Thursday, December 01, 2011

December and Activities

Today is December 1st, where did it come from. One minute its August 31st and now here I am getting ready for the Christmas activities. Yesterday I put up my outside lights. I had decided to buy new ones, so here I was up my ladder with hammer in hand. I was so thankful that it was a nice dry and fairly warm (for this time of the year) as one never knows what the temperature will be right now. Today, the Christmas decorations get put up inside. I've not booked any clients today, so I can do it all at my leisure. Plus write here and catch up on some movie reviews. If I'm lucky I will also have time to sort some of the paperwork in my office.
Last weekend I had the privilege of speaking at the Celebration Centre once again. The recording of the talk will be up on the site soon (trustingly - that is my webmaster's job).  Then my friend Trish and I took off in her car to West Bank to see two - yes two movies. First we watched Happy Feet 2, and as you will see by my movie review I shed some tears, then when it was over, Trish turns to me and says, want to see the Muppets, "why not" replies me, so we bought some more tickets and saw the Muppets. Then after we went and had a lovely supper (at a restaurant I had not been in before) and then off home. What a lovely Sunday.
On Tuesday night my Spiritual Prosperity and Wealth class ended. I was really happy to hear how each attendee had had some insights. Always delightful for a teacher's ears.  The class was surprised when they came into my living room, to find it looked quite different.  I had spent Monday reorganizing the living room and part of the kitchen. I had a new chesterfield delivered and on the Sunday night as I sat there I thought perhaps if I reorganized then I could create more seating. (Sometimes on the Wednesday night meditation and other gatherings I have I need more comfortable seats) and sure enough, with a bit of reorganization I was able to create two more seats. But it always takes me some time to get used to a different look and after three days, I'm getting there. Then at meditation last night, only six people came, when we have room for four more. Create the space and they will come! But as it is a drop in evening we can have eight or more easily.
This Saturday I have my Christmas Tea Party, the following Sunday I have my Pot Luck Supper, and then the weekend after that (the one before Christmas) I have my final four day intensive - the Psychic/Spiritual Development Intensive. So I'm sure December is going to go just as fast as the other months. Then comes January. Oh, 2012 is heading here fast.
During my talk on Sunday I suddenly realized I keep saying that I'm complacent and I made the declaration no more complacency for me...then on Tuesday night again I was able to remind myself to "think big". So when I do my goal setting for 2012, I'm really putting in some 'big ideas'. Always go for the potential. After all, its not up to us to know how things come into being it is up to us to know they will, so I'm going to 'think outside the box' which is my life right now. Just a thought, that you do that too.
Life is exciting!!!
Have fun planning for your Christmas!

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