Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tarot - the Cups

Thursday night saw us visiting the journey of the Cups. The Cup symbology relating to water, the emotions, the value of life, whether you are happy or sad.
The Ace of Cups has always been my favorite symbol right from the beginning. I love what is symbolizes. The acceptance of the sacrament by the dove of peace, wherein the cup overflows in  the five senses. Twenty six droplets of water fall away, 2 + 6 = 8, the Strength card. Then in the water below 13 lily pads, the Death symbol, representing rebirth, and 10 water lilies, the Wheel of Fortune, symbolizing action. I refer to this card as a new attitude, but it is so much more. It is the accepting of the force of life and utilizing it into our lives.
In following the journey, when we accept the force of life into our lives we encounter the two of cups, the balancing of the yin/yang principle. Male/Female, balanced, creating healing and balance. I always think it shows how important communication, both externally and internally is. This then brings you to the three, where happiness abounds. How happy we are when everything works. Therefore, to me, the first three symbols, One, Two, Three, show how we can live happily. But we are humans and do we do things easily, not always. No. Four shows how we can get caught up in our happiness, and forget that everything changes and instead of allowing the changes to occur naturally, we shut them out and concentrate on what we have.  When we do that, No. Five follows, that which we have concentrated on falls over, is lost and we begin to grieve for what was. What I love about this symbol, is that is shows if we would just turn around (be open) we would find there are two more symbols waiting which shows us the way to what we want. Always brings to mind, when one door closes another opens. Or as someone said to me once, when all the doors appear closed, look for a window. No. six shows that we need to put the past in perspective, so we can move forward, yet No. seven (the beginning of the imagination pattern) shows the tendency is often to blow things up in our minds out of proportion as we look ahead. Therefore, No eight, says, leave it all behind and move ahead into the known using your strength and ability to keep moving towards your goal. No. nine, says you have reached it, but remember life is full of changes, so don't be too smug or wait too long before moving on. No. 10, shows happiness for all, which is what we all want.
The Court Cards, shows the attitudes of the Page, getting caught up in the unexpected and needs to be more flexible and open. The Knight, is how all us need to be, when we move forward, slow and sure. The Queen is another imagination symbol, lost in her dreams and desires. The King is in command of his emotions and feels he is right in what he does. Sometimes comes across quite cool and detached because of that.
As you explore the Cup journey you begin to realize how wide a range our emotions are. How fluid they are, moving from one feeling to another. What we need to realize, is this is how our body speaks to us, through feelings and we need to be able to listen and work with them. Not live in the past, but the present enjoying all that is presented to us and working towards our goals with ease.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tarot - Wands

Last week the eight week Tarot for Successful Living class began.  We have one person attending on Skype. That was a new learning curve for all of us, especially as we had this wave sound which came in from time to time. The first time it was so loud that we were not sure what was happening. But, we got used to it, and knew that when it happened Jennifer, on the other end, would not hear one word of what we were saying. It added a bit of adventure to the evening. And for those who are thinking, why not disengage and reconnect. It was not that often, and it did not happen for the first hour. But it was interesting.  We will see how it goes tonight.
Last week we had the introduction, the homework etc, and we explored the journey of the Wands. The Wands to me is the thinking process.  Relates to the element of fire, which is action, doing. Everything begins with a thought and the Wands show us how we think.
The most appropriate way to work with our thoughts is found in the first four symbols. It basically says, You have a new thought, you contemplate that thought, you project the thought (action) and then you reach the reward of the thought (the goal). It would be nice if it was that easy. Then the following six symbols show what we tend to do, and how get out of it. Five shows how we scramble our thoughts and get confused. Six shows we need to 'straighten' them out and go ahead. Seven shows how we can feel unsure of our thoughts (the beginning of the defensive program) and eight shows that the thoughts have not manifested yet but are on there way. Nine shows how we can become rigid with our thoughts and defend them no matter what, while Ten shows how we worry, or over think and miss things because our thoughts are not organized effectively.
I always love going through the journey of these symbols.  It keeps me in touch with myself and my own thoughts plus of course clients.
Think about what you are doing with your thoughts. Are you thinking of your goals, keeping yourself aware of possibilities, or are you unsure, confused and wishing for the miracle, but not planning for the miracle. Miracles do occur, I'm sure everyone of us has experienced them at some time or other. We forget.

Our thoughts create our vibration, our vibration attracts what we are thinking. Often though we are not aware of many levels of thoughts we may have.  But of that to come.  Tonight I teach the Cups and will write on that tomorrow, as I am not back to writing on my blog.
Blessings to you all.
Enjoy your thoughts!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Catch Up Time!

This last weekend I drove to Vancouver and back, almost a miracle seeing two months ago I was having trouble driving to Kelowna.  This is the power of a product I began taking just 2 1/2 months ago.  Its called Jusuru and made with 60% BioCell Collagen, plus flavoured with 13 different fruits, including magnosteen, which I used to take before.  This product, took me from lying down 24/7 and everything I did being a difficult. Plus I used to wake up at night groaning and moaning so my sleep was totally disturbed.  Now 2 1/2 months later, no aches or pains (they left the first month). Sleep is good and I have energy to do what needs to be done.

This product has only been available in the US for 2 years, and here since July. The amazing stories I hear about how it has helped people, especially with arthritic joint pain and skin disorders is amazing. The side benefit for me, is an already younger looking face. My massage therapist has told me that my skin is actually changing color (getting healthy).  I even have some 'moles' dropping off.  I cannot say enough about this product and how it has changed my life in the last few months.

Health Canada has just come out with their licensing stating that Jusuru "helps relieve joint pain from osteoarthritis - hip & knee. Helps maintain healthy skin. Helps metabolize fats and proteins. Helps develop and maintain bones, cartilage, teeth & gums. Helps connective tissue form. Helps healing wounds. An antioxidant to maintain good health."  Everyone knows how hard Health Canada is...but here it is stating:  Helps...  It is exciting to think that Health Canada appreciates the benefits of this product in relieving pain amongst other benefits. If you would like to learn more you can visit: My Jusuru site  or to learn more and hear testimonials

As I'm beginning to 'feel' so much better and have energy to do things, like catching up with bookkeeping and straightening up different rooms in my home. I also am back teaching.  I began my Wednesday night drop in meditation/discussion group before I was even 75% feeling better, but we all managed. I have now begun an eight week Tarot for Successful Living Course.  Tomorrow (Thursday) will be the 2nd week.  It is always good to go over the different symbols again. In fact I always recommend my students re-audit the course as they learn so much more the second or even third time through.  I am also going to be doing a once a month three hour workshop. I plan on doing one three hour once a month for the next three months.The first one will happen next month (November) and it is called Transforming Your Blocks.

I have managed to keep enough energy to work with clients.  As I was only working with one or perhaps two (as I became stronger) a day I enjoyed the sessions and even though I would go back to resting afterwards I felt fulfilled.  Yesterday, I did a crystal ball reading. I usually don't do crystal ball readings in and of themselves, but my client phoned and said she wanted one, so I said OK lets do it. (I usually only use the crystal ball during my psychic parties). It turned out to be a 1/2 hour appointment, and we were both very satisfied with it. Perhaps there will be more in the future.

I'm planning that this is a catch up post, so that I can begin to once again post regularly. I have begun to see movies again (in our brand new local theatre - which I'm so happy about). And I plan on getting back to doing my reviews once again. I thank those of you who have expressed a loss of me not doing them. It is sincerely appreciated. 

So until next time, enjoy this Fall weather has it works its way towards Halloween.
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