget came up for the weekend helping me restore my kitchen cupboard stuff (which were all in the living room) and then she went out to her Dad's as I was busy with clients.
She was also thrilled with the kitchen, and the outside, which Maureen had been helping me with, water the plants while I was away, make sure it all looked nice. The outside porches, especially the back one is really great to sit in now. All ready for summer and my sister Beryl's arrival - June 29th!!  (After a few beautiful days, the clouds, rain and cool are back).
So my energy level seems to be coming back. I feel more like 'myself' than I have felt for some time. And I'm promising myself not to do this (the schedule) again.
Hopefully now I'm home, I can catch up with all the bits and pieces which still need doing, ie write on this blog more often, filing and getting my office and consulting room totally organized.
Also I'm hopeful in catching up a few more neglected items. I had an email from a lady who has been watching my site for a new Tarot Card for so long.  So that has to be taken care off immediately too....

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In Victoria

I know its not just me, but life seems to be going faster and faster. It only seems like yesterday when I arrived back from my trip to New Zealand, went to Regina for more Yuen Training and then last month off to Salmon Arm and Trail.
Now I'm in Victoria, where I'm facilitating (last night) a psychic party, some private consultations, yesterday, today and tomorrow and the biggy - Past Life Regression Workshop.  I'm always happy to do it all.
I have forgotten how damp and cold the coast is. I was hoping for some sunshine (the ever optimistic person) but today its overcast and cool.  I'm off very soon to have lunch with a Pentictonite who moved here some months ago. She loves it here, for various reasons, but I'll be happy to get back to my desert town of Penticton when Easter (another couple of weeks yet) is over.
No complaining though, because I set this up and so far it has been great, visiting people I have not seen for awhile, eating out (always love that) and on Wednesday after my consultation I will return to Vancouver, staying with my friend Sonia in Surrey and begin my busy pre-arranged schedule there.
It will leave me with some time for movies (see two new movie reviews - Soul Surfer and Arthur - which I have been able to see in the last few days. My hope/plan is I can see another, Hanna on Thursday, so will see how that unfolds.) Remember my movie reviews are at I truly appreciate everyone who does read them.
Insights, I've had a few lately, what with Japan going through the turmoil and now the radiation scares, my heart goes out to them and ensured my donation was placed to help. I have followed the other world events via my daily visit to BBC news Internet page. I find them the most realistic and varied. Interesting times, and it all begins with us. How are we responding, how are we reacting to it all. Hopefully not with fear - which I sometimes read - but rather knowing the natural cycles of life are being exhibited.
The earth is overdue for corrections and the plates are moving. I was explaining to someone the other day, if your shoulder gets stiff in one position, you move it and it cracks and that is what is happening when the earthquakes occur, the earth is readjusting itself. A natural reaction.
I wonder why people always move into the 'negative', when there is a practical and an obvious reason for all the 'normal' earth changes. Chaos has occurred on the planet since day one. I remember reading years ago how the scientists had suddenly realized that most of the earth changes did not happen over time, but had happened suddenly - chaos - oh my. Isn't that like life, we go along and then something happens that has us sit up and take notice, bringing us up short, having to perhaps reevaluate our philosophy, our responses etc to life and ourselves.  The Tower symbol of the Tarot, which taught me 'everything adds'.
Yes these are interesting times, and I for one watch as the observer, with compassion as it how it unfolds for us all.
I wish for each one of you who reads this a knowing that all is well, a natural evolution is occurring and we are privileged to observe it - even if we don't like it all.
Blessings - have a great Easter if I don't get back to this again before then. I'm speaking next Sunday at the Spiritualist church in Burnaby on "Preparing for Easter".  I wonder what I will say? 
Lots of love
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

March is ending!

I was wondering the other day why I wasn't writing on my blog. Well, two reasons: first I have been super busy coming and going and I have not seemed to have time for sitting down and writing and second I find with Facebook I tend to report what is happening. Not everything but major details.
So here it is on a Saturday morning, I've watched a soccer match - England vs Wales, I've seen two clients and soon friend Ted is coming to complete my office face lift. Well I'm ahead of myself.
I had a wonderful week travelling first to Salmon Arm, and then to Trail, facilitating two Past Life Regression Workshops, lecturing to the Questers in Salmon Arm, plus having many private sessions. In Trail besides the Workshop I lead a group channeling and a psychic party before driving home.
My new little red car - renamed as Ruby, thanks to Jeanne - handled the 1,000 ks really well, which is should seeing it is new.
Once home I went the next night to speak to the Kelowna Questers. I was quite tired, but as usual when speaking to a crowd I felt the energy returning.
While in Salmon Arm I recorded my talk there and will get that off to my webmaster to put up on the site so others can hear it too.
Then I decided I needed to paint my office and get that sorted, so that is where Ted came to help and then I spent a day painting so the office is now bright yellow and soon will have new carpet on the floor. My back though did not like it and thank goodness my massage with CayCee yesterday really helped. One more room for me to do. Once we have the office back in shape (which will take a wee while sorting everything out) I want to paint the 2nd bedroom, and get a new bed in there. That needs to get done pretty quick because my daughter, Eleanor and maybe Anne are coming to visit and they will need a bed to sleep in. So another paint job before I leave for Victoria is in the works....
Well my life is pretty quiet personally, clients, travelling and watching my TV shows seems to be making up my days. But today, I feel more like normal, perhaps that is because the sun 'was' shining and the backdoor is open and Spring maybe is arriving with the buds coming out on the lilac trees and the daffodils have put up there heads about 2 inches.
I'm a sun, hot, loving person.
Well must go as I have a few bits to do to clean up the office (paint cans to take out) before Ted gets here in a bit.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Power - over, under and with

Right outside my office window is a bird feeder. I enjoy watching the little sparrows and finches come and peck away at the seeds. Several times lately though I have watched larger birds come and bossily push the little birds out of the way.
This has made me reflect on the 'power' issue of people. How the Dictator/Authoritative (Carpman Triangle) will work to go 'power over', while the Victim will go 'power under'. I work to maintain 'power with' and teach this to students and then to clients when the issue comes up.
One of the reasons I was attracted to the Yuen Method over a year ago and have studied and used it since is because of how Dr. Yuen explains about moving things to 'neutral' which to me works in the same concept of my 'power with'.
If we are needing superiority we need to have someone in inferiority. The see-saw of power is either up or down. When we have power with, we have an ease and the see-saw is just equal. Remember getting on a see-saw when we were young. One person gets on and holds the see-saw in neutral position until the other person gets on then one pushes up and one pushes down. You work with cooperation so you get the wonder and fun of going up and down, you are working together, you have 'power with' you have 'neutral' because if someone dominates the game doesn't work. If someone does not want to push up to send the other person down the see saw does not work.
In the see-saw if one person walks away, without helping the other person get off by holding the see saw in neutral again the person drops to the ground with a bang. Here the position would be the dictator of letting go, so the other person crashes into the ground (this results in a jarring - I know its happened to me) and its not fun or nice. It is a game of cooperation.
Today I do not think they have see-saws in play grounds, so children do not get the opportunity to learn the power of 'power with'.  Too bad, as it is those lessons which go with us and give us thought years later when dealing with people.
Perhaps you can consider your life and look to see who or what has 'power over' you and where you give your power up so you are 'power under' and mostly, where do you exhibit 'power with.' To do this you will need to let go of your need to protect, be on top, and most of all to be vunerable.
Lately in my 'clearing' sessions I have been dealing with people who have been afraid of being 'vunerable'. To me your ego is your defensive mechanism and defends those aspects of ourselves who do not want to be 'wrong' 'embarrassed' 'judged' and in particular 'vunerable'.  Its interesting when those are cleared and you are strong in your inner core of acceptance of yourself how you can move to power with.
You have a great day

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Speaking and Working

This Sunday I spoke at the Celebration Centre here in Penticton, and it begins a series of talks and workshops in the next few months. (See my schedule at I can't explain the feeling I get when I speak to a group of people. Its like 'heaven' to me. This talk will be put on my website in a few days (Its in the mail to my webmaster). So you can listen through there, but I also have some copies available so I can mail you a CD of it too. I was speaking on the topic "Coming Home", and spoke about how I have several homes, but also was able to talk about our Souls and the journey we have plus the Akashic Records. Oh what fun to have it roll forth and then listen to it afterwards.
Next week I'm up in Salmon Arm speaking to the Quester's group on the topic "Following the Energy Line". I will be repeating the topic the following Monday for the Kelowna Questers. I happen to know although its the same topic, I'm sure it will not be exactly the same lecture. I speak to the people who are attending, therefore different information can be forthcoming.  Such fun!!
I'm also facilitating two Past Life Regression Workshops in the next few weeks, one while I'm in Salmon Arm, and another in Trail.
On Saturday I went and did a Psychic Party for a party of eleven. This was the first one in which I taped onto a CD, rather than audio tape. It definitely takes longer as it is recordered onto my mp3 player and then transferred onto a CD. I wish the inventors would invent something where we could tape directly onto a CD with ease. It is something which seemed to have 'fallen through the cracks' of inventing.  This coming weekend I'm at the only Trade Show I'm planning on doing this spring in Vernon and will use the CD process. Thinking about pricing right now. How to work the extra time in.
I also have had the privilege of working with both Readings and Clearings (using the Yuen Method) since coming back. I truly can see and feel the difference in my work since my three day reaudit course in Regina.  Wow...its so much more enjoyable, following the energy in this different way. I am so happy with it, it suits my style and how I like to work so much more. 
At the moment, even though we have had more snow I'm happy to be back home and working.
Love to all
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Monday, February 14, 2011

After New Zealand

In two days I will have been back from my trip to New Zealand a week. How time flies. I did not get to write about the last few days before flying back home. The day before I left I saw five clients. A busy day as I drove from place to place, but as it was spread out over the day it was OK.  I ended up loving my GPS, which got me to each place I needed to be at without too much difficulty. I learned how to interpret the instructions so I was able to navigate well. It made me realize how often in life we do not "follow the instructions" or we "misinterupret the instructions". 
Highlights, as always, is seeing family and friends. I was able to see a cousin who came with her neice, a second cousin who I have not seen for many, many years. That was an enjoyable visit. Plus a friend who I was unable to catch up with last year when I was back. So sisters, brother, in-laws, nieces, nephews, cousines, second cousines, friends were scatterred throughout the three weeks. Then this time I had clients too. As I'm sure you know I love doing my work, and so I did readings and clearings. I was pleased with the results and let them know I can phone easily and do either readings or clearings for them even though I'm across the ocean.
I also collected information for creating a 'Norma Cowie's North Island Tour' next year. More about that, and if you are on the email lists you will get word.  Right now, I'm busy getting caught back up with all the bits and pieces which don't get attended to when you are not here. Plus I left a lot of filing and sorting to be done when I got back. Plus, the clients are beginning to book back in.
This last weekend, I had my intensive students here, as we did the 'Chakra' weekend. As you are aware (or not) I work with 16 of them. Lots of 'clearing' done and balancing was created. All felt a lot better when completed. Then they had 'strangers' arrive and they 'read' for them. Aura drawings, Tarot Card, buttons, stones, psyomentry, black mirror and water in a bowl. All the clients for them enjoyed the couple of hours it took, and said each person related and gave them information pertinent to them. I'm one proud mama of that. This group did not take to crystal ball readings, and they decided to do the water in the bowl last month and each one makes it work wonderfly well.
Now I'm getting ready to go to Regina to re-audit Level 2 & 3 of the Yuen Method. A different teacher, so I'm looking forward to picking up some more information, or at least consolidating what I've learned so far. When I get back, I have been booked to speak at the local Celebration Centre. It will be good to see everyone as I have not been since the beginning of November. And then February will end.....and my busy March will begin.
Oh yes, its Valentine's Day today. Have not had much time to think about that, as I'm still catching up with myself, but lots of LOVE to everyone.
In the chakra connections this weekend, we all experienced lots of that love and wonderful universal energy.
Thats all for now.
Blessings with love

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Few days left in New Zealand

Hi:  Time travels fast when you are having fun. Now I'm down to the last few days and its all the things I have not done yet beginning to crowd in. Seeing people I have not connected with yet, purchasing the last few items I wanted before I leave and seeing clients who want readings or clearings.
My hot day in Russell was a God send in lots of ways as I'm back in Auckland where the morning skies are grey which lasts for most of the day and then the sun comes out through clouds hot and muggy. So not much sun, although hot and muggy.
I had driven back form Russell in the early evening so I would have the whole day Saturday here. I had some work I wanted to get done. Well I didn't get that done, and maybe today, or maybe tomorrow - we will have to see.
Yesterday am I awoke early and it was one of those mornings, when its dark, you have no idea what time it is, you don't want to read, you don't want to get up and you don't sleep.  I haven't had a morning like that for a long time. when I did get up I didn't want to do anything. Just felt a weird 'tired'.  Then my brother, sister - in law and myself, went out, had lunch and did some shopping at a store I wanted to go too, and there I found a watch I had been looking for. I had wanted an everyday silver watch (black faced) oblong, and had not found one which would go around my wrist - and there it was.  Then we proceeded to go south a wee ways to meet up with a second cousin and his wife who had dropped in to see me in Penticton around 4 years ago, and Malcolm could only remember vaguely when he was young. (I never did remember him).  Anyway, interesting is they both have the same names - Malcolm Edward - of course different last names as he is from my mother's side and to one of her nieces.  We had an interesting couple of hours in a Starbucks (yes they are here too) and then it was time to come on back here.
The evening was spent watching Sevens Rugby with me reading inbetween a book. New Zealand won the tournament.
Today Sunday (I leave Wednesday) I slept in, because I was awake at 3.00pm for an hour or so and slept in later.  I believe I'm leaving now to go see a movie. They have late morning times and the movie house is about 15 minutes up the road (not as close as home, but close) and then the local nieces and nephew are coming for a New Zealand supper tonight.  Will have to see what that means. I think Pavlova is on the menu.
So the final days, family, shopping and contacts with clients is being counted off.
Now beginning to look forward to getting home and getting caught up with orders which have come in and clients there who have booked. Plus the Wednesday night group which will begin again the following Wednesday 16th.
Blessings from downunder to all!
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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

New Zealand Trip continues

The other day I had typed up a whole lot of new info when I pressed something and it disappeared and was not in the mood to retype it.  So here goes.
Thursday saw Karen arrive from Hastings, so lots of catching up since I saw her last in August when I dropped her off at the airport in Calgary.
Friday: we had a lot of different people drop by to see me and so at 11.30 we took off for Tauranga where we met up with my second cousins Gayleen and Berice. I had a wonderful 1 1/2 hours of catching up there. Berice is exploring our family tree and I'm always fascinated by that. Then they left and Karen and I went 'shopping'.  One top, one pair of tights and some nail polish stuff later we were ready to head back to Matamata.  Now while in the mall, another rain storm was beginning to hit the area. Lots of rain and by the time we arrived back at Beryl's the rain was beginning there (already started in Tauranga) and it poured all night.
Saturday: Karen left to go on her way, I said my goodbyes to Beryl, always hard drove to see my sister Nancy and finally Les in their new 'Home' where they seem very happy and settled. After talking with them for awhile, said my goodbyes and continued my drive on back to Red Beach and Malcolm and Jan's place. About 20 minutes later I realized I had left my cape at Beryl's, thought about going back and then realized my niece is coming up this way next week and she could bring it, so kept driving. Now it had been raining hard all night, so soon I met a road closed, detour sign. Beryl & I had discussed the way to drive back up to Auckland area as flooding was going to be a problem. So once again I'm detoured all over the place, back roads up hill down dale, flooding on either side at times but eventually I end up on the number one hwy much further south than I had intended to be.  Once on the number one highway it was fairly easy driving (sailing) back north. Pearl (the 93rd old I went to the movies with tonight - see the movie blog: was waiting for me as brother Malcolm and sister-in-law Jan had left that day to take two of their grandkids back home a usual 3 hour drive, which took them all day due to the floods, detours, slides etc.  Anyway, I made it back safe and sound and watched the women's final of tennis before heading to bed (12.30 at night).
Sunday:  now that I was back online I caught up with emails and discovered I had a lift to go to the Tarot Guild's meeting in the afternoon. I was so thankful to Hazel for giving me the lift - she came right to the door to pick me up - and off we went for a wonderful afternoon, of professional meeting, readings and then they allowed me 1/2 hour to speak. Many of us went out for coffee/tea afterwards before Hazel brought me home. I was able to get some readings and clearings booked from that.  Watched the men's tennis that night.  Now tennis is over, so have time to work on the blog, movie review (finally getting to see two movies today -- but ahead of myself).
Monday: I had a client who came for 1/2 hour reading, 1 hour clearing and a past life regression. We went for lunch before the past life regression, so I had lots of time with a very interesting person. While working on the clearing for her, I came across an interesting aspect I had not run into before. I asked permission to write about it, so here is what I came across. Working on trust (not trusting) and shoulder tension, I found her psychic system on super high alert. Checking and looking for an energy in order to not be found. As I tuned in more, I asked her if she would see people and have an instant aversion. She said it had happened, although not often. This fit in what I was receiving. The story to me was she was from somewhere - hiding out - so to speak and people were 'looking for her'. Because I had picked up a very definite place where there was two camps of thought and she said that it felt like you could not leave, and she managed to 'get away'. Anyway, you can tell from that it was interesting and although I don't remember everything I said that's the gist of it, and so had to do quite a bit of clearing and disconnecting. Oh yes, I just remembered I asked her if she got 'flash headaches' which she said yes too.  It was like a radio signal coming in and when it did it was hard for the brain to assimilate, so did some work around that too. I'm looking forward to seeing how she feels in a few more days, as the work assimilates.
Tuesday:  today.... this was my day with no appointments except to have lunch with a childhood friend, who I see every time I come to visit. It is always great to sit down and catch up. Although it was only a year since I was here.  I went early, to the Mall we had decided to met at and shopped. More tops, more tights...clothes!!!  Then lunch, and then the movie The Fighter, (see other blog) and then when I got back here, went and bought Fish & Chips for Pearl and me, and then took her to see The Kings Speech (see other blog). A great day.  Now I'm working away. Its hot finally, but more rain coming but did get 10 minutes in the sunshine this afternoon with my book
Wednesday: tomorrow I'm off using my newly acquired GPS to see two people for readings and a clearing and hopefully catch up with another friend. So more about that later.
Many blessings.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

First week in New Zealand

I have been in New Zealand a week. Its been a busy week and the weather has finally turned to being how I wanted it. Hot.

I arrived after a great flight. Only 13 ½ hours (not 14 like last time). I slept several hours so when I arrived I felt quite good. I was greeted by my brother and sister-in-law, plus Nateele, my niece, her children Cam and Maddie, 5 & 3 plus Shaday another nieces, step daughter. As it was six am in the morning, the kids had been up really early, so a date with the ever present McDonalds was necessary. As I was filled with breakfast from the plane I only had a cup of tea. How good it feels to be embraced by the 'family' once again. I always enjoy the trip from the airport to my brother's place, seeing the colors, looking at the ocean, but this trip they put the DVD on of Happy Feet (a movie I saw years ago with Christobelle & Mike in Vancouver on Christmas Day) and I found myself caught up in the movie (with the kids) and hardly noticed the view. This made me realise how much children must miss these days, watching DVDs rather than the beautiful views around them.

Once we got back to my brother’s it was a quiet day except for a visit with Nateele to a shoe shop where I had bought shoes last year. I could not find anything I liked, and shoes were not really on my list. Then my nephew Calvin, his three kids, Olly, Sam and Bella arrived, so a housefilled with kids as we had supper and then my niece Laurinda arrived to pick up Shayday. Family, heaven. As mentioned last year it’s the only place I get called Aunty and it warms my heart.

Saturday arrived. I had slept well (sometimes that does not happen, but I was thankful it did). We had a party to attend to that evening (Laurinda’s 30th birthday party one of the reasons I am here right now). A quiet day watching tennis, while it rained and the wind howled outside. A huge storm (cyclone) had come in, which ended up creating a lot of flooding (more of that later). Thankfully, before leaving for the get together, which was being held at a pool hall/come gathering place, the rain stopped. Friends of Malcolm & Jan had arrived for supper and came with us in Malcolms seven seater car (to accompodate the grandchildren which are often there).

It was a great party. I had the wonder of seeing a lot more of my nieces and nephews some who had travelled up island to attend. It was fun, dancing and talking and catching up with everyone.

Sunday, this was the morning, I was leaving my brothers, who has loaned me his CRV to drive around in while here. I drove to my nephew John’s place (remember he is just younger than me, and older than my brother) to meet up with two nieces, and then we travelled in a ‘pack’ first to pick up niece’s Raewyn’s car (left on the trip up) and then onward to pick up my sister Beryl who was traveling to meet up with us as we drove to Rae’s.

Now the previous day storm was still raining in places, and it was interesting. Being in the sub tropics rain can be anything, heavy, medium or light. The rain was mostly heavy, but luckily it would come for a short while and then lighten up, stop and then begin the cycle all over again as we moved south. Just before we were to met up with Beryl (her youngest daughter Joanne had driven her to meet us) we had to detour. I figured out we had to drive maybe 50 ks to go 10ks. Luckily we came out just before the place we were meeting them. It took us quite a while to get there, the roads we detoured on were not great, and lots of cars going both ways, from Auckland and to Auckland. When we picked up Beryl (she came with me – my navigator – in case I got lost). We again team drove, Niece Sheryl & her husband Melville in their car. They were going down to Whitianga (Rae’s home) for a weeks holiday. Beryl and I and then Rae bringing up the rear. At one point we went over this long one way bridge and Rae, who was quite a way behind us missed the bridge. Lots of accidents, floods and traffic was being diverted all over the place. We heard that the road to Whitianga was flooded and people were not getting in and out. The tide was super high (called a King Tide) plus northern winds, plus the storm and floods. So we ended up stopping and having a late lunch at a town Tiaphua and then when they figured the road should be cleared we drove on. Now the fun part. I have driven through water before, but I’m coming up to some water on the road (my side) but there is a car coming on the other side, so cannot just move over and go around it. Also I was going at a pace that there was no time to stop unless I stopped on a dime and Rae was behind me, so I just drove into the water. Well it was like hitting a wall (well not quite). The car speed slowed to ½ I’m sure, the water was spraying right up over the side of the car and I thought for a moment we would stall, so pressed my foot on the gas and it shot through the rest of the water. I breathed a sigh of relief, my sister did too and Rae drove around it. The rest of the trip to her place was uneventful. I need to point out, this was my first drive on the other side of the road, and I'm always tentative especially until I get used to driving on the other side of the road. It takes quite a bit of concentration and my ongoing mantra "am I in the middle of the road" which means I'm close to the middle line. It works for me and keeps me ever present when my mind wants to go off and 'think' or observe the countryside.
I love Raewyn’s place, may not like the drive getting there, winding over hills on roads posted at 100ks which I drive comfortably at 80. Once there, beautiful view of the bay and then out to the pacific ocean. The storm was till blowing with bits of rain coming in. I was tired, so sat and watched tennis. Thank goodness for the Australian Open. Since being here I have been able to watch Tennis most days, afternoon and evenings. Australia is 2 hours behind in real time, so 1pm and again at 8 – 9pm the tennis is on.

Monday I found myself quite tired, still not wanting to do much, but we all went down to her little town, and ended up finding two tops to purchase. Then back watching Tennis and that was about all.

Tuesday still a bit tired, (this jet lag) but feeling a bit better. We all drove over another hill to visit another niece Maureen and her husband Murray, who run a holiday resort, campers, etc. I had requested that we have fish and chips there for lunch (Maureen does them – takeaways ). Great visit and a great lunch. They were tired as they had been flooded and had spent the Sunday night busy moving the campers as their tents were going to get wet. She had photos taken, luckily no real damage done, but water on the paths and some of the spots was deep enough. Some campers had had to pull up in the night and go home. A lot had stayed and were still ‘drying’ out when were there. Back to Rae’s to the view, my book and Tennis.

Wednesday Beryl & I left around 11am and drove back to her place. I awoke feeling more myself and was ready to drive back to Matamata, the town I was born and is now known world wide as Hobbiton. (The filmed the Hobbits village it just out of town). By the time we had arrived, I was again tired, so we took it easy – tennis – and made some calls sorting out some visits I have to do while here. My driving is getting more relaxed as I'm getting used to being on the other side of the road. Heard of some North Americans getting killed in head on crashes (must not have my mantra).

Thursday. Awoke feeling really good and went for a walk before the sun, which is back to its usual ‘hot’ came out. Then we Beryl & I went to visit our eldest sister who is in a senior's home now. I thought she looked so much better than last year when I was here. Her husband Les was out getting his eyes tested  test, so will see him tomorrow am. We did shopping and I found a couple of more things to buy, then back for lunch. After lunch I drove us out – more practice – to see my brother in law Jack’s gravesite, then around to see how the town had grown and then back to watch – guess Tennis. I sat outside trying to get some color before heading home and now making some notes – not internet connection here – but will post this on the blog when I get back up to my brothers. My friend Karen (who visited me last August) will be arriving shortly for a couple of nights, then we both leave – in different directions – on Sat.

Talk later. Norma.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is Love Painful, destructive and doesn't work?

The last few days I have had the same idea/concept come up with several of the clearings I have done. This has come up in particular with the Akashic Record clearings I have done. This is that love is painful, love is destructive, love doesn't work etc. This is not a new concept. Just listen to the songs over the years about how love went wrong etc. I have had this idea come up over and over for clients when clearing programing/blocks.
One of the first things I do is remind the client that love did not create the pain. It was our (because I think we all go through this at some time or another) belief that love would produce a different result. Just last night I had to remind a client that she was aware of signs which she chose to ignore which resulted in her loss and her desire for revenge. She agreed. It seems we just don't want to accept that we are responsible, not LOVE.
Love to me, is acceptance and forgiveness. I learned this years ago from the Empress of the Tarot. This is what she told me when I was meditating and working to understand the symbology. Today, people are amazed that I'm friendly with my ex-husbands and yet to me it is a natural result. I loved these men. They were and still are important to me. Just because our relationship did not work over time, does not mean I do not honor the essence of who they are. For it was that essence I fell in love with.
If we chose to live with forgiveness, then we forgive. And again, I remind people often, that the most important aspect of forgiveness is to FORGIVE SELF. We need to forgive ourselves often. If we love ourselves, we will forgive easily. If we don't love ourselves sufficiently then we will find this harder.
I believe it is a spiritual question. When you connect with the source of being you feel the love this source has for you and you recognize you are already forgiven (in other words there is no need to forgive as there is only acceptance of you). Knowing this, how can we not forgive ourselves and then others.
When we forgive ourselves for our part of whatever situation has gone on then it is easier to forgive the other party. When we blame, condemn and want vengeance for what we perceive as a wrong doing, then we only restrict ourselves. We most certainly are not coming from LOVE. We are coming from everything but.
When my clients begin to separate themselves from the feeling of LOVE and the result of actions by others they begin to see the belief in blaming love is not the answer or the way at all. Then it is easy for me to release and clear the blockages in their lives, because they are ready to let go.
Take a look at your life and separate anything in which you blame LOVE whether it is loving too much, which will often result in giving our power away, or feeling not loved enough by another, which is their issue not yours, the feeling of rejection is yours. The feeling of rejection you need to accept and take a look at what is behind that (feeling not connect to the source?).
LOVE - acceptance and forgiveness. Feeling the warmth of acceptance, the peace of knowing that LOVE exists and being able to forgive all.
Norma Cowie
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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Instructions for 2011

Hi:  a friend sent me this list:  I wanted to share it.  So here it is --  Instructions for 2011!
Instructions For Living

1. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

2. Memorize your favorite poem.

3. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have, or sleep all you want.

4. When you say, "I love you," mean it.

5. When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye.

6. Be engaged at least six months before you get married.

7. Believe in love at first sight.

8. Never laugh at anyone's dreams.

9. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely.

10. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling.

11. Don't judge people by their relatives.

12. Talk slow but think quick.

13. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?".

14. Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

15. Call your Mom.

16. Say "bless you" when you hear someone sneeze.

17. When you lose, don't lose the lesson.

18. Remember the three R's: Respect for self; Respect for others; Responsibility for all your actions.

19. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.

20. When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

21. Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice.

22. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, his/her conversational skills will be as important as any other.

23. Spend some time alone.

24. Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values.

25. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.

26. Read more books and watch less TV.

27. Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you'll get to enjoy it a second time.

28. Trust in God but lock your car.

29. A loving atmosphere in your home is so important. Do all you can to create a tranquil harmonious home.

30. In disagreements with loved ones, deal with the current situation. Don't bring up the past.

31. Read between the lines.

32. Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality.

33. Be gentle with the earth.

34. Pray. There's immeasurable power in it.

35. Never interrupt when you are being flattered.

36. Mind your own business.

37. Don't trust a man/woman who doesn't close his/her eyes when you kiss them.

38. Once a year, go someplace you've never been before.

39. If you make a lot of money, put it to use helping others while you are living. That is wealth's greatest satisfaction.

40. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a stroke of luck.

41. Learn the rules, then break some.

42. Remember that the best relationship is one where your love for each other is greater than your need for each other.

43. Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.

44. Remember that your character is your destiny.

45. Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon

Norma Cowie
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Happy New Year 2011 is here.

Happy New Year everyone. 2011 is a number four year. A year of consolidation and therefore, a releasing of the old and consolidating with the new. Remember to work out your own personal year by adding the month and day of your birth with the number four, bring it down to the lowest and there you will be for this year. For me personally a four year has always been a work year, but also a time of creating new foundations for myself. Therefore, I look for the world creating new ways of making things work.
As I was looking back I realize that since being on face book, and having my movie review page, I don't get to write on this one as much. Facebook keeps up with the daily bits and pieces, and then the movie reviews (which I love doing) takes care of when I go to movies, and although I have lots of great thoughts and perceptions I don't always get to the computer to share them with you.
To bring you up todate with some wonderful material things which have happened Santa Claus (me) was very good this year. I bought a new stove, which was on the agenda for this year, and now I'm enjoying my new stove. I also bought a new car (well payments don't begin to April) but I'm now the proud owner of a bright red Kia Soul 4you Car. Its not the big luxury car I've been used to, but its got lots of things which work for me. The monthly cost being one. But it sits higher up, which makes it easier to get in and out, has lots of other bits, like heated seats, so I'm sure I will enjoy it.  Then I also bought a small HD TV with a connection Karaoke machine, so hopefully will find time to practice some karaoke songs.
Now its time to consider the New Year. I have decided not to do the large Body Soul & Spirit Expos this year, but rather am traveling doing three hour Past Life Regressions in different towns and cities. They will be posted on the site as soon as I have it totally organized.  I'm also off to New Zealand for three weeks leaving here on the 18th. I am looking forward to seeing the family and friends again.
I also have been practicing doing clearing on the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records do show up as I work on what needs to get cleared, and I decided that I would see how just doing the Akashic Records would work. Well it does, of course, but I'm not sure I really just want to do that.  Will have to do some more and see.
I will be once more letting you know how much trip goes when I'm back downunder. Hopefully enjoying the mid 20's they are having.....summer clothes once again.  Its been cool here, and my most day walks the wind has been super cold. But the walking is great!
You have a great 2011.  Remember it is the goals you decide and commit to, which come into reality.
Blessings to all!

Norma Cowie
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