Thursday, November 24, 2011

Teaching Continues

This last weekend I facilitated the four day (Friday thru Monday) the PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT INTENSIVE. From my perspective it went really well. The comments written at the end were good - thank goodness. Five people were in my living room, learning how to use many of the different personal tools I teach as they began to discover how their minds worked and how to transform their thinking and feelings. We also explored past lives and after a few past live regressions they were ready to move into transforming their frozen inner children. This process I have always found very helpful in clearing beliefs which have been created. Usually when these beliefs are locked in they are held in our memories as frozen children.
I wrote about this process in my book CONNECTING TO THE LIGHT, and  through the DVD Connecting your Soul. I found that after I created the process, I worked with it for a long time, and it made a huge difference to how I felt about many aspects of my life and many of my old beliefs left.
I also loved the part where I am able to lead everyone back to pre-conception and they redo their conception, ensuring that their egg and sperm are filled with their mother's and father's self love. Then by connecting to their source energy and feeling the love, they are able to bring all three loves together. This exercise really makes a huge difference to a person's life. Its like recreating a new base to work from. The final day, when the students have done this exercise always brings everyone together in the 'love' vibration and a sense of being aware of how each one of us has the potential to love  ourselves and therefore others.
It is always sad when we get to leave and go on with our lives, some of the people I do not get to see again, but others come to the drop in meditation group or take other courses I offer.
Next month, three of the five are proceeding on to the PSYCHIC/SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT INTENSIVE, and they will be joined by some of my graduates coming to reaudit.  In another few weeks we will be doing the four days again, this time with a whole new  focus.
Besides the four days, I have also been teaching a four week SPIRITUAL PROSPERITY AND WEALTH course. Only one more week to go, and then I am facilitating a three week course on Numerology.  Then it will be Christmas.
I have a couple of Christmas Events planned, my Christmas Tea Party, and Christmas Pot Luck. Then of course the usual, one evening of Channeling Your Guide,  clients and the ongoing Wednesday night meditation. One cannot help  become a bit nostalgic about this year coming to a close, and the new one coming fast.
The learning of new things, the coming to understand them, truly makes a difference in our lives. There is often something to come and understand new concepts, new awarenesses, new growth. That is what makes life interesting and enjoyable. After all these years I still enjoy sharing what I have learned on my path, sharing concepts, attitudes and beliefs which have come to me in many, many ways.
Enjoy whatever it is you are learning right now.

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